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So it seems the accounts are down but they all seem to have the word manly in them. The person who contacted me was manlyswiftie22 and contacted my friend at 1989manly. He comments weird things on random photos saying "swifties are beautiful." He then goes into dms and promises merch and tickets to see Taylor if you send "personal" photos. I know better than to do that but some little ones don't! Thank you for spreading awareness!


that’s so sad that these people pray on little girls :( xx

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If the characters of arthur had tumblr blogs what would they be about?

arthur: a mishmash of personal posts (mostly venting about dw), reblogs about the bionic bunny/dark bunny cinematic universe, tons of pictures of his dog

dw: runs an out-of-context mary moo cow screencap blog

buster: food gifsets and conspiracy theories. reblogs those bogus disney recipe posts and comments stuff like “tried this last night!! delicious 😋😋” and no one can tell if he’s joking or not 

francine: sports, horses, scathing vagueblogs, and the occasional callout about people in her class who happened to wrong her

muffy: basically richkidsofinstagram

brain: responds to all “SCIENCE SIDE OF TUMBLR EXPLAIN THIS” rallying cries with 5000+ word long explanations on stuff like “why a bubble pop when it cold”. longwinded but incredibly informative

fern: posts scary short stories that eventually get stolen + reposted by local horror blog thruppenceee, artistic photos of her neighbourhood, Which Romantic Poet Should You Fight, reblogs those “ok but imagine if [vague concept]” posts and writes a story around it and gets a dozen “omg u should write a book!” comments in response

sue ellen: travel photos, “why is no one talking about this??”-style news reblogs, martial arts gifsets, vegetarian recipes, posts reviews and writeups of local businesses in order to drum up support 

molly macdonald: has an art blog where she posts drawings of her OCs and reblogs lots of animation tutorials/references. people have doubts it’s actually her blog until they hit the posts where she tears into sexist character designs and depictions of female characters in media, then they know it’s definitely her

binky: main blog is about wrestling + fighting techniques but has an anonymous sideblog devoted to opera, ballet, and butterflies. occasionally posts his poetry (of which fern is a big fan)

george: posts blues music and videos of his ventriloquism acts with wally. a good and pure blog, free of drama

mr ratburn: 

prunella: The Signs As

Celebrities join the #TakeaKnee protest

After President Donald Trump’s comments over the weekend about how NFL players who protest the national anthem should be fired, we watched players, coaches, and entire teams participate in a mass #TakeaKnee protest during Sunday and Monday’s games.

Celebrities quickly showed their support of the movement, but some took it a step further by taking a knee themselves. See the powerful photos above.

Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny

The X-Files pair teamed up to take a knee — like former San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick has done many times in protest of “a country that oppresses black people and people of color.” (Photo: Gillian Anderson via Instagram)

Source: Yahoo Style

Tracee Ellis Ross

The Black-ish star dressed down, letting her poignant pose speak for her, and it spoke volumes. (Photo: Tracee Ellis Ross via Instagram)

Source: Yahoo Style

John Legend

The singer made a statement from the stage of his Darkness and Light tour. And, yes, wife Chrissy Teigen was behind him — and the athletes protesting. “It is their choice and right to kneel without the leader of our country trying to fire ‘these sons of b***hes,” she wrote to a Twitter commenter, using the president’s quote. (Photo: John Legend via Instagram)

Source: Yahoo Style

Olivia Wilde

The actress and her co-stars in Broadway’s 1984 took a knee together at curtain call on Sunday. “Proud to be a part of this cast,” the actress captioned this photo of the moment of unity. “Thank you to our electric audience for your energy and support.” (Photo: Olivia Wilde via Instagram)

Source: Yahoo Style

Eddie Vedder

The singer kneeled in front of the audience at the Pilgrimage Music and Cultural Festival in Franklin, Tenn., on Sunday. Earlier in the day, Pearl Jam posted words of support, writing that it’s the players’ constitutional right to stand up, sit down or # takeaknee for equality.” (Photo: Amy Harris/Invision/AP)

Source: Yahoo Style

Chuck D

“Take A Damn Knee today,” wrote the rapper, of Public Enemy fame, as he kneeled alongside his Prophets of Rage peers all wearing Colin Kaepernick jerseys. (Photo: Chuck D via Twitter)

