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studying commence.

disclaimer: this is a work of fiction and is not meant to represent the celebrity’s actual life/lifestyle.

**do not plagiarize/repost this story**

warnings: slight sexual content


A look of concentration was all that was seen on her face as she worked on writing out the materials she needed to memorize on her notecard. Tom knew that he should probably leave his girlfriend alone so that she could get some work done, but it was honestly hard.

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A Suitable Mate - Blue Beetle x Reader

Requested by Anon - Blue Beetle meeting a girl who the scarab actually approves of and constantly nags him when he’s talking with her.

Notes: ‘Scarab’s speech’

It all started when you woke up late. At first, you didn’t realize the time until your sleep-worn eyes got a peek at your clock. Seeing the time, your heart stopped a second before you zoomed into action. You were late…again. 

Stumbling out your front door, dressed haphazardly with your hair un-brushed, you sprinted down the street. You were supposed to meet your friends at the bus stop to go to the city today, and you didn’t want to be left behind again. Being late was a habit of yours. It had gotten to the point where your friends would stop waiting for you all together. True, they weren’t very good friends because of that, but they were the only ones you had.

You were about two blocks from the bus stop when you hear the screeching of a braking car. Slowing to a walk, you turn to see a car coming straight towards you. You scream, closing your eyes for the impact. 

Suddenly, you felt someone sweep you up into the air. You squeak at the movement, wrapping your arms around their neck. Opening your eyes, you scream again as you see yourself several feet above the ground. The car that would have hit you continued on it’s way with it’s horn blaring. Glancing at your savior, you find yourself in the arms of that beetle guy from the news.

“Hush, senorita,” he said calmly, wincing from the pitch of your screams. “You’re safe now.” He flew back to the ground before gently setting you on your feet. 

Taking a deep breath, you calmed down while combing your fingers through your wild hair to ease the mess that it was in. “Thank you, Mr…,” you begin, realizing you didn’t remember his name.

“Blue Beetle,” he answered distractedly. You smile at him before glancing back at the watch on your wrist.

“I have to go, but thanks again,” you call behind you as you resume your sprint to the bus stop. You might just make it in time.

“You’re welcome,” you heard Blue Beetle shout before you were out of hearing range.  

‘Jaime Reyes, what you just did was a mistake,’ the scarab said within Jaime’s head as he watched you run to the bus stop. 

“What do you mean it was a mistake? We’re supposed to save people, it’s what superheroes do,” Jaime argued, speaking out loud as he flew into the air to keep his eyes on you.

‘That was not the mistake I was speaking of.’

“Then what are you talking about,” Jaime shot back, annoyed with the scarab’s vagueness. He watched as you met your friends, having made it in time. The friends didn’t seem too happy to see you.

‘You let a suitable mate escape your grasp.’

Jaime’s eyes widened at the scarab’s words, almost dropping out of the sky. “A suitable mate,” Jaime asks with his voice going up in pitch in his embarrassment.

‘Yes, she is genetically compatible to you, Jaime Reyes. Suitable for producing offspring.’  

“Please stop,” Jaime begs, his face blushing beneath the armor. 

‘You are attracted to her, Jaime Reyes. You must go after her.’  

“What,” Jaime exclaims, watching you enter the bus after your friends. “Since when are you trying to match me with someone? You hated every girl I liked so far.”

‘None of those females were a suitable mate for you. They were not genetically compatible, thus would not produce quality offspring.’  

Jaime sighed as the bus pulled away. “She’s already gone, Scarab. Besides, she wouldn’t like me anyway.”

‘Not true, Jaime Reyes. The female was attracted to you.’

“Really,” Jaime brightened hopefully. Moving to fly after the bus before it disappeared into the distance.

‘Yes, Jaime Reyes. Now capture your mate.’ 

Jaime found you hours later, wandering the streets alone as the sun began to set. You looked so scared and hurt, his heart ached. While you walked down a street, you passed some shady characters who began to hassle you. One of them grabbed your arm.

‘Your mate is in danger, Jaime Reyes.’

