Pop quiz! Can you identify these designers from top to bottom? Give up? It’s Vejas, vaquera02, jakeburtonline, mosesgauntlettcheng, eckhauslatta and gogograham

Why are there so many labels with nearly the same aesthetic? Bare-faced non-models in beiges and whites. 15 year old thrift store Comme meets dismagazine bleakness. Poorly made garments styled with reconstructed mass-produced denim. It’s as if Susan Cianciolo designed a collection out of towels and sheets from a Bed Bath and Beyond and then handed out looks to each label, all styled by Avena Gallagher.

What is interesting about riffing on bad runway looks from Gaultier and McQueen circa 2001 in the year 2015? What can be gained from these labels worn and informed by the same tumblr people- @harinef, @largecoin, julianahuxtable

I am supportive of young talents but when their output is nearly identical, I worry about the future. Does anyone- especially any of the designers above- care to defend their aesthetic and describe how they see their work as interesting and relevant among the other labels creating similar work?