Bodies Soaped Up

With bodies soaped up…..
Soon as it’s rinsed off
I’m gonna eat you up.
Giving you a better
out look on the word devour…
Showing you my tongue
Holds power
Even in this shower
Lifting you above the curtain…
While your moans
Sits high on these shoulders,
Soap dripping down my chest
With every scream being heard…
As orgasms makes it hard
For her to form words.

With bodies soaped up…..
We make our bodies
Dirty again.
Water running
Bodies dripping of soap…
I just slide it in
Heavenly as that first gasp
Long stroking…
While your cumming
Pretty much every where,
In the air pounding walls
Against this shower wall…
As we fuck until
the water turn cold.

With Bodies soaped up…
I plan to leave
that pussy soaked up…
As orgasms fill the shower.


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vanlegion replied to your photo “takes a break from drawing to draw me drawing”

Drawception! But I see you have a light table with a rotation wheel? Does it make artwork easier? I’ve been heavily thinking about investing in one.

If you’re working on traditional animation, having a proper light table is vital. It’s really useful for checking your drawings. The rotation option is really helpful too in going easy on your arm, though I’ll confess I don’t use it nearly as often as would be smart.

If you have the option to get one, I very much recommend it, and if you or anyone you know is even a little bit handy then there are lots of simple tutorials online for how to make one yourself.

pornographicmage  asked:

fav. me /dajbcg0 i got a comment from them linking to this, i thought it was going to be something related to MikuMikuVivid (which was what my journal was about), but nope just a post about you and mmdhate-blog hating TDA... ._.;;;

us too?
well then

okay, this is kind of hilariously bad

why this random blank space

“why do you make this hard for yourself” what is “this” exactly
“-sniff sniff-” what is this, a bad hurt/comfort rp
your screenshot is not really showing how we supposedly hate Tda, buddy

glad to see we’ve already devolved to the level of an average youtube comment section, where people can’t say anything without saying how it’s “giving them cancer”

could’ve chosen any one of their sexist/homophobic comments, but you pick their most generic post…alright

making one picture–for an icon, at that–really does not count as using MMD
(I don’t get their shitty recolor icon, either
I’m pretty sure on their older blog, someone asked why their icon was a recolor, and they actually called it “Zatsune”
and what would your parents think of you calling someone a “cheap slut,” huh?



description’s under the cut because I like to ramble

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