why is this happening

what is wrong with you people that you would send threats to the author for not taking his story in the direction you want it to go
there is no ship in existence worth verbally abusing someone over
Even worse is that this behavior is exclusively attributed to “the English community”

I’m ashamed to be associated with any of you


It’s so damn fucking disgusting to wake up and find out that someone’s been creeping around in your Instagram. Commenting disgusting shit on your photos. Being a total misogynist.

Now women not only have to be afraid of harassment on the streets but also online. It’s fucking disgusting. This wouldnt happen if society didnt tell everyone that our job in this world is to be a bunch of hyper-sexualised vaginas. And we must accept sexual harassment as COMPLIMENTS!

I am so fucking sick of escaping sexual harassment every-fucking-where.

B&W Colourings of BTS: 1/ᴇɴᴅʟᴇss (Original Cr.)

Surreal self portrait. “Hollow”
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Fat shaming isn’t just a female problem

My fiance has gained a lot of weight recently and feels unattractive.  He feels unattractive because society portrays overweight men as disgusting, ugly slobs.  My fiance is not a disgusting, ugly slob.  

He is hairy and he has a gut… and he is fucking sexy.  He does not deserve to feel the way that he does right now.  

Don’t fat shame men.  Don’t laugh at jokes about fat men.  Don’t comment on a photo of a fat man and voice your “concern” about his health.  Men don’t need abs, huge biceps and a “v” to be sexy as hell.

Before you read: this is not hate. Marianas Trench has been my favourite band since I was 12. I’m 19 now, hell, I have a tattoo dedicated to them. Anyways.

What happened to josh? Is he okay? Seriously, everyone commenting on this photo saying he’s sexy, hot, whatever, I know you guys love him unconditionally but this is not attractive. He looks sick. what happened? I remember josh with short black hair, long in the front, dress shirts and silk ties and skinny jeans. Who is this guy? I don’t want to say it but it seriously looks like he’s fallen back down the road of addiction, whatever that addiction may be. Maybe he’s depressed. I don’t know. But seeing this photo makes me so sad.. The guy in the gif below doesn’t look close to the guy in the above picture. I’m worried. :( and once again, I love them unconditionally. Just posted this for the sake of discussion.

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