“I can see that,” Jaime muttered to Scarab before flying down to land between the criminals and you. The shady characters flinched, backing up when they saw Jaime’s armored self. Jaime raised his arm, allowing it to form into a sonic cannon. Upon seeing the weapon, the men ran away. Jaime turned to you. Your eyes widen as you watched his arm turn back to normal.

“How did you find me again,” you ask. You were glad at Blue Beetle’s arrival, but his sudden appearance was suspicious. 

“I…” Jaime began before Scarab interrupted his thoughts.

‘We don’t need to explain ourselves to her.’ 

Jaime cleared his throat to silence Scarab before continuing, “I was in the neighborhood.” You nod, accepting his answer as tears filled your eyes. You looked down at the ground to hide them.

‘Jaime Reyes, your mate is upset.’

“Why are you out here by yourself,” Jaime questioned gently.

You smile half-halfheartedly, almost bursting into tears. “My friends left me behind when I was in the bathroom. They didn’t mean anything by it, but it’s just they took my bus ticket home with them.” You try to laugh it off, but it came out sounding more like a sob. 

Jaime pauses before reaching out to wrap his arms around you. Feeling the comfort his arms gave you, you began to sob into his armored chest.

‘Commence mating ritual.’

Hearing Scarab’s words in his head, Jaime did his best to mumble a protest. He didn’t want you to hear and then have to explain Scarab to you. It was too awkward of a conversation to have. Your body was shaking as he held you tighter.

‘The mating ritual would soothe your mate. From my scans, she is ready for the bearing of your offspring.’ 

Jaime blushed, glad his armor covered his face so you couldn’t see it. He let out a growl to hush Scarab. Unfortunately, you heard him.

You stepped out of his arms, embarrassed from your outburst. “I’m sorry,” you apologize, thinking his growl was meant for you.

‘Do not let her go, Jaime Reyes.’ 

“No, it’s okay,” Jaime rushed to soothe you. He took a step towards you. “What’s your name?”

“(Y/N),” you sniffle, wiping your eyes with the end of your sleeve. 

“That’s a pretty name. I’m Jaime,” he answered, allowing his armor to retract from his face.

‘Do not reveal your face in public, Jaime Reyes.’

 You gasp at seeing his face, but you smile at him, finding him handsome.

‘Your mate’s attraction to you is growing. You should commence with the mating ritual.’

Jaime rolled his eyes before whispering. “Shut up, Scarab.” He turned back to smile back at you. “I could fly you home if you want?”

“You sure it wouldn’t be too much trouble,” you reply, ignoring how he talked to himself. You blushed as he lifted you into his arms.

“It would be my pleasure,” Jaime answered before his wings converted out of the back of his armor. As he flew you into the sky, Scarab protested in his head.

‘Courting the female will not help with the reproduction of your offspring, Jaime Reyes.’

“Yes,” Jaime said, after seeing you had fell asleep with your head against his shoulder. “But maybe that’s all I want to do for now.”

glasses || chris x eva

prompt: eva is studying at chris’ house after school but she ends up getting distracted by chris’ glasses.

requested by: anonymous

warnings: the tiniest amount of smut at the end.

a/n: i chose to write this because the thought of chris wearing glasses makes my ovaries explode.


If there was one thing Eva Mohn hated the most, it was studying. She hated even the aspect of starting it. There were so many better things she could be doing right now instead, for example she could be binge watching another show. Eva’s History coursework was piling up and if she didn’t pass on this, she would fail the entire subject.

Eva always thought that company made studying easier. She decided to go round to Chris’ house after school - which had become a weekly thing. Every Tuesday they would go to either one of their houses, make out a little (occasionally go further), talk for a bit and watch something. Although today she had to do some studying.

Eva lay on Chris’ bed getting frustrated with the coursework she was attempting to complete. The anger bubbling up inside her was so real and about to simmer over the edge, she was ready to toss her laptop out of the window.

“Breathe Eva, breathe.” She pushed the electronic device away from her, fanning her face as she started to sweat from frustration. 

