comme does

  • Lexi: *over the comms* Everyone has to stop eating junk. For now on, only vegetables and protein!
  • Vetra: *over the secret comms* I have fifteen cases of Blast-Os in my room. We can hold out longer than she can.

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Time travel AU with Obi-Wan raising the twins while as a bounty hunter is basically everything I want in a fic. And if he travels to CW era while the twins are babies, basically, there's very little physical differences between him and CW era!Obi-Wan. I'm now laughing at the thought of has-no-fucks-left-to-give Ben Kenobi bursting into the galaxy and confusing everyone because why is Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi suddenly a bounty hunter?!?

this was basically me, coming up with this fic. ben just wants the entire galaxy to fuck the fuck off. He has no patience for literally anything, his entire world are baby luke and leia, who adore their Nobi, and are really good at playing ‘hide and seek’. 

the council reacting to the idea that fucking OBI-WAN KENOBI has gone off the rails and is obviously super fucking attached to these two kids, SKYWALKER’S KIDS

padme and anakin silently screaming because apparently those are their children??????? WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!

obi-wan kenobi silently screaming because suddenly his attachment to anakin is blatantly on display for anyone to scrutinize (sorry buddy everyone else can see it, you’re the only one you’re fooling anyway)

the only reason the council even becomes aware of Ben Kenobi is because Ben makes a splash, he can’t even help it??? plus two tiny REALLY FORCE-STRONG BABIES

the jedi: let us have the babies, kenobi

ben: ??? how about you go fuck yourself, you let all the younglings die :\\\

The View From the Edge

Another delightful story for @caped-ace, this time for some Reaper76 from Overwatch! Enjoy these old men, proving that being edgelords doesn’t go out with age.

Cut is for length, not for content. 

Originally posted by etlabetes

It had taken nearly thirty minutes after the battle with Los Muertos for Soldier: 76 to finally collapse in the Dorado alleyway.

Clearly, he had known it was only a matter of time before he would succumb to the injuries he had sustained. That’s why he had concentrated on taking an aimless, twisting path through the Mexican city, avoiding major thoroughfares. Generally he kept moving south - which must have been where he had left whatever mode of transportation he had used to get there - but then, near an industrial scrapyard, his knees buckled. One arm against a building wall, the other clutching the heavy pulse rifle. Of course that would be important to him, but soon it fell with a clatter as he gripped his side, where he had taken the brunt of the grenade blast.

Idiot, Reaper thought. The child had foolishly put herself in danger, had lingered too long, and then the rogue had hesitated in deciding what to do about it, waiting for the last possible moment, losing the gang and just barely rescuing the girl. Sloppy. Careless.

After a moment, it had become too much, and Soldier: 76 sagged to the ground in an unconscious pile.

“Old habits die hard.”

And now that old habit was going to kill him. Ironic.

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heya, don't know if you're still doing prompts, but... you write uliro so so good, any chance you could do something happy and tender? (it's been a rough week)

Anon I am so sorry I didn’t get this to you last week! Here’s a little blessing for your Monday. Hopefully this week is much better for you. <3

ETA: name credit for the aliens goes to the amazing @gitwrecked, who helps me with these entirely more often than she should :) she is the best.

“Have you seen Shiro?” Ulaz asks.

The planet of Thuresh is small, a glorious little place near covered in auburns and coppers thanks entirely to the abundant forests and fields the Thureshi carefully cultivate. The Galra were after the healing properties found in the stunning garnet leaves of their sacred plants; Voltron’s liberation had come not a moment too soon.

The Paladins and all the inhabits of the Castle have landed on Thuresh after the space battle had been won, spending the afternoon replanting and rebuilding. Somewhere along the way Ulaz lost track of time. He’d started the afternoon somewhere near to Shiro, helping to plant new trees brought in from farther greenhouses. At some point Shiro’d drifted away so Lance could show him something; then Ulaz had assisted Hunk in lifting large structural components back into place; then Pidge had wanted his assistance. Now four vargas have passed and Ulaz has no idea where his Black Paladin could be.

“I saw him,” Lance offers, when Ulaz finally tracks him down. Most of the Thurseshi natives dress in pure white wrappings, with intricate splotches of color bold against their shoulders and elbows. It’s a beautiful garb, but frustrating when one is trying to locate a second specific set of white-uniforms-with-colored-markings. The Blue Paladin is standing near one of the reconstructed buildings, chatting amicably with Hunk (who also grins knowingly at Ulaz when Ulaz poses the query. Ulaz still is not used to that sort of smile from Shiro’s friends).

“He’s that way,” Lance says, gesturing. “Think he took his helmet off. Want me to go with you?”

“No,” Ulaz says. “I will find him. Thank you.”

“Tell him I’m starting dinner,” Hunk hollers after Ulaz’s retreating form.

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Ghost Story [Pt 2]

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: You were designed to disappear. What happens when you’re caught?

Warnings: Language

Word Count: 1739

A/N: Hurrah, Bucky makes an appearance! This part is a bit of a doozy, but I couldn’t split it up without it still making sense. It flashes back and forth between the readers PoV and the Avengers PoV. As always, feedback is most welcome!

