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Yuri on Ice BD audio commentary translation - Volume 3

Translation of the audio commentary of the BD/DVD vol.3, by Mitsurou Kubo and Junichi Suwabe, voice actor of Victor Nikiforov. I really wanted to post this before the weekend because I’m not going to be home a lot, so I decided “well, I might just not sleep tonight and translate this instead”… This time there are some parts that I translated almost integrally. They talk a lot about Victor, especially Suwabe’s struggle to get into the role. It provides insight while at the same time not providing… since apparently it’s very hard to guess what is “right” when talking about Victor. I’m sure you will get what I mean if you read what they say…

The commentary is only for episode 6. Episode 5 has no commentary. It’s not a full translation but I summarized most of what they said, and as I wrote above some parts are almost completely translated. As in the previous ones, the format is different from normal interview translations, and you can find my comments too (mostly in brackets).

Translation under the post because it’s long. Enjoy!

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Backup Dancer

Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 1950ish

Warnings: Cursing kinda a lot

Summary: You’re one of the backup dancers for Zendaya’s Lip Sync Battle. While backstage, you run into the enemy.

A/N: STILL NOT OVER IT  (btw idek how the building goes but don’t worry about it)

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Reader’s POV

Shit, shit, and double shit.

You were running late. You don’t even know how late. All you know is that you forgot to set your alarm last night and woke up naturally thirty minutes later than you were supposed to. And the cherry on top, you almost forgot your costume bag in your apartment, adding another seven minutes to being late.

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(A/N): I wanted to write something angsty. I usually write fluffy or neutral things (smut included - but NOT NOW) because nothing nice to me ever happened to me (especially when it comes to love and all that jazz). I read so many angsty stories that I just decided to write something angsty but, you know, the ending is just the way I like. Anyway, let me know what you think, enjoy and sorry for mistakes! Love. x

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: First summer weekend/vacation with the team didn’t go as pleasantly as they wanted. Who knew Bucky could be such a douche toward a girl who loved him. (This is the worst summary ever.)

Warning: ANGST, so many feels, language

Words: 6600+


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She had only one condition – picking the music while they’ll be spending the weekend at Tony’s mansion where he had a massive pool. (Y/N) wasn’t a fan of bikinis, swimsuits and all that jazz that were related to summer activities.  As the only person, she wanted to stay in the Tower alone with books, peace, and quiet. At least she wouldn’t be looking at the man she was head over heels for several long months.

Ever since Barnes got over the Winter Soldier period and realized he’s not a bad person, he became a mean, teasing man who would flirt with any woman that got near him. The girls couldn’t believe how his behavior changed one day and as Steve said, the old Buck was back and he was even worse than the old him. It was good he got through the Winter Soldier phase but he forgot one important thing – it was (Y/N) who helped him with his nightmares, helped him overcome all the issues and negativity that was in him. After all, she did for the brunet, he repaid her by ignoring her once a party had started.

It was Friday morning when Nat came to (Y/N)’s room in Tony’s mansion. She sat on the edge of the bed next to the sleeping woman and brushed her hair with the long digits. “(Y/N), wake up, breakfast is ready,” she tried to wake the girl up with a positive voice and a smile on her face. “We have banana pancakes your favorite.” Natasha was like an older sister (Y/N) never had. “Come on, you can’t stay in here until the end of the short vacation.” 

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hii! i just love all your stuff! what do you say about mcspirk soulmates!au?? in wich you can only see the color of your soulmates´ eyes til you meet em, and you can finally see the whole spectrum? idk just love this dorks bye

  • Bones doesn’t believe in soulmates. He loved his wife with all his heart, but it was never meant to be. Bones also never noticed the otherwise grey-scaled world as much. The skies were always the brightest blues, and the leaves turn a wide array of browns in fall. He sees color, two different colors, and so he doesn’t even really think twice about it.
  • Until he meets Spock. Jocelyn can’t make it to parent-teacher nigt, so Bones goes instead. Spock’s Joanna’s new teacher. Bones doesn’t realize anything’s different until he reaches out to shake Spock’s hand. When their eyes meet, it’s an instant headache for both of them. Because suddenly seeing a wider arrange of colors isn’t a pleasant process, and the migraine Bones suffers sure takes away the sheer bizarreness that this new teacher caused all of this.
  • Meeting your soulmate should be the most romantic thing in the world. That’s what they advocate, after all. But it’s far less glamorous than that. Both boys just quietly suffer a headache while Spock guides them through Joanna’s report card. It looks fine. Both are awkwardly trying to avoid the topic of how-is-this-possible? Bones sees the dark green of the chalk board behind Spock, the weathered brick walls and the brightly colored apple on Spock’s desk. Some elements are still thankfully grey, and Bones much rather focuses on the dull color of the grass outside the windows, and the green leafs on trees. “Are you okay?” Spock asks, and Leonard shrugs. “I will be.”
  • Why is it that now that his world is instantly more colorful, he runs into Spock everywhere? The park at first, where Bones tries to avoid a conversation with him because how do you even approach this subject with anyone? Spock’s perfectly handsome, but Bones’ marriage ended so messily and he just doesn’t feel ready to engage with anyone romantically. Especially not someone who literally brightened his whole world in the span of a few seconds after meeting.
  • The second time they meet is at a bar. Bones is already a little drunk. Spock isn’t, or he doesn’t seem to be, but he does seem to be in a good mood. “Mr. McCoy,” Spock says, “how’s Joanna?” “Fine,” Bones says, easing into talking to him about teacher-stuff, Joanna, Bones’ job as a doctor. “Ah, you’re a doctor,” Spock says, smiling lightly, “you should meet Jim. He’d be your favorite patient.” “Jim?” Bones asks curiously. “Yes, my partner,” Spock explains, turning around on his chair to gesture towards another guy. He’s chatting up two girls at once, cocky smile and wild gestures. “James,” Spock says, and Jim gets up immediately. “What’s up?” Jim asks, and Bones rolls his eyes, instead focusing on his drink when Jim leans in to kiss Spock quickly. Perhaps a little drunk. He was flirting with a few girls, after all. “Who are you talking to?” Jim asks curiously, and Bones turns to look at Jim, finally. That headache is back in an instant the moment Bones catches a glimpse of those wicked blue eyes. Jim grunts, too, and Spock reaches out to grab Jim’s arm. “Are you okay?” he asks, and Jim reaches out to rub his own temples. “Yeah, I’m– Jesus,” Jim says, stumbling back a little. “I can see,” Jim says, and Bones rolls his eyes. “You didn’t seem blind before,” Bones says, and Spock frowns. “Wait, are you both seeing all colors now, too?“ “Jim doesn’t respond, instead he reaches out and grabs Bones’ shoulders, pulling him in to press a kiss on his lips. Bones looks utterly shocked when he pulls away, and maybe not too appreciative. “What the hell?” “I had to try and see if I felt anything,” Jim says, but Leonard just frowns. “Try that again and you can feel my first. In your face.”
  • It’s not like he doesn’t find either Spock or Jim attractive. And certainly he feels things when he’s around them. But it’s difficult. They’re already together, though seem to openly accept people into their lives with devotion and intimacy, and that’s just something Bones hasn’t encountered before, ever. He hangs out with them a lot, though, because somehow he does feel attracted to them, both socially and physically. Joanna loves it, too, because Spock is a great teacher, Jim a strong police officer, and her father a caring doctor. Spock and Bones help her with homework, Jim assists them when they practice baseball outside in the garden. Bones goes from no soulmate to suddenly having two, and Joanna suddenly goes to having three dads and loving it.
  • It’s only after over a year of knowing them and being close to them, Bones starts opening up to the thought of a relationship. Jim never pushes for intimacy, even though Bones can tell he’s craving for it; attention and intimacy of any kind. So when Joanna’s in bed, Bones sits down between the two of them, quietly admiring the world of color around him. Even though it’s been a year since he’s been able to see everything; a sunset in its brightest colors, the bright pinks and yellows of spring, and the cozy lights of a Christmas tree in winter, it’s all still something that amazes him still to this day.
  • He leans against Spock casually, who slides an arm around his shoulder while continues to read on his tablet with his free hand. Jim’s playing a game on his phone, half watching the TV, but mostly focused on his phone. Bones reaches out, pulling Jim in closer until Jim’s resting against him, too. Jim instantly eases into that, smiling when Bones’ fingers run through Jim’s hair. “Where’s this intimacy coming from, huh?” Jim comments, and Bones shrugs. “Well, what are you gonna do about these two idiots who crawled their way into my life,” Bones sighs. “What made you change your mind?” Spock asks, and Bones smiles lightly. “You.”
Lionhearted - Part 2 (nessian fic)

Summary: The day of the wedding, Nesta tries to deal with what she saw Cassian doing at the pub the night before. She also has a special gift for Feyre on her wedding day.

