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i love people talking abt “but pewdiepie is a comedian u have to talk about context!!!” like you wanna talk context? you wanna talk abt the rise of anti semetic hate crimes not only in the us but through europe? you wanna talk abt the rise of neo nazis and their fucking adoption of pewdiepie as an icon? context matters, sure. so lets talk context.
lets talk about the lack of ideological ANYTHING in his fucking video - if hes trying to have a message, he doesnt do a very good job of fucking saying it, so any excuse of “but hes making a ~statement~” can eat my ass. if hes saying something, he better well be clear about it, especially if hes gonna use images from a fucking genocide. he was clear enough when talking about how vlogging made him depressed. so he can do it. he just doesnt, cause hes a dick lol
lets talk about his roots in horror games - shock humor is the comedic equivalent of jumpscares with the extra cultural baggage of ‘offensiveness’, where he derives the power of the “humor” from the fucking holocaust and then has the nerve to be upset that people dont get it. and then he makes shitloads of cash off it.
you wanna talk context? lets talk about the fact that if hes a comedian and this many people arent getting the joke, hes probably a pretty shitty comedian. lets talk about how spewing hate speech, whether you personally believe in it or not, has an active and measurable impact on the world. lets talk about how hes repeatedly said 'sorry u got offended’ instead of taking some responsibility like a grown ass adult. lets talk about how nazi shit is lowkey everywhere and half the world wont believe it means anything - steve bannon is in the white house!! nazis are fuckin coming out of the woodwork!!
you wanna talk context? guess what!
all that shit is context too, so you fuckers better shut up or nut up because im not havin it, not today

Fujimaki-sensei Q&A thing from Jump Festa: full version!

Q. I’m really looking forward to the movie next March. During middle school, what movie did Kuroko and Momoi go see on a date? I’d love it if you could tell me what happened after that, too. 
A. It was the kind of movie where the dog waits forever for his dead owner. After they watched it, Momoi cried so much it wasn’t really a date anymore. 

Q. What nicknames did Kagetora-san give to everyone on Vorpal Swords? If he had them for Momoi and the players on the bench, please say what they were, too.
A. Kise –> Flashy Guy
Midorima –> 7:3 Part
Aomine –> Tanning Salon
Murasakibara –> Long Hair
Akashi –> Rich Boy [”Obotchan”]
Momoi –> Satsuki-chan
Wakamatsu –> Yankii
Takao –> Middle Part

[T/N: the “part” in Midorima and Takao’s names is in the sense of a hair part. A 7:3 part is considered a nerdy hairstyle.]

Q. I have a question for Midorima-kun. Up until now, what was your biggest and smallest lucky item? If possible, I’d also like to know the most expensive.
A. Biggest & most expensive –> copy machine (forcefully borrowed from school)
Smallest –> single grain of rice (when left on the bench, it blew away)

Q. There’s a rumor that Kise can’t draw, but how bad is he? I’d love it if I could actually see it. I’d also like to know how well Aomine can draw, since he’s in the top two dummies of the Generation of Miracles. 
A. [See above for drawings. Left is Kise’s drawing, a dog, and on the right is Aomine’s drawing, a cat.]

Q. The Kouhaku Singing Competition is a big part of New Years, so of the Kuroko no Basuke characters, who’s the best singer? Please also tell us who’s as terrible as Gian
A. The best –> There’s only Himuro. The worst –> Nebuya. 
These characters didn’t sing as expected at karaoke–>
surprisingly good –> Furihata, Hayakawa
surprisingly bad —> Miyaji, Nijimura

Q. How many layers are in the osechi in the Akashi family, and is there some kind of really expensive food inside? Also, does Murasakibara’s zouni have chocolate or something else sweet in it?
A. 4-5 layers, and pretty much any expensive ingredients you can imagine are in it. The zouni is normal. What’s crazy is the amount of shiruko. 

I still enjoyed the French dub more personally, but the English dub was still fun to listen to!




*nightmare before Christmas refs intensifying*

Oh my gosh…Cat Noir calling himself a “poor kitty” XDDD hearing that in English was worth the wait!

Also, when Cat Noir went to help multiple times in the episode. I have been pissy that Adrien doesn’t really have any flaws like Marinette, he doesn’t have a lot of negative traits to character develop and learn, but I realized this episode he DOES have a MAJOR flaw that hurts him more than Marinette’s flaws hurt her.
Adrien is TOO NICE. I love that about him but that’s actively what gets him hurt or causes conflict with others because everyone else tends to have selfish needs (even our fantastic casts of popular characters) and it conflicts with Adrien’s need to be nice and need to be loved.

