commerce cheering squad

Last Semester.

Yes, I’m a Senior. I’ll be graduating in a few months and then what? Hopefully I land a job after getting my most-awaited diploma.

But before that, let me share my depressing grades this semester. Gaah. I don’t know what happened. I used to be one of the smartest kids in my class. Now? It’s as if I didn’t even try. Maybe it’s because I was still adjusting since I became an officer (catering to over 700 students plus the trainees) this semester, and the dancing (yeah sure, I danced once and trained for a month, BUT STILL! IT WAS A MONTH!). Whatever the reason is, I lost sight of what’s important – making my parents proud. Yeah I know, my parents will be proud of me no matter what, but still. GETTING HIGH GRADES IS A SOURCE OF PARENTS’ PRIDE ON THEIR KIDS. And that’s what I’m hoping to get.

This coming semester, I will regain my 1 point something GRADE POINT AVERAGE. I dumbed down to 2.0! 2.0! Do you know what that is?! AVERAGE. NO OFFENSE TO THOSE WHO GET 2 POINT SOMETHINGS IN THEIR GPA/GWA. I’M GRADE CONSCIOUS. SARREH.

So yeah, my theme for my last semester in college is REDEMPTION. Nothing else. I was too engrossed with my extra-curricular activities that I forgot about my academics. It’s very hypocritical of me to tell my trainees to do good in their exams when I didn’t. I was making proposals rather than solving transportation problems. I was planning and organizing events rather than doing a vertical and horizontal analysis of my marketing plan. I was out partying and training rather than studying.

But that’s all in the past (even though I just saw my grades earlier today). This semester is different.

TIME MANAGEMENT. I’m poor at this but I have no choice but to be good. I’m an officer of my org, yes. But I’m a student first. I have to know the balance of it all. If others can do it, then so can I.

But here’s the challenge. I just signed up to join a CHEERING SQUAD in my school. No people, not the ever famous Salinggawi Dance Troupe. I joined a local cheering squad. But this squad IS NO JOKE. They’re very known in the whole university. Well in the cheering “industry” so to speak. LOL. :))

COMMERCE CHEERING SQUAD. Does that ring a bell Thomasian followers? I bet it does. They’re the back-to-back champions of UST Cheermania. They are what we call QUADRI CHAMPS. They won half a million last year. HALF A MILLION, THAT’S 500,000! Do you know how big of an amount that is?! They were all over the local TV networks when they won. Imagine that?! WOAH.

And I joined this squad. Really? What am I thinking?! I’m hardly a dancer anymore. My high school self would be thrilled since she’s a dancer. But the college me?! I think not. Yeah I danced a few all through out my stay in UST but not to this degree, NO.

How did it happen?

A friend of mine, who happens to be the CHEER CAPTAIN of the squad messaged me on Facebook telling me that they’re in need of members in their squad and she happened to recommend me. I was like “Are you serious?! Me?!” She was confident that I could do it and she has my back all the way. She’ll teach me basic stunts and all.

HAHA. Me? Doing stunts? It’s like telling a fish to fly. I DON’T DO STUNTS. At least not anymore. The most daring stunt that I could do is a somersault.  Babies do that. I’m very heavy. Stunts? GAAH. I couldn’t even carry myself anymore to do a baby freeze. :|

But like I said, she’ll teach me everything I need to know. And she believes in me. If the Cheer Captain believes in me, then I might as well believe in myself too! HAHAHA.

Why did I say yes? Well not only because she’s a friend but there’s a part of me that really wanted to. It’s THE COMMERCE CHEERING SQUAD. They’re very famous and being asked to be part of their team is something already. I also want to learn a few stunts. And I kinda like dancing too. HAHAHA. :))

I start training on Thursday. WISH ME LUCK. I hope I meet their standards. But I am looking forward to it. New friends, new moves, new everything! HAHAHA. If they change their mind in letting me join, I’d completely understand. But I would try my best not to disappoint my friend. :)

The Commerce Cheering Squad at Cheermania 2011.

Quadri Champions with PhP 500,000 cash prize.

So redemption? Yeah. I can still do that. Hardcore training? I’d take that as a challenge in my way to redeeming my above average grades. I’m no Dean’s Lister but in no way am I AVERAGE.