Notes: ok I have a list of people to tag: @arielle-reads @bookswillruletheworld @illyrianwings-nightcourt @christina-dh @illyriancrown @sussurrosliterarios (it won’t let me tag you aghhhh!!!)

This was going to be two parts, but now will be at least 3!

Part one : Part three : AO3 for comments : rated M : TW for attempted sexual assault mention


The next morning, Nesta’s alarm went off at a highly inconvenient hour, considering the amount of alcohol she had consumed. There was the hotel bar, and then the restaurant, and then the pub… She moaned into her pillow, the throbbing in her head deep and familiar from her college days. It was nothing she couldn’t work off if she could find a bottle of water and some ibuprofen, but… her nostrils flared, thinking back on what she and Cassian had said and done. Putting that conversation behind her would be a different kind of challenge.

There was no way she could face him today, but she would do it, she had to, for Feyre’s sake. She would be in the same room with him, if not interacting directly, and she would just have to deal with his rejection. Or at least, what she assumed was his rejection, given the woman from the night before. Bile rose up in her throat at the thought of her hands on Cassian in that hallway, and she quickly swallowed it down.

She’d had no reason to believe any differently of him, to have had expectations that he might not be the type of guy to do that. But it still hurt to confirm her initial suspicions.

Heaving herself out of bed, Nesta showered, threw on clothing and grabbed her bridesmaid dress and make-up bag. She needed to get to Feyre’s hotel soon, to help her prepare for her wedding. Maybe later, when it was all done and she could leave, she would come back here and try to work out how she felt about Cassian. For now, though, he was just one more person who could threaten her calm exterior, and so needed to be avoided.

When she arrived at Feyre’s hotel room, it was a din; Mor and Elain were circling Feyre, fussing after her hair, her make-up, her dress, calling out orders to some of the other women in the room. Amren sat back, an amused grin on her face, and… was that a glass of red wine in her hand, at this hour? Nesta blinked. Well, she supposed, it was a celebration, and certainly many of the usual social conventions could be suspended for that. However, she suspected that Amren was not one to be concerned about that type of thing no matter the situation, and her estimation of her sister’s friend went up on principle.

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UMFB&MHA Meta : Notre-Dame de Paris (part 1)

Read Part 2 here

Throughout UMFB, Kazliin uses songs in Viktor’s performances to give the reader an idea of what he’s feeling at that point in the fic, since we never see Viktor’s POV. However, some songs in the fic are more telling than others. ‘Belle’, the song Viktor skates his free skate to in chapter 8, is one of those songs.

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Klaine Advent 2016: Day 3 Charm

Day 3: Charm

Kurt and Burt adjusting to Blaine in season 2. 3145 words

It’s the thing people said about Blaine, or so it seemed to Kurt. Right after “dapper” and before “gentlemanly,” they would say it—“He’s so charming!” And Kurt had to admit he was so in agreement with them; it was something he was proudest of about this boy. He felt sometimes like walking around Lima with Blaine was like being wrapped up in a cloud of that charm. Faces that used to be closed off to him, eyebrows raised, now were softened and welcoming.

Just on one outing on a pretty spring afternoon, three different shopkeepers had smiled and said, “Keep the change” to Blaine. I mean, who did that? And the lady in the jewelry store actually found some Easter wrapping paper to add a special touch to his present for his mama; when Blaine went for his wallet to tip her, she had actually blushed as she stopped him with a manicured hand to his forearm.

“That was weird,” Kurt said as they waited in line at the Sundae Shoppe.

“Hmmm?” Blaine questioned with his eyebrows as he bent over the bag containing his purchases.

“Mrs. Sims in the jewelry store. I’d swear she was flirting with you, but, I mean, she’s at LEAST 30.”

“Maybe she has spring fever, Kurt,” Blaine replied. “I know I certainly do. Or maybe it’s the company. I think you should always wear just exactly that shade of blue. It really brings out your eyes.”

Okay, so maybe those people had a point. He was charming and dreamy, and Kurt’s insides were melting with pleasure AGAIN. He longed to grab his boyfriend’s hand or steal a kiss. He settled with looking down and blushing. “Watch it mister. Flattery will get you—”

“A ride home, I hope?” Blaine asked, leaning close to whisper, “And some makeout time in the driveway? Kitchen? My room?”

The one person in Kurt’s life who didn’t seem to be taken by Blaine’s charm was Kurt’s dad. Kurt couldn’t blame him, actually. Finding a boy—an obviously hungover boy—in your child’s bed sort of had a way of killing any positive first impressions. Not that he DISLIKED him, really. But even after Kurt danced through the door from Dalton, with the news that he had a boyfriend, a delightful boyfriend, the best boyfriend, Burt still seemed to hold Blaine at arm’s length.

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On Casual Commitments

Summary: Nearly ten years after graduating from Tōtsuki, Erina is 100% over hooking up with him at weddings (but she still does it anyway).
Parts two and three

Everyone who was anyone knew that Nakiri Alice, the new head of Nakiri International and owner-chef of haute cuisine restaurants like Vapor in Tokyo and Deconstruct Denmark, did not cater. Ever.

Every dish she created was an individual jewel of innovation, a gastronomical research project in miniature. Her work simply couldn’t be mass-produced. But after a series of unforeseeable events that included shameless begging, international politics, and first-row tickets to New York Fashion Week, Alice had catered a platinum wedding. Her food, of course, had been the highlight of the evening. But in her opinion, everything else about the festivities, though obscenely expensive, had been disappointing at best.

“You should have seen it, babe,” she said as her former aide drove them back to their Copenhagen penthouse. “The bridesmaids were all in this swamp green color, and their dresses weren’t even the same. And don’t even get me started on those floral arrangements. I could have planned one so much better, don’t you think?”


“At least say it with some more enthusiasm!”

At this Ryo sighed, mostly focused on the road ahead—much to his long time girlfriend’s irritation. “I’m sure you would have planned a better wedding because you excel at everything. Happy?”

“It’ll do,” she said. And normally that would have been enough to appease her, but later that evening as they reclined in bed, about to turn in for the night, she started up again.

“You know, Ryo,” she said, gazing up at him through bleary eyes. “The toasts at the reception were so boring. Our friends would make much better toasts.”

“What does it matter?”

“I don’t know.” Alice shrugged, closed her eyes, and tried to sleep. But in a few minutes she was up again, commenting on everything from the rings to the vows to quality of silk in the best man’s tie.

Needless to say, neither of them got much sleep that night.

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Office Sweet

In which Ludwig, the boss of a designing firm, falls in love with his newly hired intern. 

This idea was requested by @helenlee2000 who wanted a short story about Ludwig having a designing firm, Feliciano works for him and they fall in love. I don’t know how a designing form truly works like, so there might be inaccuracies about that. Although a short story was requested…I created 4-5 chapters cause ideas just came. Will update weekly for now, but once done with the draft (Only sentences away from finishing right now), bi-weekly updates. I really hope you enjoy this new venture!

                                                     Chapter 1

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Bloom (5/?)

Here’s another chapter of Bloom! Sorry for the delay in posting. I’ve been busy wrapping up my CSBB. But after this weekend, I will be mostly free! Once again, many thanks to @unfolded73

In this chapter, Regina and Snow throw Emma a shower, and Emma has a heart-to-heart with Zelena.

[Ch.1][Ch.2][Ch.3][Ch. 4]

You can also read on AO3!