Chris knew how stressed she got when it came to History, so he purposely distanced himself from her. He would either take a shower or just lie quietly next to her. Today he had opted for taking a shower seen as he had just been to the gym.

She collapsed onto the bed sighing deeply whilst covering her face up with her small hands. She needed a break. She picked up her iPhone scrolled through her instagram, seeing many pictures of people from her party which was the weekend before.

The door to the ensuite bathroom clicked open and out walked the one and only Chris Schistad in only his black sweatpants. His abs were gleaming and his arms looking extra delicious as there were small drops water peppering on his body.

Despite his naked torso looking fabulously beautiful. Eva wasn’t seeing that. All she noticed was the tortoise shell, large lens surrounded by a thin frame, pair of glasses adorning his face.

In all honesty, Eva didn’t know what to with herself when Chris made his presence known in a room with those glasses on.

Chris licked his plump lips and went to his set of drawers picking out a plain t-shirt to wear. He turned around and faced her with an adorable grin placed on his face.

“How’s your work going?” Chris asked Eva as he slipped the shirt over his head.

Eva wasn’t sure how to reply, her mouth was dry and she felt incredibly intimidated by how handsome he looked. She managed to snap out of her trance and coughed a little.

“Horrendously. I don’t understand it.” She replied.

Chris walked over to his bed and sat down next to Eva who had now moved to the end, her feet dangling off the edge.

“You know, History was my best subject. Let me help you.” Chris said and took the laptop from Eva’s lap.

Chris started to mumble some words as he read what was on the screen. Eva couldn’t help but admire his face that was concentrating, his defined jawline was just irresistable.

“Eva?” His voice brought her back into reality. “Are you listening?”

Her cheeks started to heat up a little in embarrassment. “Er…No, sorry.”

He rolled his eyes at her and commenced his explanation again, Eva’s mind started to wander to other places again. Absentmindedly her hands reached out to pull Chris’ glasses off. Before she could take them all the way off he grabbed her hands and looked her straight in the eye.

“What are you doing?” He attempted to sound accusing but a slight smirk was growing upon his lips.

“Nothing” She replied playfully.

Eva managed to wriggle her hands out of Chris’ tight grasp, still holding his glasses. She looked down at them and started to inspect the pair in detail. She manoeuvred herself around to face him, so she was sat crossed legs. “I really like these.” Eva said as she pretended to study them even more.

“Of course you do. You aren’t even listening to me?”

Eva tilted her head sideways, like dogs do when they are confused. She pretended to look as if she was thinking deeply. “Okay, maybe I wasn’t.”

“If you don’t understand it, then why aren’t you listening?” Chris moved the laptop off his knee and placed it onto his bedroom floor. He turned his full attention to what Eva was just about to say.

“I don’t know. I need help but I ended up getting distracted…”

“Oh really? I would never have guessed.” He replied sarcastically whilst silently smirking.

Eva placed Chris glasses back onto his head and fully looked at him, she was starting to completely lose it internally. She had been losing it to Chris for a while now but today was just the icing on the cake.

They weren’t together, well they were but not officially. She thought that was the best part about it. They both needed and wanted each other the same amount, everyone else and they both knew that they were basically a couple but they didn’t need to have a label. That was what made it so perfect.

“Mhum” Eva mumbled something unrecognisable, before wrapping her arms around Chris neck. “These are just such a big turn on for me.” She continued as she pointed at his glasses.

As soon as their lips collided, they were fighting for dominance. Their hands tangled in each others hair. Chris’ hands slowly slid out of Eva’s hair and inched down to the bottom of her back.

“You in those glasses, it does undescribable things to me,” She says out of breath.

“Maybe I will continue to wear them around you.” Chris replied with a smug smirk plastered across his face. He kissed her again. “So I can always have this treatment.”

Eva giggled against his neck as he reached down and squeezed her bum.
After this encounter, he definitely kept his word. Chris would purposely put his glasses on whenever Eva was around. Even if they weren’t alone, he would tease her in front of their friends by taunting her. Sometimes she would pounce on him to have a quick hook up. Other times she would just admire his beauty from afar and realise how incredibly lucky she was.


