Pro-13RW? This is your tape*

*sigh* okay … I’m done . I finished it finally , and here is an unpopular opinion.

13 Reasons Why , further abbreviated as 13RW is a piece of absolute garbage on all parts . First off , no , i have not read the book but from what i have googled, the plot hasn’t been altered that much .

I see all these comments in my facebook feed under articles titled ‘netflix releases series about suicide ’ etcetera etcetera like •"As a mother and teacher, I thought it was a confronting, but important series" •" I think more teenagers should be watching it and realising that bullying someone comes in many forms" •"I thought it was a well produced series, that actualy made you stop and think about how you can impact on others.“

While i can awknowledge that yes , the series does indeed bring the topics of suicide, mental health, bullying, rape, and sexism to light , these are all pushed into a noise reducing bubble … bare with me .

The whole series based around suicide and what drove hannah to commit the act , but is it really touched on until the last episode ? Because all i have seen is a personal vendetta against the other main characters , rather than a decent portrayal of someone struggling with their mental health . Hannah comes off as a condescending manipulative teen that is seeking attention and her only desire from suicide is that everyone who made her life shitty will feel guilty once she is gone all because she is blackmailing them from the grave with the tapes.

Characters can do whatever they want though right ? Wrong! This series is aiming to raise awareness about suicide, of which Hannah is the subject of the story and representing the average person who is thinking about / has attempted/ has committed it , so to portray this demographic as snakey attention seekers is obviously problematic .

13RW glorifies suicide as this grand act of getting back at those who have wronged you , idealising it by conveying the idea that people who didn’t care before will care about you when you are gone. Mid-way through , it even seems to play on the seriousness of suicide when Hannah is trying to make a point to Zach for stealing her notes by writing an anonymous class submission. Not to mention whether or not her peers would know/care that they impacted her decision if the tapes didn’t exist . Did audience members even realise that Hannah’s peers probably only care because they don’t want the truth getting out ? Which of course loops us back to the glorification of suicide .

While like i said, i can see how many subjects within 13RW as being both triggering , and means of raising awareness , that can not deny the fact that the show portrays those with mental illness’ in a questionable light.

Oh … and they show how she did it . They do not just speak of it … in the last episode , you watch her kill herself .

13RW was poorly directed , and to those of you refusing to awknowledge how and why it depicts glorification of suicide and that because of this , the series is problematic… this , is your tape*.

. . . . . * ‘this is your tape’ in this post is intentionally used for satirical purposes ONLY , a means of drawing attention to the sheer stupidity of how it is used on 13RW for idealising suicide and portraying it as a way of getting back at your enemies.

[Image description: a screenshot of the Duolingo home screen for Welsh, showing that I’ve got Commands finished, but I’ve still got to do Revision1, Sport, and Opinions.]

I have photos that I actually took today, but I hurt and it feels too complicated to put them on here now.

11/100 days of productivity

Goals for today:


  • notes on the remainder of Mark Noll’s The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind
  • continue to studiously ignore the reviewer comments on my Cooper and Garner article


  • ten Duolingo modules (I did an extra Icelandic module last night because the Friday ones are always easier)


  • photograph my old school
  • design a brochure
  • circulate the minutes from our June meeting
  • do two of the pieces of writing from the grant application
  • finish folding boxes

LEISURE STUFF (like I was going to have leisure)

  • 1000 words of fiction
  • finish at least one of that stack of books
  • thirteen recipes in the cookbook that I’m writing for my brother, to finish it up
  • some kind of physical activity
  • catch up on some posts on Tumblr

Sooooo… then I woke up and discovered that my brother wants to have a yard sale tomorrow, which is frankly now today.  So we had to go and get stuff from the storage locker, and then I asked, couldn’t we get a couple of things for Will?  And while we were doing that I took pictures of the school too.

Then my mom said that Alyssa could have a lemonade stand, so now we needed to do cookies, and Mom suggested brownies because store-bought icing was on sale, and then I realized I’ve been trying to find the perfect vanilla cake recipe and what better experimental subjects than the neighbourhood children?  

Then I was taking notes when my netbook froze in a way that suggested either the USB drive or the netbook itself might be dying, and those are my last two computer things in this universe (“Did you back up your files?” my brother asked me.  “Think about that question,” I said.  “I mean, a third time?” he said.  “On the drive that failed last week?” I said.  “Why, yes, I did.”)  We got everything back, and backed it up on my dad’s USB key, but I lost the day’s notes.

Then we were lifting chairs out of the truck and I did something to my shoulder.  It’s better than it was, but I spent the night baking in a sling.  

And then the internet went down and only just came back, so no e-mails have been sent, no minutes circulated.

So, here’s what I did:

  • took photos of the school for the brochure
  • half an hour of hauling chairs upstairs
  • made a date with Will for tomorrownight
  • twenty minutes of running
  • four recipes in the cookbook for my brother
  • a batch of chocolate chip cookies
  • two batches of cakesperiments (yellow won MY taste test)
  • a batch of brownies
  • ten Duolingo modules
  • just finished studiously ignoring the comments on my Cooper and Garner article–yay me!

Nothing else took, nothing else worked, some of it I’m too sore to try now and it’s time to go to bed anyway.  It was kind of a bad day, but it was still heaps better than yesterday.  

[Image description: a screen shot of a Sudbury printing service’s website.  As a sample of their work, they show sandy pink wedding invitations to Pepper Potts’ and Tony Stark’s wedding on September 12, 2015 in Montego Bay, Jamaica.  The couple photo is a screen shot from one of the Iron Man movies, and the silhouettes of palm trees are heavily featured on both the front and inside of the invitation.]

