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I adore your Yuuri cat! He's just this gigantic cat-shaped blob, he's so huge and terrified and DERPY, and then he becomes this sleek, sexy beast. Between the way you draw his eyes and Victor's reaction to his magical bath transformation, I've been literally crying with laughter every time I see these. This has been the best thing all damn day!

He’s getting better.

Here’s my full piece from the @ladybugzine ! I just received my copy and DAMN there is so much gorgeous art to drool over * Q* 

….It’s been long enough since I drew it that I kinda hate it already rip I had fun drawing his sparky, de-transformation light though!!

Also, shameless plug for Menons la Danse!, the dance-themed ML charity zine Jeananas and I are organizing! There’s just a few days left to apply!

Paladin Internet Headcanons


  • Has an aesthetic blog
  • Secretly a memer
  • Youtube recommendations is full of how-tos/ DIYs and cute cat videos
  • Doesn’t comment often but when he does he always writes a detailed essay
  • Plays shitty flash games at 2am 
  • Lowkey a furry, spends all his money commissioning art of his Galra furry OC


  • His memeing is by no means a secret, to anyone
  • Uses outdated memes ironically but slowly starts using them unironcially
  • Comments nice things on every video he watches, usually short though
  • Former vinestar
  • Sulked for two months when vine shut down
  • Sulked for three months when he heard Club Penguin was shutting down
  • Google history is full of either beauty tip searches or random crap like “do elephants have dreams”
  • Lurks on anime forums


  • Facebook dad 
  • Has all social media just so he can like all the other paladins’ posts and write supportive comments 
  • “Keith, how do you take a screenshot?“ 
  • Edits the grammar of Wikipedia articles
  • Once posted a picture of himself and it became a meme
  • The others have hidden this fact from him to this day


  • The hacker known as 4chan 
  • Snapchats quality memes to Lance 
  • “Rosalind Franklin was one of the most underappeciated geniuses of her time, take a fuckin sip babes.”
  • Likes online strip comics
  • Stays up all night reading 200k word sci-fi fanfics 
  • Does PC building tutorials 
  • In love with online RPGs


  • Always has those beautiful food instagram posts 
  • Helps people with homework over the internet like a precious bean
  • Programs software in his spare time
  • Actual pro at
  • Helps Pidge with gathering parts for the PC building tutorials
  • He’s also the cameraman and occasionally gives witty commentary
  • Spotify playlists are always on point

i love people talking abt “but pewdiepie is a comedian u have to talk about context!!!” like you wanna talk context? you wanna talk abt the rise of anti semetic hate crimes not only in the us but through europe? you wanna talk abt the rise of neo nazis and their fucking adoption of pewdiepie as an icon? context matters, sure. so lets talk context.
lets talk about the lack of ideological ANYTHING in his fucking video - if hes trying to have a message, he doesnt do a very good job of fucking saying it, so any excuse of “but hes making a ~statement~” can eat my ass. if hes saying something, he better well be clear about it, especially if hes gonna use images from a fucking genocide. he was clear enough when talking about how vlogging made him depressed. so he can do it. he just doesnt, cause hes a dick lol
lets talk about his roots in horror games - shock humor is the comedic equivalent of jumpscares with the extra cultural baggage of ‘offensiveness’, where he derives the power of the “humor” from the fucking holocaust and then has the nerve to be upset that people dont get it. and then he makes shitloads of cash off it.
you wanna talk context? lets talk about the fact that if hes a comedian and this many people arent getting the joke, hes probably a pretty shitty comedian. lets talk about how spewing hate speech, whether you personally believe in it or not, has an active and measurable impact on the world. lets talk about how hes repeatedly said 'sorry u got offended’ instead of taking some responsibility like a grown ass adult. lets talk about how nazi shit is lowkey everywhere and half the world wont believe it means anything - steve bannon is in the white house!! nazis are fuckin coming out of the woodwork!!
you wanna talk context? guess what!
all that shit is context too, so you fuckers better shut up or nut up because im not havin it, not today

Straight guy:

*doesnt respect women for their value as a person, only cares about genitals

*calls women “females”

*makes unnecessary and uncomfortable genitalia comments (shit like cat calling)

*judges women based on appearance


*doesnt respect women for their value as a person, only cares about genitals

*calls women “females”

*makes unncessary and uncomfortable genitalia comments (shit like asking whats in someones pants and degrading them for it)

*judges women based on appearance

guys this is a spoiler (so dont read if you dont want to know).  I dont know how reliable it is, but it seems that D&D really want the audience to see Jon and Sansa as Ned and Cat 2.0.