A/N: I am so sorry this update took so long! I’ve got exams this year and i’m trying to start revising now, so i’m probably going to be slow. I posted this on my wattpad ages ago and only remembered now to post it here. Requests are always open.

Oh my god what day is it anymore? For someone who has to do a lot of date-sensitive things, you would think I would know. 

@audidraws!!! I got you for @voltron-ss!!!! I really like your art wow I was sort of floored that I got you, and I wish I had better knowledge of BJJ to give you the fic you truly deserved but I hope that some vaguely Klance-ish shenanigans in the snow makes you happy <3

also I think I caught all of the tense shifts, but forgive me I just finished a novel in present tense, I tend to drop back into it by default

They weren’t allowed to see out of the ship windows until they had landed. “A surprise,” Coran explained as he winked and twirled his mustache.

Safe to say, the Paladins were suddenly uncertain and anxious.

“Okay, is it anything like last time? Because I think the black eye I got has finally gone away and I don’t want to get another one,” Hunk asked, raising a hand shyly from the back of the group.

Lance bounced eagerly from foot to foot, waiting for his cue. “I’ll race you to the hangars, Keith–”

“You can use the door, like a civilized person,” Keith muttered, nudging him in the side, but it went largely ignored and was answered with a tongue being stuck out.

So when the ship jolted beneath their feet, bucking with the impact of entry into the atmosphere, Lance was already off running, shouting as he went. The words bounced and echoed off the halls, and were lost to incoherency as the others followed along at a slower pace.

There was another sharp jolt as they finally landed. The Paladins braced themselves against the movement. Lance’s high level of energy was starting to rub off on them, fidgeting and shifting anxiously as they waited for the doors to open.

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anonymous asked:

Can I prompt some DexTangoWhiskey? Maybe Dex and Tango getting close because of their shared interest in computer science and Whiskey getting jealous?

you know, this too should be a full fic at some point. But for now, I skimmed my prompt list and found something that sounds like it’ll work for your concept.  “Where did that come from?”

for @dexrarepairweek

It’s not like Whiskey didn’t have other friends. He had plenty of friends. He had the lacrosse team. He had everyone on his dorm floor. He had the peeps at the LGBT resource center AND the Latin@ house. He had a regular study group for his intro econ class who usually met up to have dinner together. Really, Whiskey was up the fucking wazoo with friends. 

So why the fuck does it bother him that Tony keeps hanging out with Dex? 

 They’re CS majors. They have a class or two together. Dex is clearly an idiot and needs all the help he can get. It really shouldn’t bother Whiskey that any of this is happening. 

Yet here he is, trying to play Smash with Tony at the Haus (on the fucking biohazard couch, no less) which is the first time they’ve been able to hang out outside of practice in two weeks when — “


Fucking Dex shows up. 

Whiskey rolls his eyes. 

Tango flashes him a smile and commences nattering away. “What’s up, Dex? How was your day?” 

“Fine, I guess. That MP I was telling you about yesterday? The one we couldn’t figure out?”


Dex cracks his neck loudly as he settles down on the couch next to Whiskey. Oh of fucking course. “So I asked the TA and apparently this MP was supposed to be reworked between semesters. But they never got around to it.”

“So does that mean we get help or —”

“It’s extra credit if we turn it in by tonight,” he explains. “Otherwise they’ll explain it in lecture tomorrow. Apparently there’s only one thing we need to know about it for the exam.”

“Why didn’t they just take it off the exam then?” Tango asks.

“I don’t know,” Dex rubs his temple. “Because then they’d have to adjust the percentages or come up with another question I guess.” 

“That’s fine,” Tango “We can start after this.” 

Of course, Whiskey thinks. 

“Nah, I have some other homework to get done first. Why don’t you guys keep playing until Ollie and Wicks kick us out?”

“Sounds like a plan,” Tango agrees. 

And so, Dex stays there. Typing away at some user inter-whatever assignment as Whiskey and Tango play another dozen or so rounds of Smash. 