Chapter 5: Daughters

Her mother’s farmhouse could only be described as a rainbow explosion. Multi-colored streamers hung from the ceiling, the cupcakes were iced in a variety of bright colors – hot pinks, yellows, oranges, and blue. Snow and Regina had really outdone themselves with the baby shower. Not only were the decorations wonderful, but so was the food – cupcakes, donuts, mini grilled cheese sandwiches – basically everything Emma could want.

Emma only had one rule regarding the shower. Well, two. The first was not to have any weird or gross games, which Regina had thankfully backed her up on. The second rule was to avoid an over-abundance of pink. It wasn’t as if she was opposed to her daughter wearing pink or dresses, she just didn’t want that to be the only option for her.

So far, both of her requirements were being met.

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Ashi and Jack: Yin and Yang

Ashi and Jack: Yin and Yang
Ever since the show came out in 2001, “Samurai Jack” captivated the minds of kids and adults for over fifteen year and has to be one of the greatest cartoons of all time. With the fifth and final season now at the halfway mark since its 2017 release, people are more hyped than ever about the show and how it will finally end properly after its premature and rather anticlimactic ending in 2004. The most talked about and most heated debate surrounding the show has to be over the relationship between Jack and a brand new character to the show, Ashi; the surviving member of The Daughters of Aku and his newest ally. Ever since she appeared in episode one, fans from all over have been asking questions like “what purpose she has to the show?” and “will she be important to Jack’s quest” But the biggest question is “what is her true relationship with Jack? Platonic, romantic or father/daughter?” From what I can see from the show and her interactions with Jack, she plays a major role in the show and to Jack himself. If anything, Ashi and Jack perfectly correspond to the ancient chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang. I notices this after watching the first episode and left brief comments for this perspective on YouTube and Tumblr with multiple fans agreeing with me. Now with six episodes out, more evidence has been given to support this claim and I will list them below.
Upbringing and Childhood
When we first see Jack in episode one of season one, he’s a happy child who has two loving parents and grew up peacefully as a prince. His life takes a turn when home was destroyed by the shapeshifting demon; Aku, and was separated from his family and travels the world in order to protect him and to make him strong enough to fight Aku when the time comes. As he travels the world and begins his training, he is still allowed to a child and experience many types of people, lands and philosophies while also developing close friendships. These experiences make Jack into a well rounded, responsibly mature young man of knowledge and wisdom. When we first see Ashi in episode 1 of season five, it’s the exact opposite. She and her six twin sisters were thrown into rigorous and painful training to kill Jack shortly after birth by a mentally and physically abusive mother; The High Priestess of the all female cult of Aku, who feels no love for Ashi or her sisters. She also never allows the sisters to show any love for each other and would even tell them to leave the other behind if they’re too weak stating “The weak have no place with Aku.” Ashi was never allowed to be the curious child she was and was punished if she strayed for a moment from her mission. She was raised all her life in a deep dark cave and was never allowed to go outside until her adulthood which made her ignorant to how the world really works and only knew what her mother allowed her to; which were mostly lies. This made Ashi and her sisters immature to everything but how to kill. Even though she and The Daughters of Aku were capable fighters and were able to overpower Jack in their first battle, their inexperience to the real world and their immaturity was their ultimate downfall because the more experienced Jack was able defeat them all and to kill six of the sisters leaving only Ashi alive. Jack’s maturity gave him an edge over them. . Ashi and Jack’s opposing and yet mirroring childhoods and experiences are aligned perfectly to Yin’s darkness and Yang’s brightness. Yin and Yang even translate to “Dark- Light.” Ashi was raised in darkness while Jack was raised in light.
Colors and Gender
As we can tell. Ashi and Jack look very different from each other in gender and body types. Yet they are still able to match one another in their same asian heritage and their monochromatic colorings. Ashi is female and mostly wears a black body suit throughout the show while Jack is male and mostly wear a white gi throughout most of the series. In the Yin and Yang philosophy, Yin is black and corresponds to female while Yang is white and corresponds to male. Though Yin and Yang look very different, they still look like they belong together in the same world. The same can be said for Ashi and Jack.
Personalities and Characteristics
By watching how Ashi and Jack interact with each other, it’s quite clear they have opposing and yet complementary personalities between the two. With Jack being the polite, humble and quiet man of peace that he is; Ashi tends to be the more outspoken, smart mouthed type who doesn’t think twice about throwing the first punch when provoked. Even though they have contradicting personalities that can push each other to their limits or even apart at times, they also have characteristics that are similar to each other and that pulls them close together such as their kind hearted wants to protect the innocent and their love and appreciation for life and the beauty it holds. They also have the same drive to do the right thing but just handle it in their own ways. No matter how opposing they are from each other, they still carry the same mutual respect for each other the way Yin and Yang have for the other. Even though Yin and Yang can at times be at odds, they’re still interconnected to each other. As the symbol of Yin and Yang shows, Yin is the dark piece that has a white circle inside of it while Yang is the white piece that has a black circle inside of it. The visual representation shows each side is equal and yet opposite of the other and how one side never tries to dominate the other but instead work together for balance. The same can be said for Ashi and Jack. Ashi has spent her entire life in darkness and was subjected to the cold nature of life. And yet she holds enough positive thinking to be drawn to life outside of her dark world just like Yin. Jack; on the other hand, was brought up in a more  and positive aspect of life. But over the fifty years of wandering without aging and seeing Aku’s devastating affect on the world, Jack has lost some of his hope and his heart is gripped by his dark thoughts, further implying his connection with Yang. Ashi is dark but has a little light inside while Jack is light but has a little darkness inside of him.
Teamwork and Friendship
As mentioned before, Ashi and Jack have opposing personalities, but this doesn’t stop them from getting along. If anything, their differences help each other in difficult situations and also push to where they need to be. In real life, the world has a way of keeping itself balanced and in order. The same goes with humans. We all have those people in our lives who keep us balanced and in check because they have certain aspects we ourselves don’t possess. Yin and Yang are all about balance and duality with the opposing elements.Both sides drive to create harmony with the other and to guide each other down the right path. Both even manage to discover some aspect of themselves they didn’t existed until they experience the other. When Jack told Ashi about how everything she knew was a lie, she wanted him to show her the truth. During this course of showing her the truth, Ashi discovered she is a caring person and has a good heart when she let her hate go and allowed Jack’s words to sink in. Jack guided Ashi away from her darkness. Jack, on the other hand, lost the last bit of hope he had left when he believed he failed to save a group of children who were being controlled by a sadistic villain. He believed they were dead and this forced him to go away without leaving Ashi a clue of where he was going. He plunged deeper into darkness and couldn’t get out on his own and was about to end his life. Luckily, Ashi went looking for him and learned about all the good Jack has done for others. Ashi now knows the whole truth about Jack and has become a fully matured and rational individual because of the hope he gave her. In return, she uses that same hope when she finds him to restore Jack’s hope and purpose to find his magic sword and end Aku once and for all. She reminds Jack of who he really is and this saved him from suicide. Because they never knew each other in the past, they were lost souls who were incomplete alone. Together now, they have overcome physical and spiritual obstacles due to their influences on one another. Ashi is mature and is full of hope because of Jack and Jack has restored his drive to continue his quest and has regained his hope because of Ashi. They bring out the best in each other and are now unified in the same purpose to bring order back into the world the way Yin and Yang work as one to bring unity.
For the first time in the whole series, Jack has found an ally, partner and friend in Ashi who will stay by his side until the the very end. These two have brought a new element into the series we haven’t seen yet; duality. For the past four seasons, Jack has done everything alone and had brief alliances. But now that Ashi has come into his life, he no longer has to be alone in his journey. He can now share his hard quest with a true equal who is willing to live and die by his side. No matter how you might see their relationship, these two will forever be linked together and can never be separated. Ashi and Jack are truly Yin and Yang.

You’re Drunk

A/N: I’ve had this idea for awhile but couldn’t figure out what to write. I drew some inspiration from various tumblrs who did the same/about the same imagines. But all writing is mine - if I can find the tumblrs I drew some of my inspiration from I will add them here later (:
A/N: sorry they aren’t all the same length - I had more inspiration or ideas for some more than others.