Source: Yahoo Style

Uzo Aduba

“It’s that easy,” wrote the Orange Is the New Black actress. (Photo: Uzo Aduba via Instagram)

Source: Yahoo Style

Pharrell Williams

During A Concert for Charlottesville, the singer got down on both knees. “Can’t nobody tell me what to do,” he said. “If I want to get on my knees right now, for the people of my city, for the people of my state. That’s what that flag is for.” (Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)

Source: Yahoo Style

Stevie Wonder and Dave Matthews

So did Stevie Wonder and Dave Matthews at the same show, A Concert for Charlottesville. “I take a knee for America,” said Wonder, holding Matthews’s hand, “and two knees in prayer for our world.” (Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)

Source: Yahoo Style

Solange Knowles

At the end of her performance of “Don’t Touch My Hair” at the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday, Solange slowly kneeled, stayed there for a moment, and after the crowded clapped, slowly rose back up. (Image: Complex via Twitter)

Source: Yahoo Style

You, the public, and boyfriend!Tom
  • tom’s very careful about what he reveals to the press and public about you because he fears that the downsides of this incredible life he gets to have will effect you negatively and he could loose you
  • so PDA is basically nonexistent 
  • okay, expect that one time at a London Fashion Week after party…
  • you were both pretty drunk and all over each other in the corner of the club
  • pictures of his hands on your ass or the two of you making out surfaced (the headlines were reading “SPIDERMAN’S SUPER SNOG” for weeks)
  • but since then, you keep you distance when out and about
  • the paps consider themselves lucky to even see his guiding arm around your waist or a hand to your shoulders to lead you into the car first
  • and fans shouldn’t expect much on social media either
  • occasionally, on his instagram stories, you can be seen in the back of a video or your laugh can be heard or sometimes even the spotting of your hair lying next to him in bed
  • the only real times he’s actually posted about the two of you was on your one year anniversary or your birthday or in a large group photo you happen to be in too
  • your instagram is that much different either, if it’s not on private. you’ve fluctuated between locking it and unlocking it. sometimes getting frustrated you can’t post an picture of your own boyfriend without hearing about how painful it is for those in love with him to see you together
  • and there was that one time someone was harassing you, and despite all of his brothers, Harrison, Jacob, and even Zendaya coming to your defense, the harassment persisted
  • and tom didn’t know how to handle it. they obviously want his attention and he didn’t want to give in to them so he felt like he himself couldn’t reach out
  • but a quick call to sony from him and the account disappeared forever. 
  • however, those who do some digging can find a picture of you two squishing together on the sofa with tessa in your laps displayed his mum’s personal instagram
  • or they can catch him leaving a “😍 😍 😍 “ on your photos
  • occasionally, they’ll see a sweet, stupid comment from you on his (“dang ur hot, u dating anyone?!!! or “holy moly who ever dates u is soooo lucky”)
  • off the internet, in interviews where he’s cornered and it’s harder to avoid questions, he still is pretty tight lipped.
  • if they ask, he’ll politely declare that you’re great, thanks for asking 
  • but beyond that, there’s not much
  • okay, okay, there was that one interview with his dad where he got a little too excited talking about his son and revealed that you two are very happ and very in love and very, very cheeky
  • (there may or may have been an antidote about some bum pinching during a family christmas photo)
  • there was that one time fans waiting outside his hotel spotted you two canoodling on his hotel room balcony
  • it wasn’t x-rated or anything, just some laying in each other laps, holding each other close and looking out at the view, even a quick kiss
  • (the screaming that occurred when you kissed is what told the two of you that you weren’t as alone as you thought.)
  • so there have been a lot of “one times” but its all those who are outside of your personal life have and honestly, despite the negativity, you two receive a lot of positive feedback 
  • some people tweet him that you’re really cute together and they hope you both are happy (he almost replies to those)
  • or at premieres, fans will ask for you to jump into pictures with him to which you blush heavily and respectfully decline 
  • and even though he feels too protective share how he really, honestly feels about you (these feelings would involve him screaming from the rooftops to everyone on the planet that he loves you), you know he feels this way and that’s what matters.
September 29


The girls were SUPER stoked!

