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The S and M family reactions to one of reiji's potions or something going wrong and now their teenage girls are back to being baby/toddlers with the mind set of one

Reiji will be one lucky duck if he isn’t beaten up by half of his brothers and the Mukami family. No one messes with their kids.


Shu: When Shu looked around the house for his daughter, he wondered why she wasn’t in her usual areas. He was always aware of where she was, but this was the first time this had happened to him. Turning down the hallway, Shu is in shock when he sees a tiny baby with ocean blue eyes crawling to him. Was this an illusion? After seeing a spilled potion next to his daughter, Shu picks her up and goes off to find Reiji. He wants his daughter to be back at her proper age.

“Of all the things to happen…Reiji better have a solution for this…”

Reiji: Reiji had been working in his lab with his daughter when she slipped and broke several glass tubes on the table. When she yelped and fell, some of the liquid reached her tongue and was powerful enough to immediately transform her into a baby again. Reiji would be horrified when he finds her in her state, and he would look through his books and notes to quickly create an antidote. He was going to fix this issue as soon as possible if he didn’t want his wife to be upset.

“I’ll have to hurry before your mother comes home. I don’t want her to worry.”

Ayato: When he heard glass crashing on the tiles of the kitchen, Ayato ran and burst through the door, only to find his daughter as a little girl again on the floor. He scanned the scene and swiftly saw how his daughter mistook one of Reiji’s potions for her usual soda. Believing that Reiji did this on purpose, Ayato would take his daughter and go find Reiji. His wife would have to beg him to stop when he grabbed Reiji’s shirt collar and threatened to kill him for the experimentation.

“Give Ore-sama the cure or else Ore-sama will kill you as proper compensation.”

Kanato: If there was any day to mess with Kanato, today would not be one of them. No one ever touched his daughter without his permission, so when Kanato discovered a little baby instead of a teenager in the dining room, he screamed in agony. When Reiji encounters Kanato, you can bet that Kanato is berating him for being stupid and leaving his work out for no reason. He demands Reiji to give his daughter a cure because if he doesn’t, Reiji will pay back in blood.

“Shut up and give her the cure! Don’t you see what she looks like, you idiot?!”

Laito: Laito would be deeply upset to find his precious daughter as a baby again. He is worried about what else the potion can do to his child, so he’d teleport immediately to Reiji and explain the situation, hoping that there is a cure for his daughter. If Reiji announces that he doesn’t have a cure for her, Laito will be sure to use his manipulative schemes and force Reiji into finding a solution. Yes, blackmail, twisted words, and a smile were going to be used in this case.

“If you don’t want any future problems from me, I suggest you get on with it.”

Subaru: Oh hell no. Subaru will not tolerate this and immediately become outraged when he finds his daughter crawling around as a baby again. A poisoned potion will get a punch from an angered Subaru, and Subaru would order Reiji to give his daughter a cure. With some help from Shu, Subaru would be successful with explaining the issue properly, and he’ll get the treatment needed for his daughter. Who knew parenting could be stressful?

“Oi, you better have a cure for her. If not, I’ll break your neck.”

Kino: It would be rare for Kino’s daughter to visit her Sakamaki uncles but when she did on one particular day, Kino would be completely exasperated to find her as a naughty toddler. Now he really wishes he exterminated the vampire race entirely. He may or may not unleash his army of ghouls on the mansion and command them to target mainly on Reiji, but it will all depend on what Reiji says to persuade Kino that he possesses a cure and if his wife doesn’t know yet.

“Did you hear that, Yuri? It looks like we’ll have to destroy Reiji for doing this.”


Ruki: Ruki demonstrates more maturity in this, but he is quietly steaming when he discovers that his daughter is no longer a teenager after visiting the Sakamaki mansion one day. When he becomes utterly irritated about the situation later, Ruki would remark how careless Reiji is for leaving his potions out in the open, and would request for a cure. He can only hold out his patience for the Sakamaki a little longer before snapping and getting heated about it. 

“Fix this issue before things get ugly. I want her back to normal now.

Kou: Kou would be so sad when he picks up his little girl and sees that she wasn’t how he had left her four hours earlier. Complaining about her age and appearance to all of the Sakamaki brothers, Kou would whine to Reiji about giving his daughter a cure. If that didn’t work, he’ll drop the weak facade and turn things into a darker situation. Kou always gets what he wants, so if he can’t extract an antidote from Reiji the first time, he has other methods for trying.

“If you don’t do this for me, I’ll make sure to have my fans give you a visit~”

Yuma: Someone better hold Yuma back from punching the lights out of Reiji when he sees that his daughter is a mindless tiny baby again. Yuma would be extremely pissed, and he’ll call Reiji out for being irresponsible. He refuses to believe that this was a mere mistake, and he may even accuse Reiji of trying to murder his own daughter with poison. Someone will have to negotiate something with Reiji because Yuma is rather emotional and angry at the moment to reason.

“You bastard! I’ll wring yer neck if ya don’t fix her body! Fuck you nobles!”

Azusa: As though things couldn’t get worse for this sweet father, Azusa is in tears when he finds his daughter as a toddler. How will he explain this to his wife and the Mukami family? He doesn’t want to trouble anyone, and would ask Reiji for any possible solutions to cure his daughter. He’d do anything to get her back to normal. Of course, the Mukami family and Azusa’s spouse will find out eventually, and they’ll be at his side to support him all the way.

“Reiji-san…please…I’ll do anything…just help…my daughter…”

-Admin Yuuzuki


Lucas: Claus, why do you dislike Ness so much? He’s a wonderful person!

Claus: ………… //inwardly fuming

Ness:  (๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)

(Overall, it was a good week. Lucas gave Ness a tour of Tazmily and when night fell, they’d share stories of their adventures. Ness gave Lucas updates on what was happening at Smash Mansion while Claus grumbled away jealously in the corner.)