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rfa reacting to hurting mc accidently when they were arguing? i love your blog so much♥ (◎⌒○⌒◎)

here you go, lovely anon! thank you so much for your kind words aaah smooches you

RFA + accidentally hurting MC


  • oh boi
  • he did not mean what he just did
  • when you cried when he accidentally hit you on your face while you two were in the middle of a v heated argument
  • he lost it
  • it happened because he was sitting, his back facing you and you were so mad
  • he just won’t turn to look at you while talking
  • you deemed the action to be rude so you squeezed his shoulder to make him look at you
  • buuuut he swatted your hand that held his shoulder, accidentally hitting your face in the process
  • your nose bled because of the accidental force that hit you
  • when he saw the blood and your tears
  • ya boi zen certainly lost it
  • realization of what he did hit him like the waves of the sea, violently shaking his thoughts
  • “Oh god…” he muttered as he hurriedly went beside you, touching your hands that covered your face, “Damn! I’m sorry… Oh god… MC, I’m sorry…!”
  • he was stuttering as he tried his best to comfort you, even running to the fridge to get some cold compress
  • but you were so upset with what happened [ and the pain in your nose was very unbearable ]that you swatted his hand and scooted far away from him
  • he was horrified with your reaction because you never pushed him away in any of the fights you two had since
  • so he figured a breakfast in bed the next morning would be able to calm you down
  • dude slept on the couch all night
  • lucky for him you did not lock the doors
  • you found red rose petals everywhere inside the room when you woke up srsly zen stop thrashing the house lolol
  • a soft sexy music was playing in the background
  • “You’re a goddess in the bedroom
    Devil in them skin tights…
    Drug that I’m hooked to…
    But it’s ok, I’ll be alright …”
    • srsly his singing voice is just uhhhHHHH
  • “Good morning, honey. Breakfast in bed?” winks
  • and you saw him by the door smoothly doing some sexy macho dance while he’s only on his boxers and biting a single rose whispers magic mike anyone?? lolol
  • you literally squealed [ at the breakfast of course ]
  • ( ͡° ͜ ͜ʖ ͡°)


  • poor baehee was so stressed with her job [ imagine x 20 level of stress added to her usual one ]
  • that she had been so grumpy the entire week
  • you wanted to at least lift her mood up by cooking her favorite dish one dinner time
  • but when she got home all tired and upset and ate what you cooked for her you were honestly expectant about her reaction but then
  • she lost it??
  • she started commenting on how it awfully tastes and that you had no consideration about her situation
  • you can cook but you knew that what you did actually tastes fine and you knew the difference between awful food and okay ones so you got hurt by her claims
  • she insisted that you purposely served her this food
  • and that take out tastes better
  • “Uhm … Excuse me?” you asked, incredulous by what she said
  • but!! she did not stop her angry rants
  • and she only snapped out when she heard your soft whimpers
  • you stood up and excused yourself then ran to a separate room and locked yourself in
  • she was so guilty about what she did and that she didn’t actually mean any of what she said
  • she was so lost about what she’ll do to console you since she’s fully aware you’re so upset about what happened
  • so she figured it’s finally time for a vacation
  • you were so surprised to see her packing clothes the next morning that you panicked because is she throwing you out now??
  • when she saw you on the adjacent door, she walked up to you and hung what looks like a necklace made of flowers where did she get all of these beautifully colored flowers?? so early too??
    you slightly flinched on the touch
  • she smiled with regret and clasped your hands with hers
  • “I forgot one most important thing during the times I was stressed out: You. You’re all I ever be needing.” she sighed and pulled you to a soft hug “Let me spend my entire day with you. No works. No stress. I promise. Let’s go to the beach?”
  • you pouted and puffed your cheeks while trying to suppress a smile
  • she squeezed your cheeks then rubbed her nose against yours
  • you giggled and she followed while softly kissing your cheeks
  • and that’s when you fully forgave her(*/∇\*) キャ


  • the fight was actually caused by you
  • and the catalyst was due to jumin’s neglect over you for the past few days all the sweet stuffs in the beginning of your relationship just STOPPED
  • it happened one fancy dinner event with the new investors & he did not even notice how you dressed up for the night
  • your black laced mini cocktail dress and gold pumps did not even make him turn to look at you likE HELLO TRUSTFUNDKID AM I INVISIBLE HERE
  • you were being a bit needy but only because he was very neglectful
  • he even left you alone at the table as he entertained his clients which mostly consisted of young, sophisticated women who want nothing else but to be noticed by this young & eligible business man
  • he did not even introduce you to any of them
  • some women even didn’t have the proper conduct as they just threw their selves right on front of him
  • and he actually seemed to enjoy it??
  • he was smiling from ear to ear!! the nerve! you are so going to sleep on the couch tonight mister
  • because you were ultimately pissed by this, you suddenly stood up and grabbed a strawberry champagne from a passing waiter
  • you drank one wine flute and went for another and another until you felt yourself become dizzy
  • when you got another, you knocked the wine flute to a lady wearing a pink gown she was actually the one who bumped you
  • you froze on the spot
  • the lady shrieked and went to your face, fuming about how expensive her gown was and that you had no manners at all
  • she started making fun of your clothes and told you how tasteless jumin was for choosing someone like you who lets herself get drunk without discretion this btch right here i2sg
  • you got so mad that you were about to slap her when someone caught your arm mid-air
  • your eyes widened when you saw it was jumin and that he was glaring right at you, his hold on your arm turning to a vice grip
  • you flinched and yelped in pain as you grabbed your hand from him, the part where he held producing red marks
  • “What is this immature act I am seeing? You should learn to own up to your mistakes. Apologize to her.” and you became ultimately upset when you saw how he handed the lady his handkerchief and apologized like he owed her his world
  • the lady smiled sweetly and batted her lashes at him the nerve of the btch and smugly raised an eyebrow towards you
  • you got so blinded by rage that you laughed
  • yes. you. laughed.
  • you removed your silk gloves and loosened the ring around your finger
  • “Hey, cat-face!” you were a bit drunk forgive yourself “See this?”
  • he narrowed his metallic irises towards you as you pulled out your engagement ring from your finger and threw it on a wine flute filled with strawberry champagne
  • his eyes widened and panic immediately filled his face, “MC—”
  • you were not taking any of his shits right now
  • “Bye bye.” and you immediately ran out of the event hall
  • you heard a few curses and because you were running on a 4-inch stiletto, Jumin immediately caught up to your retreating figure
  • he grabbed your hand and pulled you towards him
  • “Let. Me. Go. Entertain them all you want. I don’t care!you said as you felt tears started to prickle your eyes
  • “If you think I would then you’re wrong. You’re truly thinking low of me, love.” his husky, breathy voice soothed your ears that you forgot why you were even running away in the first place “I’m sorry. I might have been neglecting you
  • he kissed you on your forehead as he pulled your body closer to his and hugged you tight, “You smell like strawberry champagne, sweetheart. Lucky for you, that’s what I like.”
  • the smirk on his face and the curious glances and few murmurs you both got made you flush on your position, growing suddenly shy
  • “Let them see who owns me completely. Who I am crazy for.” he whispers to your ear, his lips lightly grazing the skin there, making you tingly from head to toe “Their opinions doesn’t matter. Let’s go.”
  • srsly jumin han one minute you’re cold then now you’re hot uhm ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͠°)


