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Remove smartphones from the hands of under-18s and maybe they will grow up to be less dumb
Steve Hilton – the former adviser to David Cameron and potential mayoral candidate

“The notorious selfie is a threadbare form of expression, encouraging young women to post inane pictures of themselves every hour of the day in order to feel important. In short, their lives are viewed as meaningless unless they are doing something online. Teenagers don’t want to leave their bedrooms, they are so locked into this twilight world.”

Thoughts on 7x10.  There are many and they are all over the place.  

I loved it.  This ep had two seasons worth of hype, and it lived up to it.  

@godyoutalkpretty said it, and I agree.  I was not disappointed.  Nice call-backs to old episodes, competent and dark!Deeks (always very good things, especially with added smartassery), Kensi standing by her man, Kensi calling out Hetty, Mama Deeks, so many things.  Didn’t know how to “organize” this (it’s still all over the place) so here’s a chronological bulleted list of what stuck out to me the most on my second rewatch, the goodness and all of the questionable things I just don’t know about.  

  • May be the sexiest mugshot ever.  Also, the eye-roll.  Smartassery commences.  
  • Granger straight up calls out Sam and G.  Kensi was probably freaking out after he was arrested, unable to sleep, worried sick, trying to get in touch with Deeks every way she knows how after the jail won’t let her see him, attempting to figure out what the hell is going on, and here G is, crashing on the couch of the mission without looking into it even though he has the resources, joking it up with Sam, who went home to his family probably after giving Kensi a dismissive, “We’ll figure it out tomorrow,” or “Everything’s going to be fine.  Go home.”  I’m not too mad at them, they probably didn’t realize the extent of what was going down, and they’d had a long day.  Can’t blame them, but it was still nice watching Granger basically say that they should’ve had Deeks’s and Kensi’s backs sooner.  
  • They remember that he’s a lawyer (I thought that they might have forgotten).  And he seems to be a damn good one, at that.  He possesses the makings of a good lawyer, starting with the quality of being able to lie like nobody’s business.  He can talk himself out of anything.  He’s a seriously complex character, definitely hard to interpret when he wants to make it that way, like in this situation where he needs to get a read on IA and what they know.
  • This face. (seriously murderous af)
  • Kensi is so funny dealing with Roberta.  You can tell she really admires her, and doesn’t quite know how to handle her, and she’s a little too formal.  She wants “Mrs. Deeks” to trust her with her son’s heart.  Roberta is airy but nurturing, and you can tell she frets over Deeks all of the time.  You can also tell that Kensi’s respectful attitude’s paid off, because Roberta already wants her to have her grandbabies for her, so there’s that.  Even though she’s spacey, she’s definitely intuitive, because she can tell that Kensi’s the one.        
  • Yoooo, @hermionesmydawg had a great post about this where she talks about the fuckery of Deeks literally renting that hotel room, just in case it ever came back to bite him in the ass so that his DNA would have a valid reason for being all over the room.  So smart of the writers to take that scene from 3x06 and incorporate it, like holy shit.  He lied to her back then like he lies to her now, effortlessly.  Damn.  Difference is now he feels guilty as hell about it, which he should.
  • I’ve seen the idea that Tiffany might be Deeks’s sister, and the thought crossed my mind with my preliminary watching of the episode.  But if that were the case it would be a half-sister, from his dad’s side.  Plausible, but I don’t think she is.  I just think that he has a requisite to protect women like his mom from people like his dad.  He’s said it himself, that’s what drive him.  Speaking of…
  • His mom visiting him at prison was so sweet.  She made him a care package, for fuck’s sake.  You can tell that she always wanted to protect him, she just didn’t know how.  She’s proud of him, the man that he’s became, and she regrets not being able to stop his dad.  I think she wasn’t confident when she was with Brandel, and that she’s used to messing up.  But Deeks is the one thing she did a good job with, and she knows it, and she loves him with everything she has because of it.  I would love to know why she isn’t his next of kin, like we were promised, but I think in a way we kind of got our answer.  Deeks doesn’t want her to worry.  We know that he didn’t want her to know about his arrest.  My guess is that he didn’t let her know about his shooting or Sidorov.  
