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She’s best known as a novelist, but Zora Neale Hurston was also one of the first African-American female film makers in the United States. In 1940 she directed a film team to document the religious services of the Commandment Keeper Church creating the short documentary Commandment Keeper Church, Beaufort South Carolina, May 1940.

In 2005 the film was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress.

Battleborn skin ideas

Sisterhood Alani- alternative universe Alani where ambra has taken Alani under her wing and raised her with teachings of the silent sisters augmenting her powers to command lava

Keeper of the blade phoebe- Pheobe was apart of the keepers of the blade on tempest but after learning of Rendains betrayal she has renounced her loyalty to the Emperium and has begun hunting down the other keepers and taking their swords as her own to get her revenge on Rendain (6 Katana Phoebe)

Junkbot ISIC- after being kicked from the LLC for uncontrollably murderous behavior, ISICs AI core was launched into deep space where it made its way to the detritus ring where Reyna has put together a new body for the hate furnace

Outcast Oscar Mike- being kicked from planet mike, Oscar wandered deep space until he met the rogues and joined seeing his chanve to prove he’s more than just a mike unit

Captain Whiskey Foxtrot- after escaping all assassination attempts foxtrot turned to the UPR and rose through the ranks becoming one of their most decorated captains. Proving he is not as defective as the RDC thought

Bio Glaive Caldarius- after being denied his sustainment and stripped of his armor caldarius turned to the eldrid planets to achieve his goal. There he found an ancient Eldrid guantlet called the bio-Glaive which he let bond to his body simulating his old jennerit armor

Feral Attikus- after escaping the jennerit empirium (and loosing his mechanical arm in the process) Attikus has fled to the Eldrid planets where he has given into his more primal roots hunting to feed himself and using old Eldrid tech salvaged from destroyed guardians to recreate his missing arm

Spy Master Thorn- after the darkening of her home world thorn has seemingly turned on her Eldrid kin and joined the Jennerit Emperium even climbing the ranks within the jennerit to become Rendains right hand though unknown to him Thorn seeks to destroy the Jennerit empire from within. (Basically switch deande with Thorn but more drama cause Thorn was once Eldrid)

Empirical Pendles- seeing his potential Rendain has ordered Pendles to be captured and turned to their side. After intense psychological reeducation and a few biological enhancements Pendles is the newest assassin for the Emperium taking down all those appose to the Jennerit before they could see it coming

Ekkunarian Shayne and Aurox-
The last Jennerit attack on Ekkunar left one survivor of a small village, Shayne, alone and left to die in the forest. A Guardian named aurox found shayne close to death and bound itself to them to keep them alive to escape the darkening of ekkunar

I have a lot more ideas I might make this a series post I could describe what these skins look like but that would be too much writing

Subject A0: In The Glade [Part 15, Newt’s P.O.V.]

The Past

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“They took everything. They took her whole world. But little did they know that she found a new one in him.” (Newt x Reader)

A/N: Sorry this took FOREVER but my super busy weekend is now over and boy, is it good to get back to writing! hehe If you find that this isn’t accurate to the events in The Fever Code, it’s because I wrote this before that book came out! So this is just what I’d imagine the Gladers went through before going into the Maze hehe. I’m sorry if it ends up making little sense but I hope you enjoy nonetheless!! Also, this is a long one, sorry! I just didn’t want to break it into two parts cause then it would have been a little weird and draggy.

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Rook wakes up fully clothed at her desk with a mild migraine. There is something small, cuddly and soft next to her. Looking over, it's none other than her favorite little Shado Pand plushie, her arm wrapped around it.

Rook groans and blinks herself awake, eying the stuffed animal in her arm. She thinks her lips and slips it into her desk, a content smile crossing her lips despite the headache.


“That’s a keeper, commander.”

Rook looks up to see Ath smirking with a camera in hand.

“Athena. Hand over the-” Ath just dashes off, and rook groans. Nope. Not worth it.

Open RP: Going Postal

For Tyrek, the couriers office was a wondrous place. 

