commando soles


//Ok but guys, it can’t be expressed enough how amazing this would be. These two groups hanging together or going on mission for one night. The property damage alone would be staggering and worth any price to witness. 

And then Steve! Oh god, cause the Avengers are their friends, the Warriors Three and Sif are Thor’s. But the Howling Commandos are solely his and just to be with them again one last time would be…*dying feel noises* They don’t even have to know what’s happened to him or them but just getting to be with them a little while and having the chance to say goodbye.  

Ok, then also getting to introduce Thor. And he most likely wouldn’t tell them exactly who Thor was to him and maybe not mention he’s an immortal prince from another world. But to let the man he loves and admires meet his pals. A whole set of people he also loves and admires. 

And then Thor! Who just loves Steve and knows the loneliness he’s suffered. He’d be just over the moon happy for him. Besides feeling honored Steve would want to share what little time he had with his lost friends.  *more dying feel noises*