“You should really increase your stock,” Dex says after the fifth time Tango’s whooped Whiskey’s (metaphorical) ass. 

Whiskey crinkles his nose. “Why?”

“Because he always picks Kirby and always spits you out in the first thirty seconds,” Dex points out. “You’d better at characters with long range offense anyway. You’d stand a better chance if you had a few more lives as buffer.” 

“Thanks but — “ 

“Fuck, that’s a good point,” Tango says. “Hmm, maybe it is time to go broader with my choices too. What’d you think Whiskey?”

“I think maybe you two should just go fuck and leave the rest of us alone already,” he snaps. 

Tango and Dex blink at him a few times. 

“Ok.” Tango frowns. “ Where did that come from?”

Whiskey rolls his eyes, throwing his controller on the floor. He doesn’t grab his back. He just storms out of the Haus. He’ll probably just go across the street until he cools down. But of course (of fucking course) Dex catches him by the elbow as he’s trudging down the porch steps. Whiskey turns enough so Dex can see him glaring. 

“Uh,” Dex stammers. “What was that?”

“None of your business, William.” Whiskey rolls his eyes. “I’ll be back later I just — can’t deal right now.” 

“Look, I’m sorry I interrupted your afternoon with Tango.” 

“That’s not the problem —“

“Then what is?”

“It’s every fucking afternoon, Dex!” Whiskey snaps. “It’s every dinner, every lunch, every lazy afternoon where all I wanna do is get high with my best friend. And you’re just there. And I’m just so —” He sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose. “ — over it, ok? So just leave me alone. I don’t need you’re fucking pity.” 

“I’m sorry.”  Dex huffs. “For what it’s worth, you know I wasn’t just trying to hang out with Tango, right?” 

Whiskey stares at him, confused and impatient. 

“I thought we were, I don’t know, bonding?” Dex shrugs, leaning against a post. “My mistake. No harm, no foul, alright?” 

“Alright…” and maybe Whiskey feels kind of like a douche bag.

Maybe it wasn’t so strange or odd that Dex only showed up when they were both free. Maybe it wasn’t the worst thing that he bothers to ask how Whiskey’s doing or if that asshole in his biology section learned to keep his mouth shut yet. Maybe it wasn’t about getting Dex to leave them alone. Maybe he just needs to accept that Dex is there. Dex sends him videos just to make him laugh, and Dex keeps an extra slice of whatever he bakes in the back of the fridge for later. 

“But —” Dex stops himself. 


He shrugs again. “Maybe we could hang out sometime, just the two of us?” 

Whiskey smirks in spite of himself. “Yea, I’d like that.” 

Into The Deep End - Chapter 52

Sasha has always tried to play it safe, to keep her life as simple and risk-free as possible. Things change, however, when she garners the interest of a handsome, charming, younger man from a completely different world than hers. As she starts to question her own rules, is she ready to take the biggest chance of them all? Will she let herself take that dive? Roman Reigns/OC.


“Dude, are you even listening to me?”

Jon Good’s gruff voice yanked Joe back to reality, interrupting a very pleasant memory involving strawberries, melted chocolate, Sasha’s ass and his tongue, his thoughts vivid enough to tune out both the car stereo and his friend. Raising his head off of the window of the passenger’s side of the car, he directed his glare towards the driver’s seat. “You still yammerin’ about the Monster Truck thing Renee took you to?” he said.

“I’m not yammering, have some respect,” said Jon.

“Yes you are. And no, I’m not listening to you,” Joe answered bluntly, resting his head back against the window.

“You ain’t the only one, Uce. We stopped paying attention to him a long time ago,” Jonny Fatu piped up from behind Joe’s seat, eyes on his phone, cramped up in the back seat with his twin Josh and Colby, both of whom nodded their agreement with the statement. It was a long drive to the next town, and the last thing they needed to hear for the entire trip was Ambrose talking about shit they’d already heard a hundred times before.

