au!commentarius | lily’s a vlogger (vol. 3)

Much Later, Still 7th-Year Girls’ Dormitory

Observant Lily: Day 43

Total Observations: 296

And in the name of Objective Retelling…well…

Well, what? Honestly. What is there to say? I mean, there are words—Relieved. Happy. Girlish. Calcium-overloaded. Anxious. Excited. Uncertain—but none of them even come close to describing the reality of it. I’ve tried to be as Objective as possible, but even that was more a simple feat of rhetoric than a tool in helping me process all of this. I’m not sure anything can. Not then, and not now. It’s just all…well, a lot.

I just…I just feel like there’s this balloon lodged in my chest or something, you know? Like it’s there and it just keeps filling up and it’s sort of fun but also sort of frightening and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger and I don’t know what to do about it or how to stop it or even if I want to stop it…