14/100 days of productivity


  • notes on the remainder of Mark Noll’s The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind, because I didn’t do that Friday
  • break down and look at the reviewer comments on my Cooper and Garner article
  • e-mail my supervisor
  • compare prices on area printing services, to see if I can get the final copies of my dissertation done for less than a small fortune


  • ten Duolingo modules 
  • one Icelandic module


  • send the June meeting minutes already
  • design a brochure
  • do two of the pieces of writing from the grant application
  • finish folding boxes, like I’d planned on Friday
  • start on the chocolate centrepieces


  • 1000 words of fiction
  • watch something, with popcorn

I didn’t worry about something physical, because I got plenty of exercise I wasn’t planning on on Sunday, and standing over the stove for the chocolate for hours and hours counts for a little something, anyway.  I didn’t sleep well again–Will’s is very very hot–and that probably has something to do with my wandering around tonight in a fog, utterly unable to languify, but here’s what I got done:

  • found a printer who looks like they’ll do what I need them to for about $60, and seems to have a sense of humour
  • looked at the reviewer comments
  • e-mailed my supervisor
  • finished Noll!
  • sent the June meeting minutes
  • folded ten boxes; six were still in uncut-sheet-of-Bristol-board form, and two were missing
  • started on the chocolate centrepieces
  • watched the old X-Men cartoon with popcorn
  • 1/3 of an Icelandic module
  • 8 Duolingo modules

The brochure, the writing for the grant application, and Icelandic are gonna have to take priority tomorrow.  I think I can finish Duolingo and do a little bit of writing before I go to sleep.

Shipping Wars And Other Things

Before I say anything I would like to stress that I am high on cold medicine and double fisting tea and a SMIDGE of wine. All right, moving on.

I ventured onto the Dark Side today…an article about Daryl, B3th, and Carol. (I know, I know!) The article was okay, but the comments, oh mah Lord.

As I stated on one of my comments on said article, and as I recently said in a message to someone on here, maybe I am unforgivably naive but I swear to you, until this whole shipper mess happened, I honestly did not understand how hung up on stereotypical physical appearance other people were. I really and truly did not.

I’ve known some “beautiful” people who are fantastic, lovely individuals. I’ve known some who were real cock badgers too. It just is what it is. I’m not going to lie and say I don’t notice attractive people or enjoy looking at them, but judging who should be with whom romantically based on something so arbitrary as facial features? Are you kidding?! (Side note: I do think Carol/Melissa is beautiful. I’m fascinated by her. Just because she doesn’t fit into our current obsession with youth and long flowing hair doesn’t make her less beautiful.)

And age. Lord, do not get me started on age. It’s actually making me feel terrible for the (mostly very young) women who are so anti-Caryl and whose arguments for it are basically “yeah but she has like GRAY HAIR.” Honey, honey, honey. So will you, someday, if the fates are good and you live that long. So will I. Sure, you can cover that shit up if you want, but it doesn’t make you any younger. It doesn’t stop the gray from existing. And these young women…don’t they dream of having someone who loves them in spite of what they look like?

There’s this guy I let hang around the house. We’re married and stuff. He’s seen me bring two kids into the world. He’s held my hair as I throw up. Most days he comes home from work to find me in sweatpants covered with cookie crumbs and snot, hair scraped into a ponytail, any makeup I might have applied that day either long gone or in residence under my eyes. If he were with me because of what I LOOK like, he would have chucked deuces long ago.

But he didn’t, b/c he LOVES ME. Most of the time he thinks I’m the bee’s knees. The mutt’s nuts! That’s what I want. That’s what anyone should want, right?

I like Daryl, the character, at least I did before this season. (I still have hope for him, I’m just not overly impressed with him right now.) Because I like him, and his life has been hard, I would like to see him with a partner who’s good for him and who he’s connected with. That’s it, end of. Looks don’t enter into it.

So where is this obsession with Carol’s age/looks coming from? Why are people acting as if B3th, solely based on her youth and looks (and DON’T try to tell me it’s her personality, because when people started shipping them she didn’t HAVE one. They were being shipped because Daryl was the “hot guy” of the show and B3th was available and fell most in line within the margins of stereotypical beauty. You can debate me if you want and I’ll be polite about it but frankly I’ll think you’re a damn dirty liar.)

Is she, because of her age and appearance, supposed to be some kind of trophy for a man old enough to be her father? Color me barftastic. (And side note, what is this obsession with white blonde girls, seriously? I mean, I am one. Well “girl” is pushing it; I’ll be 32 next month. But you know what I mean.)

So, the B3thyl shippers. Some of them are great, probably. But it is the ones who have been malignant little assholes about Carol and Melissa that I’m thinking of right now, and as much as they piss me off, I’m feeling really sorry for them.

You, ya malignant little asshole (I say this with love), you are worth more than you think. You are worth more than your looks and your age. You are not a toy or a trophy to be ‘deserved’ by any guy, let alone one decades older. You deserve someone who loves you for who you are, not what the world sees when it looks at you. You deserve someone who looks at you and sees someone they adore, even when you look like shit. Because this attitude you’ve got? It’s putting so much unneeded pressure on you.

Just stop. Stop being so afraid. Stop worrying about people seeing the real you. Maybe then you won’t be so threatened. Because I think a lot of you are. Looks and age are so important to you because you’ve been taught your whole life that they are. So when you see a woman not playing by the rules and still winning, you don’t understand. Instead of applauding someone for breaking away, for realizing that this game is rigged and refusing to play, you do your best to tear them down.

Little asshole, darling, honeychild. Baby girl. It is all going to go by so fast. Trust me. Five minutes ago I swear I was getting ready to cheer at the homecoming game, and then I blinked and I’m sitting on my bed in my own house listening to my kids’ deep, even breaths while they sleep.

This will happen to you too, if you’re fortunate. You will grow up. It will hurt. You’ll learn some things. You’ll get gray hair.

