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Announcement (WOOHOO)

Hello hello! 

I know it’s been a while (my bad!) but I’m here and alive yay! 

There have been some of you who have expressed interest about having another stream con and I hear you! So here’s what I’m proposing - 

One last stream con because I’m aware the fandom is becoming more and more quiet these days, with fic writers slowly dwindling in numbers. So one last stream con BUT instead of the structured format we’ve had the last two times, lets do a 24 hour non-stop stream? 

Think of it as a radio show maybe, with people calling in/video calling in whenever they want to join in a particular discussion. Just a constant stream of people talking about things they love, without a set topic or any restrictions (within reason) because after all it is the last one. 

We can call it the Stream Con: Chaos Edition. 

That’s not to say it’s going to be completely disorganised, because I think that would annoy me to no end. But just less structured and more … organic, in the way the stream is run. 

I think this will have to be held in either August or September (I’ll have a poll) because unfortunately it is tax season here and I just won’t have time before then to do the necessary set up etc. 

In any case, it’s still early days, and I’m happy to take suggestions and ideas either here on Tumblr, or Twitter (@castleficstream) or email ( 

Peace, everyone!! 



Clayton Tunnel

The entrance to a train tunnel in West Essex, England. It was built n 1841 after the tunnel itself was constructed, and today there are still only theories as to the reasons for this extravagant construction. Some believe it was to ease passengers back then, still relatively new to train travel, that they weren’t descending into hell. The most widely accepted belief is that it was simply to appease the original landowner into allowing the tunnel to be built in the first place.

Photos by Russell Arnott

I think we can all agree that

“Castle” by Halsey is the unofficial theme song of the Throne of Glass series