My friend 12manrambo and I just opened a small record store here in Oakland, CA. It is called Park Blvd Records & Tapes. The address is 2014 Park Blvd, up the street from the old Parkway Theater and around the corner from Lake Merritt which is the greatest lake. You can follow us on Instagram, Twitter, the World Wide Web and Facebook. We have a Tumblr too but there’s nothing on it yet because I’m very tired. I promise the store is cool though. It is full of rap tapes and other music across genres and formats.  If you are in the Bay Area we are open Tuesdays through Sundays from 12pm to 7pm. If you are not in the Bay Area we will be putting together a little online shop eventually and then you will be able to lie and tell people you went to the Bay Area even if you didn’t.

Ludwig von Mises founded the modern Austrian School of economics.

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Threading a needle….

It’s a bit of a tight squeeze as American Steamship Company‘s 1,000-feet-long/105-feet-wide Great Lakes bulk carrier Indiana Harbor threads her way through the Duluth Ship Canal from Lake Superior at dawn.

Indiana Harbor isn’t alone in making this tight navigational maneuver on a routine basis. Here, another lake freighter, James R. Barker, does the same needle-threading….

These photos show near-perfect weather conditions. Now, imagine these huge vessels doing the same maneuver during vicious Great Lakes winter storms….or in ice-clogged waters!

They do it!


>>Top photo: Jesse Suave via MarineTraffic (A great website to track all the world’s vessels in nearly real-time!)

Areva prêt à ouvrir son capital à la Chine, explique son président Philippe Varin

Amal El Rhazi, Areva prêt à ouvrir son capital à la Chine, explique son président Philippe Varin.

 Areva epourrait accueillir des groupes chinois à son capital, ce qui permettrait d'alléger la facture de sa recapitalisation pour l'Etat français, a déclaré Philippe Varin, le président du conseil d'administration du groupe nucléaire dans un entretien au Journal du Dimanche. Guillaume Cattiaux - CC. Tour Areva à la Defense  “La Chine est incontournable […] Lire l'article

Alexis de Tocqueville believed commerce leads people “to seek to conduct their own affairs” and to teach them “how to conduct them well,” thus preparing them for freedom.

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==> Astrological Readings <==

I am now offering my services as freestyle astro consultant. Whether you’re new to astrology, or an adept who just wants a fresh perspective, I’m willing to give you any kind of reading you’d like.

My astrological interpretations are aspect-driven. Meaning, I would look first at how the planets are positioned in your natal chart relative to each other. Unless otherwise guided, I would then select the most exact arrangements between planets and use those to begin my analysis.

I charge a rate of $1 per aspect. A written report for an aspect would include introductions to the archetypal ideas involved in the aspect, and 1-2 paragraphs of description of the effect of the aspect, and suggestions on how to apply it effectively. The report can be in plainspeak or we can go deep weird. Up to you.

email : mlitven Ⓐ gmail • com

Here’s the menu:

Natal Charts
$1 Per Aspect

Random assortment of upcoming transits

Package deals:

Star Sampler
10 Aspects + How to Read a Chart DIY Guide + 2 Upcoming Transits
This would typically be written in a more demonstrative way in the hopes of empowering the person with a set of techniques and resources for reading their own chart.

Psychic Focus
This is a more experimental reading of your chart. It would be intuition/association based, freer in its use of outer bodies, fixed stars, and asteroids, and the written analysis would reference multidisciplinary esoteric concepts.

IRL Consultation
If you live in the Seattle area, we can meet up in person to go over your chart. This process can last as long as it continues to help.
$1-$15 sliding scale

email : mlitven Ⓐ gmail • com