Where he was from, the office consisted of one young man who ran a few younger couriers into the ground in order to keep the infrastructure flowing.

Over there, service sucked and so did the venue. Here, the service was just the opposite. The venue was alright.

Tyrek made his way to the parchment and began drafting his letter.


Alert the Senior Commanders of the Keepers of the Coast. Tell them that I have intelligence regarding the activities of warriors in the region. It’s of the utmost importance. We need to build up our defences.

Thus the letter continued, where Tyrek penned plans and instructions for Jaz to follow for the defence of the coast.

He went to the teller and had it delivered quickly.

He turned to leave, but before he could do so, he caught a whiff of a powerful magical presence in his area, and his Storm Stone set into the blade of his broadsword glowed bright blue.

Salvage (Despair part 2)- Murphy Imagine

OK THIS WAS SO FUN TO WRITE AND I’M SO HAPPY WITH IT OMG. ok anyway, guess who actually uploaded when they said they would? Wowee, anyway, you guys should go read despair because, this is kinda part 2 (I mean you can just read this one if you want, I’m chill) Have a good day/night Xxxx

If you want to read ‘Despair”, you can read it here 

Warnings: some swearing, mentions of violence

John Murphy x Reader

Word Count: 1394

Gazing up at the entrance to Polis, I tried to remember why I was here. I was here for my people, nothing more. I simply had to bring back the prisoner kept in these walls. With my head held high, I sauntered through the gates, eager to make a scene. Stopping in the middle of the square, I looked up at the steps that led to the main artefact of Polis.

“I am here to bargain with the commander,” I called out, a soldier immediately escorting me to her chamber, his grip on my wrist tight and unsympathetic. Pushing me into the throne room, I regained my balance, staring up at the commander in front of me. Ontari was without a doubt pretty, though held the kind of beauty used to possess and manipulate, a beauty that did no good. She was looking at me with equal interest, her voice bouncing off the walls when she spoke.

“What brings you here, skaikru?” She looked me up and down, wary of the weapon in my hand.

“I believe you have something that belongs to me,” I attempted to keep my voice steady, hiding my fear. Ontari’s head tilted in amusement, offering me a questioning stare. Gripping my sword tightly, I went on in further detail.

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First of all, @camilaart, who most people will know as Camila Cuevas. I must say that I would not hesitate to add her Glitchtale series as one of the shining examples of what the fandom can create, and I know that many, many others will agree, for it is filled with epic battles, gutwrenching plot twists, and heartwarming moments. There are many people who can create good fight animations, and there are many people who can write good stories, but very, very few people can do both at the same time - and of course, Camila is one of them.

Next up are the people at @underlineau, who have made one of the most well-written, and more importantly, heartwarming, comics I have ever seen and probably will. At first glance, it just seems like an original, albeit very good, prequel for the original game, but closer examination reveals that not only did the creators do their homework - they got an A+ and extra credit. Underline takes the loose threads of the game, and seamlessly weaves them into the masterpiece tapestry that is Undertale. Few fanmade creations can do that, but Underline can - and more importantly - does.

While we’re on the topic of fancomics, it would be blasphemy not to mention @askfriskandcompany. While not the first Undertale askblog, it seems unlikely that its popularity is unrelated with the sudden increase of UT askblogs in my recommended list. The general comic itself is the work of a master(well, three masters to be exact), but the way it lets askers directly influence events without letting go of the reins is simply genius. Trash Queen, Clutter Commander, and Canon Keeper. These three have put their heads together to make one of the greatest askblogs of all time, and boy does it show.(I mean, how many fanworks get a Tvtropes page and a review on ComicStripCritic?)

Of course, there’s a reason we’re all here, why all these amazing people have: Toby Fox. It’s because of Undertale we’re all here. Why so many people have come together and shown what we as a fandom can create. What we can do. What we can share. And what we can be. Thank you, Toby. It’s all thanks to you.

Special thanks to @undertalepositivityproject, since otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this and appreciating all the great things Undertale and its fandom have given to me. Many thanks to you too, and good luck.

