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the GazettE Visualzine comment

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Hi there, I once read a fic that i think was on Archive of our own, where Loki was staying (willingly or not, i can't remember) in Stark Tower and he and Tony developed a relationship. I think there was some stuff over whether or not Loki was trustworthy and he possibly arrived by crashing onto the balcony/tower. the thing I absolutely remember though, was that there was a secret tunnel/door allowing him access to tony's room & vice versa. Does anyone know it? thanks

Can anyone help anon out?

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Prompt: Part 1: Loki turns up at Stark Tower and wants and at first unwilling Tony. It´s sex without affection. They don´t see each other after that night, but Tony gets a little surprise: he is pregnant. At first he is able to hide it, but after he gets more and more symptoms he comes up with a believable lie. But when the baby is born it is blue and he has to tell the truth. Thor is sworn to silence if he is still in contact with Loki, cause Tony holds a grudge against him.

part 2


As a white person, i support everyone. I would fight for anyone’s right. I hate that someone is not treated right, i hate that good people, amazing people are losing lives because some people have problems. I don’t like the fact that it took humanity so many centuries to make equal rights for everyone (we are still fighting, it’s hard for me to understand that selfishness). I don’t know many black people but those i met are glorious, beautiful people and friends, but also many white people are glorious and beautiful and nice and would die to save someone’s life.

So, to make it clear, i am fucking not making this about white people. I am making this because i feel disrespected here. Because i fucking can’t comment that i grew up having things like black people without being attacked. Because i fucking can’t comment on posts about defending white people, i dont know the situation, you dont know the situation and you fucking assume white people did a bad thing. Because of the comments “Y’all white people”, “This is white people’s shit”, “something white people would do” and you make me feel like fool. You make me feel bad that i was born white. You make me hate myself. And you know what? THIS IS RACISM and i give you a definition of racism, right here:

The Oxford English Dictionary defines racism as the “belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races” and the expression of such prejudice”

I understand black people have felt bigger racism than this and it makes me sad, i wish that never happens to anyone again, but racism towards white people is also racism. And you can’t stop racism like that.

I beg you, next time you wanna make a “white people” comment, think about anxious white people on the other side of the screen, because you are saying that’s them.


the GazettE Comment - VISUALZINE Magazine Vol.18

The view from my hotel room with @witeraven. Feeling super blessed that I can be on this trip to this amazing city with my best friend. Stay tuned for more photos!

Pandora ❤ 💙 💚 💛 💜

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SCANDAL meets Disney Villains; Commentary Footage

  • HARUNA: Hello, this is SCANDAL! The one I’m portraying is Maleficent. The main point of Maleficent’s costumes are the horns. As well as these which leads me to be unable to see the members on my sides, these wings.
  • RINA: As Ursula, I can’t see Haru’s face either. How worrying.
  • HARUNA: But at least I won’t get tangled up with anyone. I think that’s the number one part I’m most glad about. Now, the next member, Tomomi.
  • TOMOMI: I might not be able to see Maleficent, but this fringe here? I’m really into the eccentric fringe.
  • MAMI: So what are you?
  • TOMOMI: I’m the Wicked Queen.
  • MAMI: And the one I’m portraying is Cruella.
  • RINA / HARUNA: It really suits her, doesn’t it?
  • MAMI: Speaking of Cruella, it’s got to be her fur coat. And for this round, here’s the dalmatian.
  • RINA: And I’m Ursula on drums. My costume’s main point are these corals that make up of the chocker and stole. And then my hairstyle is alike to that of swimming in the middle of the ocean.
  • HARUNA / MAMI: It feels lovely, doesn’t it? It’s cute.
  • RINA: It’s a ladylike body type of Ursula (laughs). It has a good butt and the legs too, it’s like you can see me swim. This has been Ursula.
  • HARUNA: How was our Disney Villains? This year, the Disney Villains day is set!

Video upload by natalie, translated by fyscandalband. All interviews have been translated. For all of my SCANDAL meets Disney Villains translations, the tag is HERE!