  • he was raging in LOLOL
  • when the fight broke out and happened
  • you accidentally pulled the LAN router off of the power source and that caused the internet connection to go down you were vacuuming his messy room
  • he screamed when the words ‘YOU ARE OFFLINE. GAME OVER.’ flashed on his screen
  • “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!” you gasped when he angrily stood up from his chair causing it to fall over as he marched up to you and pulled the vacuum from the power source as well
  • “Sorry?! I was in the middle of getting a very rare item! It costs a thousand won if you purchase it separately! Darn it, MC!”
  • the boi was fuming mad
  • if he wasn’t being offensive and hurtful right now he would be hella cute
  • but no
  • NO
  • his game was more important than you??
  • down with it boi
  • you narrowed your eyes at him as he continually rambled and ranted about how unlucky he was and that you ruined his chances of ever getting the item that you were more than welcome to leave his house and how you were making him feel hella useless by cleaning the house for him
  • he was saying too many hurtful words with lots of hand gestures that he accidentally hit a glass on the side of his counters and it shattered on the floor
  • you were so surprised that you accidentally stepped on the glass shards and you got pricked by some
  • ya boi yoosung didn’t even notice the glass shards on the floor
  • and only when you cried in pain that his rage disappeared into thin air
  • guilt washed over him like he just took the ice bucket challenge
  • his mouth formed to an ‘O’ shape as his amethyst irises widened in surprise
  • “MC! Oh my god!” he panicked when he saw blood on your foot
  • yes. blood.
  • “Oh gosh. Oh gosh. Oh gosh. MC—” he crouched to see your wound
  • “No! Don’t touch me! Go and play instead!” you cried and limped away from him and tried to get out of his house asap
  • he was so horrified that he was prancing around, scolding and smacking his self for saying those harsh words to you
  • he hurriedly took off from his house and followed you home like some crazy stalker he made sure to buy some meds and treats just in case you kick him out when you see him
  • he knocked on your door and he was right, you were about to kick him out if not for your wounded foot but he was quick to pull you to a hug and he cried so hard
  • “I’m sorry! I was stupid! I’m sorry! I’ll never put games first before you ever again! MC … Don’t leave me. Please. Please … I beg you. I’ll never do it again.” he cried and chanted these words on repeat like a wounded animal
  • you sighed and let him enter your house but you were still not talking to him
  • he was like a puppy adjusting to his new place and when you went to take a bath, he made sure to set up a pillow fort on your living room and prepared some snacks, ice cream and movies to watch
  • it was a movie date night!!
  • he even prepared a small banner that said: ‘I’m sorry. I love you. Forgive me? I’ll do whatever you want! I’ll be your slave!”
  • you managed to stifle a soft giggle at this and boi was he so happy that you finally cracked a positive emotion but you glared at him when he chuckled a bit
  • he whimpered in fright lolol
  • he had been ultra caring towards you to the next few days until you recovered


  • being with Seven and adjusting to his presence was quite hard
  • there are times where he’d just be off where you couldn’t even talk to him properly or he’d be so comical it was quite hard to tell which was his true self
  • he was sometimes cold and he was sometimes hot
  • and one time, when you were so curious of what he’s doing since you haven’t seen him in a day
  • so you tried to enter his lair aka his room
  • and you were so surprised to see how messy it was and he was staring right at his screen with a picture of two red-haired toddlers
  • he was blankly staring at the picture with an unfinished PhD Pepper on his hand and an opened Honey Buddha Chips on his desk
  • “Seven?”
  • he was so surprised that he immediately shut his laptop down and stood up, rage and panic evident on his golden eyes
  • “What are you doing here?” he hissed as he crushed his drink using his hands “Didn’t I tell you that this room is off limits?”
  • he stood up and you shivered under his accusing gaze, his steps sounding like loud thunder against your ears
  • “Get out, MC.” he exclaimed and you yelped in surprise with the tone he used as you felt tears form on the edge of your eyes
  • “But, I … I just want to, uhm …” you tried to explain your side but he just shook his head and marched to you, grabbing your hand and dragging you outside
  • “Please … stop. I don’t need your explanations.” he coldly spat as he stood in between you and the entrance of the room
  • “Seven …” your voice almost sounded like a whisper but he refused to even look at you
  • what is his problem? who were those in the photos? what is he hiding?
  • “Go. Get out. Don’t ever bother me. Don’t ever come near me. Just … go.” his voice sounded really wounded like it was really hard for him to say it
  • you felt your tears flow down against your cheeks and you tried to hide your soft cries
  • this caught his attention
  • his eyes widened at your reaction and you immediately wiped the tears that have escaped
  • you were just offended and hurt by his sudden hostility being born as a shallow teared person sometimes becomes a burden
  • he seriously looked like he was debating whether he’d comfort you or he’d just let you go
  • you saw how his bit his lower lip and closed the door in between the two of you, like it was one of his hardest decisions
  • Seven … is a very big mystery.
Leavin’ A Lonely Town (pt. 1)

Pair: Dean Winchester x Reader (AU)

Prompt: He is the hot mechanic who has a thing for frisky women, sunsets, and long walks on the beach. You’re the new girl everyone in the small Tennessee town is speaking of. You moved from a big city after acquiring your Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine and are looking for somewhere to start fresh and someone to hopefully settle down with. Will Dean be that one? Or will your high class family and quiet demeanor leave you loveless?

Word Count: 2,478

Originally posted by frozen-delight

The Big Apple. A dream to most, a nightmare to you. People work day and night to be able to afford one months rent for an apartment they’ll appreciate and live in. You never had to work a day in your life to survive in the three story mansion you haven’t even fully explored . It wasn’t a home to you, it was a reminder of the life you were meant to live, not the life you wanted to live.

The youngest of four. Two of them showing you money is everything and it should be spent on appearance, objects, and status. The other showing you money is as addicting as a drugs and alcohol and should be used for education, basic needs, and experiences. That’s how you found your ‘moxy’ as some would call it. Your drive to better your mind and fill it with as much knowledge as you could. It was in those moments you realized what you wanted out of life. You were going to become a Veterinarian.

Afraid your parents would disown you like they did your inspirational brother, you tried to hide the college expenses and textbooks, applying for everything as an independent and collecting unfortunate debt. It was all working out until your Junior year when your Anatomy and Physiology teacher turned out to be a close family friend, spilling the beans to your parents. The fear of losing everything you worked so hard for was just that, a fear. Your parents shockingly accepted your choice and thought it would be nice to have a doctor in the family, so they cleared your debt, watched you graduate and sent you off to the Veterinary School they deemed appropriate. Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine.

It all seemed too good to be true.

It was.

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Little White Lies - Part 3

Hello again, humanoids.  I have a question: am I the only one who finds it a lot easier to write when I know that I should be doing something else (i.e. homework)? Because really, when I get home from school and am completely aware that I have things to do, some subconscious part of my brain (which must freaking hate me) comes up with the best idea ever and I just can’t control my actions anymore. “Oh, it’s fine,” I said. “I’ll just write for an hour or so,” I said. “I’ll have plenty of time for Spanish homework,” I said.

Anyway, this took me like three hours to write because I kept changing parts. Hope you like it, and feel free to tell me if you think I should tweak it here and there. :)

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Was Nico supposed to be fantasizing about strangling the only person in the palace who could actually help him?

Probably not.

Was he doing it anyway?

Hell yes.

Jason’s little friend was seriously annoying. He introduced himself as Leo Valdez, bad boy supreme, a mischievous grin on his face. He had dark skin and brown, curly hair that fell in his eyes a lot, but it didn’t seem to distract him from making sarcastic comments and odd jokes - Nico immediately noticed the slight Spanish accent. His clothes seemed a little casual for working at the palace - what with the tattered and oil-stained white button up, jeans with suspenders and a tool belt around his waist - but Nico didn’t say anything. He also took notice of how long his fingers were and how calloused his hand was when he shook it as they met. It wasn’t hard to guess he worked with tools a lot.

Leo sat on the island in the center of the kitchen, swinging his legs back and forth and spinning a screwdriver between his fingers. “So.” He said, stealing Nico’s attention away from the other workers scurrying around the kitchen like ants on red bull. “This is where the magic happens, my friend. Food.

“So, what do you do in the palace?” Nico asked.

Leo’s eyes seemed to light up even brighter than they already were. “Oh! I’m a fix-it man! I’m mostly in my workshop or in here, though. Not many things are broken elsewhere.”

“Why in here?”

“Because someone manages to break the stove about every ten min-”

Leo!” Someone called from the back of the kitchen. Leo chuckled and shook his head, his hair flying everywhere.

“Speaking of which- gotta go.” He hopped off the counter and pointed at Nico firmly. “Sit.” He commanded. Nico stared at him. “Stay.” Again, Nico remained silent, blinking. “Good boy!” Leo then hurried to the other side of the room, weaving around the other chefs and assistants to go fix the stove.