  • Deeks told Kensi that Tiffany didn’t kill anybody, even though that was the basis of his whole lie to her.  Tiffany was proven to be the prostitute that Boyle hooked up with before he died, so there goes the whole, “He was wailing on some poor girl…” thing.  Kensi follows him so blindly that she ignores the fact he basically admitted to lying to her, because he knows about Tiffany and he knows that she didn’t do it, but he had told Kensi previously that Boyle’s last hooker probably did it.  And then when he realizes she knows about Tiffany (aka the apparent hooker in his story), he tells her with certainty that there was no way Tiffany could’ve did it.  Maybe if she wasn’t distracted by the imminence of him being shipped to county she would have put it together, and maybe she did (see @hermionesmydawg’s fic), or will later.  
  • Kensi calling Hetty out is quite possibly the best part of the episode.  We’ve all needed this since Afghanistan.  Now, with Kensi flipping out on Hetty, we know that it’s been brewing underneath Kensi’s mostly indifferent exterior.  She was pissed in Praesidium when the interrogator asked her about the reasons she was sent to Afghanistan, but she only let it show for a moment.  She never approached Hetty with her frustrations, though.  What was done was done.  Months of her life wasted, her new development in her relationship with Deeks severed, all of it was in the past, unchangeable.  Giving the bitch that thinks she’s God a piece of her mind wouldn’t have accomplished anything other than putting her on Hetty’s bad side, which isn’t a place anybody wants to be.  But the second she tries that bullshit when it could put Deeks in danger, when every second that passes means Deeks is closer to being shipped to prison so that people he’s put away can beat him to death, she tells her off.  And it was awesome.  Seriously great stuff in that scene.    
  • His mother made her a casserole and casually mentions Densi babies.  I love this woman.  Also, what an angel.  Bringing her a casserole, crazy worried about her son.  Hope she’s back soon.  
  • “Don’t let him down like I did.”  She trusts Kensi with her son, more than she trusts herself.  She knows that she can’t protect him, so she asks her for help.  You can tell it breaks Kensi’s heart. 
  • So he said he would confess to manslaughter.  Literally said it.  I feel like he was pretty close to just giving everything up, because he knows his heart was in the right place when he shot Boyle, and his head.  Maybe him and his lawyer brain deducted that a confession would be the best course of action.  But for some reason the idiot IA officer didn’t eat that up like she should’ve.  If you have somebody in custody, and they confess, that’s usually the end of it (to my understanding).  Missed opportunity, for her.    
  • I really like Bates, I hope he sticks around.  Deeks is funny and competent and heartbreaking and a smart ass in this ep.  It was funny as hell when he tried to hug Bates and complemented his gay porn stache after he helped him escape (which, by the way, was pretty cool of him.  Proves how much people come to love Deeks, because apart from being a compulsive liar, he’s a really good guy.  Sends money to a hooker every month to help her get on her feet, volunteers at soup kitchens on holidays, checks up on somebody that doesn’t even like him to see if he’s still sober).  "Piece of work" is a pretty good description of Deeks, Bates.  And the “Don’t wait up! xoxo - Deeks” note.  Could you be any more of a little fucker in this ep, Deeks.  I want to know.
  • Deeks is such a tricky SOB in this ep, I love it.
  • He can’t stand seeing any woman hurt.  He can’t.  Even though he doesn’t really have any connections to Monica Lee that would make him feel responsible for her (at least I don’t think they had a relationship that was more than professional), he still freaks out when that asshole hurts her.  It’s a nice precursor into his confession at the end of the episode, and proves the lengths he’ll go to protect the people that deserve protecting.  Tortured for Sam, tortures for Kensi, does what he can for Monica Lee, kills for Tiffany.  