And I know that you think I don’t know what I’m talking about, but sweetie, I do. I know you think “God she’s so old, a MOM, of course she ships Caryl.”

But I’m not wrong. You will get older. The only alternative is dying young, and there are few worse tragedies. So you WILL get older, but here’s the thing. You will not be less of a person. You will not be less deserving of love. You should still strive, if you want a partner, for the same thing…love and respect and a connection. You will deserve them just as much, and I hope you get them.

I really do.

  • comics: have mostly white characters
  • comics: have mostly white male characters
  • person 1: I think it'd be fun to have a strong female!
  • person 2: i think it'd be nice to have a poc person!
  • person 3: maybe we can include someone from a different religion as well?
  • person 4: it'd be nice to maybe show some LGBTQ people
  • white-male-comic fan: OH MY GOD
  • white-male-comic fan: STOP CHANGING THE COMICS TO FIT YOU
  • white-male-comic fan: STOP TRYING TO ALTER REALITY
  • white-male-comic fan: THE CHARACTERS ARE WHITE MALES. GET OVER IT.

My night has just been a wild ride. 

  1. Starts with this lady getting mad at me over a comment in my article 
  2. I defend myself politely but I wasn’t backing down
  3. She is like okay well what ever I don’t think it should say that
  4. And I am like well I never actually said that but you misinterpreted it however I will rewrite it so its easier to understand, sorry the article was rushed as I’m working really hard on a big series about Dingoes 
  5. then she is like oh well if you need Dingo info let me know, or if you ever need lure coursing info let me know 
  6. I say that would be great because I’ve been trying to contact a NSW club for ages with no reply 
  8. I was shitting myself that she would be offended that I said they hadn’t replied but I was like oh that is really cool where is it based 
  9. Now I’m allowed to join and she wants me to buy a whippet off her 
  10. I don’t want to seem rude and don’t know what to say

This is worse than the time I had to re-name my horse because I felt too rude to correct someone. Help I may end up with a really expensive whippet puppy that I can’t afford if I don’t find a way to handle social situations now.

Okay I don’t really like to take notice of the negativity of some people towards all that Taylor does for fans BUT, I have read comments on my Stuff Article of people saying comments like-

“I hope people realize that Taylor has staff that do 99% of this work. Let’s be realistic. Still a nice gesture but it’s not at personal as people are making out”

“Even if it is a marketing or PR stunt, it’s clever, and her online presence is a team of people”

“Sucked in by marketing, get a life.”

It really annoys me that people STILL can’t get their head around the fact that Taylor does this HERSELF. This is NOT a PR stunt for publicity. She does it out of the kindness of her heart and doesn’t have to have any hidden agenda to do so. People NEED to realise that just because she is one of the biggest celebrities in the world right now, she isn’t doing this for the publicity. Cant people just accept the fact that Taylor is a GOOD person and likes to do nice things for her fans?

That is the problem with some people in this society, they would rather make up fake stories about people then accepting the good in someone.

Don’t get me wrong, most of the comments are 100% supportive of this. But, it just frustrates me when people can’t see how genuine Taylor is after EVERYTHING she has done.

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie...

My engagement with video games and game culture this week has been decidedly depressing and it has all had a common undercurrent: notions of consumer revolt or consumer rights that are fundamentally poisonous at worst or remarkably uninformed at best. I understand that such a statement can sound highly presumptive but actions and events have made it amazingly clear that enthusiasts are struggling with the idea of exactly what their money gives them control over. 

Let’s start with the most visible example: GamerGate’s harassment of Beamdog for the inclusion of a transgender character in Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear. I have no particular intention of discussing the particulars of the character in question at the moment other than to say that interaction is notedly small, apparently optional, and that the character’s backstory is behind two dialog options. Hardly shoved in your face, as detractors claim. But let’s talk about those detractors in earnest. One of the things we are seeing is fans of the Baldur’s Gate series or the Forgotten Realms setting in general genuinely believing that their extended contact with the series or, more specifically, their long term financial patronage grants them not just mere insight to the setting greater than Beamdog’s but also greater authorship.

The idea, although never explicitly stated, is that a monetary investment imbues the consumer with enough ownership over a product that they have a right to dictate or demand creative changes to the game’s text. We saw this before with Mass Effect 3. In discussing issues of “censorship” with a commenter on my latest Giant Bomb article, I attempted to explain that I think consumers have a fundamentally flawed idea of what censorship is and what exact authority they have over a game. To the point: in a practical sense, the only force that can dictate content changes to a developer is a client or producer. It is their capital that pays for the game and therefore they have a true state in the product because it is a work that they have either commissioned directly or will weather the burden of distribution for. This wasn’t really understood, I think, by the commenter.

So, what does it mean to purchase a game? When you walk into Best Buy or order something off Amazon, what are you actually getting. The answer is that you are not getting much. You are getting a copy of the work. Imagine the purchase of a reproduction of the Mona Lisa. A fine, high quality framed canvas reproduction. You do not own the Mona Lisa, that much is obvious. You own a copy of the Mona Lisa. Purchasing this copy does not mean you own part of the Mona Lisa but it does give you ownership over the entire reproduction. Total ownership over the copy. You can’t demand that a change be made to the original. You do, however, have free reign to alter the copy. In video games, this is what game modifications are. They exist because you have ownership over the copy and may alter that. But do you own any part of the original?

In the vaguest sense, your copy of the game is partially imbued with the care, tears, and labor of the workers who made it. From the creative director of the game to the invisible factory floor tech, your copy of the game contains some type of indelible and ineffable part of the labor itself, which might be considered a facet of the game but because this quality is immutable, owning a portion of it or the fruits of the labor still does not grant ownership over the work. Furthermore, that very same labor places possession in the hands of the creators. 