Nico started wandering - mostly because Leo told him to stay - doing his best to smile back at people he passed, walking up to random chefs and watching them work. At one point, someone asked what he thought of their Tiramisu. Nico took a small bite with a very tiny plastic fork. “Little more choco?” He suggested. The chef tried a bit himself, and nodded in agreement, thanking Nico as he moved on.

He came to an unattended oven and crouched down to look through the glass at what was baking. It looked like pastry dough for cannolis. Glancing at the dials on the oven, he frowned. They weren’t at the right temperature or time. Rolling his eyes, he fixed it without even thinking.

What do you think you’re doing?” Someone asked sharply from behind him. Nico jumped and turned around, facing a very pretty Native-American girl with her hands on her hips. She was about the same height as Leo at 5-foot-six, slightly darker skin, chocolate brown hair that was cut choppy and uneven with two braids down the sides of her head, and eyes that glistened and seemed to change color. One second they were brown, then green, then blue. It was confusing.

“I-I, I was just… are - are these yours?”

The girl glared at him for a solid minute, arms crossed and eyebrows knitted. Suddenly, her demeanor relaxed and she started laughing, throwing her head back. “You should have seen your face!” She made her eyes wide and glossy and shrunk down, pulling her arms in. “I-I-I- I was just- Just-” She stammered, mimicking Nico’s deeper voice.

Nico frowned and crossed his arms defensively, looking away as he felt his face heat. She ‘awww’-ed and patted his shoulder. “Don’t worry, I was just joking.” She sent him a smile, which he returned with a roll of his eyes. “I’m Piper.”


Leo practically skipped up to them and beamed at Piper. “Hey, Pipes! I see you’ve met Mr. Lord-Of-Darkness,” he said, sending a look Nico’s way. Piper smirked, probably thinking of Nico stuttering under her glare. She winked at him fleetingly, as if to say our secret, k?,  before turning back to Leo and striking up a random conversation. Nico smirked as he watched the two talking animatedly, and wasn’t surprised that Jason was friends with the two.

“So,” Nico cut in, looking at Piper, “what do you do here? In the Castle, I mean.”

She chuckled. “Nothing, actually. I just kinda show up and they let me in. I don’t think anyone truly cares, at this point.” Nico nodded, suppressing a smile.

“Follow up question,” Nico continued, now turning to Leo. “what do I do at the Palace?” Leo still hadn’t told him.

“Oh, right!” He exclaimed. “You’re a maid - servant, really. Very glamorous, you’ll love it.” Leo winked and Nico groaned. Great. Being told what to do and when to do it. Because Nico was so used to that.

“Not the best I could ask for, but I’ll take what I can get,” Nico muttered. The two nodded approvingly at him and Leo went on explaining Nico’s job.

“-but for today, you can just watch. Comprendes? I’ll show ya the ropes, don’t worry.” He leaned closer and whispered, “I basically run this place. Got everyone here in the palm of my hand.”

“Your ‘workshop’ is in a storage closet.” Piper pointed out.

“Only temporarily!” Leo said defensively. Nico chuckled and the three of them continued talking - well, Leo and Piper did, Nico mostly listened. After a while, a man wearing very fancy clothing walked over to them. For a moment, Nico thought he was going to tell Leo and Piper not to be so loud, but he thought it was fine since they were in the kitchen anyway. The entire room was filled with clinking dishes and meals being called out for someone to take care of.

Instead, the man turned to Nico. “You are the new maid, correct?” Nico glanced at Leo for a moment before nodding. “The Prince was requested you deliver him his meal.” Nico’s eyes widened.

Sure, it was a god-sent opportunity to get some information he needed, but Nico hadn’t expected to confront the Prince so quickly. It was only his first day, he was just supposed to watch and learn the ropes, to blend in. How was he supposed to act in front of the man he was plotting to kill?

Nico clenched his hands to keep them from trembling. “W…Why me?”

“Do not question his Royal Highness. Please do as you are told.” With that, the man turned and walked away. When Nico turned to Leo and Piper again, they were both staring at him, surprised.

“Wow!” Leo exclaimed, breaking the silence. “Day one and you’re already in trouble. I gotta say, quite impressive.”

Nico rolled his eyes. “Whatever. Just- where’s his dinner?”

Leo looked around. “Um, I think it’s that one - over there.” He pointed to a covered tray on the counter across the kitchen. “You remember where his room is, right?” Nico nodded and headed for the tray, trying not to feel nervous.

It took Nico exactly two minutes to get lost.

He turned down several hallways, but they all basically looked the same. He sighed and growled at the ceiling. Not only was he going to die and deteriorate into a skeleton in the hallways of this god-forsaken castle, if he ever was found, his carcass would probably be penalized for letting the Prince’s dinner get cold.

Turning another corner angrily, Nico collided unexpectantly with something and almost dropped the tray in his hands. Once he had steadied himself, he glanced up and saw it was actually a someone that he had run into. The girl stumbled, but righted herself and sent him a glare. “Mind watching where you’re going?” Her piercing black eyes seeming to cut holes in Nico, her eyebrows pulled down in annoyance, glossy black hair pulled into a single braid.

Nico had an overwhelming urge to shoot a sarcastic comment back at her but held his tongue. He needed directions. “Uh, sorry.” He got out. “I don’t really know where I’m going. I’m supposed to give this to the Prince…?”

She started at him with a freezing gaze for a moment longer before pointing down the hall. “Second right, down the hall, third door on the left.” Nico blinked.


“Whatever. I don’t have time for this.” She checked a watch and continued down the hall. Her short white dress - which she was probably forced to wear - and pocket watch made Nico think of the Rabbit from Alice and Wonderland.

“Better hurry!” He called after her. “You’re late, you’re late!” The girl sent a glare over her shoulder and Nico chuckled and continued to the Prince’s room. Upon coming up to the double doors he knocked, trying to make it sound confident (if that was a thing).

The door opened and there stood the Prince, his blond hair wet and falling in his freckled face, a towel resting on his bare shoulders. Surprisingly, he was wearing worn-out blue jeans that hung precariously low on his hips. Nico swallowed and forced himself not to blush. It was incredibly difficult, but not impossible. The Prince appeared to notice Nico staring, but only smiled at him, then turned and walked back into the room, waving for Nico to follow. 

The Prince’s quarters was about twice the size of Nico’s bakery back in town, accompanied with giant windows to the right side that came just six inches off the ground and ceiling. There was a giant bed in the back left corner, set at an angle from the wall. The covers were brightly colored, with yellow and blue designs and a golden headboard. The walls were simply light blue. On the corresponding wall as the bed was a door to a walk-in closet, and to the other side was an exorbitant dresser and a desk.

Nico couldn’t stop his slight intake of breath as he took in the paintings on the wall, all the furniture, and just the sheer size of the room. His vision began to whirl - until his eyes found Will staring at him with a smirk, and everything was grounded again. Nico tried not to scowl as he extended the tray toward the boy, raising his eyebrows in a way that said, you gonna take this, or what?

“So, you’re the new guy?” The Prince asked as he benevolently took the tray from Nico’s outstretched hands and set it on the bed.

“No,” Nico answered, “I’ve worked here all my life, I just try to avoid large groups of people, expensive decorations, and castles in general. That would be why you’ve never seen me.” He rolled his eyes as the Prince chuckled.

“Nice to meet you. I’m-”

Nico scoffed. “I know who you are.” The Prince hesitated for a moment, probably baffled that Nico had had the nerve to interrupt him.

“Right - of course. Uh, but you can call me Will, if you want.”

Nico had to keep from rolling his eyes again. He plastered on a fake smile. “I’d love to, but even if I am new I believe I am correct to assume that maids are required to remain formal when around the Royal Family.”

Will waved it off as he moved across the room and straightened a frame on the wall. “Don’t worry about that. Everyone knows that I don’t care for those formal terms all too much. You get it, right?”

Nico smirked. “I don’t believe I do, your Highness.” Will shot him a look, but let it go.