And last but certainly not least, thank you, everyone who’s contributed to the fandom, in any form of art or otherwise. One person, no matter how great, could not have made the wonderful community that is the fandom today. It is thanks to all of us. Whoever you are, whatever you’ve done for the fandom… You have done well.

*You are filled with Perseverance.

*You are filled with Integrity.

*You are filled with Patience.

*You are filled with Kindness.

*You are filled with Justice.

*You are filled with Bravery.

*You are filled with Determination.

Preference 2

The Job You Have
Word Count- 26

Thomas- Track Hoe

Newt- Medjack

Minho- Runner

Gally- Slicer

Alby- 2nd In Command With Newt

Aris- Keeper of Runners for Group B

Frypan- Cook

Clint- Builder

    Monster Child OC Contest! DEADLINE APPROACHES: May 31st 2016!!!

    Sup, my home fries? Clutter Commander here dishing out some sick deets! Are you ready to get down with the fresh beats that is this freakin’ awesome new contest? Because we hella are!! Listen, the hizzles are sizzlin’ and we are gonna get your creative juices drizzlin’. Fo shizzlin’. So bring your best bros and honeys and even your best gentlefriends, and we will reward the chillest dudes with a spot in our radical homeslice, Frisk’s radical homeroom.

    So let’s get this party started with the message FROM THE MAN! Let’s get STRICT up in here!

    Rule number 1: Once you submit your original character, we have free reign over that character’s actions and future. We can interpret the character in any way, but we will do our best to honor their original concept.

    Rule number 2: Your character should be about Frisk’s age (9 to 11). You should be okay with having your character aged up or down in the event that you are an honorable mention, because we will be incorporating your character into another class. (If you are not cool with aging them up or down, however, you can let us know in your application and we will refrain from doing so.)

    Rule number 3: Your character cannot be a relative of the main cast. Having them be related to a supporting character would not be recommended, but it wouldn’t be terrible. So if you wanted to make Tsundere Plane’s little brother, go for it!

    Rule number 4: Your character has to be able to fit behind a desk. We do not have a problem with large monsters, but they do need to be able to fit inside the classroom. (There are outdoor classrooms for large monsters, but Frisk’s particular classroom is indoors.)

    Rule number 5: Pics or it didn’t happen. Attach an illustrated picture of your character. It doesn’t have to meet any professional standard. We are judging merely on concept, not on artistic ability.  It’s best to submit your OC as a Photo and add the information in the caption.

    Rule number 6: Make peace with the fact that your monster child OC will probably eventually go through puberty. It is a natural part of life. And monster puberty is weird but it is a thing. 

    Rule number 7: Monsters from the underground only please and thank you!


    If you have a sexual/romantic orientation or specific gender identification in mind, make sure you put that info in the extra facts. 
    Tell us what makes them interesting. What are they interested in?
    What particular thing are they wanting to pursue in when they grow up?
    Remember, your character doesn’t have to be cool or likable. Just make them interesting.
     All monster children should wear striped shirts or at least one striped accessory.
    Your character can be based on anything, except for boss monsters.

    So brohams, without further ado, these are the things we need the deets on! Use this sweet template to help create your monster child OC’s and we can get this freakin’ show on the rockin’ road!

    What’s their name?

    Monster type?
    Pics or it didn’t happen

    When’s their birthday?

    Name the traits that define them the most (1-7 should be fine)
    Favorite school subject
    What’s their clique?
    Other fun facts about them

    And here’s some sweet examples if you’re lookin’ for some inspo. Hella hella, yee. 

