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K: Dude, there’s a cake promotion in that cafe!
Y: It’s an entire cake, Katsuki.
K: Let’s get two!

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Innovation at 100

Air travel, spaceflight, robotic solar-system missions: science fiction to those alive at the turn of the 20th century became science fact to those living in the 21st. 

America’s aerospace future has been literally made at our Langley Research Center by the best and brightest the country can offer. Here are some of the many highlights from a century of ingenuity and invention.

Making the Modern Airplane

In times of peace and war, Langley helped to create a better airplane, including unique wing shapes, sturdier structures, the first engine cowlings, and drag cleanup that enabled the Allies to win World War II.

In 1938 Langley mounted the navy’s Brewster XF2A-1 Buffalo in the Full-Scale Tunnel for drag reduction studies.

Wind Goes to Work

Langley broke new ground in aeronautical research with a suite of first-of-their-kind wind tunnels that led to numerous advances in commercial, military and vertical flight, such as helicopters and other rotorcraft. 

Airflow turning vanes in Langley’s 16-Foot Transonic Tunnel.

Aeronautics Breakthroughs

Aviation Hall of Famer Richard Whitcomb’s area rule made practical jet flight a reality and, thanks to his development of winglets and the supercritical wing, enabled jets to save fuel and fly more efficiently.

Richard Whitcomb examines a model aircraft incorporating his area rule.

Making Space

Langley researchers laid the foundation for the U.S. manned space program, played a critical role in the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs, and developed the lunar-orbit rendezvous concept that made the Moon landing possible.

Neil Armstrong trained for the historic Apollo 11 mission at the Lunar Landing Research Facility,

Safer Air Above and Below

Langley research into robust aircraft design and construction, runway safety grooving, wind shear, airspace management and lightning protection has aimed to minimize, even eliminate air-travel mishaps

NASA’s Boeing 737 as it approached a thunderstorm during microburst wind shear research in Colorado in 1992.

Tracking Earth from Aloft

Development by Langley of a variety of satellite-borne instrumentation has enabled real-time monitoring of planet-wide atmospheric chemistry, air quality, upper-atmosphere ozone concentrations, the effects of clouds and air-suspended particles on climate, and other conditions affecting Earth’s biosphere.

Crucial Shuttle Contributions

Among a number of vital contributions to the creation of the U.S. fleet of space shuttles, Langley developed preliminary shuttle designs and conducted 60,000 hours of wind tunnel tests to analyze aerodynamic forces affecting shuttle launch, flight and landing.

Space Shuttle model in the Langley wind tunnel.

Decidedly Digital

Helping aeronautics transition from analog to digital, Langley has worked on aircraft controls, glass cockpits, computer-aided synthetic vision and a variety of safety-enhancing onboard sensors to better monitor conditions while airborne and on the ground.

Aerospace research engineer Kyle Ellis uses computer-aided synthetic vision technology in a flight deck simulator.

Fast, Faster, Fastest

Langley continues to study ways to make higher-speed air travel a reality, from about twice the speed of sound – supersonic – to multiple times: hypersonic.

Langley continues to study ways to make higher-speed air travel a reality, from about twice the speed of sound – supersonic – to multiple times: hypersonic.

Safer Space Sojourns

Protecting astronauts from harm is the aim of Langley’s work on the Orion Launch Abort System, while its work on materials and structures for lightweight and affordable space transportation and habitation will keep future space travelers safe.

Unmasking the Red Planet

Beginning with its leadership role in Project Viking, Langley has helped to unmask Martian mysteries with a to-date involvement in seven Mars missions, with participation in more likely to come.

First image of Mars taken by Viking 1 Lander.

Touchdown Without Terror

Langley’s continued work on advanced entry, descent and landing systems aims to make touchdowns on future planetary missions routinely safe and secure.

Artist concept of NASA’s Hypersonic Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerator - an entry, descent and landing technology.

Going Green

Helping to create environmentally benign aeronautical technologies has been a focus of Langley research, including concepts to reduce drag, weight, fuel consumption, emissions, and lessen noise.

Intrepid Inventors

With a history developing next-generation composite structures and components, Langley innovators continue to garner awards for a variety of aerospace inventions with a wide array of terrestrial applications.

Boron Nitride Nanotubes: High performance, multi-use nanotube material.