“Alright, I get it. You can call me whatever you want.” Will turned toward him again and raised an eyebrow. “But, doesn’t it bother you?” Nico looked at him questioningly, wordlessly asking for elaboration. Will explained, “When you said that just now. Even if you were being sarcastic, I could tell you really didn’t like saying it. I’m guessing you’re not used to this sort of thing, huh?” Will took a few steps forward. “So, what are you used to?”

Nico cleared his throat and took a step back to put more distance between them. “Why do you even want to know?” He asked skeptically.

Will didn’t seem to get why Nico had used that tone of voice until realization dawned on his stupid, beautiful face and he laughed. “Oh, no. I wasn’t asking in that way. You see, I make it an obligation of mine to know everyone who works in the palace. In my opinion, none of anything my family does would be possible without them. I guess I kind of see everyone as one big team. You know, equals.” He smiled.

What the heck, Nico thought. Why would he think that way? This guy has had everything he could ever hope for in life handed to him on a silver platter. He was born with a freaking silver spoon in his mouth. Why would he care about those lower than him? Why would he care about Nico?

Nico was so caught up in being confused, he didn’t realize he had let a long silence drag out until Will called him out for it. Nico silently reprimanded himself for not staying focused and quickly tried to come up with a response.

“Well, that’s admirable of you.” He offered, though it didn’t at all sound sincere. Will caught it as well. He nodded awkwardly and glanced at the wall, his eyes skimming absentmindedly at various pictures hanging there. Nico pointed at the images, asking silently for permission. Will nodded and Nico walked over, his eyes dancing over them and trying to commit them all to memory. They might turn out to be beneficial - somehow.

A few of the photos were of Will and the queen. In some they were looking at the camera, Queen Naomi’s easy smile lighting up her face and hair curling around her ears. Others must have been taken secretly as the two danced around the halls or kneeled side-by-side in the garden. Nico scanned the other pictures but didn’t see any of the King, which was understandable.

Other photos were of people who Nico assumed were Will’s friends. Nico remembered reading somewhere that he was home-schooled in the palace, and he inferred that these friends of his must work there somewhere. He noticed Will wasn’t in some of them - Nico also remembered the Prince going through a phase where he refused to let the press take pictures of him. No one knew why, but Nico always liked to think he was self-conscious about acne.

Nico was about to turn away from the pictures when he noticed one that he had missed. He glanced at it and did a double take. The picture depicted Will with a sword gripped in one hand. He stood comfortably, full of confidence. But it wasn’t Will who made Nico’s heart start beating faster. It was the girl next to him, a wide grin on her face, dark and familiar eyes gleaming, silky hair pulled into a high ponytail. She was clad in bronze-colored armor, a gun resting in the holster at her hip, a green hat held in one hand.

Nico’s hands clenched. Why on earth did Will have a picture of her? Why on earth was she looking at him like that? Why on earth was Nico shaking? “You okay?” He heard Will ask, but Nico ignored his voice and continued staring. Nico didn’t move when the Prince came up to stand behind him and followed his gaze to the photo.

“Oh.” Will’s voice was suddenly dismal. “I’m guessing you saw her in the news a few years back, right?” Nico nodded, though it was a complete lie. He hadn’t seen her in the papers; he was too terrified to look. “She was really great. Extremely brave. All she wanted was to help people and-”

“Yeah, I know,” Nico snapped, and Will stopped abruptly. ’Was’. His heart constricted painfully. He forced himself to turn away and wandered to the middle of the room again, trying to refocus his mind. 

Forcefully switching rails, he decided he needed to find a way back into this room when Will was busy elsewhere so that he could have a proper look around for anything valuable. But at that moment, he just wanted to get out of there. Nico glanced at the tray still sitting on the bed. “It’s probably cold by now.”

“Huh?” Will asked, still staring at the picture on the wall, blending in with the others, yet somehow still managing to stick out. It might as well have been on fire for all Nico cared; it wouldn’t have made much of a difference.

“Your food. You planning on eating it or not?”

“Oh.” Will glanced at the tray on his bed. “Um, probably not. Sorry about that, it was really just an excuse to talk to you. I always do this when we have someone new working in the palace. Besides, I’m not hungry very often anyway. Uh, do you want it? If you want, you can eat in here and-”

“Your Royal Highness should eat,” Nico ground out tightly before turning and leaving the room. He walked briskly down the hallways, taking flights of stairs two steps at a time, trying to calm his breathing and relax his fists. It wasn’t working well.

Marching into the kitchen he caught sight of Leo and Piper still chatting away and stomped up to them. “Leo. I’m going to crash for the night. Where am I staying?”

Leo raised an eyebrow, noticing how pissed off he looked, but didn’t comment as he nodded his head and told Piper he would be right back. Then he lead Nico down the halls once more, explaining that since his home was so far away (Venice was what Jason had apparently told him) and probably wouldn’t have anywhere to stay near the palace, he was just going to sleep in one of the guest rooms on the third floor. Nico huffed at the fact that he just came from this floor.

Leo walked up to a set of white, french-style double doors and pushed them open, letting Nico walk in and look around. It was about a third of the size of the Prince’s room, but still massive compared to what he was used to. A bed slightly bigger than a twin sat in the far right corner of the room, set a foot or two from the walls, a small table standing next to it. 

There was one window, which overlooked part of the garden behind the castle, a walk-in closet and a desk with a connected mirror on the left wall. To the right of the door was a full-length mirror, and he averted his eyes automatically. 

Leo made yet another partially relevant joke before taking his leave when Nico didn’t even acknowledge that he’d said anything. He heard some muttering about talking to a shadow as the door closed. Once Leo’s footsteps had faded down the hallway, Nico collapsed to his knees right there in the middle of the room and forced out deep breaths. His hands were still shaking.

Why was this bothering him so much? Nico knew that the Prince had known her, it was the reason he had hated him since he was thirteen. He swallowed. It must have been shock from seeing her face again after so long. 

For five sequential years, Nico couldn’t bring himself to look at a picture of her, to remember how amazing she was, the advice she would give him, how empowering and motivational her smile was. Over those years, that smile had grown fuzzy in his mind, as well as her face. But he couldn’t look at a picture of her without breaking down.

Sort of like what he was doing now. 

It had been half a decade, and he knew that he shouldn’t still be so sensitive about it. He also knew that she would sure as heck hate the fact that he was. But five years didn’t seem like enough time for him to get over it completely, for him to truly let her go. To move on. Not with someone like her.

He took a deep breath, stood shakily, and grabbed his bag, which had been taken to the room beforehand. He fished through and yanked out a medium-sized book bound in soft leather. Gathering his courage, Nico opened the cover carefully and bit his lip as he scanned page after page of pictures of her. He wasn’t exactly sure what made him grab it at the last minute before he left that morning, but he did.

Sighing, he closed it again and set it on the desk, locking his eyes on the table and turning sharply away. After sliding his suitcase under the bed, Nico yanked off his button-up, glad to finally be rid of it, and flopped onto the bed. He didn’t bother to change out of his jeans or get under the covers. Bending his legs, he pulled off his boots and dropped them on the floor, keeping the knife in his hand and inspecting it in the dark.

His mind wandered easily and landed on the Prince, on the blade, on what he was doing there. After actually meeting him, the whole thing seemed about ten times more real. Before, voices, faces and inevitable actions he knew he couldn’t avoid, conversations, worst-case-scenarios - they were all still just figments of his imagination. Now that he was here, that he had met Will, that he was already trusted and welcomed, the weight on his shoulders increased tenfold.

He may not be the one to pull the trigger at the coronation in a month, but he was the one sneaking around the palace. He was the one lying to everyone. He was the one who came up with the whole idea in the first place.

Nico di Angelo was going to be responsible for the Prince’s death. And no matter how much he tried to convince himself that it was fair: an eye for an eye, a life for a life, or whatever else - that this was what he had wanted for years - he knew it wasn’t true.

Feeling like he was trying to swallow glue, he slid the knife under his pillow and grabbed the deck of cards the had put on the bedside table. Thalia told him before he left to practice shuffling cards to train his fingers to move more quickly. He mostly did it when he was nervous and needed something to do with his hands.

