Something not seen from the White House in the previous 8 years

Pictures in order: Presidential Proclamation Commeorating the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War, Veterans Day 2017, Marines 242nd Birthday

Character Profiles (The Jokers) from 24 + 1 Last Dance

The Kings (Oz, Leo, Elliot, Rufus, Oscar, Isla Yura, and Zai) can be found here. The Queens (Alice, Sharon, Echo, Noise, Ada, Lotty, Lily, and Sheryl) can be found here. The Valets (Gil, Break, Vincent, Reim, Cheshire, Dug, and Fang) can be found here. And the Jokers (Jack, Oswald, Levi, Lacie, Alyss/The Intention/Will of the Abyss, Arthur, and Miranda) can be found under the Read More. Enjoy! :D

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one gifset per appearance → service of commemoratinos for the end of combat operations in afghanistan, st paul’s cathedral (13/03/2015)

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge joined other members of the Royal Family on a service to commeoration for the end of combat operations in Afghanistan and in remembrance of those who lost their lives in the war. The non-denominational service took place at St. Paul’s Cathedral.