So were the fans.

Backstage, Fifth Harmony were presented with a GOLD award for Down by Sony Music Chile. Congrats!

And yes, our girls delivered to a PACKED crowd in Santiago, Chile!

Fifth Harmony performed all the songs off their self-titled album for the PSA Tour!

Here’s the setlist (links to some videos are also up!):

1. Intro
2. Worth It
3. BO$$
4. Sauced Up
5. Reflection
6. Deliver
7. Messy
8. Make You Mad
9. Scared of Happy
10. Lonely Night
11. Not That Kinda Girl

<intermission: band jam>

12. Angel
13. No Way
14. Down
15. Wild Thoughts/All In My Head
16. He Like That
17. Don’t Say You Love Me
18. Work from Home

19. Bridges

It was an incredible night.

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Look at Demi Lovato congratulating the girls!

And Ally also congratulated her on the album.

They flew right after (on a private plane) to Buenos Aires, Argentina!

Lauren with Argentinian wine:

Lauren’s excited for the next shows!!

Normani, please come back on Twitter.

Oh yeah, Ally has a magazine cover out!

And Lauren all but confirmed that Fifth Harmony has a Spanish project in the works!

Oh, Lauren and Kpop. Yes.

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Power Couple

Series: Tom Holland Imagines

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: swearing and cuteness

Word Count: 1,200+

Request from @asmolarab :Tom and the Reader are dating. The reader is a famous musician.

Also inspired from the recent drama of his fans saying rude stuff on that models page after he liked her photo… Like c’mon he’s 21 let him live pls. 



[Reader’s POV] 

   Today you were home with Tessa waiting for Tom’s interview to start. Lounging in leggings and one of Tom’s pullovers. Walking over to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. Asking Alexa to turn up the tv so you could hear it from the kitchen.

     Tessa following you around whenever Tom wasn’t home. Getting the kettle ready and placing it on the stove. Reaching into the cupboard for a mug then for your organizer full of teas. Picking out which tea you want today ,you pick it from the slot.

     Tearing it open you pull the bag out and set it into the mug. Throwing the trash away turning around once you hear the kettle whistle. Reaching over you lift it up and grab your mug. Pouring the hot water into the mug seeing the light steam rising from the mug. 

     A smile rises to your face as you smell the raspberry scent fill your nose. Grabbing a the sugar spoon and doing one little spoonful. Opening the fridge you grab the almond milk out of the fridge. Pouring a small amount then putting it away. Pulling out the drawer and taking out a spoon to stir everything together.

“Tom Holland will be on next after the break!” The host’s voice fills the air making you look over from hearing your boyfriend’s name. A smile on your face thinking of him. You’re so proud of where he is right now.

“C’mon Tess, let’s go back and wait for daddy to come back on” Leaning down rubbing her head and stroking the side of her face with your thumb. The two of you head back to the living room and sit down on the L shaped couch.

    Sipping your tea you open up Instagram on your phone. A spam of comments on your new photo making you roll your eyes. Tom’s fans were giving you shit since the moment he announced the two of you dating. It was worse whenever Tom would like your photos cause you received so much hate for it.

     Checking the charts on Itunes you see your album at the top. Pride replaces the annoyance from Tom’s fans. You did this, your album hit number one on the charts. All your hard work was paying off and it was so satisfying. Tessa barks making you look up from your phone. She sat below the tv looking up at the screen. Her tail is wagging as she see’s Tom popping up on the screen.

     Setting your phone aside you get comfortable on the couch. He looked so damn handsome in that outfit, how’d you get so lucky for him to fall for you? Watching him sit down on the interviewers couch taking a sip from the cup near him.  He was always drinking something during interviews.

“So Tom, congrats on the new movie man you did a brilliant job!” the interviewers thick English accent was easy to understand. Tom’s smile made your heart flutter, he is literal perfection and all yours.

“Thank you so much, It was a blast to film and the cast was amazing and it’s all thanks to Marvel and Sony” 

“Also we just got news of your girlfriend’s album she just released” the host points towards the screen. An image popping up of it being number one on the charts. Tom’s face filled with shock, a smile on his face.