He laid there for who knows how long, shuffling the deck over and over, staring at the blank ceiling, watching shadows move across the room as the sun slowly rose back up. He didn’t sleep at all that night. He wasn’t sure if it was a bad thing or not. Something told him he wouldn’t have had pleasant dreams anyway.

Chap. 4


Request: Could you write an Alexander x reader where reader is a friend of Angelica and she invistes her to a walk with Alex, Laf, Herc and John and the reader thinks Alex is really cute and he likes her too and they talk and he flirts a bit and he gives her his coat bc it’s cold and just something very cute and fluffy.

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Time period: Modern

Word count: 2,158

Warning: None

A/N: So this one took a bit longer than I expected to post, mostly because I couldn’t decide if I wanted to do this in modern time or hamiltime. Thank you to the anon who requested this for being a super sweetie. I hope you enjoy!

Part Two || Part Three

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Listener email re: comics!

We recently got a great email from @redgoldsparks, reading (more or less in full):

As you may know, I have a Master’s degree in Comics from California College of the Arts, and am working towards a full time career as cartoonist. Naturally, I prick up my ears whenever comics are mentioned on your show. Before this latest episode I’d have said the show generally had a tentative enthusiasm for the form with only a mild negative view of comic fans/comic shops. It was really only in this latest episode that a more extreme negative position towards interactions with other comics people came out. It seems that this is mostly based on bad experiences that Flourish had in comic shops in the past, maybe as many as 10 years ago. That is such a shame, because there are really a huge number of very supportive and welcoming comics shops all around the county. I would know, because not only have I walked into them in the hopes of buying comics, but with the hope of selling my own comics to the shop. I’ve visited every one of the 10 shops within reasonable driving distance of where I live in the Bay Area, and a few in Los Angeles, Portland, Oregon, Bethesda, Maryland and New York City. Not once have I been made to feel uncomfortable in a shop and not only that, I have never had my work turned away. Every single shop owner I’ve spoken to wanted to monetarily support the up and coming artists in their area. How many other industries can say that? Perhaps it is relevant to say that I am a nonbinary, assigned female at birth person who uses weird pronouns. Yet I’ve fallen hard for comics because comics was what took me in as a naive illustration major in despair of ever landing book deal.

Comics are so, so much more than superheroes. The world of comics is so much wider than Marvel and DC. I read 49 comic books in 2016 and only two of them were from one of The Big Two (coincidentally, they were titles mentioned by the Desi Geek Girls- Miss Marvel and Squirrel Girl). Instead of superhero comics I read Congressman John Lewis’ heartwrenching biography of violence and bravery as a Civil Rights leader (the three volume March series, from Top Shelf); I read four volumes of John Allison’s fabulous webcomic Bad Machinary about a group of elementary school detectives in a haunted town in England (in print from Oni Press); I read Sisters and Ghosts by Raina Telgemeier, two stories of sibling love and rivalry, published by Scholastic Graphix, both of which dominated the New York Times best sellar’s list; I read three volumes of Hellboy by Mike Mignola, a series that has been running for over 20 years from Dark Horse; I tried the first volumes of Bitch Planet, Paper Girls, Monstress and Giant Days, all out from Image Comics to rave reviews; I caught up on Saga; I read By Chance or Provenance, a collection of Becky Cloonan’s originally self-published short stories; Finder: Third World by Carla Speed McNeil; a comic about the history of Tetris by Box Brown, a whole anthology of queer paranormal romance stories, a comic about people’s deepest fears, a comic on film history, a comic about being a tall ship sailor and about three years of James Kochalka’s diary comics. That doesn’t even include the roster of webcomics that I keep up with (from gay smut like Starfighter to sweet fluff like Always Raining Here) or the huge piles of mini comics and zines I bought and traded for at the six comics conventions I attended OR the political journalism comics I subscribe to on sites like The Nib and Every Feminism!

Comics is a vast, multi-faceted world. Does it have problems? Yes, absolutely. Is it still dominated by white, straight, heterosexual narratives? Yes, but less and less all the time. I read somewhere recently that if you counted all the comic books published on kickstarter as coming from a single publisher, kickstarter now puts out more comics than either of The Big Two. And a huge amount of those books are helmed by queer authors of color, or trans authors, or nonbinary authors. If you spend some time getting to know comics, it will open up around you, offering its many and varied tales. As a professor of mine in grad school said: Comics will love you back.

We don’t have a lot to respond to in this, we were just thrilled to get it and wanted to share it with our readers!

Well, actually that’s not strictly true - partly in response to this and partly in response to another recent listener comment, from @missyuka, Flourish wrote a personal essay about her experiences with comics. So go take a peek at that as well…!

GCPE: The Fic Ch.3

read on ao3

this chapter.. isn’t the best in my opinion but it is a chapter! There’s a lot of talk about Andrew’s meds and what they are to him, so if you’re uncomfortable with reading that sort of content then i wouldn’t read this chapter.

Neil, in a shocking display of cognitive function, turned his head and spoke. “I’ve been here.”

“So you do speak.” Andrew grinned. “Color me surprised.”

“I can speak better than most people,” Neil said in German, scowling at the blonde. “Stop threatening my team.”

Andrew’s grin grew wider at that. “Oh, Neil. So full of surprises, you are.”

He supposed he had threatened them, hadn’t he? Making cruel comments in both English and German during every practice. Any passing thought he had flew out of his mouth due to the meds, but Andrew couldn’t say he regretted it.

“You need to stop,” Neil said again.

Andrew pretended to consider it. He put his chin in his hand in thought. “No.”

Neil looked furious, an emotion he’d never seen on the shadow before. Any expression from him was new, really. It was incredibly addicting, making his face contort in rage. Andrew wondered how many expressions he could coax out of the other boy, studying Neil’s face as the other boy tried to compose himself well enough to speak.

“If you don’t try to get along with them, we won’t win!” Neil exclaimed. “We need to win.”

“Win?” Andrew scoffed. “The foxes have been around for three years and they’ve won maybe six games as a whole.”

“What?” Neil furrowed his brows in confusion.

“You’re the assistant coach.” Andrew pointed out. “You should know this.”

“I-” Neil tried to say something, but cut himself off, muttering under his breath.

“Hey!” Andrew snapped his fingers. “Hey, rabbit!”

It was no use, Neil was back to his usual state of “not quite there”. Andrew cursed. He’d have to get to the interrogation faster next time. At least now he knew where Neil perched.

He took a drag of his cigarette, blowing smoke out into the air while watching the shadow. He really hoped Neil turned out to be a threat, just as an excuse for Andrew to get rid of him.

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But my heart longs for you

Otayuri Week 2017 Day 4: Reunion

A/N: Sorry if this is late.. I’m emotionally spent. UGH. Tried to look for something and I ended up reading angst, tried to get past the angst that I felt and came up with this. viola. This is the conclusion to “now i gotta wash my mouth out with soap”. I’ll put this up on Ao3.. Enjoy.

He was supposed to have an immense amount of positive feelings.. but he can’t bring himself to have them.

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BTS Bodyguard Yoongi 'Breaking Point' Part 1

@hyunguponew​ asked: *whispers into the void* bodyguard Suga expansion

A/N: This started as a drabble expansion and then grew legs and ran away from me. *awkward laugh* Hopefully you guys will like it even though it’s long. 

This is a drabble freaking long expansion of a reaction I wrote here.

Yoongi hadn’t been with the security detail long before he had an impact. Highly observant he was the only guard to notice the color was off on one of the service staff’s jackets. It was a tiny detail but enough to get his attention. Which made him keep an eye on the person long enough to notice other things were amiss. Turns out Yoongi was right, that guy didn’t belong there. His good sense had ended up diverting a serious situation. 

After receiving congratulatory pats on the back from his peers you came over and thanked him personally. It had been a long time since such a serious effort had been made against your life. Even though it may ruffle the feathers of those with seniority you asked to have Yoongi moved up to your personal guard. He’d already proven himself more than capable. 

And that’s how you met. Months went by with him at your side. He was diligent and always polite but kept a professional distance. It was hard to know what was going through his head. You supposed you didn’t mind. Maybe it was easier for him to do his job that way. But sometimes it irked you that as friendly as you tried to be, he always held a part of himself back. 

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