Gamers don’t have any real conception of labor’s role in art. I’m not going to suggest that we take some extended time to educate consumers with particular theory. Rather, we can at least look at the root cause of this confusion and it comes back to a well worn but nonetheless true fact: games tell players that they are special and game marketing places a premium on the consumer in a way that other media simply does not. Coupled with a general lack of cultural curation and the end result is large swaths of gamers who truly believe they are the final arbiters of a game’s content on a scale that extends beyond their copy of the game. No one particularly pushes back against this idea. EA created the extended cut DLC for Mass Effect 3, Intel (for a time) took their advertisements off Gamasutra, Nintendo fired Alison Rapp. These concessions, made in the face of pressure from hate groups and terrorists, send a clear message that companies will bend if enough force is applied. Beamdog is bucking the trend by apparently expanding the role of the transgender character in question but the damage has already been done and may as well been made irreversible when Nintendo, a company that might as well be a symbol for the industry at large, bent knee to these cretins. And because no major authority figure or force has adequately pushed back against the sea of petulance, the children have never learned what it means to be told “no”. 

The issue gets compounded when there are actually arguments with actul merit for protesting or boycotting a developer. Because the most visible examples of success are hateful, efforts to take action begin to morph and twist. This week, the mobile game Final Fantasy Record Keeper had a Final Fantasy Tactics event. You could unlock some characters from the game to join your party and spend in game currency or separate currency bought with real money in order to have a random chance of getting character specific items. When in the hands of their owners, they granted special powers and abilities. One item was the Platinum Sword for Ramza. It’s special ability grants a massive speed and attack boost to the player’s party when used. Many players wanted this ability, as it makes content significantly easier. It’s a major ability in the metagame. So players spent their currencies to roll the dice and try to get it.

I’m not going to give the math here but it came to attention, from a significant data pool of player results, that the numbers for acquisition for this “relic banner” were lower than usual. With so many players pulling for the item, this rocketed Record Keeper to new heights in mobile stores. Like any FTP thing, it’s pretty shady and only further affected by the fact that the international version is not subject to the restrictions of the Japanese version. There, item chance percentages must be shown because the process is legally classified as gambling, with consumer protective measures in place. Internationally? Not as much. It’s not the biggest scandal but it was enough for people to write to the developer to express their displeasure. This is good, productive, and collective action against a corporation that was, to a degree, dishonest and manipulative.

On the same hand, hate and resentment are high; these are the conditions that give rise to vile tactics and brigading and while it hasn’t grown into something awful yet, the seeds are there and the potential exists. In an industry lacking proper contextualization for labor and one which has also responded to consumer fits with mollification, we are only one bit of progressive writing or a few percentages off expected math from majorly misplaced acts of “revolt” like GamerGate which are, in truth, fascist and operate with an appreciable and unchecked cult of violence. 

What’s the solution? I do not know entirely but part of it is something that many of us already have been waiting for: creators to stands firm against irascible consumers. Basically, we need people in the proper places to actually say something. It’s been years of functional silence broken only by smaller voices. Larger voices with greater privilege and power need to take the risk to say something instead of allowing the cultural sphere to fester with no comment. I have no notion of how this will happen or what it will take to actually get such a voice to speak up. Forgotten Realms creator Ed Greenwood made a statement regarding the controversy surrounding Baldur’s Gate. This provides a suitable example and in a more ideal world, would set a precedent of creators speaking out against mob campaigns but without some way to pair this with proper protection for the little guys as well, any real cultural pushback can’t really occur. I will, for the time, spare an extended rambling on the need for an organization (read: union) that isn’t as useless as the IGDA and SIGs that have any type of flex for the time being but we are continuing to see such empty gestures from these groups that it at least bear mentioning that stronger worker protections and more effective groups speaking out against harassment would constitute exactly the type of entity that could be paired with the voice of larger creators. 

In the end, we continue to stare as smaller devs like Beamdog hold the line without any real means wider means to address the underlying causes that bring the hordes. Until we begin to alter the way we communicate towards players and until we create actual safeguards against harassment (and see the safeguards backed by significant entities), each new week brings the kernel of a new storm. A grim prognostication with an even more grim question: “Just exactly what will it take for us to do anything that lasts?”.

anonymous asked:

Just curious. How does it feel knowing that most of the fandom thinks you are nothing but a olicity obsessed shipper and that only olicity fans pay attention to your bias reviews?

Why, hello there, Anon. Congratulations -  you piqued my curiosity so much that I’ve jumped you way ahead in the queue. Call it ego, if you’d like. I’m going to address your question point by point, which may prove disappointing, because I get the sense that you were hoping that I would respond with fury or devastation or just quitting writing altogether. Of course, that assumes that you were blatantly allowing a poorly-concealed bias to affect your professed opinion without considering any counterpoints, but what do I know?

As an aside before I really get into the meat of my response: if you wanted me to be anything but dismissive and use your own words to counter your assertions, you should learn to give your asks a proofread first. I’ll rephrase for you:

“Just out of curiosity: do the opinions of readers within the fandom affect how you write your reviews? You’ve expressed a clear desire for advancement on the Olicity relationship, and I know that certain individuals would consider this a bias invalidating you as a reviewer. How do you react to any within the fandom at large outside of the shipping community who would consider you fixated on the relationships rather than conscious of the entire product?”

See, that right there is an ask about a real-life topic such as my writing process that is worth taking seriously. I’ve practically made myself feel bad about myself. 

You assert that most of the fandom thinks that I’m nothing but an Olicity-obsessed (yes, a hyphen goes there, sir or madam) shipper. If you’ve read my responses to other Tumblr asks, you might know that there are three things about which I strongly believe as a writer: I will never declare an endgame, I believe in using examples and evidence if an argument is to be given any weight whatsoever, and I don’t think that there’s any way to ever determine what “most” of a fandom or audience thinks.

