Crosshairs :: Chapter Nineteen

“Yup,” Shepard nodded. “Kaidan took your bench duty, too.”

Williams leaned towards the Commander, a stern look in her eye. “How is my bench?”

“I helped,” Shepard shrugged.

“That doesn’t answer my question, ‘cause by 'helped’ you really mean you put your own rifle away and didn’t let him touch it. Did he move my tools? Are the towels out of order? There’s a system to it - does he know the system?”

Shepard busted up laughing, which Williams took offense to. She opened her mouth, ready to give Shepard a good what for when the Commander held up a hand to forestall her. Still laughing. “You know you have that diagram posted right on the wall, right? Kaidan followed that fucking diagram to a goddamn T. Wouldn’t let me touch the bench when I didn’t follow it. Your bench is in good hands, Chief.”

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"Will this hurt, doctor?"

“You’re such a baby.” Kensi tugged his arm into her lap, beginning to dab the cream on the burn high on his bicep.

“I happen to dislike pain, it’s like an allergy, really.” Deeks quipped, leaning over to brush his lips against her temple. “Thank you, Dr. Blye.”

“Shh, keep still,” she commanded, looking up and softening her words with a gentle smile and stroke of her fingers on the lower part of his arm. “If this still hurts in the morning we’re going to the hospital.”


“I mean it.” She finished smoothing the cream over his burn and pressed a kiss to the skin directly below his wound before pulling his sleeve back down. “No arguments.”

“Fine.” He nodded, resigned to his fate and the smile on Kensi’s face made everything worth it as she moved around to his other side on the couch, clasping his hand and holding it against her as she tilted her head on his shoulder. “You’re a surprisingly good doctor, Dr. Blye.”

“You’re a surprisingly good patient, Detective Deeks." 


It’s been quite a year. I still can’t believe that last June, I was plotting how best to kill off poor Pedro, and today I get to ecstatically announce that since its Christmas release, the Learning to Dance ebook has been downloaded more than one thousand times.

Things there are less than a thousand of:

  • days in a year
  • planets in the solar system
  • species of cats
  • songs that Glee has recorded

That number, when combined with the incalculable views LtD has seen online on Tumblr and, equals a whole lot more people than I ever imagined would read this little story of mine. The fact that new readers are still discovering it, new fanart is being drawn, and new tears are being shed even now continues to boggle my mind. You are all amazing.

(Incidentally, if you haven’t yet, I highly recommend getting yourself a copy of the free LtD ebook - available in PDF, mobi, and ePub formats, it’s the most up-to-date, polished, and best version of the story available - with bonus gorgeous full-colour illustrations by official artist Kendyll Romine!)

To celebrate, and as a lead-in to some even cooler announcements to come, I’m announcing the Learning to Dance 1000+ Downloads Tumblr Give away!

The Prizes:

Third Prize - A set of three adorable LtD buttons featuring fan-favourite quotes: “Wherever you’re going, Starship Ranger, I’m going with you,” “It’s always been you and me, right?” and of course, “Sometimes dreams come true.” These buttons are not currently available anywhere else!

Second Prize - An 8×10 art print of your choice from amazing artist Ree‘s LtD Society6 store and a set of three LtD quote buttons!

Grand Prize - The lucky grand prize winner will receive a truly rare gift – there are only three of these in existence in the world. Yes, I’m talking about your very own paperback copy of Learning to Dance! The Learning to Dance paperback is a real, bound book featuring a uniquely designed full-colour cover and black-and-white interior including all of Kendyll Romine’s original illustrations. As a work of fanfiction, it has never been, and will never be, available to purchase - this is literally the only chance you will ever get to own one. I will, of course, personalize an inscription for the winner inside the book’s cover. Oh yes, and I’ll throw in a set of LtD quote buttons too!

Have I caught your interest?


  1. To enter, reblog this post up to three times a day. Likes count as well, but reblogging will maximize your chances of winning! (Please do not spam your followers, one can only do so much scrolling past multiple posts before one’s fingers get tired.)
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  3. For those of you who do not have Tumblr but would still like to enter: you will get a bonus entry if you share the top post on this page on Facebook (and if you want to “like” my author page while you’re there, I wouldn’t protest that either!).
  4. Winners will be selected from the reblogs and shares using a random number generator. Winners will be notified via private message, so make sure your ask box is open! If I don’t hear back from the winners within 48 hours of notifications going out, a new winner will be chosen.
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  6. International entries are welcome, I will ship worldwide!

Happy reblogging, good luck, and thank you for everything.

EDIT: This event is now CLOSED - thank you to all who’ve entered! Winners will be notified within the next 24 hours. Good luck!