    Name: Snakes 
    Monster type: Snake hive mind (hydra)
    Birthday: Aug. 17
    Family: Snakes has a really cool mom who is a giant hydra Lady
    Traits: Cool, Smart, Creative, Chill, and Cooperative
    Clique: Art Club!
    School Subject: Art obviously
    “Hello. We are snakes we are here to be educated in your institution of learning. We are a studentsss here.”  They are the presidents of the arts club. Most of the snakes that make up snakes are pretty nice go along with it kind of peeps. The snakes with the sssunglassesss often comes up with ideas and all the other ones are just like “yesss that sssoundsss awesssome!”   If somebody was like snakes you’re so cool and collected! “Yesss Snakesss agreess with your assessment.” They are poly sexual and by that I mean each snake that makes up snakes has its own unique sexual/romantic orientation.
    (Trash Queen & Canon Keeper)

    Name: Mellon Smith 
    Monster type: Water Mellon
    Birthday: September 8
    Family: Her dad is an apple named Jack and her mom is a Cello named Chelsea. She has 5 siblings. Honey is the oldest and is a honey dew melon. Then Mellon. Next is Violet who is a Violin. Wallace who is a cantaloupe and then Penny and Paige who are twins and also peaches.
    Traits: Confidant, Down-to-Earth, Ambitious, Kind, Friendly, Decisive
    Clique: Member of Soccer club, Member of Drama Club, Volunteer Eco Club, Running for Student counsel
    School Subject: English
    Mellon WILL be president and not the president of Canada because they have a prime minister but the president of the USA and also her class. Mellon has true school spirit. Mellon is probably going to end up having stress related problems do to always doing her 110% but doesn’t let that get in the way of her excessive enthusiasm for life except when it does and she has a break down. She needs a shoulder to help carry her massive burdens but she insists on doing it herself because she is strong and capable. “Stop waffling around, waffles are for breakfast!” -Mellon
    (Canon Keeper ft. Clutter Commander)

    Name: Tony
    Monster type: Radio
    Birthday: July 12
    Family: Dad is a boombox and mom is a camera, baby brother name is Blue and he is a microphone.
    Traits: Chill, Optimistic, Free-spirited,
    Clique: Is a floater. Gets along well with most people and usually sits with the comic nerds, anime fans, or music people during lunch. Plays the triangle in band.
    School Subject: Music Class
    Musically inclined. Likes to remix game themes. Enjoys video games and comics books and is pretty cool about it and open to talking about his interests but also knows when to listen. Really grows to love his triangle and tries to incorporate it in most of his songs. Has sick dance moves.
    (Clutter Commander ft. Canon Keeper)


    SUBMIT HERE by May 31st!!!

    "Aang's a bad dad!" - Another Take on the Cloudbaby Family

    Growing up with important parents is hard.

    And Katara and Aang were both incredibly important people. They overthrew a monarchy, ended a war, and saved the world from destruction all before the age of 16. As adults, Aang’s place as the Avatar guaranteed their involvement in future world affairs, and the two went on to found a new nation of people and build an entire city based on their ideals.

    As their children, it makes sense that Bumi, Kya, and Tenzin feel compelled to live up to the high precedent their parents set. Aang left a huge legacy in the world, and all three of his children want to do their best to live up to that standard. They want to be the same sort of people their parents were, they want to be successful and do good in the world, and they want to shape the lives of others as their parents once did. And they place an inordinate amount of pressure on themselves to do so.

    There’s a saying that states there’s two different ways to dehumanize someone– by dismissing or idealizing them. When you take the good traits of an individual and place them in a vacuum, you forget the humanity that made that person so exceptional in the first place. This is something Tenzin does, and something we, as fans of a character, tend to do, too. But I think it’s important to recognize context and character relevancy if you want to understand why specific traits and events are highlighted within the narrative.

    As such, I feel the knee-jerk reaction to dismiss Aang as a terrible father misses the point of the siblings’ interactions. Tenzin, Kya, and Bumi’s issues don’t lie in bad parenting- they lie in each other, and within themselves.

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    Don’t bloody call me Newtie (requested)

    Maze Runner Imagine – requested by anon

    Pairing: Newt x Y/N (reader)

    Prompt: Hi! I love your imagines❤️ I was wonder if you could do one were you and Newt are together and something happens to you and your in a coma and Newt gets really worried, then one day Newts not there and you wake up and find him crying somewhere? And make it all cute and stuff??? Your an amazing writer if you do this it would be amazing!!?

    A/N: So, this was pretty much amusing to write. I tried to find a good situation for the prompt, and end up with this. I tried my best, I hope you will like it! Let me know what do you think!

