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Action Apologize. I m sorry. I just want to help Cal find their zaza.

{[APOLOGIZE]: [I’m sorry. I just want to help Cal find their Zaza.”]}

You feel bad for demanding a clearer answer from Anham when they genuinely could not answer you. So you apologize.

Anham waves a wrinkled hand at you dismissively. 

Anham IS the first non-robot non-busy-merchant non-Cal person you have come across. They could help you get some much needed information about this world that the inexperienced Cal can’t give you.
(No offense to Cal but they ARE only 15, and most of their information comes from books.)


What Should We Do Now?
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The Ice rebels are back and the Ice Nation’s story is not over! 

A new journey is about to begin and Lexa will join Clarke for this one! 

Don’t miss Part 2! After Make me love you, here comes Silver Shore

A Comforting Hand

A/N: For @nhasablog because I love her. 

Jim sank into his Captain’s chair with a sigh, his body bruised and sore and likely bleeding internally.

“Head for the closest port Mr. Sulu,” Jim commanded. “We’re taking a shore leave.“ 

“Captain, I was unaware of any approved shore leave.” Commander Spock commented from his normal position of standing directly next to Jim.

“I just approved it.” Jim responded, running a hand over his tired face.

“But Starfleet must—”

“Starfleet must kiss my ass,” Jim interrupted. “This has been the crappiest freakin’ mission from the crappiest freakin’ planet with the crappiest freakin’ natives. We deserve a few days of shore leave.”

“As you wish Captain.” Was Spock’s reply.

“The closest port is on Aldebaran III.” Sulu replied 

Jim simply gave the man a thumbs up and with a nod from his helmsman, the Enterprise was headed toward a much needed break.

They just finished a terrible week at a planet that was going through a food shortage as well as a government coup. The moment they received the command to supply food and water, as well as medical help, Jim had panic attack. Luckily only Bones and Spock were in the conference room with him when it happened. Bones swore violently while Spock looked shell shocked. One well-placed hypospray later and Jim could finally breathe and see again. Bones wanted to bench Jim during the mission, but Jim exploded and refused to to back down. What happened on Tarsus IV was never going to happen again if Jim had anything to do with it. It was one hell of a blow out between himself and his best friend, prompting Spock to threaten to nerve pinch the two of them if they didn’t start acting ‘logically.’ It took about six hours of talking, threatening, and mild voice raising, before Bones surrendered to Jim’s wishes. Of course, the good doctor made sure Jim had a babysitter with him the whole time. Jim refused at first, not wanting anyone to know why he had to be watched, but Spock volunteered immediately and no one would question the two of them working together. The first six days went off without a hitch.

The last day, of course, was a completely different story.

The militants attacked the safe zone that the Enterprise crew had constructed, killing at least 20 unarmed civilians and three ensign’s and two security officers from the Enterprise. Jim sprang into action immediately, hitting at least 15 militants with his phaser and knocking out four of them with his fists. Of course, he was shot at least twice by primitive weaponry from the 21st century, a freaking pistol that grazed his ribs with both shots. Add that to the multiple punches, kicks, and tackles he took as they made their way across to the militant base, before Sulu ran his sword straight through the leader’s stomach, and one could say that Captain James T. Kirk was tired.

“Captain, perhaps you should visit Dr. McCoy.” Spock commented softly a few minutes later.

Jim scowled, hating the fact that he could be so easily read. He knew his pain was more noticeable than he thought. 

“I’m fine Mr. Spock.”

“Broken ribs can lead to serious damage if untreated.” Spock told him.

Jim looked up at his First Officer. “How do you know my ribs are broken?“ 

Spock merely raised an eyebrow at him.

Jim rolled his eyes, leaning sideways in his chair and closing his eyes for just a moment before murmuring, “M’fine.”

The rest of the crew remained, thanksfully, silent. Jim must’ve fallen asleep though, as he was unsure of how much time had passed when a sudden sharp pain ran through his left side. He startled, a low groan emitting through his clenched teeth as the pain increased with his movement.

“Captain I must insist—”

“M’fine Spock.”

The doors to the bridge flew open.

“Fine my ass. Why the hell aren’t you in Sickbay?” An angry Dr. Leonard McCoy asked.

“Because I’m fine Bones.” Jim answered. How the grumpy doctor always managed to know exactly when he was in pain was still a mystery to him.

Bones simply ‘humphed’ angrily as he waved a tricorder over Jim’s slumped over figure.

“Sit up straight Jim.” Bones commanded, voice firm but hands oh so gentle as they assisted Jim in sitting straighter.

Jim hissed in pain and then choked on a cry as Bones placed a hand on his ribs. 

“Lift your damn shirt and let me see what you did to yourself.” Bones growled.

“Bones, I’m f—”

“Lift. Your. Shirt.”