  • His kindness constantly puts hope in his Father (despite constant disappointments in the past).
  • His faith in his father hurt Nino’s feelings when he stood up for his father’s bad behavior causing him to turn into the Bubbler.
  • Adrien’s too nice to turn Chloe away even though she has constantly shown few traits that Adrien likes about her (but is willing to shoot her down when she’s wrong, good boy :D).
  • But that kindness to Chloe angers / hurts Marinette AND Ladybug at times.
  • His chivalry makes it so he never pushes Ladybug with his love, a very admirable as heck trait, but it means his heart is constantly hurt by the person he loves because he won’t 1. snoop when she’s detransforming 2. back her into a wall to show his love (like all stereotype girls romances do). He constantly leans on walls with an open position so he’s never “trapping” anyone that doesn’t want his attention. This kindness that leaves it open for Ladybug to reject him (which she does every time) has got to be a painful experience for him. It makes him all the more a good guy, don’t get me wrong, love it, but this is a “flaw” if you will that hurts Adrien.

Under cut single spoiler to Christmas Special

  • His love for his mother’s clear good will and kindness made it so that he couldn’t vent his frustration out on the Christmas tree, even though that would have done a world of good for his emotional stress, he didn’t harm the tree because of 1. his mother’s memory 2. because from her he knew it was wrong. He kept in and bottled up that rage he felt, mentally harming himself, but realizing it would hurt others to see the spirit of Christmas destroyed by him and thus doing good by harming himself and holding in that frustration, which he quite literally took out on himself by destroying a poster of his face (courtesy realization credit due to @jflashandclash).
  • Heck, as Cat Noir he’s constantly the butt of the joke / doing the tedious tasks more so than Ladybug. He certainly more vocal about his complaints, but even his Adrien kindness seeps into his Cat Noir persona since he still takes on that kind of task for His Lady. He’ll even defend Chloe as Cat Noir (another hint, Marinette, COME ON!) which shows his good will even as his more “free” persona.
  • The list can go on…

What I’m trying to say though, is that for all my personal grandstanding about Marinette, Chloe, EVERYONE having flaws except Adrien and that makes him a cliché good guy in a way. I really have to take that thought process back now. Adrien’s flaw IS his kindness and niceness. It blinds him sometimes just as Marinette’s hotheadedness does. It ends up hurting himself, just as the fallout of Marinette’s less than good deeds does to her consciences. His flaw is being too nice and now I just appreciate the show creators and Adrien so much more now realizing that.


Wow…this turned into an Adrien rant all of a sudden…Anyway!

“I hope it’s [lucky charm / tikki] not trying to tell us to move to another city.” CAT XDDDDD



Huh…I just realized I didn’t make a post about when the French dub aired…I must have been SO FREAKING TIRED XDD

But the English dub was still cute :D Christmas spirit heightened all around!

Hope everyone enjoys the Christmas Special no matter when you see it :D

Straight guy:

*doesnt respect women for their value as a person, only cares about genitals

*calls women “females”

*makes unnecessary and uncomfortable genitalia comments (shit like cat calling)

*judges women based on appearance


*doesnt respect women for their value as a person, only cares about genitals

*calls women “females”

*makes unncessary and uncomfortable genitalia comments (shit like asking whats in someones pants and degrading them for it)

*judges women based on appearance

Fan theory time...about Ladybug's identity

Marinette looks so happy when Cat Noir promises not to tell anyone her secret. She smiles a little at his endearment. It’s so cute.

But when she tells him it’s best no one knows, she doesn’t say it as a fact or even that she would never tell him. She just gets sad and looks away as if she’s ashamed.

My fan theory / now headcanon is that Marinette isn’t scared of people knowing her identity for simply knowing it. I think she’s scared of people knowing it’s her. Just plain, simply, easily embarressed Marinette that she’s afraid of people finding out.

She was happy with how sincere and exctied that Cat Noir wants to know who she is. But she’s afraid once he knows he’ll be disappointed? She’s happy and confident as Ladybug but doesn’t want anyone to find out that she’s really just nobody Marinette. She doesn’t want to let down even Cat Noir’s expectations of her, which she feels would fall short if he knew she was Marinette.

It’s that mental complex of secret identities and even just secrets in general. We all put up a face or persona we want others to percieve. I want my friends to think I’m witty, smart, and cool. All the time. Even though its exhausting to do so. It’s a great mental theme the show is keeping in mind to relate to real teens, and even real people. Everyone goes through this no matter what age they are. And I really applaud the writers, animators, creators, etc. if they really do have that as her mentality because that was well thought out as a minor but important character and animation tick to keep in mind.

