commemorative stone


Cerro Sechin, an archaelogical site in Peru, was discovered in 1937. Shrouded in mystery, it’s still unclear who build it, but one thing is clear: it’s extremely morbid - the carved figures on the wall surrounding it show human sacrifice. The carvings show “warrior-priests” surrounded by dismembered bodies. There have been many interpretations of these carvings. One such interpretation is that of a battle scene which was carved into the stone to commemorate the victory. Another interpretation is that the site was an area for anatomical studies, hence the dismembered body parts and exposed organs.

Rest And Be Thankful.

REST & BE THANKFUL are the words inscribed on a stone near the junction of the A83 and the B828, placed there by soldiers who built the original military road in 1753, now referred to as the Drovers’ road. The original stone fell into ruin and was replaced by a commemorative stone at the same site.

The section is so named as the climb out of Glen Croe is so long and steep at the end that it was traditional for travellers to rest at the top, and be thankful for having reached the highest point. The current road no longer keeps to the floor of Glen Croe but steadily climbs across the southern slopes of The Cobbler, on the north side of the Glen, to the highest point of the pass. The westward descent to Loch Fyne is through Glen Kinglas, and from here the A815, the main road to Dunoon and theCowal peninsula, branches off to the south.

On reaching the shore of Loch Fyne, the main road follows the eastern shore of the loch northwards to its head and then goes south west along the western shore through Inveraray and then on to Lochgilphead and Ardrishaig, where it crosses the entrance to the Crinan Canal.

From Ardrishaig the road continues south to Tarbert, where it crosses over to the western shore of the Kintyre peninsula. In the final section it passes through the villages of Whitehouse, Clachan, Tayinloan, Muasdale and Bellochantuy before finally crossing back to the east of the peninsula, on the Firth of Clyde coast, as it reaches Campbeltown.

Update: The Killers Commemorative Wembley Stone

The following update has been posted on Sweet Talk:

“Hey all. A few people have asked about getting in touch with TK’s PR with regard to a bigger stone, so I just thought I’d offer a better explanation on the promotional stones and why we are not able to get one.

The promotional stones are given after the event, kind of like awards for things like Biebers "loudest scream” etc. These are organised by PR companies, not necessarily the artist involved’s PR. 

Getting TK’s PR involved would take away something from what getting this stone is about. A personal thank you from the fans to The Killers and a commemoration of this momentous event in TK’s and The Victims history. If TK’s PR want to do something themselves then they have more than enough resources available to them to do it. This is from us, by us, as a group of fans that want to show our appreciation of all The Killers’ have given us.

Finally, time is of the essence. If we want to have a chance of getting this stone laid before the show, we have to move fast and get our order in. 

I know it is disappointing to not be able to get a bigger stone with a longer message, but it was only ever really a pipe dream. We went with, “you don’t get, if you don’t ask” We asked, the people at Wembley were lovely, but their management said no. We haven’t lost anything,in fact due to your generosity we have been able to go with the largest stone that is available to the public, and get a replica to present to The Killers, as well as being able to donate a nice sum of money to charity. I call that a win!

Anyone who has not already voted on the wording, you have until tomorrow, and we will be ordering this on Friday. So get sending us those emails!“