Even if there were such a way, I hardly think that I’m famous enough as a writer for Arrow that “most” of the fandom knows a damn thing about me existing whatsoever, let alone has impassioned beliefs about my skills as a reviewer.

I think that anybody who actually reads any given article of mine and declares me nothing but an Olicity-obsessed shipper has clearly not read any article in full. It’s no secret that I prefer Olicity to any other romantic relationship on the show, and the relationship does often get a few sentences or even a paragraph within my episode reviews. This is because Olicity was an ongoing theme for the protagonist throughout all of Season 3 in a show that is named for him. The hero’s love interest isn’t called “romantic lead” for nothing. If it weren’t relevant, I wouldn’t mention it. Besides, if you’ve ever looked at the length of any of my articles, you’ll know that my Olicity passages amount to mere fractions of the whole.

I do read the comments posted on my articles and have been known to cyber-stalk myself if I’m inclined to procrastinate on a given day. I’m surprised at how little hate I’ve received. If there’s a secret cache of vitriol regarding my writing out there, I’d genuinely love to see it. Feel free to send it my way. If not, I’d ask that any future accusations you make to any writer about what “most” of a fandom does or does not think be backed up with evidence if you expect yourself to be taken seriously. Call me a snob, but accusatory hate without a supporting argument gets ignored. Proper capitalization and grammar usage certainly don’t hurt.

When I do receive hate constructed well enough for me to consider as a writer - and it does happen - I look back at the content that is being criticized and ask myself if I still stand by what I have written. Unless I made an egregious typo or accidentally published an article on Opposite Day, I almost always do.

If only Olicity fans pay attention to my reviews, then your accusation casts them in the most flattering possible light. I’ve received almost nothing but encouragement, even from those who don’t agree with everything that I have to say. If my only readers are Olicity fans, then I’ll say thank you to them for the support and congratulate them on their methods of arguing certain points without losing their manners.

Finally, every single review published by every single writer for everything that has ever been reviewed in the history of ever is biased. Reviews are interpretations of a work by a writer. Interpretations are subjective. It’s impossible to quantify interpretations. So, yes, I’m biased. So are all of my reviewing fellows, whether they work for the most prominent publications out there or just jot down their thoughts for their blog. I do not, however, think that my personal bias affects what articles I publish on websites that are not my personal page. I do make jokes about certain topics - the Olicity wall sex gag, the webisodes that I want produced, etc. - but they are clearly presented as jokes. If anybody really thinks that I was pitching a web series for little Sara Diggle to model the latest in baby formalwear, the reading comprehension skills of that individual should be more in question than my writing skills. I take what is presented in the text and address it directly. If you looked at my recent article breaking down the Black Canary arc of Season 3, I go out of my way to ask readers to consider my argument in context of the Black Canary arc rather than trying to draw unrelated aspects of the show in to invalidate my argument. If you want a totally bias-free look at any given episode, find yourself a copy of the teleplay.

Oh, and I’m not demanding that you read my recent article breaking down the Black Canary arc. It’s just evidence to support my point. 

I hope that this answers your question. If not, feel free to send another ask my way after you’ve surely accumulated all the evidence to back up your assertion.

- Laura

On Portmanteau Emotions: Frangry

I really enjoy the works of Lewis Carroll.  His teaching logic and how language works through fantasy is fun and very entertaining.  One of the linguistic tools Carroll invented was portmanteau words.  For those not familiar with the concept, you take the sounds of two words, blend them together to make a new word that combines the meaning of both.  For example: “motel” is the combination of “motor” and “hotel.”  In pop culture, you see portmanteau being used a lot when it comes to celebrity relationships-Brangelina, Bennifer, Spederline…are all portmanteaus of the names of celebrity couples.  One of my recent favorite portmanteau words is “hangry,” hungry + angry.  When you get really irritable because you are hungry.  “Hangry” is a great portmanteau.  Reading the online comments on my article, “On Rural America: Understanding Isn’t the Problem,” and some of the direct messages I’ve received on Facebook, there seems to be the impression out there that I’m angry. To be honest with you, “angry” alone doesn’t truly capture how I feel.  I’m more than angry.  I also very frustrated.  I’m frangy.  My anger is almost always a product of being frustrated.  Right now, I have a lot of reasons to be frangry.

