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Sugar Sweet | 3 |

word count: 5.1k

genre: smut & fluff



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a/n: there’s no actual smut in this chapter, just lots of talk about it along with seriously suggestive things, but it’ll be in the next one! thank you so much for the support and love for SS so far!!  ♡ ♡ ♡

2 days.

2 days was all you got before fate decided to fuck you over once more.

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Feeling left behind by her more successful, settled friends, Emma Swan moves to Scotland on a whim. Sure, she’s winning at Instagram, but something is still missing from her new life. Fortunately, her friends back home are on it. #FindEmmaSwanAFriend goes viral. Enter Killian Jones, reluctant columnist, who is on the hunt for his newest subject, and may just have found her. CS AU.

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He could feel it, the regret, welling up in his chest, his vision blurring as he scrolled through page after page of poorly punctuated text.

14,202 responses.

14,202 people who were up for being Emma Swan’s friend, and for some reason Killian Jones had appointed himself their gatekeeper.

14,202 reasons to wish he’d never even heard the name Emma Swan.

The task itself was burdensome enough, a time suck if ever there was one. But it was the sexually aggressive come ons he encountered that really propelled it towards torture. There was no other way of saying it: Men were pigs.

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wlweasley  asked:

for the writing stuff thing: harry as a cop's son and pansy as a mafia daughter and the rest is up to you tbqh


  • harry and pansy have a history, sort of–they were in the same sixth grade class until pansy’s overprotective father got paranoid and moved her to the private school across town, right?
  • but harry doesn’t remember her, really, not that well, just that she’d been dropped off in the mornings in a jet-black s-class mercedes with bullet proof windows and a white-gloved oddly young driver with a russian accent and a name tag that read antonin.
  • anyway, he hadn’t liked her, even at 11, because she’d made a show of announcing how incompetent and untrustworthy and stupid the police were when harry’s dad had come in for career day, and she’d dumped an entire cup of chocolate-vanilla swirl pudding all down the front of hermione’s commemorative state spelling bee t-shirt, and she’d been friends with draco malfoy, who everyone knew was the only son of the most corrupt mayoral candidate in history.
  • so.
  • harry barely remembers her, is his point.
  • regardless, a decade later, his remarkably thorough background check for the police academy includes a seemingly unimportant note about a possible connection to pansy parkinson and then he’s being offered–”you can decline, harry, you don’t have to prove anything”–a top-secret highly difficult undercover assignment to infiltrate the parkinson crime family.
  • he accepts, of course.
  • which is how he finds himself carrying a distressed leather satchel, and wearing a pair of too-snug corduroy hipster jeans, and standing at the back of a lecture hall for a sex & sexuality lecture while he looks for–
  • there she is.
  • and he doesn’t know what he was expecting, because she doesn’t look any different from her surveillance photos, but seeing her in person–dark red lipstick and blunt-cut bangs and an expression that shouts boredom just as much as it does dangerous–it sets harry’s nerves on edge in a way he hadn’t anticipated. at all.
  • still, he’s on a mission, so he drops into the empty seat next to her, shoots her the lopsided smile he’d practiced in his bathroom mirror for twenty minutes that morning, and nervously clicks and unclicks his ballpoint pen. 
  • she stares at him for a moment too long, eyes narrowed, lashes thick and sooty with mascara, and then she smirks. harry’s mouth dries out. 
  • “you’re at least a little believable,” she drawls, and even though her tone is lazy, languid, her posture is stiff and her gaze is sharp and harry absolutely cannot fathom how off-balance he suddenly feels. “the last one they sent was, like, practically middle-aged, right, he had a trucker hat on, like, sorry it’s not spring break ‘95, sirius, your aarp card’s in the mail, though! ugh. hate cops, honestly.” she stops, tilts her head to the side, considers harry with a molasses-slow sweep of her eyes across his face, his jaw, his chest, lower–”no offense. i’m sure you’re wonderful at your…job.”
  • and harry knows that, right now, this situation can go one of two ways; he could nod, and grimace, and make his escape back to the station, and pretend none of this ever happened. it would be fine. he would be fine.
  • or.
  • or.
  • he could pay more attention than he probably should to the hot, churning lurch in his gut. the violet lace strap of her bra peeking out of her jacket. the curve of her waist and the length of her legs and the intriguing, slightly chipped corner of peacock-blue nail polish on her ring finger and nowhere else.
  • and he could shift in his seat.
  • he could lick his lips.
  • he could tell her–
[TRANS] 150906 - “October 7th, Zhang Yixing’s Shanghai birthday party theme -- 10 years of youth, sincerely keeping a date”

He said, “Even if one day, you no longer like to listen to me sing, no longer like to watch me dance, and are no longer willing to be by my side; even if one day, I can no longer continue performing, no longer continue to make you happy, no longer continue to have your company. But I still hope, that on this day in 2015, I can leave a precious memory for you.

He, in 2005, participated in Hunan TV’s <Star Academy> and won 3rd place.

He, in 2008, became a trainee in Korea’s biggest entertainment company SM Entertainment.

He, in 2012, debuted as a member of EXO-M and EXO.

He, in 2015, became the first Chinese celebrity to gain the rights to develop independently in China, in SM’s 26 years of establishment. 

He is Zhang Yixing, on October 7 2015, Zhang Yixing’s “Understanding, Accompaniment, Anticipation” birthday concert will be held at the Shanghai Grand Stage. Understanding, is the affirmation from the beginning. Accompaniment, is the most beautiful memory; and Anticipation, is the truest promise. In this birthday party, Zhang Yixing will use 10 years of youth, to sincerely keep a date.

