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You are my new pillow.”

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The silent chuckle could be heard within his tone alone despite the lacking of one, Tseng’s head landing upon his lap. His brow quirked at him, lips pressed thinly into a barely seen smile and snorted. Running his fingers through the man’s long locks of black.

“Then, pray tell why are you clothed? Perhaps I should rectify that, no?” 


Heya! It’s been like… two months (I think, I have no idea really) since I first started doing the rp thing here and this is probably the first time I’ve ever felt so welcome while rping. I’m still a nervous wreck, but I’ve met so many wonderful people that I can’t even imagine my life without anymore and it’s hella great. I never thought anything would really come of this, but I’m so glad that it did and that I’m able to be a part of such a wonderful rp community. I love everyone so much, like seriously. But here goes the part where I mention people under a read more because I wrote way too much and I need to chill.

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Dungeons were never his thing. Too many cramped rooms, too many high places. And that didn’t even factor in the daemons. But where there was danger and an abundant amount of phobias…there was treasure.

Which is why Prompto had strayed away from the group. Everyone else was busy trying to figure out the door that they currently had no key for, when a glint caught the gunners eye.

Naturally curious, he walked towards it and observed the small item before he went to pick it up. It was an orb, shiny and green and it almost reminded him of a marble. A little odd for a marble, but he didn’t really have to explain his thought process about it.

But when he picked it up, everything was thrown off kilter. Almost making him nauseous as the familiar scenery of the dungeon he’d been in changed quickly to one of a…town? No where had he seen a place like this.

Naturally…this caused Prompto to panic, looking around for his friends. But where did someone look for people he was used to…when he was somewhere entirely new?

Frantic, blue eyes darting about as he tried to find anything, anyone to help. They finally landed on one particular man, though he seemed to be busy. It was hard to tell when he was trying desperately not to have a panic attack.

“E-excuse me! I-I’m sorry, I… I don’t… I don’t know where I a-am and my friends are m-missing!” He tried to explain. Not sure if he’d get through to the other. Oh gods, what if they couldn’t communicate with him?

The gunner needed to remind himself to breath before he passed out.

The sound of nails being hammered into a roof echoed from the outskirts of Wutai–only an outsider would have taken up residence in a long abandoned home, of which its stone foundation and surrounding wall remain salvageable. The former TURK poured plenty of sweat and blood into the home, only now beginning to reap the benefits of his handiwork. The walls, windows and doors are now replaced; along with the rush grass mats which covered hardwood floors. A peculiar metal antenna stood aside the building, pointing toward the south while coaxial cabling ran inside… presumably for radio service, a rare luxury on this island.

Balto stood up and exhaled a heavy breath. Every muscle in his back felt as if it were tied into a knot. He squinted as he noticed a person strolling past… a familiar face, so much that he had to get a closer look. He climbed down from the roof on ladder, stepping out toward the end of his property. 

“… That you, Tseng?”

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Wrapping his arms around him, Tseng leaned in and kissed his cheek. Minute his lips touched the cheek he started to giggle like the drunken fool he was.

“You…” Veld shrugged him off but caught his arm as a precaution in case he stumbled, “..need to get to bed and sleep this off.”

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NAME:  Prompto Argentum
NICKNAME:  Blondie, Shortcake, Chocoboy
:  Black, red and green
LAST THING YOU GOOGLED:  Camera filters, How to tell your crush you love them witout blushing
HEIGHT:  5′8’


NAME:  Samuelle 
GENDER:  Female
FAVORITE COLOR:  Pink, black and red
LAST THING YOU GOOGLED:  Episode Gladio 1, 000, 000 score points (how the hell do we do that… LOL)
HEIGHT:  5′3’


Landing on the seat he started to giggle again finding all of this funny as hell suddenly. No doubt he was going to get shit for this tomorrow, especially from the man now sitting next to him. Turks weren’t supposed to get drunk like this.. not in public. They became a liability, as they say.. loose lips sink ships, and no one this drunk could hold their tongue.

Veld really didn’t mind what Tseng did after hours; they all needed their ways of release from the difficulties of their jobs, and if he started talking a little too much, there was ways of taking care of that too. 

“You need your seat belt on, Tseng.” Veld said, as the car started to move. He doubted Tseng could manage it himself at this point, so he leaned across him and searched for the belt before pulling it across him.


“How about you just shut up and deal again.” He snapped out. Yeah he hadn’t slept in about four days and he was turning into a real ass hole.. he knew it, but this stupid mission Veld had him on as punishment required him to be awake constantly.

“Sheesh.” Balto took the whole deck and started to shuffle the cards, cutting the deck before dealing Tseng into the game. “You don’t even figure I’d want to call it a night?”

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If you had told him he would be seeing a figure draped in red pass by his vision again he would have decked you across the face. As it was.. seeing who passed by him and with not so much as a glance had him bolting forward and tackling the man. "Where the hell you been!"

Genesis wasn’t sure what he had been expecting coming back, perhaps that everyone would have vanished, perhaps that his old life would have withered away and he would be left to pick at the corpses before figuring out where he needed to go, what he knew he had not been expecting, however, was the turk that projected himself at Gen with such force that it knocked him off balance for a moment.

He blinked before closing his arms around Tseng and curling against the man. “I, you won’t ever believe me.”

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“Yes.. you’re starting to smell too Director.” He smirked moving over to the desk and sat down, one knee drawn up and his chin resting on it. “You need a shower.”

Lazard arched a brow, skeptical of that, but couldn’t deny he’d like one. “You make a very persuasive argument. I suppose some rest is warranted at this point.”

Whether he slept or not, he could do that much.

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