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How much of Jessica Jones's attitude is the result of her past traumas (like Stirling's murder and Kilgrave), and how much of it is the side-effect from the procedures Dr. Malus performed on her? There's a strong case for the latter: her mother has even worse anger control issues and also mentions drinking problems, so Jessica may likewise be suffering from impulses to verbally and physically attack people that she cannot control, only at a slightly more manageable level than her mom.

    Oooh, that’s a really good question. It makes sense that the procedure might have amped up her aggression to a certain degree, but she has also been given plenty of reasons to build emotional walls all on her own. We’d say that in the grand scheme of things, most of Jessica’s attitude is probably a result of her life experiences. The biggest clue here is the flashbacks in both seasons. Pre-Kilgrave, Jessica seemed happy, cheerful, and willing to open up to people. The same is true of college-age Jessica in the Season 2 flashbacks. The story has presented Jessica as an inherently caring person who has had her spirit shredded by a succession of traumas that have turned her hard and bitter and angry. We blame Kilgrave in particular. The huge personality difference between post-Kilgrave Jessica and pre-Kilgrave (but still post-accident) Jessica suggests that her mind control experience had far more of an impact on her attitude than Malus’s procedure. 

    The drinking detail is a little bit harder to parse, because we do know Jessica drank quite a bit even before Kilgrave. It’s very possible that this could correlate with anger/pain/depression stemming from Malus’s procedure. She certainly wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies at that point either. 

    But she also had plenty of reasons to drink anyway, so it’s impossible to know for sure. Our best answer here is that it’s likely the procedure did affect her a little, but that her current personality is a combination of a lot of different factors that can’t be picked apart with the information we have. 

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I really need you to do a commentary on "Regarding Dean" Pretty please! Endless morning coffees. I promise!

Mo Ghraidh , my sun and stars, there’s no need for a tribute. I would have done it even if you had written it on a post it and stuck it to my forehead while sleeping.

I will watch the suggested random SPN episode that you leave in my ask.

And I’ll answer to you with my commentary on it.

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-Let us not forget :

- Run Witch run!

-aaw shit Dean’s on alone hunting like a fucking tiger

-look at him, fucking superb 

-” You people never learn , do you? Always trying to run “  Damn Dean don’t be that guy that talks before shooting because you know what’l happ-


-I want to be completely honest here and tell you that first time I saw this episode , the moment when Dean wakes up between nature and shit , with a fucking rabbit , I thought….is…IS THIS A DEAN IN WONDERLAND EPISODE?? .It wasn’t but now I want it.

-I want to know how many phone the Winchesters have changed. 

-Kudos to the runner who gave his phone to the dirty , possibly hangover, still damn handsome random guy who just walked out of the bushes.

- “ what psycho doesn’t love waffles?…they’re fluffy , the little pockets full of syrup, just covered in whipped cream, right? “  RIGHT, FUCKING LOVE WAFFLES

- Those looks yummy af

-…two plates of those…wow…Dean’s sure has a sweet tooth

- AH Sam’s what-a-fucking-child-my-big-brother-is -here’s-the-painkiller-you-fucking-disgrace

-Like I know it sounds pretentious, but right there when he didn’t know who Kelly was , my alarms where going off slightly. Dean may be a simple guy , but he never forget about his job ok?

- “You might want to pumps the brake a little bit, you are not 20 anymore”  SAM …how dare you.

- “ and B..I can still kick your ass “ 

- “Are you still drunk?”   “I don’t think so”  [Sam sniffs him]

- AND DEAN ALWAYS PAYS!   so…big red flags n2

- *SLAP*  ( ⚆ _ ⚆ )  “yup , epic night”

-another red flag : ma boy not that sickened by blood

-new favorite disgusted reaction gif

- [ Not remembering Baby’s key and how to put on reverse]  


- (ʘ‿  ʘ)

- ┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻

-Dean loves Dory


-Rooooooowenaaaaa .  that’s so much eye make up babe, what’s your make-up remover because damn that shit must be strong af…

-somebody is ready to paaaaaarteeeeh

- “ooooooh really?”    “Have I got my own ringtone?”   “Oi!”  Oh how I’ve missed the Scottish accent

- Sam’s looks like a negligent parent that lost his kid in the store. 

- “All these dumps looks the same “ true

- Dean staying true to his persona = stealing shit from people’s office. Sam’s not even surprised lol

-Learned this from my boyfriend

- I like that waitress 

- “you knocked back 4? shots of tequila. Put on… ‘sick jams’  “  lol yep that’s Dean

- “….and then you hit the bull” 

- me, Sam and Dean:

-”Was I good?”   “You were amazing …” ….Dean’s wait are we still talking abut the bull or…..?…..oh….OH ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

- This is my favorite Sam’s eyeroll . He’s so done that even his head needs to roll

- “I’m so sorry if I took advantage of you “…. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  “It’s okay” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

- “it’s like watching myself on Netflix “   “I KNOW HOW TO SHOOT A GUN?!” PRECIOUS

- “Wait…there are witches?” 

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The camera zooms in past the bars for Iroh, and zooms out for Zuko, showing us who the real real prisoner is. 

Iroh might be truly incarcerated, but Zuko lives within his own prison. 

Iroh is free from the influence of his ancestors while Zuko is not.


Here we see a nice parallel and contrast between the relationship between Hakoda and Sokka, and the relationship between Zuko and Ozai. 

We have a nice camera framing parallel between our two pairs (for the most part, I left out the lingering shot we get of Ozai after Zuko parts the curtains), with the way way Zuko and Sokka are shown parting the curtains. And immediately, we see how the show runners tried to contrast the atmosphere between these two scenes. 