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Love Like You

(This contain spoilers from the movie ‘Logan’)

 Logan x POC reader



He’s dying.

You watched as Logan enters inside the broken down compound, stumbling around as he took hard breaths as he walked passed you and Caliban. There are blood stains on his dress shirt, still bleeding.

He drops the medication bag for Professor Xavier on the table as he goes into the bathroom.

“Something is wrong with him.” Caliban spoke. “You know it.”

“Why because I’m an empath?” You question.

Caliban was right. You’re an empath. You knew Logan was keeping things from you and him. You felt it everyday.



You slowly enter the room as Professor Xavier was having his bad days. He was sitting in his wheelchair, moving around and rambling words he heard from a Taco Bell commercial. Advance stages of Alzheimers. You were hit with waves of confusion and agitation. 

“Hello Professor.” You smile softly at him.

He stares at you. “Who are you? Why am I here?”

Professor Xavier didn’t remember you today.


It was the first time you seen Professor Xavier in such a good mood in a long time. The first time he was acting like his former self. All because of this little girl.


She had to be at least 11 years old. The child didn’t speak a word but you felt that she was feeling comfortable around you and Professor Xavier. Logan didn’t want anything to do with her.

“Logan, she’s a child.” You whispered angrily. “We’re not abandoning her.”

“She’s not our responsibility, y/n.” Logan snaps. “Our lives were fine-”

“Our lives now is beyond fine!”


Laura became tense and agitated very quickly. A man came inside, slowly approaching the two of you with restraints in his hand. You hear the familiar sounds of snikt. You looked down at Laura’s hands, in disbelief as you saw two pairs of claw blade emerged from the little child’s balled up knuckles.


You weren’t surprised when Logan explains that Laura was his daughter. Even a blind person could clearly see that. Apparently, Laura is his clone. 

“She’s your child.”

“y/n ,I didn’t ask for this.” Logan grunts. 

“Neither did she. You’re the only parent she has in this world.”



Your body could barely move as Professor Xavier started to have his seizures again. It was worst than before. Almost as worst than the one he had a year ago.

Your legs felt heavy as you took a slow step towards Laura, who was on the ground, using her claws to move to Professor Xavier. You needed to protect her. You didn’t care about the guns pointing at you.

Two days. He skipped his medication for two days. You were reasonably angry at him. He endangered not only his life, but yours, Logan and Laura’s. 

“You could’ve gotten us kill, Charles!” You yell. “You almost did.” Tears spill down your cheek.

Finish us off.



The Munson family were the sweetest people you ever met. They filled that void you had been feeling for a year. 

When you were alone, you felt Logan’s arms wrap around you. He places a kiss on your temple. He always harbored those feelings towards you.

You found yourself in the guest room Professor Xavier was sleeping in, just to make sure he was okay. Laura came in a few minutes later and slept in your lap. 




Everything became so chaotic. Your heart stops as you watch the blades disappeared into the Professor’s chest. He gasped in surprised. Laura screams and attacks ‘Logan’. He tosses the child against the wall and you felt sharp pain in your stomach. 

Laura never stops screaming.



Due to being an empath, you not only felt others emotions but imitate mutations around you as well. Your body starts heals, Laura is still screaming. You see the Munsons lying dead. Charles barely holding on to life. You went to find Laura. She was in restraints. Logan fighting a younger version of himself.



The three of you buried Charles in a small lake. It wasn’t the ocean but you assumed he’ll be at peace now. Logan wanted to be alone. He always wanted to be alone. He blames himself. Self-pity and blame is all he felt. He wants to leave Laura but you won’t let him.

“Why you being fucking selfish?” You shout.

“Look at what’s happened, y/n! I have all this blood on my hands and I’m fucking sick of it!”


Logan’s body was getting worse. It was the metal embedded onto his skeleton poisoning his blood. 

“You’re dying, Logan. I know it’s the adamantium causing blood poisoning.” You said to him. “Your body can’t handle it anymore.”

He didn’t speak to you.



The kids at Eden were very nice and resourceful. Logan has been asleep for two days but he was plagued with his usual nightmares. Laura has similar ones too. She would ask you in Spanish to stay with her until she fell asleep after a nightmare.



You decided to go with Laura and the other children across the border. You told Logan that you’ll come back.

He didn’t talk to you.