It is understood that at this birthday party, all ticket buyers will receive a birthday commemorative T-shirt personally designed by Zhang Yixing. Among those who bought the 1007RMB tickets, one audience member will be chosen to go on stage to interact closely with Zhang Yixing, and will receive an autographed commemorative T-shirt.

Thank you, for giving him the greatest courage and strength.

Thank you, for persisting in liking him for so long, he said he will work hard, work hard, and work harder.

source: 大麦网上海站 (the ticketing platform in charge of Yixing’s birthday party)

trans by elaysium (please do not repost).

Hockey Summer School?

Anyone who knows me in real life knows that one of the very first things I got emotional about when I was getting into hockey (before I even had a favorite team or player) was the lack of Real Life Skills these guys had when they retired.  Don’t ask me why, this was just what Hockey Rookie Kim decided to fixate on. Now that I know my way around the sport a bit more I’ve come up with what I deem to be a brilliant plan to help these guys out right when they’re about to get to the big time.  I propose an intensive summer school type situation the summer after these kids get drafted that should help them navigate both 1.) being in the public eye and 2.) suddenly having all the freedoms of a very rich adult.

Listen up NHL, I’ve already made your curriculum for you.

Day 1: Hair Gel: Just Say No (and other style tips)

Many hockey players leave home to pursue their dreams at the ripe old age of 15. I don’t know if you remember being 15 but if for some reason you’ve blocked it out let me remind you: no one is fashionable at 15. I had finally learned how to use frizz serum after I figured out that humidity + curly hair isn’t a good combo. I thought wearing those jelly bracelets from Hot Topic was the Height of Fashion and I made everyone wear converse to my Quincenera. Luckily, I’ve grown since then.

Maybe it’s the lack of parental influence asking them “is that really what you’re wearing?” when they leave the house or maybe it’s the fact that they’re spending nearly all of their teenage boy brainpower on hockey- but hockey players are not exactly known for being the best dressed.*

As the name of this course implies, one of the main focuses will be to show these boys that hair gel is not the be all end all of hair styling expertise. In fact, I think this course should show them other options to tame their locks and just preemptively ban them from buying it except in case of extreme emergency. I’m doing all of us a favor here.

Other styling tips would include throwing out all of their flip-flops and going through their wardrobes in a What Not To Wear style montage. Do you think the NHL could hire Stacy London for a week?

At the end of this course everyone gets a commemorative t-shirt that reads “Soft Hands & Soft Hair Makes a Winning Player

Day 2: The Internet and You

Personally, if I was trying to work my way towards the Very Public occupation of being a professional athlete from a young age, I would be pretty self-conscious about what I posted on social media. But maybe that’s just me.  I’m assuming teenage boys think differently.

In any case, it would probably be a good idea to give these boys a crash course in the do’s and don’ts of social media to avoid any major mishaps. Realistically, mistakes will happen and things will get tweeted in the heat of the moment that can’t be deleted (The internet never forgets, kids. There will always be screenshots.)- but hopefully they can steer the kids away from any big mess ups and remind them why slurs and derogatory terms are a bad idea. You know, just an idea.

This course might also be a good intro into how to best use the internet to foster a connection to their fan base if the player is into that sort of thing. With more and more players getting outside modeling and endorsement deals, it would be nice to show them how to cultivate a #brand from the get- go.

Day 3: How to Eat Like a Grown Up

Lately several NHL teams have been contributing to my favorite genre of online video which is Large Clueless Boys Learning How to Cook. It’s like Masterchef but no one knows what they’re doing and everyone eats a million calories a day. Amazing.

I’m pretty sure that teams are actually starting to give their new guys basic cooking lessons, but I would like to make sure that these kids really know what they’re doing. They could do a Guy’s Grocery Games type deal that teaches these guys the importance of having a well stocked kitchen. They could have handy little charts that show them that ordering out every night is way less cost effective and delicious than learning how to cook. (I’m looking at you Seguin.)

Listen, I may be able to get away with just throwing stuff together and hoping if it all works out (and ordering a pizza if it doesn’t) but these guys make their entire livelihoods from being in the best shape possible and sometimes I have to go to my mom’s house for dinner because I forgot to go grocery shopping for 2 weeks in a row. Don’t be like me Tyler Seguin, you can do better.

Day 4: Smiling: It’s important

Going back to day 3, a big part of being a professional hockey player is the fact that your life is going to be much more public now. People might recognize you or go to special events where you are and ask you for pictures.

I’ll admit that this course might be more for my own amusement than anything that might help these poor boys out, but bless their hearts some of these boys do not know how to smile. Help them.    

Day 5: Spend Your $$$

Now that our Hockey Babies have made it to the big time and are now Hockey Toddlers, they’re going to be making a lot more money than any young person should reasonably have. Broadly speaking, yes, a salary that starts at 500k and only goes up is a lot of money. But we have to take into account the fact their careers are very dangerous and could end at any time with an injury that could potentially leave them unable to work any other job for the rest of their lives. This is a depressing thought, and personally I like to think of my faves as invincible and playing forever but we all know that’s not always the case.

So we should teach these kids how to handle their money responsibly so not only will they be alright in the absolute Worst Case Scenario of them being injured, but also because it’s just the responsible thing to do. I promise you that no one needs 15 sports cars, even if they look super sweet.


*There are, of course, exceptions. PK Subban, for example, is very well dressed.