  • Kensi’s willing to compromise the boat shed.  She’s not thinking rationally.  It’s obvious that when it comes to Deeks, her judgement is clouded.
  • The “He’s gonna execute him,” was a little unnecessary IMO, especially considering we didn’t see Kensi’s reaction to Eric saying that.   She must have been losing her shit.
  • He’s a great liar, but not a perfect one.  Bus lockers was a nice recovery, but it still didn’t work.  
  • Kensi asking for him to “Just give (her) a reason”.  Loved it.  As @liasoningdeeks pointed out, at this point Deeks could be dead for all Kensi knows.  The last time they saw him, he was diving into the marina with his hands handcuffed behind him and a crazy guy shooting at him.  Deeks isn’t the only one who doesn’t have a problem killing deserving bastards. 
  • The hug was everything.  She was so relieved when she saw him, she couldn’t help but sprint over to him.  Pushes back his hair so he can see his injury and everything.  So perfect.
  • There are no questions when he says he’s going to catch up with her later.  At least one of them completely trusts the other.  He just got out of jail after being accused of murder and her faith in him never wavered.  Just “bye” and kisses.  She’s literally blinded by her love for him, head over heels, so she trusts him without hesitation.  He keeps things from her for the same reason, because he loves her.  I know it was hard for Kensi to hand her heart over to him, especially given how guarded she was when he first came into her life.  She told him she only wanted him to see the best parts of her.  But she got over herself, and her fears, and worked and fought towards a trusting relationship with him, because it was what she wanted more than anything in the world.  Deeks is too afraid to be open with her.  He lies to her about stupid things, like his mom being in town.  My personal headcanon is that he lied a ton as a kid to keep himself out of trouble, and after awhile, it became instinct.  Now it’s a hardened defense mechanism, and a bad habit.  It was easier for him to lie to her than trying to explain his reasoning behind doing what he did, because lying comes so easily to him, for whatever reason.  I don’t think it’s about trusting their relationship, I think it’s more about him, not them.  His insecurity.  He doesn’t think he deserves Kensi, and he doesn’t want to see her face when he admits that he’s been flat out lying to her about this and other things for a majority of their dating relationship.  I think it was one of those things where every lie wasn’t that big of a deal until it was all over, and now it’s hitting him that he’s been more or less taking advantage of her blind trust in him, he just hasn’t realized it until now.  She deserves to know what went down, why he acted the way that he did, and one hell of an apology.  And a promise that the lies will stop.  It’ll take time to regain the level of trust she has in him now, but I believe that their relationship is strong enough to overcome his lack of honesty.  If he confesses soon, that is.  (But I’m afraid that the show won’t revisit it, this season or ever.  Kind of a bummer.  I definitely need more closure after that ending.  Kensi needs to know the truth.)      
  • So Hetty made it go away.  How nice of her, instead of letting him go to prison.  As far as the murder goes, there is no doubt that it was justified, and undoubtedly his only option to save Tiffany.  He couldn’t let his dick of a partner beat a 17 year old girl to death.  Any decent human being wouldn’t have let that happen, and would have tried to prevent it to the best of their ability.
  • Deeks doesn’t seem to know what to think about Hetty’s comment either.  I’ve read a few different theories, and I just don’t know.  I hope she’s not so bitter that she would mean it as, “Break up with her,” but at first that’s how I read it.  I like @raccoonsmate4life’s theory the best though, I think.
  • Lots of thoughts.  Deeks being a sociopath aside (haha not really, but kind of.  Again, this face.  ECO, you fucker), I loved the ep.  I didn’t expect the ending, and I like that he did it, in a weird way.  I don’t like that he lied to Kensi, and how easily it comes to him.  Really crazy character trait, and again, I think it must come from either growing up in an environment where if you weren’t a good liar, you got the ass whipping of a lifetime, or maybe it was a development that came about doing undercover work, or a combination.  I think he needs to go to counseling for being a pathological liar.  A beautiful, marvelous liar, full of fuckery. 10/10.