I’m frangry that America elected a sexist, racist, bigoted con man as President. I’m frangry this is how progressives chose to repay Barack Obama, the most progressive president since FDR, for everything he’s done for them.
I’m frangry conservatives have no moral compass and will do anything to win.
I’m frangry progressives bring a tambourine to a gunfight when it comes to politics.
I’m frangry at every single so-called progressive who sat on their ass in 2010 allowing the Tea Party to take the House and a lot of state legislatures and every single horrible fucking thing that has been a consequence of this.
I’m frangry at conservatives who donated to, supported, and voted for Donald Trump and then have the balls to tell me they don’t agree with his racism/bigotry/sexism.
I’m frangry at progressives who pout and whine when their unicorn isn’t delivered in time or when it is, bitch it isn’t the exact right shade of teal.
I’m frangry at people who wear their stupidity as a badge of honor.
I’m frangry at people who are eager to take health insurance away from the people who need it the most.
I’m frangry at people who voted for Trump and are now bitching he might take away their health insurance.
I’m frangry at progressives who bought into and passed along right wing lies and conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton.
I’m frangry at progressives who didn’t rally around the Party’s candidate because their candidate lost the primary.
I’m frangry at progressives who voted for someone to be president who couldn’t win a city assessor race if she ran unopposed (Jill Stein.)
I’m frangry at progressives who voted for Gary Johnson, someone who makes Jill Stein look like Madame Curie.
I’m frangry at anyone suddenly who has “buyer’s remorse” now that the reality of Trump being president is setting in.
I’m frangry at white conservatives for their racism or their willingness to overlook racism.
I’m frangry at progressives for not being a true ally for minorities when they needed them to be the most.
I’m frangry that the progress that took years to attain and was earned with the hard work, blood, sweat, and tears of progressives of the past will now be massively rolled back and have to be fought for again by people who can’t be bothered to enough to spend a few minutes in a line at the polls.
I’m frangry at people making excuses why they didn’t do the right thing when it mattered.
I’m frangry at white people acting all butthurt and oppressed. 
I’m frangry at white people telling me they are tired of being “picked on” and “humiliated.”  
I’m frangry at white people in general.
I’m frangry at people who treat voting as something that only affects them.
I’m frangry at people who say stupid shit like, “Choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil,” and “I have to vote my conscience.”
I’m frangry at anyone who said, “I’m all for a woman president, just not this woman.”
I’m frangry at progressives who, when the chance to not only stand up for and protect their minority base but push women’s rights to whole new level, didn’t.
I’m frangry that Trump being president and every single horrible thing that is going to come of it could have been easily avoided.
I’m frangry too many so-called “progressives” still believe their political strategy of purity is the way to go.
I’m frangry at every single hot take about how Dems need to understand, reach out to, and sympathize with Trump voters.
I’m frangry that I feel some compassion for the people who have voted against their own interests for decades.
I’m frangry our media cares more about profit margins than facts.
I’m frangry most people get their “news” from Facebook.
I’m frangry they don’t have the mental tools or the desire to figure out whether something they read/see is correct or bullshit.
I’m frangry at James Comey’s going against every FBI tradition and inserting himself into the election.
I’m frangry at Bernie Sanders for dragging out his campaign long after it was mathematically dead. 
I’m frangry at Bernie for pushing the “rigged election” line that was not only bullshit but helped solidify a mistrust and apathy towards government when what we need the most is faith and involvement in the system.
I’m frangry at Hillary for doing events in California the last few weeks instead of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. 
I’m frangry at the Democratic Party for not getting rid of Debbie Wasserman Schultz after the 2014 midterms.
I’m frangry at myself for thinking Americans were not stupid enough to elect someone as unqualified and self-centered as Donald Trump.
I’m frangry at people who tell me democracy is the greatest thing since Jesus but who do everything they can to make sure people either can’t vote or make it voting as difficult as possible for them.
I’m frangry at Berniebots who demanded Hillary produce her Wall St. speech transcripts but were all “Meh” when it came to Bernie’s tax returns.
I’m frangry at progressive purists whose moral calculus is so fucked up they honestly believe someone who will vote with them 80% of the time is just as bad as someone who will never vote with them.
I’m frangry people are intellectually lazy and would rather believe they are right than actually be right.
I’m frangry the truth is being ignored, taken out back and drowned in a shallow pool of fetid water, and given a back seat to feelings.
I’m frangry Supply Side Economics hasn’t been buried in a shallow grave.
I’m frangry easily manipulated emotions like fear and hate are used to make big decisions that affect millions.
I’m frangry more people aren’t frangry about all these things.

Based on what I’ve seen so far from the far-left, the far-right, the Trump team, the media…I’m going to be frangry for awhile.

thisisevenharderthannamingablog  asked:

I'm always interested in rants about fan culture!

(I can’t resist, B!)

Okay, so I want to dismantle the notion that fan fiction is free.

Does it cost money to read fan fiction? Besides the cost of whatever devices/data you need, no, it does not cost money. You can go to Tumblr or AO3 or FFnet or Wattpad or Livejournal or wherever and enjoy fan fiction. You do not have to purchase it to read it or share it.

But the problem with “Yay, fan fiction is free!” is that people are implicitly saying, “You should be writing in exchange for absolutely nothing.”

And one of the more recent trends I’ve noticed (and maybe it’s not recent, but just only now popping up on my dash) has been writers speaking out about what it’s like to write in exchange for nothing.

It can be disheartening at best and demoralizing at worst. Fics get abandoned. Updates are few and far between. Authors give up and stop writing.

I’m not exactly sure where the idea that writers should write for themselves and they shouldn’t care if anyone reads their work came from. Like, I love writing, but I never write anything and go, “I am having so much fun, and I don’t care if anyone ever even sees this!” I go, “This is really frustrating, but if I keep at it, it’ll make a great story that other people will enjoy!”

Feedback wouldn’t matter so much if we were getting compensated otherwise. If I were getting paid full-time to write, or if I were getting paid by the word, or if I were getting a publishing deal, I’d be compensated (always, in a perfect world, I suppose) for my work regardless of whether or not someone reviews it on Goodreads or comments in the comment section or shares my article on Facebook.

But fan fiction doesn’t pay money, and it can’t. That’s why it’s free of charge: I can’t charge you for it. That’s not to say that I would, but the fact remains: fan fiction is free of charge because we are using someone else’s characters and worlds and ideas, and we cannot profit off of that as fic writers.

But free of charge doesn’t mean free of investment. If you read fan fiction, refusing to invest in authors is rude. It is literally asking us to do work for no compensation.

How can you compensate us?

Reblog. Like. Favorite. Bookmark. Give kudos. Share. Comment. Review.

Some of these things take almost no effort (reblog, like, favorite, bookmark, kudos). Some take more effort (comment, review, sharing with commentary). But instead of thinking of these things as things we do when we feel like it, or when we only really like something, or when it’s our friends’ work that we’re dealing with, I want to consider this the cost of reading fan fiction.