Then they came for the children. Men chasing down the children. They were going to kill the children. You ran as Laura held your hand tightly.

Then you fell onto the ground as a stray bullet penetrates through your legs. You scream out in pain. You tell Laura to go. But she didn’t. The child went into a complete feral state and all you felt was her rage.


Logan came for her. Logan came for you. 

He fought against the younger clone version of himself but he was being over-powered. Logan was in pain. And you felt rage. The clone impales Logan on a large tree bark. You felt sharp pain bursting out of your own hands.

Bone claws.

You started to fight against the clone, feeding off its own emotions. You didn’t see it as a human being. You didn’t see it as Logan. You saw it as an monster. A monster that needed to die.



You cradled Logan’s head. Your tears fell from your eyes onto his face. His breathing was labored. He looks at you then to Laura. 

“So this…is…what…it…feels like…” Logan whispers.

You smile sadly at him. “When I see the way you act,” You started to sing to him, to ease his pain. “Wondering when I’m coming back, I could do about anything, I could even learn how to love like you.”

He was feeling loved. At peace with himself for the first time in so long. 

“I love you, James ‘Logan’ Howlett.”

“I know y/n. I do too.”


You buried him and gave him a small funeral. 

As you and the others were starting to leave, Laura removed the cross from his grave and repositioned it so it was an ‘X’. 

You smile softly.

He was the last living X-Men. 

“I miss him.” Laura says. 

“I miss him too.”

- thistle hides not only her face, but her entire body
- thistle is never shown eating or drinking thus far
- when asked if she likes pineapple on pizza, she doesn’t say yes or no, just that she likes making them
- thistle has not been seen physically injured
- dotl takes place in the future after our modern society has been destroyed
- relics of our society have survived, including electronics
- functional robotic arms exist, and appear to be more advanced than commercially available prosthetics we have today

- thistle is a robot

Feeling Alive (Part 1)

Summary: Dance school!AU (or the Step Up/Pride and Prejudice mash up nobody asked for). Bucky Barnes is forced to take twelve hours of commercial dance classes to pass the year- and that just happens to be your regular weekly dance class.


Slow Hands

Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Reader

Chapter 2/?: Slow Hands

Word count: 3999

Love to @systemfailuresunshine for her endless patience. See bottom for author notes!

You dash into the studio with your bag held over your head and rainwater soaking your shoes.

“Hey, Y/N!” Wanda theatrically raises her eyebrows as you shut the door behind you. “Is it raining out there?”

You pull a face at her.

“I’m fu-fricking drenched,” You say, vehemently. “As soon as I left work, boom! The heavens opened!”

Pepper, poised and polished in the middle of the space, pulls a sympathetic face. “Do you want to borrow some spare socks? I’ve brought a pair?”

You hesitate, then nod gratefully. You’re practically squelching with every step you take. At least you’d had the sense not to put on your trainers when you left work. Pepper fishes in her bag for the socks as you cross to where Clint is stood and shuck your way out of your coat (dripping water everywhere).

“Good week?” Clint asks, even as he dodges the spray. You tilt your head in a so-so gesture.

“Not bad. Had one-” You get stuck on the sign for ‘crying’ and have to mime, “-Crying jag today- not me,” You add hastily, noting Clint’s concerned expression, “One of the students. Exams are getting to them.”

Clint shakes his head and sketches out his reply with his fingers. “And I thought libraries were boring.”

You give a small smile. Clint’s deaf- or, as he says, as near to it as it makes no matter- and although he does have hearing aids, he tends to leave them out around people he knows can sign. You’re not totally fluent, but you can get by just fine. You frame your next question with a hook of the fingers. “You?”

He nods. “Not bad. I took Laura to the restaurant you mentioned, she seemed to really like it.”

You grin at that, holding up your hand for a high-five before showing your reply. “What did I tell you? Glad you had fun.”

Clint looks a little bashful, but pleased at the same time. He and Laura have been tentatively dating for nearly two months now, and things seem to be going well. Pepper gently taps you on the shoulder and offers you a clean pair of socks.

“Thanks, Pepper. I owe you one.”

“Don’t mention it,” She says, sweetly. “Are you alright for getting home?”

You shrug. “If it’s still raining that hard I can get a bus. And a bit of water never killed anyone.” You struggle with the sign for ‘kill’: not one you use very often.