    -So, this is your bloody first day- Newt sighed, trying to smile. I knew he had always been bloody worried for me every day I went in the Maze with Minho to train, but today I was ready. I could do it on my own. -Come back safe, love. I don’t want to see a single bloody scratch on you, good that?

    -Good that, Newtie- I smiled, getting up on my tiptoes to kiss him on the lips. He gently bit my lower lip, playing with my hair.

    -How many times do I have to tell ya to not bloody call me Newtie?- he protested, giggling.

    -Forever- I simply answered. I kissed him again, then I ran into the Maze.

    For the first four days, everything went well. In the morning Newt would goodbye to me, I would run all day and then I would come back tired but ready for a night spent cuddling. That was my routine and I got so used at it that I didn’t want to change not even a minute of it. But the fate didn’t agree with me.

    -Grievers started to show during the day too- Newt remembered me for the tenth time. -You should take a day off. It’s bloody dangerous out there.

    -Minho is going?- I asked, already knowing the answer. The second in command frown, hunching his lower lip.

    -Yeah, that shank is going in there, but…

    -But nothing, Newtie- I snapped. I smiled a bit, kissing his cheek. -I’m okay. My Keeper is working today? I’m working too. Nothing bad is gonna happen, trust me.

    -I don’t know, I have this strange bloody feeling that…- Newt didn’t finish his sentence, still begging me with his dark brown eyes to stay with him that day. I could understand why he was so worried, I was flattered yet sad for the reasons he was so upset. I shook my head another time, and he finally gave up. He hugged me tightly and kissed me. -Good that. See you later, love.

    -Trust me, sooner than you think- I promised as I ran away.

    Newt P.O.V.

    I worked all the day in the Gardens, that strange feeling still in my chest. Working kept my mind busy most of the time, but I still passed a lot of time glancing at the bloody Doors, waiting for Y/N to come back to me.

    I was afraid she could face a Griever, something she never had seen before, and I perfectly knew the terror that would have changed her amazing Y/E/C eyes in that case. I just hoped she was lucky enough to never be in that bloody kind of situation.

    Zart was working next to me, distracting me with a lazy chat, but it wasn’t helping so much. I had lunch alone, and then went back to work without a word. Three hours before sunset, I heard someone yelling. -A Runner!- they yelled. -Someone turned back!

    Newt immediately looked up at the Doors, but that silhouette didn’t seem Y/N. It was burly, with muscular arms. It was definitely Minho. -Minho!- the second in command called loudly his best friend, limping in his direction faster than he could. The Keeper of Runners fell on his knee, visibily exhausted. -Bloody hell, Minho! What happened?

    The Asian panted, trying to talk. -Gr… Shucking… Grievers… In the Maze- he was breathing heavely, but Newt and Alby – who came in that moment – got his words.

    -Who else is in the Maze now?- asked the leader, worried about his friends. Newt went pale.

    -Y/N- he answered. -Y/N is still in the bloody Maze.

    As if the Grievers wanted to confirm his words, a loud horrible sound made them jump, followed right after by a inhuman cry. It was the voice of a girl. A girl completely terrified. -Y/N!- screamed Newt. He tried to run in the Maze, but Minho stood up quickly and blocked him.

    -Stay here- he ordered. -I got this- and without saying anything else, he ran back into the Maze. Alby kept holding the second in command in the Glade, while he was trying to not break down in front the whole Glade. Another scream filled the air, and he fell on his knee, tears filling his eyes.

    They returned a few minuted before the Doors’ close. Newt was dying by anxhiety, and Alby kept the Gladers away from the Maze walls, since they still had to work. The blond was about to ignore the rules and run into the Maze when Minho showed up with Y/N, the girl supporting with an arm on his shoulders. She was limping and… Bloody hell, she was covered in blood.

    -Y/N!- yelled Newt, taking the girl right after the two of them stepped in the Maze. He brushed her hair away from her face, looking into her eyes. -Bloody hell, love. Can you hear me?

    Y/N simply nodded, but then fell on her knees and threw up.