Series Masterlist // Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3

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Today was the day you were going to resign. It broke your heart to leave so suddenly after working at the coffee shop for all those years. Your coworkers were your first glimpse of kindness after escaping Hydra, and the owners were the closest thing you had to family. But you had become too complacent, and it was a mistake you couldn’t afford to let spiral out of control. This was to protect them.

You had spent the past two weeks creating a new identity, and now that everything was ready you just had to leave. Technically you could have left a few days ago, but goodbyes were hard and you were selfish.

You gave your apartment a final once over, your eyes skimming over the shelves of thoroughly loved books and photographed memories. You had tried so hard to not get attached to this place, but there was something about New York that drew you in and cocooned you in a blanket of hope. It was a fickle thing, the thought of hope. Hydra had sunk its claws in too deep for such a sweet thing to ever become a reality, yet you just couldn’t help the small spark that ignited when you first tasted freedom. Letting out a sigh, you flicked the lights off and closed the door before glancing at your watch. 6:48am. Perfect timing.

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free falling

summary: “Why do you climb?” Gon asks.

What a stupid question. “Why are you asking now?”

Gon kicks his legs off the side of the platform. “I think it’s interesting! Nothing ever looks the same from up here as it does down there. It’s the same for you too, right Killua?”

notes: me: has gone climbing one (1) time so am obviously totally qualified to write a whole fic about killua and gon buildering. killugon, fluff, modern climbing AU. 2700 words. now on ao3!

Yorknew looks prettier at night.

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“This -ice- cream is truly amazing! Here, here-here-here. Please, partake in mine!” 

Commissions for the babe, MiSoPoisonSoup. <3

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Oh oh I have a request! How about desperate, 'I thought I lost you' kisses when the reader returns from a mission several days late? Mccree, genji, tracer and maybe poly!reaper76 would be stellar but if that's too many, just do your favorites! <3


He’s trying to make himself a sandwich from the sparse contents of the fridge, going for a BLT but ending up with something that is mostly pickles, when Winston calls him up to the conference room. There’s been a complication and you have to lay low for a while, no radio contact at all while Talon searches for the thief that stole a truck full of supplies. He gives Jesse the tape of your last transmission, says there’s a personal message for him on there. He takes the tape and the sandwich and leaves, tries not to think about how what’s on that tape may well be the last words he’ll ever hear from you. The seagulls end up eating most of his lunch. He has lost his appetite.

A little over forty-eight hours pass and he still hasn’t listened to the tape. He’s not brave enough, can’t do this without fearing something has happened to you. He’d rather pretend nothing is wrong until the call comes that you’re safe on your way home. It comes, and the moment he has your location he is out of the door, going to meet you halfway, despite Winston’s urging that it’s still dangerous for him to be seen in public with the bounty on his head. It’s just a few hours, but Jesse can’t wait.
He smuggles himself on the hypertrain from Gibraltar to Spain and hitches a ride to the airport, using fake money to buy a plane ticket to London, where you are scheduled to switch flights just minutes after he lands.
The people around him curse and throw their hands up in rude gestures when he pushes past them, searching for your terminal and finding it with minor difficulty. You he could pick out in larger masses. He’s drawn to you, doesn’t need to search, knows when you’re close by like he’s a damn homing pigeon.

“Jesse, what are you-”
He doesn’t let you speak. All the worry, the hastily suppressed fear, bubbles to the surface and he can’t do anything but pull you into a crushing hug and kiss you like he’ll die if he doesn’t.

You recoil at the sudden onslaught but relax when you realise what this is about.

“I’m alright.” you say when you part briefly for air. He doesn’t answer, kisses you again. There are no words for the agony he went through at the thought of never seeing you again. Nothing to talk about that can’t be expressed with his lips on yours and so you hold him as tight as he holds you and kiss until your lips go numb.

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(170423) swv ~five~ in hiroshima day ii

trans cr. sweetgravity

because onew’s ending line for you number was “i want to go to the beach!”, that’s what they called about during the talk segment. key said he’s a beach-maniac. “beach-maniac” in japanese is “umi-mania”, so onew abbreviated it as uma which means horse. taemin asked key what he does with comme des and garaçon when he goes to the beach. key said that he takes them with him, though not always. 


if you’re into watching vlogs on youtube, i’ll recommend someone who’s really good though he just reached 7k, which is a big number already but still, i believe na he deserves more subbies haha so yah, go watch ~ kali vidanes ~ on youtube. he’s 19 taking up ab comm at ateneo. he does chatty vids, he vlogs about school, his cinematics are freaking lit, he vlogs with his squad - broskis who are amazeballs as well and he’s so funny yet so cool. i kinda sound in love with him (my bf actually got jealous with this guy lmao) but no. i mean i love him as a youtuber, u know what i’m saying? haha basta go watch him so you could see what i’m talking about. if u ended up not liking him bec he’s too cool for you jk, just leave his channel without saying a word. thank you! (plugging him bec he’s a must watch youtuber and i swear he’s worth the sub that’s it)