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Elyanthe’s robes swayed as she moved through the streets of Dalaran. As she left the Magus Commerce Exchange, she passed the memorial to Antonidas, a former leader of the Kirin Tor. She had lived in Dalaran for a short time but never really seen the memorial herself. 

Distracted, she bumped into a hasty human who rushed past her. The collision was enough to make her fumble the bundle of reagents she had collected. She cringed when they hit the ground, kneeling down to collect her reagents.

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☯- that freaking kiss.

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despite what you might think, this wasn’t planned.  it’s just luck that he ends up in the right place at the right moment, listlessly hitting a piano key for something to do when jesper walks in.  

“i like it,” he says, leaning in the doorway. “has a great beat.  you can dance to it.”

it would make pretty awful dancing music.  jesper walks further in, looks around.  “saints, this place is hideous.”

is it?  kuwei can think of worse places.  but yeah, sure.  it’s overly-grand and screams of money in the way that everything kerch seems to do, an in-your-face commodity that never lets you forget the only thing keeping this hellish city going is commerce and exchange.  (and corruption, which is maybe another word for more of the same.)

he can ignore it when jesper’s looking at him like that.  “wanna get out of here?”  

the mistake is obvious - jesper thinks he’s talking to wylan.  all kuwei has to do is open his mouth, say something, and jesper will know.  i look just like him, kuwei had said.  already, it feels like weeks ago. you could look at me.  jesper’s looking at him now.  kuwei looks back, thoughtful, and nods.  

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The caduceus wand was a symbol attributed to the Greek god Hermes. It’s composed of a staff with two serpents entwined about it, and wings at the top (not shown here). The two serpents symbolize polarity. Among other things, this polarity is an exchange. After all, Hermes was the messenger of the gods. And communication is an “exchange” of information. It involves both the one speaking and the one listening. Communication unites two minds. Hermes also governed commerce, which is an exchange of goods and money between people. Again, it connects two people. As a psychopomp, he connected the living and the dead.

The serpents thus symbolize duality, exchange of energy, and the wings transcendence of duality. The central staff also represents the spinal column and the dual energies of the body. There is also a certain sexual symbolism that may involves the sublimination of sexual libido. After all, sex unites two people.

Furthermore, this symbol is associated with the planet mercury in alchemy, which is neither a solid nor a liquid. It transcends and unites both qualities. Again, the serpents symbolize polarity and the wings the transcendence. I believe there may be some deeper mysteries here yet to be uncovered.

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About Nohr and Hoshido

Some people love Conquest, and I respect that, even if the plot is really stupid by moments >_>

But something bother me.

Some people say that if Hoshido had done some commerce with Nohr, giving them food, the war wouldn’t happened. …

Well…No Garon WANTED to destroy Hoshido. (And Nohr yeah…)

Some people show the Nohrians like the victims, and the Hoshidians like the ones who keep all the food for them.


Nothing says that before Sumeragi’s death, there had no commerce between the two countries.  It says that there has tensions between them but not that they had not exchanges.

And it wasn’t so horrible tensions since Sumeragi has trusted Garon, he comes in Cheve, a city of Nohr for do a (new?) treaty of peace. He has even took two children with him. He was maybe too confident. But not stupid. Yukimura says that he was a serious king. And a good man.

Garon had killed him in a trap, against all the laws of diplomacy since he had called Sumeragi for a treaty of peace.

(Garon = coward.)

So Garon kills the king of Hoshido, then kidnaps one of his child.

And people blame the HOSHIDIANS for have stopped the exchanges and the commerce?

Hooo what horribles guys those Hoshidians: how dare they refuse to give food to the country who has cowardly kill their good king into a cowardly trap, and who has kidnapped one of their prince/princess? *Ironic*

Remember that, in Birthright, Ryoma is WILLING to give FREE food to Nohr, without anything in exchange, after Garon’s death//end of War. FREE FOOD. Even Silas is both surprised and happy.

Yeah, Hoshidians are so selfish, keeping their food only for them XD
So selfish that teir prince//king will give this food freely.

Remember that, in Conquest, Hoshidians are VICTIMS since the beginning until the end
1) Their king killed
2) their prince/princess kidnapped
3) their queen killed
4) their prince/princess manipulated until become Garon’s little dog
5) their country invaded
6) a lot of Hoshidians who die + destructions in their country
7) The two princes die.
8) The food (that they willing to GIVE in Birthright), they will be probably FORCED to give it in Conquest. Even if, thank to Kamui probably, they will probably have money in exchange and they have not lost lands)

The creators of the game have said themself that Hoshido was the PACIFIST country. They imply that they’re the nice guys.

I don’t say that Xander, Camilla, Elise and Leo are the bads guys. I imply that Garon//Hans//Iago are horrible guys.

So people who say that the Hoshidian people are the bads against the pooorrrr Nohrian people who are soooo hungry, I say “Lol, maybe that you should complain about Garon” because if he had not killed Sumeragi, commerces/exchanges would have NOT stopped  XD

You can defend Nohr, but don’t blame Hoshido for things who are only Garon’s fault.


The worst logo design fails ever…

1- China Restaurant
2- Locum, a Swedish property management company
3- Islamic Understanding Institute
4- The Office of Government Commerce
5- Kids Exchange
6- The Computer Doctors
7- Megaflicks
8- Arlington Pediatric Center..
9- Junior Jazz Dance Classes

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Is there any words for like "Trade" or anything similar in the Matoran Language? I ask because I can't seem to find any. -_-u

So, uh, remember these?


wi(-)  |n./aff.|  circulation, circular motion; around (circular motion), back-and-forth; lit. ‘down away from + toward” [wi < wai < uai < au-ai, from au- “down away from” and -ai “to, toward”]

wiro  |n.| gear-tooth; lit.”unit of circulation/circular motion” [wiro < wi-ro, from wi “circulation, circular motion” and ro “unit, individuation”]

wija  |n.cmpd.|  exchange; trade, commerce, economy; lit. “unified-system of circulating units” [wija < wirzai < wirozai < wiro-zayi, from wiro “gear-tooth; lit. ‘unit of circulation/circular motion’” and zayi “unified system/schematic/plan” (< za-yi)]

wijet  |n.|  gear, cog; currency, coinage; lit. “cause/essential part of circulating-system” [wijet < wijeta < wirzai-ta, from wirzai “unified-system of circulating units”  (> wija, see entry) and -ta “spirit/essence; cause”]

wijeya  |v.|  to exchange, trade [wijeya < wirzai-ya, from wirzai “exchange, trade, commerce, economy” (> wija, see entry) and the verbalizing suffix -ya. Variants: wijaiya, wijiya]

wijekha  |v.|  to exchange smthg. [wijekha < wirzai-kha, from wirzai “exchange, trade, commerce, economy” (> wija, see entry) and the transitive verbalizing suffix -kha. Variants: wijaikha, wijikha]

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