Just my thoughts

Considering that “davai” actually means something like “come on” or “hurry up”, (used in YOI along the lines of “get out there and show them what you’re made of”) it’s kinda the perfect thing to say during sex, especially when your hot Kazakh boyfriend is a fucking tease…

Thinking about Adrien obvs.

A Little Heart-to-Heart

So…this is something I’ve wanted to do for a little while now. This is based on @atomi-cat‘s Boneheads AU. It’s one of my favorite AUs of all time and I always get so excited when I see she’s drawn more of them. Everyone should check it out if you love skeletons.

Ironically enough, this is a follow up to her Follow Up comic :P

I’m sorry if this isn’t perfect, or it goes against the AU in any way, but this is just a little thank you to Atomi for all the fun her art and comics bring to me. Thank you Atomi, and I hope you like this :>

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Confessions {A Otayuri One-Shot}

Yuri looked down at his phone, waiting for Otabek to show up at Yuri’s favorite cat cafe. It was his 19th birthday. As he checked his phone, replying back to all the birthday comments, a cat had hopped onto his lap. Yuri put his phone aside, giving his attention to the white cat.

Outside the cat cafe, a taxi pulled up. Yuri watched as the door opened and a man with long black hair stepped out with a suitcase. When he turned around, he recognizes him to be Otabek. Yuri waved to him. Otabek waved back, heading into the building.

Yuri brushed his long hair out of his face, and slipped his phone the table and into his pocket. The bell above the door rang as he entered, startling the cat on Yuri’s lap. The what feline jumped down, running off to another one of it’s friends.

Otabek took the seat across from his friend, taking notice of his long hair. It had grown a few inches in the past three months since they had last seen each other in person. Today, Yuri had braided a small braid into his hair, leaving the rest of his hair down. It was no doubt a gorgeous look on him.

“Happy birthday, Yuri.”

“Thanks,” Yuri smiled. Oh, those smile. Otabek loved Yuri’s smile. “What took you so long?” Yuri asked.

“I had problem finding my bags. Then my ride was late.”

“Ah,” Yuri said. Just then his phone began to vibrate. He picked up to see who was calling. “Oh no.”

“Who is it?”

Yuri answered the call, not bothering to tell Otabek. Before Yuri could say hello, the person on the other line had begun screaming. Yuri yelled back an insult. It only took a few seconds to figure out he was speaking to Viktor. After a short conversation, Yuri hung up, explained that he was hanging out with Otabek.

“Sorry,” Yuri apologized. “Viktor wouldn’t shut up.”

“It’s fine,” Otabek told him. A woman came back, placing a glass of water on the table for the black haired man who had come in. Once she had walked off, Otabek reached under the table for the gift he bought Yuri.

“You didn’t have to get me anything.”

“I did. It’s what people do for others on their birthday.”

Yuri blushed a little, talking the bag from his friend’s hand. Before reached in, he glanced up at Otabek to make sure he was watching. And, just as he thought, Otabek was staring at him with those brown eyes that Yuri had come to love.

Moving aside the tissue paper, Yuri revealed a piece of back fabric. He reached in, pulling it out and unfolding it. It was a T-shirt with a white Bengal tiger head printed on the front. Yuri flipped it around and held it to his chest to see if it was the right size. He looked up, smiling at Otabek.

“I love it,” Yuri told him. “I’ll put it on when I when I get home and send you a pic, kay?”

“Kay,” Otabek grinned. He took notice of Yuri’s cheeks. They was a light blush dusting his cheeks.

Yuri sighed happily, placing the shirt in the bag. Then he picked up the menu, suggesting they order something. They both had something picked out in minutes, so they called the waitress over to place their orders. While she went to the kitchens, Yuri and Otabek decided to catch up.

They had talked plenty of times over the phone, but it wasn’t the same. They had also Skyped each other into the late hours of the night before Yuri’s grandpa would tell him to go to bed, be it was different now that they were in front of one another. Both of them were laughing when their food came, and they had to calm themselves before eating.

It wasn’t till the food was right in front of him did Otabek realize how hungry he had been. After being rushed to the airport and put on a plane for three hours, he had an appetite. Yuri chuckled as he watched him stuff his face. Otabek noticed his friend laughing at him, and glared at him. Yuri only laughed harder. His laughter started to subside and he took a bite of his own food. As he did so, a cat rubbed up against him, begging for food. Yuri glanced around, making sure no one was looking before slipping some food under the table.

“Shhh,” he told the cat. “Don’t let anyone know.”

