Just because they posted a manip with Sam and Dean doesn’t mean that the site ship Wincest =/ so you can stay calm lol.

And saying that article will only make the bibros/wincest shippers happy…well, all the fans of the show should be happy because the article is bringing publicity for spn and they mentioned the others characters so why some people are just caring about that manip =/ 

SPN is not about romance, doesn’t matter what we ship. It’s about family.

It was probably just a joke because they don’t even mention the ship and the article was good =)

Coming out to 100+ people made me realize just how many people still wholeheartedly believe that being LGBT is a choice 

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For your Olympic AU, I have the mental image of Roy reassuring himself that the gorgeous gymnast probably is some idiot jock who never cracked a book he didn't have to in his life. Then he finds a major chemistry article left on the table at the hotel with absolutely brilliantly BLISTERING comments all over. Goes to find the writer. Who is busy scribbling comments on another article. While stretching. (Roy: DED.)

Oh my god, nonnie, that is a good headcanon that I can totally see happening! I did have a similar thought but it wasn’t only applied to Roy.

Like, a lot of people in Amestris don’t really care about gymnastics and they think that men who do it are either gay or something around those lines (which is stupid tbh). Ed, ofc, will prove them wrong and he’ll shove in their faces just how good he is in gymnastics and still be manly af.

Though it probably doesn’t help that he and Roy will be dating at some point xDD

Also, yes to Ed as a chemistry genius and still a lover of science despite his life being mostly dedicated to sports ;)

  • me:im gonna read the comments on this post/article/link
  • my brain:don't do it
  • me:i'm gonna do it
  • my brain:you're gonna hate it
  • me:i'm doin it
  • my brain:ur gonna be so angry
  • me:here i go
  • my brain:god Fucking damn it
  • my brain:bITCH ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not long ago in my country some idiots commented anonymously on the Orlando shooting article with homophobic threats and suicide baiting to gay people. The police saw that and searched all of their IP addresses, found them and punished them with major fines for threatening to kill or baiting people to commit suicide on the Internet. Man, I wish that was done to that Jared hater.

I imagine all my cis friends laughing at tranny jokes
whenever I’m not around. I can hear the sound of rain
outside and I’m grasping for the words to say this. There
is nothing I love more than an honest storm. Broken dishes.
Dead grass. The time has come for me to be alive
and for you to stop speaking. Please stop speaking. Please, oh
please stop speaking. I have never felt as alone as this,
I say every day. I have never felt so alone. I’ve built houses
in corners of houses and filled them with all of my
longings. My strength. My pride. My beauty. My woman
self. I read another comments section of an article
about trans women and I want to die. To not exist. To let
them win. I don’t let them win. I circle the drain
and kiss my fingers hello. I welcome them back. This complex
trauma responds only to the dialectical. Only to the heat
and the cool, the death and the life. Only then is it lifted
for a moment to let me breathe. I breathe the sweet air
and stare at the hillside, and then at the road, and then
at the cars, and then at the sky. All so unsure of themselves.
All so softly shaking in place. All so beautifully living.
Dear Sexist Fox News Commentators, Our Daughters Are Watching

My first Huffington Post article is published!

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