Obviously, people are still going to read for free. Social anxiety is a real thing, or maybe you’re afraid to comment in a non-native language, or maybe you thought the story was just okay and you don’t want to comment unless you only have 100% nice feelings and no criticisms. Not everyone will comment or share; some people will continue to not invest. But the more people we can get reading and leaving feedback, the better the community will be.

There’s definitely an aversion to it. I know a lot of people avoid WIP because they don’t want to get invested in a story that won’t get finished. And again, I can’t force anyone to read anyway. But I consider the investment the cost of fan fiction. And if I “pay” the authors whose stories I read, they will likely write more stories, update more often, and improve their skills.

Calling all Evil Regals

So Matt Mitovich posted this article with 10 teases on the 100th episode/5B premiere. One of the teases was a Regina one:

The episode is quite Regina-centric, from both her current-day conundrum in the Underworld (Mayor Cora lays out a rather grim ground rule) to flashbacks of one of her birthdays, where a surprising someone sets out to gift-wrap for the Evil Queen the only thing she desires.

The article was up for most of the day like that but at some point the wording had been changed from the episode being “quite Regina-centric” to “It’s a bit Regina centric.” Looking into it, I think this is why:

(an exchange on twitter)

(an exchange in the comments section of the article)

My point in bringing this up is to please encourage ERs to head over and leave a pro-Regina comment on the article (no need to have an account to do so), and/or engage in their tweet by liking/retweeting/tweeting them (and Matt) anything supporting Regina and focus on her. It’s been so long since we’ve had any positive attention on her, particularly in the press. I’d like to show support for that. Especially if the bit of hate is affecting those actually bringing us the little bit of focus she’s gotten.

But if you do decide to comment, please do so without negative comments towards other fans/groups/characters/etc. Keep it all about Regina and positive feelings towards her character, dynamics, storyline, and the idea of Regina having some focus.

Positive reinforcement works wonders. Lets show them how much we love our girl!

anonymous asked:

I see a to of people worried about all the hate Olicity is getting. And I can't help but think that hate is good. It creates buzz. Olicity is such a known term that even people who have never watched the show have heard about it. All haters talk about is Olicity. I feel like everyone with an ounce of intelligence will know that Olicity alone cannot ruin the whole series if the rest of the plot had been good. (1/2)

Hi, Anon! Thank you so much for your kind words - they are genuinely very appreciated. :) I’m not sure if there’s a better way to answer your asks all as one - I’m still pretty Tumblr illiterate - so I did this the old fashioned way. Screenshots! 

I’m going to start with a personal story because it’s super late as I’m writing this and Late Night Laura turns into Goofy Laura from time to time. Here goes: 

I haven’t been watching Arrow live for three seasons; I’ve been watching live for one season. After it was decided over the summer that I’d be writing about Arrow, I went on a massive marathon. Multiple episodes per day. Late into the night. It was a very broody time for me. I was on episode 8 or 9, I think, when I told a superfan friend of mine that I’d started watching Arrow. Because I was farther into the season than I probably should have been after only two days, I let him think I was only two episodes in. I mentioned that I may have already developed a slight crush on the lead for his shirtless scenes and that the show was pretty good as a whole. This exchange is (more or less) what followed:

My friend: “So, episode 2…you’re probably shipping Lauriver at this point, right?”

Me: “Seriously? You think that I’m so pathetic that finding a guy attractive means I ship myself with a fictional character? Thanks, dude.”

My friend: “…I meant Laurel.”

Me: “…I was kidding?”

I was like a T-rex from Jurassic Park - I literally forgot about Lauriver when it was not immediately on screen in front of me. My mental acuity was based on movement in front of me.

Regular readers of my asks/answers can now add Jurassic Park to the list of things that I’m totally nerdy about.

Anyway, if I’m at all indicative of the fandom at the time of the original airing, I think that apathy was a contributing factor in killing Lauriver with a large chunk of viewers. I can’t say that I think that Olicity hate is good, but I don’t think that negative fan buzz about the couple will have any effect on how the show is written.

With regard to media coverage, hate can affect the material produced. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of “click bait,” but it’s a method used by some members of the media to produce headlines that will be most pithy on social media. For example, articles with headlines such as “Why Olicity Is The Best Couple Ever” or “Why Olicity Is Killing Arrow” tend to be click bait. It doesn’t necessarily reflect badly on the content, but headlines can be affected by the loudest voices. To be a huge snob, I’ll use myself as an example:

I have a running joke in my Arrow reviews about Oliver and/or Felicity throwing the other up against a wall for however I choose to euphemize “wall sex” that week. If I titled my reviews “Olicity Wall Sex - When Will It Happen?” or “Is Lauriver On The Horizon For Arrow?” I’d get more views than my regular dull “Arrow S0XE0X: What worked, what didn’t, and what needs to happen next.” Honestly, I probably should click bait and spice things up a bit.

I’ll admit that I do read the comment sections on my articles. I’ve found that hate tends to be poorly phrased, poorly constructed, and poorly supported by any narrative evidence of the show rather than the comics. If detractors elsewhere as well want their opinions to be heard and respected in content produced, they need to construct their arguments with more maturity. I think that hate can often be overblown, and I’m personally not the least bit worried about it.

Besides, Olicity took up minutes in Season 3. Minutes. If Olicity managed to ruin the show for certain viewers, perhaps those viewers were not tuning into the show that they expected and should tune into one that they actually enjoy.


Leeteuk: I think I’ll be the last Super Junior member to get married | 141214 (Interview)

1. I’m handsome. (X)

I’m not handsome. Thinking of it, I don’t have such a charm. I have many likes and dislikes (regarding my face). There are many who tell me I’m handsome (laughs), but when I see (my face) I see many flaws. I get wrinkles. In our team, Eunhyuk is in the lower rank for visuals but he definitely is charming. I just have the cool mindset of managing myself well (laughs). I’m kind of sloppy.