“That’s amazing! Angel I’m so proud of you, wow you did it! Can’t wait to give you a massive hug when I get home” Tom’s excitement for you made you tear up. Recognition from him meant the world to you. He stands up dancing in a circle then blowing a kiss to the camera for you. 


“Darling, I’m home! Where are my two favorite girls?” Tom’s voice comes from the living room. Getting off the bed you head towards the doorway.

    Walking out of the bedroom to see him holding a bottle of champagne and a bouquet of roses. A grin on your face from the sight. Tessa was sitting next to him with her tail wagging. Heading over to Tom giving him a kiss on the lips. You didn’t deserve such a great boyfriend, you’re blessed.

“I love you” you smile wrapping your arms around his waist. The feeling of his arms wrap aroung you made you sigh in content. Smelling the roses that were being held near you.

“I’m so proud of you and how far you’ve come darling, I love you more than you can imagine.. I know my fans can get angsty and I apologize for their behavior.. Just know I’m yours and you’re mine” His lips press against your forehead. Your eyes closing absorbing all the love that was radiating off of him. 

    Moments like these were the best. He always knew how to make you feel better through the stress. The both of you could barely do anything without getting attacked by the fans. Your actions either being bashed or turned into memes. It was hard being famous sometimes, it had it’s perks but it’s mentally exhausting.

“Can we get drunk and order some pizza?” opening your eyes to a grinning Tom, he loved those kind of nights. Drinking with Tom always lead to some interesting nights. Funny and sexual kind of nights with Netflix and major chilling.

“Hell yes we can, it’s a time to celebrate you made it to fucking number one on the charts!” He raises to bottle up in the air sticking his tongue out. His face making you giggle from how much of a goof he really is. 

   Walking over to the kitchen together he grabs two glasses from the collection he had. Opening the champagne with a pop Tessa barks loudly taking off towards the bedroom. The two of you laugh at how she reacted as he pours the bubbling liquid into the glasses. Handing you a glass he takes the last one. Tapping the side of it acting like he had a knife, a giggle escaped you.

“To many more celebrations and successful moments we get to share together!” Tom smiles clinking his glass with yours. Taking a sip you hum in satisfaction.

“Let me grab the phone to order the pizza” He says setting his glass down reaching for the land line. Taking a few more sips quickly finishing it, you wanted to get drunk. This bottle isn’t going to finish itself.

    Setting the glass down you wrap your arms around Tom’s waist. His hand rubbed circles on your back but stopped when you started kissing his neck. Kissing from the base of his neck to right below his ear. You could hear his breathing getting shaky. A grin made its way to your lips from how you could make him feel.

“Fuck the calories out of me Holland” you whisper pressing a kiss to his jawline. Pulling away you see his mouth slightly ajar. Looking at him you see his eyes get a shade darker making you gulp.

“So fuck you now, then after and again and again.. Got it” Tom’s voice husky as his hands slide down to your waist. Before you could say anything Tom lifts you over his shoulder taking off towards the bedroom.

“Ah! Tom put me down you lil shit!” you shout wiggling in his grasp, earning a slap to your ass.

“Looks like I’m going to hit number one on the charts tonight as well” Tom snickers shooing Tessa out of the room and closing the door.

Tom was definitely already at number one on charts for being an amazing boyfriend,best friend and lover.

As much as I respect the art of clique artists, (the kind made with paints and pencils and colors), it would be nice if the clique took a second to pause and look at all the quiet poets, musicians, singers and photographers that also create for this band. 

So much of clique art is centered around the… well… art. There is ARTOPIA, there is clique art appreciation accounts, there is the art that dances across the screen during HOTY, there is so much culture surrounding the traditional definition of art…

Where is the ARTOPIA where people can come and sing? Where are the accounts dedicated to sharing clique poetry? Where are the photography showcases that show the beautiful pictures clique members have taken? 

Please, take a moment to stop and appreciate the other types of art that exists in the clique. We work just as hard, but sometimes it hurts to see all of the “true artists” get all the appreciation. Take a second and read the poems, comment on the photos, find something meaningful in the lyrics written by fans. Purpose does not only come in paints and pencils. There is a vibrant community of art here, and not just the traditional kind.