The cat took the food, running off. There was a strict rule to not feed the cats here. Yuri always did, risking the punishment of being kicked out, but he couldn’t help it. He wanted all the cats’ affection.

A few minutes later, once they had both finished their meals, another cat came up behind Yuri. He didn’t see it, but Otabek did, but acted like there was behind him. But then, suddenly, the cat pounced, latching into the back of Yuri’s jacket. He yelped, feeling the cat’s claws poking his back and his hair being pulled. Otabek laughed, finding the situation amusing.

“Byakkomaru!” someone from the kitchen shouted. “Get down!”

The cat did as it was told, running off from it’s scolding. Someone rushed over to make sure Yuri was all right. Meanwhile, Otabek was in tears, nearly falling out of the chair he was in.

“Stop laughing at me, you moron!”

Otabek laughed harder at Yuri’s insult. It look another two minutes for him to stop laughing completely, and when he looked at Yuri, all he saw was a an angry kitten. He almost started laughing again, be didn’t due to the glare he was receiving.

“I’m sorry,” he chuckled. “It was just so… funny.”

“Tch,” Yuri mumbled, looking out the window.

They discussed few skating related things. Otabek asked what Yuuri and Viktor had been up to. He hadn’t heard much about them since they retired last year. Apparently they had opened up a skating rink in Japan and were teaching kids how to skate. Personally, Otabek couldn’t see them doing anything better than that.

“Guess we should go visit sometime.”


Otabek paid for their meal, insisting he should as another birthday gift. When he did, Yuri’s face turned pink yet again, and Otabek had the urge to kiss him when he did. He didn’t, of course, but he wanted to.

They exited the cafe, walking down a few blocks to Yuri’s house. They stopped by to drop off Otabek luggage and to grab their skates. Yuri was going to greet his grandpa and ask him how his day had been, but found him taking a nap in his bedroom. He shut the door, informing Otabek to keep his voice down.

Yuri led him to the guest room where he’d be stay for the next two weeks. Yuri dismissed himself to go change into his new shirt, leaving Otabek to unpack. While he was unpacking, he looked around the room. It was simple and plain. The walls were bare and colorless. The dresser was old, with countless scratches on it, but still looked nice. The carpet beneath his feet was old and stained in some areas, but it doesn’t bother Otabek in the slightest. Pushed against the corner, was a twin-sized bed, perfectly made with clean sheets. There was also a small stuffed cat, which he assumed one of Yuri’s. Otabek smiled, thinking it was adorable that Yuri was letting him borrow one of his many plushies.

He exited the room and entered the kitchen where he found Yuri with his back toward the door. As he moved his hands and back, his long cascading hair moved as well.

Yuri had been growing his hair out for years. He had always wanted long hair like Viktor’s and now he had it. Though, to many of his admirers, it was a million times better than Viktor’s long silver hair. Otabek agreed with that group of people, though he also loved many other parts of Yuri.

The way he elegantly moved across the ice like an angel.

The way he’d try to scold taller people, but never be able to get in their face because of his height.

The way he smiled when he was happy, and the way he blushed when he received a compliment.

But, most of all, he loved Yuri’s blue-green eyes. Whenever Yuri looked at him, they shone with joy and happiness. Two emotions that Otabek was proud of giving to the younger male.

“Eh, Otabek, why are you staring at me?” Yuri asked. Otabek snapped out of his daze, realizing that Yuri had turned around with two to-go cups.

“Oh, sorry,” he said, rubbing the back of his neck. “I must have zoned out.”

“It’s alright,” Yuri said, flipping his hair over his shoulder, and handing one of the coffees to him. “Let’s get going.”

Otabek followed Yuri out of the house, allowing him to lead them toward the way to the ice rink. Along the way, Yuri started talking about how Mila was going to be there. He started to complain about the red haired figure skater, but his was nothing new to Otabek. He was used to his rant, so, naturally, he had learned ignore it since it was the same thing every time.

While they walked and Yuri droned on, Otabek watched him move again. He was moving his hands quite a lot while he spoke. Every few seconds, he’d move a hand to push the hair out of his face of tug at his sleeve down to keep him warm. He’d turn his head every so often to Otabek, and he’d catch a good look at Yuri’s flawless smile.

They turned a corner, seeing Yuri’s favorite skating place. They entered, waving at the owners who knew them, and hurried over to the locker room to put on their skates. Once they were laced up, they headed down to the rink where a few other people were skating. As soon as they stepped onto the ice, a certain person Yuri had been complaining about rushed over.