2. My body is better than my face. (O)
My body is originally not nice. My pelvis is narrow(?) and my abs are wrong(?). I work very hard to exercise. My face also (put in effort). Haha.

3. I am good-natured (O)

4. I get jealous a lot. (X)

5. I’m a morning person (X)
I was a morning person up till 2 months ago, waking up at 5~6am. Now, weirdly it becomes hard to wake up.

6. The plans you make succeed (O)

7. I’m good in studying. (What to do if I’m not good? Um. X)
Until 3rd year of middle school, I was #3~4 in class. So when I wrote that I want my future career to be celebrity, my teacher was against it. When I was a trainee, my grades dropped a lot. Whenever my grades fall, I think it’s better for me to be trainee (Laughs). I was especially good in korean language and social studies. I cannot understand math no matter what.

8. I read many books (X)

9. I prefer melodramatic to action movies (X)

10. I like sexy girls more than cute girls. (What to do if I like both? I can’t choose)

11. When I see girl I like, I make the first movie. (Recently, a bit O)

Last time when I see someone I like, I also only think “what should I do” . But recently I put in effort to try talking first. I want to date.

12. I look at girls a lot. (X)

I don’t personally call to communicate. I just date, I don’t know if this is bad. We just naturally break up. Ah, is this worse? (Laughs) Until now, I’m more interested in work. At first, it was because I was busy so people understood but now they don’t.

13. I want to return to my 20s. (X)

14. I want to quickly get married. (X)

15. I recently have a “some” (X)

tn: “some” in korean means like more than friends but not bf/gf

16. I like alcohol. (X)

17. When I fight I bear grudges for a long time (X)

18. I fight better verbally than physically. (O)

19. I kind of want to stop being leader (O)

20. I’m in upper rank for visuals in Super Junior. (What about if I’m middle rank? So X)

21. I read all comments on Internet (O)

(Recently I read. There’s no secret/way to not get hurt. Although I get hurt I’m like “Ah so there’s such an opinion”. Must have the mindset that time heals. When I read comments, there are some like “I like it” and some that make me mad or upset. But I still read all. (Laughs). Last time, when there was a good comment, all the following comments will be good too. So 3 years ago, I did post comment on my own article. (Laughs). I was made ‘Carpe Diem’ MC late. I commented on the article, “His hardworking image is good, fighting”. (laughs).)

22. I have cried this week. (O)
(Recently I went to Swiss for vacation and while thinking “Ah, this is freedom” my tears came. (Laughs). I went paragliding, felt like I was flying. While looking at the sky, I missed a lot of people. Without knowing, a lot of my tears came.)

23. I have a lot of experience with being depressed. (O)

(After military discharge I make the most of what I have. Variety, interview etc. Recently there’s many people having it hard, there’s many unhappy articles. When it comes to me, I have thoughts like “It’s hard on me” but I try hard to not dwell on it. Actually I have a lot of experience of being depressed when it’s hard. I have many worries and difficulties, when I keep harping on them there’s many things to be depressed about. Recently, I like (my life?) a lot.

24. I don’t love. (X)

25. I have many friends. (X)

26. I’m often lonely. (O)

27. Super Junior members don’t listen to me well (O)

28. Daughter is better than son. (X)

29. I’m envious of Sungmin who’s getting married (X)

30. I have the confidence to go public with dating (X)

31. Seems like I will be the last member in Super Junior to get married (O)

(I initially had it all planned out, but as I was living to achieve a goal, I was only fixated on success, without any time for myself. Now that I’ve gotten over that, I don’t feel the need to get married. When I think about someone being there next to me when I’m sleeping, I feel like it would be uncomfortable. Sometimes I think about whether I should get married at all.) – this part cr Soompi because I lazy trans LMAO

32. I’ve saved up a lot of money. (I really don’t spend money, I’m really stingy, but I don’t know where the money goes. X)

33. My nickname when I was young. (Prankster)

34. My favourite Super Junior song is. (4jib’s My All Is In You)

35. The one I think is best in variety is. (Eunhyuk. Laughs)

36. My definition of love is. (I feel there’s no such thing as love)

(I don’t know how to answer. If you date for a long time, love will change. People’s hearts will change, whether it’s really love is hard to tell. Even if you like a lot, as time passes, people’s hearts won’t be the same, you don’t know whether it’s love. Therefore I think I currently don’t have love. I think I’m bad at dating.)

37. My blood type is O. (A type)

38. Do people think you’re A type? (Very. I’m the tired type)

39. SM to me is. (A playground that allowed me to achieve my dreams)

40. My favourite food is (all kinds of noodles and meat)

41. The latest movie I watched. (Interstellar)

42. My favourite movie is. (Iron Man? Laughs.)

43. The body part I’m most confident of. (Dimples)

44. What I notice first in a girl. (Face then personality)

Again, which body part? (All. Laughs)

45. Recently my biggest concern is (Car)

(Now I still cycle even though it’s very cold. Fans tell me “Oppa, use a car”. (Laughs). Sometimes my mum borrows the car. I have thoughts of buying a separate car.)

46. The TV program I’m paying most attention to (As long as there’s pretty women appearing, I’ll watch)

47. What makes me mad the most. (Words said to/about my family because of known misunderstandings)

48. When was your happiest moment. (When I’m working)

49. If you’re not a singer, you’ll be. (Civil servant or korean language teacher)

50. My next main plan. (Variety comeback)

(Since before discharge I had many plans in mind, but I don’t think it’s the time yet so waited. But now, I really feel like refusing. (Laughs). Feels too sudden. I need to find my old self! I think the correct mindset is to get my old image with the public. I had shows that were difficult, unnatural to laugh, unreasonable etc. Recent variety honestly looks comfortable, can anticipate.)

S: naver | (T)