Clint raises his hand. “Objection.”

You roll your eyes. “Nobody ever drowned in rainwater. Happy?”

“I’ll be happier when you get your ass in gear, Y/N!” Wanda calls. “We’re all waiting for you!”

Oops. You quickly slide off your over-trousers to reveal your workout leggings, pull off your jumper and swap your sodden shoes and socks for dry trainers. Clint slides in his hearing aids, offers you a hand up, and together you walk out onto the floor.

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Mary Tyler Moore Worked Hard to Raise Awareness of Diabetes
Mary Tyler Moore testifies at a Senate hearing for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in 2009 on the need for federal funding for Type 1 diabetes research. (Photo: Paul Morigi/WireImage)

TV icon Mary Tyler Moore passed away on Wednesday at the age of 80. She had long suffered from a variety of health problems and most notably was a type 1 diabetic. Amid the Oscar-nominated actress’s many accomplishments, the one that was nearest and dearest to her heart was her tireless efforts to raise awareness and funds to help bring an end to diabetes.

Moore was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was 33. While typically described as juvenile diabetes, type 1 can affect children and adults at any time. Type 1 is diagnosed when the pancreas is unable to produce insulin to help keep blood glucose levels in check.

Rather than let the diagnosis weigh her down, Moore rose up to become a spokesperson and create an admirable network of support for others who were also suffering from the disease. As the international chairman of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), she spearheaded many fundraising efforts designed to help raise the profile of diabetes and fund research efforts surrounding it, with the hope of finding a cure.

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Her efforts were so appreciated by the JDRF that the organization launched an entire research initiative named after the actress, calling it Forever Moore. The initiative was created to help support the JDRF’s Academic Research and Development program, along with its Clinical Development program, which focused on turning research advancements into treatments and technologies that could help support people living with type 1 diabetes.

Moore also shared her passion for diabetes activism through a series of commercials discussing the advancements that the JDRF had made in researching the disease and what it meant for people who were affected. As she shared in a commercial back in 1986, “12 million Americans have diabetes. The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation has invested more than $30 million to help find a cure.”

In another commercial, in 1989, Moore noted, “Twenty years ago, insulin was the closest thing we had to a cure for diabetes. But in reality it was far from it. That’s why a handful of people formed the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. Today, the organization gives more money to diabetes research than any other nonprofit agency. We’re closer to finding a cure, but if we stop now, it’ll be as if we never started.”

For a time, it seemed that Moore felt she had her diabetes under control. In 2009, she wrote a second memoir called Growing Up Again: Life, Loves, and, Oh Yeah, Diabetes, and told People magazine that she was in a good place with the disease. “I thought I’d have to recline on a chaise the rest of my life,” she said, adding, “There have been challenges, but I’ve triumphed.”

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Unfortunately, her health fell into decline. She had surgery to remove a benign brain tumor in 2011 and told the New York Times in 2012, “I do have problems with my eyes, one eye in particular, and if I fall, I generally break a bone.” In 2014, she declined further, with reports suggesting that she was having heart and kidney problems and was nearly blind. Her former onscreen husband, Dick Van Dyke, told Larry King in 2015 that he was concerned for Moore’s health. “[Diabetes] has taken a toll on her; she’s not well at all,” he said.

But through it all, Moore maintained her passionate support of the JDRF and her nonstop efforts to help bring an end to the disease. Her influence on diabetes research and awareness will undoubtedly be felt for years to come.


“The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning” [Commercial, USA]

  • Uploaded by SpyroLovesMe, via YouTube
  • Spyro is unimpressed.
    • Starring Elijah Wood as Spyro! Because once you’ve played Frodo, you can really do whatever you want with your career.


Creepy medieval dude muttering unsettling nonsense to you on a subway? Check. Giant armored monster trying to kill you for playing video games on the train? Check. This TV spot for The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past borders on Midnight Meat Train territory. Even the audio alone is freaking terrifying! It’s almost implying that if you play this game, all of these terrible things will happen to you. Who wants to deal with that, really.

I love how it ends the creepy old dude asking the kid “Do I smell fear?” Nah bro, the poor kid clearly just pissed himself. Video games are dangerous.

BRB. Gonna’ go dig out my Game Boy Micro and copy of LttP. I’ll be playing with the lights ON, thank you very much.