“Happy birthday, Grumpy Cat!” she threw his arms round him, pulling him into a hug. Yuri immediately pushed her away, but since that was normal response, she wasn’t offended.

“Shut the hell up, woman!”

“Yuri,” Otabek warned, giving him the looked. Yuri rolled his eyes, grumbling an apology under his breath. “What was that? I didn’t hear.”

“I’m sorry and I won’t yell at you again today.”


“And thank you for wishing me happy birthday.”

“Good,” Otabek noted, ruffling his hair as he skated off. Behind him, Yuri skated after him, cursing him out.

“It took me all morning to get my hair like this. Don’t you are screw it up!”

Yuri chased him around the ice until Otabek slowed down for the short-tempered blonde catch him. After he did, they spent the rest of the day skating like peaceful civilians. Well, more the most part anyway. Yuri commented every so often about how more and more people were beginning to show up.

After hours of skating, they decided to call it a day and head back to Yuri’s place. The sun had just begun to set as they left the rink, making the sky explode with colors. As they made their journey home, Yuri was quite, probably from all the skating.

“Hey, Otabek?” Yuri asked to make sure he had his attention. Otabek hummed in response. “Can I braid your hair when we get home?”


“Why not?”

“Cause I said.”

“But it’s my birthday,” Yuri whined.

Otabek sighed, fighting back a smile. “Fine. But only cause it’s your birthday.”


They continued walking till they reached a small bridge. Yuri suggested they stop there and take a break to watch the sun set, so they did. Yuri was observing the sun, while Otabek stared at the river below them, thinking. He had come here not only for Yuri’s birthday, but also to tell him something that he’d wanted to tell him for a while now.

Otabek sighed. It was now or never.

“Yuri,” he said, gaining his full attention. “I like you.”

“I like you too,” Yuri said, smiling over at him.

Otabek shook his head, turning toward him. “No, I mean I like like you.”

Yuri’s face turned from bashful to something Otabek couldn’t quite pinpoint. He watched Yuri’s mouth drop open and an “Oh” sound come out. It didn’t sound like a bad “Oh” but it didn’t sound like a good one either. Otabek gulped, waiting for Yuri’s reaction.

Yuri turned his head back to the sunset, processing the words. He could feel a blush on his checks, but he didn’t try to hide it. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw his friend look down and sigh.

“It’s okay if you don’t feel the same. I completely understand. I just felt like you should know.”

Yuri nodded, still a little dazed. Otabek startled rambling again, a nervous habit Yuri had come to find out, but stopped suddenly.

He looked down to see Yuri had placed a hand on his, and the other on his shoulder. Then, with the speed of cheetah, kissed his cheek. Both their face flamed red at Yuri’s actions.

“It- it’s okay,” Yuri stutter, a big smile on his face. “I’ve kind of liked you for awhile too.”

They stood there, not making eye contact for a while. Otabek looked at their hands, which Yuri were only touching, and intertwined their fingers. He looked to the side at Yuri, seeing his face an even deeper shade of red how.

“How long have you, uh, liked me?” Otabek asked, still extremely flustered.

“Not quite too sure. I kind of figured out my feels recently though,” Yuri paused, biting his lip and looked up, meeting Otabek’s brown eyes. “You?”

Otabek looked away, embarrassed yet again. “Last year that the first qualification for the Grand Prix.”

Yuri smiled. He remembered how he had asked Otabek to come and cheer him on, and he did as Yuri had wished. He remembered looking out from the ice, spotting his friend who was waiting for him by the area where he’d be exciting once he finished his performance. When he had finished, he was looking right at his friend, giving him a smile. A smile that he only gave to Otabek.

“I remember that,” Yuri said, recalling every detail. “I stepped off the ice, and you handed me my water bottle and a rose that matched my outfit.”

“Yep,” Otabek confirmed, meeting Yuri’s blue-green eyes. They both laughed, happy beyond belief. “Yuri, will you be my boyfriend?”

If it were possible, Yuri’s smile widened. “Yes.” He leaned forward again, kissing his check, pulling away with a giggle. “This was the best birthday ever.”

Otabek laughed along. There was no denying that fact.

Ya Rab… Gue termasuk pada golongan segelintir pria yang komentar di foto kucing di instagram 😂😂😂

I can’t stand the idea of not commenting that fat cat stretching his back off :)))


Re-Blogs are Friendlier!

Comic #9: Don’t…You…Dare

He has the greatest of friends…

I’m assuming, this is what is like to have a cat? Cuz Meowth can be a little piece of-

Hey look, she has a Nokia Palkia phone.

Hallf way through The “thrilling” saga:
Comic #8 & Comic #10