In “The Guru” the atmosphere is welcoming and familiar. We see Hakoda planning with his generals, and Sokka smiles as he sees his father for the first time in two years. For a few moments, the nervousness he felt earlier vanishes and we get yourself a really nice, happy family reunion. 

In contrast, the way we see Zuko reunite with Ozai paints a much different picture. It’s dark, Zuko is nervous throughout the entire scene. and the way the camera focuses on Ozai, even when we see his face, paints Ozai as a far more unkind than his Water Tribe counterpart.

And, to top it all off, we later see how Zuko and Sokka’s insecurities play out, with Sokka being reassured by his father that he’s always bee proud of him, and Zuko feeling like he still needs to make sure he has his father’s approval. 

I’ve touched on it before but, one of the things Avatar does really well is subvert tropes to give charactere agency. While the Gaang tries to go by the book by getting people to rebel, and rise up, they always fail, with it being the job of the characters that they are trying to inspire to rise up, rebel, and fight, and to do so for their own reasons.

It would have been so easy to just have people like Yue, the guys from “Imprisoned,” Toph in “The Blind Bandit,” and Mai in “The Boiling Rock” and “The Beach” listen to Sokka, Zuko, Katara, or Aang, but they don’t. They’re all allowed to make their own decisions, on their own time, for their own reasons.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Katara doesn’t just forgive Zuko because he wants her to. She’s allowed to take her time.

The people in “Zuko Alone’ don’t just forgive Zuko because he did a good thing. No, they’re still very much prejudiced. This consequently ties in well with Zuko’s arc since he doesn’t get to be viewed as some kind of Fireman Savior–an image of the Fire Nation created by Fire Nation imperialists like Sozin.

This is in contrast to the people from "The Painted Lady.” While the villagers reject the Gaang at first because of who they are, they eventually warm up to them. But again, it’s not automatic. They change their minds gradually, and they’re allowed to do it on their own.


Something in the way he moves.

“It’s almost a dancer’s run, and when we tried to double [Chris Evans] for running there was nobody who could run like him. They just didn’t have that same dynamic to the way he moves.”

-Joe Johnson, Captain America : The First Avenger DVD commentary


This weeks blog! Cherry shares her thoughts on Ode to The Bouncer.

taiyang xiao long defense post

listen. i know y’all are asking for that yin-yang bees post that i promised to do and i WILL do it in some form or another, but the recent discourse over at @weissfuckingschnee has got me riled up and i need to write some things about taiyang, and in particular his relationship with yang. this guy seems to be one of the favorite targets of the haTER TYPES in this fandom, but the accusations that get thrown at him–that he’s a bully, that he’s neglectful, that he’s even abusive to his own daughters–are completely unjustified and uncalled for.

before we jump into that, i just want to point out that we know how the writers of this show portray an abusive parent, AND a neglectful parent.

[pictured: abusive condescending egotistical asshole]

[not pictured: mama schnee because she’s so neglectful she’s never even made an appearance]

so with that “bad parent” benchmark in mind, let’s get into this.

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…Master of inaccurate maps. 

The guy that made that map needs to be fired, and Zhao needs a better map. I don’t care if he’s an admiral, I DEMAND ACCURATE CARTOGRAPHY, DAMN IT!

Then again, maybe I shouldn’t be surprised that Mr. Let’s Kill the Moon YOLO has an inaccurate map. 

in which a thing will not let me go...

Hi. Hello. Welcome to my breakdown. This show is truly coming for my soul with its framing. Shall we proceed? Yes? Okay. Here we have Clarke and Bellamy sitting at a table together for the second time in a span of minutes but instead of them sitting across from each other, they’re beside each other. Admittedly, not that big of a deal until you notice the way their bodies are positioned. You can’t help but lose some of your focus to the slight distance of their hands because they’re in the middle of the shot. And in noticing their hands you also begin to register that their body language is nearly a perfect mirror of each other, creating a ‘two halves of a whole’ effect. It’s Head and Heart without explicitly stating it as well as good subtle visual support for the way Bellamy and Clarke switch back and forth between their archetypes in the scene.

We begin with a plan to exploit Octavia’s heart through Indra. Bellamy goes to initiate the plan on his own showcasing that he’s going to use his head and go about this diplomatically. Monty reminds Clarke that 6 years ago Bellamy’s heart led him to commit horrible acts that directly harmed Indra and led to her people’s deaths, so Clarke gets up to make sure things run smoothly (total head move)…and then promptly is rude for expediency’s sake (total heart move) which is a flip of the roles we’ve known Bellamy and Clarke to occupy. However as soon as the two of them sit down at the table, we get both models of action working in tandem. The plan is still to exploit Octavia’s love for Indra to their advantage but in order for it to work their hearts (specifically Bellamy’s) must appeal to Indra’s via a shared connection to Octavia and a wish for her to return to the person they knew 6 years ago instead of the tyrant she has become.

So, the above image appears to be a visual representation of the balance Bellamy and Clarke have found in their six years apart. They’re no longer Head (Clarke) and Heart (Bellamy) but rather the Head & the Heart (Bellarke), a balanced pair in which they can both be one or the other depending on what the situation calls for and/or their individual needs.

this face that yang makes at blake just before nodding and smiling is very important to me because it shows that she is still conflicted. but, she can see blake’s reaction to her hesitance:

i’m sure she knows that she could hurt blake very easily if she said the wrong thing, and besides, blake came back. no one has ever done that before, and that matters, so yang can let it be enough in this moment.