    That sight made Newt, Minho and Alby going totally pale. -MED-JACKS!- screamed Newt.

    Y/N threw up blood.

    Newt waited out of the Med-Jack hut for two entire days, knowing that they were doing everything to keep her alive. Minho was sitting right next to him; he refused to stay in the hut to rest so the Med-jacks could focus better on the girl. Every Glader was worried for her, even Gally who actually never talked to her.

    After the first three hours Clint spent visiting her, he came out of the hut with the worst news he could give them. Y/N had been stung three times, and the Grievers didn’t have mercy on her. She had internal bleeding, a broken ankle, scratch, bruises and wounds everywhere on her body. -She lost a lot of blood- whispered the Keeper of Med-Jacks. -She probably won’t survive the night, but we will try our best.

    And then, two days after, she was still going though the Changing. Sometimes Newt just jumped out there, trying to not freak out at each scream she let. -She will make it- murmured Minho. -She’s strong. Y/N will come back.

    Newt didn’t answer. He knew that his best friends was just bloody upset as himself, but he couldn’t stand no one’s voice because it wasn’t hers. After a while Jeff came out of the hut again, pale and tired. The second in command and the Keeper of Runners immediately stood up.

    -The Changing is finished- said the Med-Jack. -But… She isn’t waking up.

    -Bloody hell does that mean?- asked Newt, frowing with anger. -Why isn’t she waking up?

    -Because she’s in what looks like a coma- answered the shank. -She will be awake when she wants.

    Newt felt like he was going to fall down, but without knowing how he stayed still. -What should we do?- he asked briefly, his voice surprisingly calm. Minho got that behavior, he knew the blong very well. For that reason, he just put a hand on his shoulder, to let him know that he wasn’t the only one who was bloody suffering.

    -Wait- answered Jeff. -We have just to wait.

    -What if she doesn’t wake up?

    Minho looked straight in Jeff’s eyes. -She will die- they both answered.

    And they waited. They waited for a whole week. The Med-Jacks managed at least to make her drink, but nothing came from her for days. She just lied there, in bed, as she was sleeping. Newt waited everyday next to her, holding her hand and kissing her warm skin. His heart was bleeding in his chest every second, but he couldn’t help but wait.

    The eight day, he stood up and stepped out the hut, pale and with tears in his eyes. The second in command was giving up on Y/N, because he knew like everybody else that she wasn’t going to wake up ever again. He limped to his and Y/N’s secret angle in the Glade behind the Slammer and started crying there.

    It seemed like his limp was hurting even more, as a reminder of what he tried a long time before. He didn’t carry out what he wanted, and now his limp was his eternal punishment. -What?- he blurted out, watching his bad ankle. -Is this a sick punishment? I couldn’t protect Y/N and so she’s leaving me bloody alone?

    He stayed there for hours, crying with eyes closed, an arm on his face and the other on his stomach. He wanted to die. Maybe, after the death of Y/N, he could try again from the Maze… No, he wouldn’t be able to climb the bloody ivy with the ankle in that condition. So what? Throw himself to the Grievers?

    -Why isn’t dying so bloody easy?- he groaned, sniffling and sobbing on his own.

    -‘Cause death is a bloody asshole- a voice answered at his question without him knowing. Newt jumped to sit in that instant, because he had recognized that voice. It was the voice of a girl.

    His girl.

    -You’re here- he held his breath, concerned. Y/N smiled shyly and sat next to him.

    -No, I’m a Griever in disguise- she joked sarcastically. Newt analyzed Y/N. She was still pale, she had lost weight, she looked tired and still sick, but she was alive and she was here with him. She didn’t leave him alone. She didn’t die and she didn’t change like everybody else after the Changing.

    -I missed you- Newt was whispering, new tears falling down his cheeks whilst the awful weight in his chest disappeared. He hugged Y/N tightly, breathing her scent through her hair. -I missed you so bloody much.

    -I missed you too- answered Y/N, giggling. -And I love you. See? I came back.

    -And you’re bloody late- replied Newt, trying to not laugh. He kissed the soft skin on her neck, then her cheek, her nose, her forehead and last her mouth. -But I still love you.