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Remove smartphones from the hands of under-18s and maybe they will grow up to be less dumb
Steve Hilton – the former adviser to David Cameron and potential mayoral candidate

“The notorious selfie is a threadbare form of expression, encouraging young women to post inane pictures of themselves every hour of the day in order to feel important. In short, their lives are viewed as meaningless unless they are doing something online. Teenagers don’t want to leave their bedrooms, they are so locked into this twilight world.”

Requested Story: You and Daryl hate each other, but something changes...
(Requester wanted them to fall in love slowly… if this story is well received, I will continue the love story, if you’d like. Hope you like it!)

“Fuckin’ prick,” you muttered under your breath, as you straightened your compound bow on your back. Everyone else was down with some stupid cold, and you got stuck going on a run with Daryl: The biggest asshole you’d ever met. Since the day you had run up on the group accidentally, he’d hated you, and you just didn’t have the goodness in your heart to be the better person. So, you hated him back. Vehemently. 

You heard him yell behind you. “Where the hell do you think you’re goin’!? (Y/N), get back here!” He was running to catch up, and you just kept going. “Hey! What the fuck are you tryin’ to pull here?”

You scowled at him. “Trying to get a distance from you.”

“And what do you think’ll happen if a bunch o’ walkers come up on us?”

You stopped and stared him down. “What the hell do you care?”

“I don’t!” He yelled, “But that bunch o’ people back there, for some dumbass reason, likes you. If I don’t bring you back, they’ll prob’ly assume I killed your stupid ass.”

Rolling your eyes, you commence walking again. “Let’s just get some supplies and head back.”

He said nothing, but walked beside you at arms. In spite of himself, he had a natural instinct to protect. 

When you came to a house, you turned into the yard. Daryl kicked down the door and walked in ahead of you. 

“I’ll clear upstairs,” he muttered, “Be back in a minute.”

You didn’t even nod. You just took off to clear the bottom floor. After a look-through, you found no walkers. While you were rifling through drawers you heard a skirmish upstairs, but knowing how capable Daryl was, you just shook your head and left him to it. 

“Thanks for the help.” You heard him say as he walked down the stairs. 

You satirically inspected him before retorting, “You look fine to me. Don’t be a baby. Now, what exactly are we looking for here?”

“Batteries, diapers, formula, water, and blankets. Those are the top of the list. If we find somethin’ else useful, we should take it, too. That big guy upstairs won’t be needin’ ‘em anymore.”

You silently proceeded to look for the items. After finding a bit of everything but batteries, you smiled triumphantly and sat on the plush couch in the middle of the front room. 

Daryl walked in and scoffed. “So you have time to relax, now?”

“Unless you want me to shit batteries, then yes.”

“Figures,” He turned away and sauntered off.

You grew angry and shot off the couch. “Excuse me, Daryl. What the fuck is your problem?”

He turned around and took a defensive stance. “You’re spoiled! Fuckin’ little princess, primpy ass, lazy bitch!”

You dropped your chin in disbelief. For a moment, you saw nothing but red. Then you responded. “Are you serious?! You do realize that while you were laid up with the sniffles, I was out here, makin’ sure our people were provided for! In fact, I’ve done nothing but contribute since I got here, and you’ve done nothing but whine! So what if I sit on a soft surface every now and again on a run. I get what we need, and I get back. Now you’re better, and you’re in my way, and you’re making this stressful and ridiculous! I don’t know where you got spoiled from, but this primadonna fuckin’ big dog mother fucker act ain’t workin’ with me! Now unless you wanna tell me what your real problem is, get your shit together and let’s go!”

You started to turn to get your things, when Daryl grabbed your arm and swung you around. Your chest bumped his, and he grabbed your other arm. You tried to wiggle free of his grip, but he held tight.

“What are you doing?” You screamed.

The look in his eyes was intense, and a little scary, and you could feel the moist heat from his sweaty face so close to your own. “You like that goddamn couch so much? Let’s do it up right, then.” 

You didn’t even know what he meant, until he kissed you hard on the lips and released your arms, only to hook them under your thighs and pick you up, wrapping your legs around him. You didn’t have time to question anything, because he was moving so fast toward the couch, and it had been so long since you had ached in this way.