    -Oh, thanks god- she sighed sarcastically again, smiling. -Because I need my shank to protect me when Jeff and Clint will find out that I escaped from the Med-Jacks hut.

    -They know?- Newt frowned.

    -Of course. They made me promise I would stay in bed while they were searching for you. But I knew where you were, and the only one who could find you is actually me.

    The second in command shook his head, smiling. -How 'bout listenin’ to me next time?- he said, looking into her Y/E/C eyes. Y/N smiled.

    -I was listening to you. Everyday- she answered. -When you were next to me. That’s why I came back, Newt. I came back for you, because I can’t live with you and I thought that was the same for you. I needed to be with you again, so I decided to wake up. I won’t ever leave you alone, Newtie.

    Newt knew he was crying again. Ugh, that bloody girl. Always making him thrill. He wiped his tears quickly and kissed her with passion, slowly but intensely. Their lips were moving in sync, and they broke away from each other just to breath. Still, he didn’t separate his forehead from hers. -How many times do I have to tell you to not call me Newtie?

    -Forever- she smiled, kissing him again.

    -And forever will be.

    tanekore  asked:

    hey boo! <333 how about, ererijean "Can't I tell you a secret" or "Can we pretend I didnt just say that?" or maybe you think you can work them together ? ; 3 <333

    “Lebi, call my mopher,” Eren whined, kicking out his feet from beneath the blankets. 

    “You’re not dying, Eren,” Levi said again as he checked his phone. “It’s just a cold.” Jean was supposed to be back twenty minutes ago with more Nyquil.

    “Lebi, plee,” Eren said, followed by more kicking. Levi ignored his plea and pressed the back of his hand to Eren’s forehead.

    He opened a drawer in the nightstand and pulled out a bottle of aspirin. “You’re fever’s back, that’s all.”

    “I’b dying,” Eren moaned.

    Levi sighed. Eren had a stuffy nose, sore throat and slight temperature—nothing a bottle of Nyquil and a good’s night sleep wouldn’t fix.

    “Lebi,” Eren repeated, pushing his covers to the floor. “Cab I tell you a sebret?

    “I don’t know, can you?” Levi huffed, picking the blanket up from the floor and pulling it back over Eren’s arms for what felt like the thousandth time. He pressed his hands underneath Eren’s body to tuck in the blanket like a cocoon while his patient giggled at the sensation.

    “Lebi,” Eren whispered very seriously. “Jeab used yur toobrush.”  

    “What?” Levi snapped at the same time that Jean arrived, a bag from Walgreens hanging at his side.

    “Hey, hey, hey, Eren,” he said, walking over to the bed and rapping his knuckles against Eren’s forehead. He turned to Levi, “He’s clearly delirious.”

    Levi didn’t smile.

    “I’b not delibious, Jeab.” Eren said.

    “That’s exactly what a delirious person would say,” Jean pulled out the Nyquil and measured out a cap full. He held it out to Eren. “Now, drink this.” 

    “No,” Eren shook his head.

    “Eren, don’t you want to get better?” Jean stroked his arm lightly. Despite his annoyance, the sight tugged at Levi’s heartstrings. 

    Eren didn’t say anything, just sat on the bed with his arms crossed. He looked a mess – his hair was sticking up in sweaty clumps and his face was red.

    “Well,” Jean said with a sly look on his face. “I guess Levi and I will just have to keep each other company while you’re sick.” Levi played along and ran his fingers through Jean’s hair slowly. 

    Eren’s gaze tracked their movements with interest. “The sooner you take your, ahh, medicine, the quicker you can join us.” Jean said, his voice catching when Levi tugged at his hair, pulling back to expose Jean’s throat to Eren.

    As Levi’s lips brushed against Jean’s neck, Eren hastily took the Nyquil from Jean’s fingers, wincing slightly at the foul taste but drinking it down all the same. “I’b not dying.”

    Levi smiled and pressed his teeth into Jean’s skin. Someone owed him an explanation about the state of his toothbrush, and he was going to use every trick in the book to get it.