When he sat down, you straddling his lap, you ripped his shirt off of him so hard that it actually tore around the neck. He was dirty, and sweaty, and you still wanted him. You hungrily ran your mouth over his chest, tasting his salty skin, then kissed him again. He ripped your shirt open down the front, exposing the tattered bra that you had made last so long. He unclasped it and slid both items off of you, and you felt his member bump against you through his pants. 

There wasn’t time for lingering. He fondled your breasts while you unbuttoned his pants, and then he rolled you over, hard. He was on top of you, pulling off your pants, and then his own. Neither one of you had the luxury of underwear, so you were now both naked, breathing hard, and really just realizing where the moment had led. You smirked at him.

“What?” He said. 

You gave him a smoldering glare, and said, “Dare you.”

He didn’t waste any time. He slammed into you, hard. Your fingernails found the skin on his back, and dug in until you were sure you felt blood. He pumped in and out, fast, furiously, releasing the tension that both of you had built up for so long. You wrapped your legs around his body and tugged on his hair. He responded by hooking an arm under one of your knees, plunging himself deeper into you. 

This wasn’t like something you see in the movies. This was primal, instinctual, and necessary. There were no words, only sounds of pain and pleasure intermixed with deep, wanting breaths and heaving groans. He sped up, hitting you in just the right spot so many times that you came, quietly, as it was dangerous to express your true feeling. Then you coaxed him on, running a finger down his spine, tightening your muscles around him, and biting his collarbone hard enough to cause a bruise, until he finally climaxed, and spilled himself into you. 

You didn’t kiss afterward, but instead simply stood up and dressed (you having to find some new clothes in one of the bedrooms, as he had completely destroyed yours). You gathered your things, and were walking out the door, when he grabbed your arm again, just as he had before. 

“I don’t hate ya,” he said apologetically, but still with that edge that only Daryl could pull off. 

You smiled now, finally getting a glimpse of the true Daryl. The gentle guy that everyone had been telling you about. “I don’t  hate you either, Daryl. Let’s get back before dark.”

meta won’t be out for a couple of days at least, but here are my initial thoughts: 

  • the premiere wasn’t perfect, but i think the set up it created was—meaning, i think camelot is really the perfect place to take our characters, and i’m glad we’re physically going there
  • similarly, i’m interested in the allusions to the white swan/dark swan we’ll be seeing side by side via the time jump. showing the duality of her without literally doing it, etc
  • wtf belle ugh god hold my hair while i vom
  • unfortunately the writers did make another rape allusion and it was p unsettling bc once again—do they realize the implication of that kind of writing? probably not. they’re treating it way too lightly
  • jane espenson i am relying on you to slap them upside the head pls come through
  • then again again, everything else about zelena was so entertaining and i am glad they’re keeping her around 
  • K I L L I AN
  • “it has to be her choice” HATERS, WHAT’S GOOD rape culture my left tit 
  • his desperation, his pleas, his hair, his everything
  • JEN’S ACTING god bless her for making this feel so real and not a hammy fairytale thing 
  • all of emma’s scenes were perfect honestly 
  • merida!!!!!!!!comeback sooo000n
  • is rumple personally conscious of what he’s telling emma to do, even while physical body is in a coma? or is it emma’s projection? this is p important to know especially since belle has conveniently forgotten all of his betrayals to lovingly stare at him on his deathbed (commencing eye roll in 3, 2……)
  • anyway
  • i still love this show and as i said at the top, V excited for the camelot stuff, but overall, not the strongest episode in terms of connectivity of storybrooke and camelot/emma
  • on that note, A/E are much better at finales than premieres, which is understandable bc it’s easier to tie things up with a bow than introduce all the strings, but i may include a fluidity critique in my meta
  • also, yes, i am doing a meta. again, look for it late tuesday-thursday. this week is crazy for me as i’m moving across the country in two days and have much to do for a while
  • anyway, once is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yay!!!!!!!!!