Jim sighed dramatically and carefully lifted his shirt. Bones swore and a few people gasped as the crew got a good look at their Captain. Jim’s entire torso was purple and blue with bruises. Gauze and some cotton wraps were taped on in certain places, blood still seeping through them. Jim winced and choked on a cry as Bones placed a hand against his ribs.

“Good lord, Captain!” Uhura exclaimed. “Why didn’t you say something?”

“I’ve had worse Lieutenant.” Jim replied wearily.

“Four broken ribs, internal bleeding, and two damn bullet wounds. Mr. Sulu, you have the Conn. Jim, you’re coming with me. Now.”

“Bones there’s no need, I patched myself up, I’m okay.” Jim tried to bargain, slowly and shakily getting to his feet. He swayed slightly and felt Spock place a hand on his lower back to steady him.

“Yeah and you did a really shitty job!”

“Spock would you please tell—OUCH!” Jim yelped, slapping a hand to his neck and scowling at his best friend who was holding a recently used hypospray.


“Yes Doctor?”

“Catch him.”

“S’not nice ta’drug meh—” Jim slurred as he collapsed right into Spock’s awaiting arms.


Spock lifted his Captain bridal style and followed Dr. McCoy to the turbolift.

“I shall return promptly Mr. Sulu.” Spock informed the helmsman.

“Let us know how he’s doing sir.” Sulu requested. Spock nodded and the doors closed.

Spock inclined his head slightly toward the doctor as he said, “The Captain will be most displeased when he awakens.”

Dr. McCoy snorted derisively. “I couldn’t care less. The damn fool wouldn’t need to be drugged if he’d just listen to me in the first place.”

Spock did not reply as the Doctor’s logic was quite sound.

The turbolift stopped and the doors swished open and Spock followed Dr. McCoy into the medical wing of the Enterprise.

Nurse Christine Chapel took one look at Spock holding their Captain and rolled her eyes. “Let me guess, he fainted because he hid an injury again?”

“No, I drugged the brat because he wouldn’t listen. I received a call from Mr. Spock, who let me know the idiot is more injured than he let on.” Dr. McCoy replied.

“Again?” Nurse Chapel asked.

“The Captain seems extremely averse to acknowledging his limitations and injuries.” Spock commented.

“Dumb ass. Stretch him out here Spock.” Spock followed the directions, gently laying his Captain down on a biobed and then stepping aside to allow Nurse Chapel and Dr. McCoy to work.

“Thanks Spock,” Dr. McCoy said. “You can go back to the bridge now. He’s gonna be out for a few hours and by the time he wakes up his ribs’ll be fine and he’ll be back to annoying the shit out of everyone.”

“Thank you Dr. McCoy, I will inform the crew that the Captain will be back shortly.”

“Let them know he won’t be back for his shift though, I want him resting. His ribs ain’t the only thing damaged right now.” Dr. McCoy told him, the doctor’s eyes relaying a deeper message that Spock understood immediately.

Spock nodded and headed for the turbolift.

“Thank you Leonard.” Spock said softly. The emotion that was threatening to leak into his conscious was overwhelming. It was illogical of course, because the Cap–Jim…because Jim was going to be fine. Jim was not dying, and was not going to die, so logically there was no reason to be emotional. And yet, Spock felt his human heritage almost overwhelm his Vulcan heritage.

The turbolift stopped and as the doors opened, Spock took a large breath and went to the Bridge.

Mr. Sulu was the first to ask, “How’s he doing?”

“The Captain will be awake and fully functional in a few hours. Dr. McCoy and Nurse Chapel are seeing to him now.”

“Good, now maybe the idiot will actually rest.” Uhura murmured. Spock did not feel the urge to correct her choice of adjectives. Jim Kirk was indeed an ‘idiot’ at times.

“The Captain will not be returning to his shift. Dr. McCoy has ordered him to rest once he is finished with his treatment. If the Captain asks for any work please defer the call to myself or Dr. McCoy.”

Mr. Sulu snorted. “That’s gonna make him happy.”

“Mr. Sulu, if you are agreeable, I would like for you to stay at current position. I have a project to attend to.”

If Mr. Sulu was surprised or skeptical of his answer, he didn’t show it. Spock was grateful because while he didn’t lie, it wasn’t the full truth either. The project he needed to attend to in the laboratory would take three minutes, but the rest of the time he wanted to meditate and calm his frayed nerves. Spock made his way to the turbolift and was thankful when the doors shut, closing him off from the rest of the crew.


Jim Kirk was dreaming, or at least that’s what he hoped.

Because Tarsus was a long time ago…right?

But Kodos was lifting the whip again and Jim braced himself for another strike, tugging his hands from the restraints and gritting his teeth, swearing he’d never tell where his kids are…

“Jim!” One of Kodos’ cronies yelled his name, but it didn’t sound like the regular guard at this time, and Kodos never called him Jim, only James. So whoever called his name was someone new, but it sounded familiar…

“C’mon kid, wake the hell up!” The voice demanded. Jim choked on a cry as the whip cracked against his ribs.


And suddenly he was in a hospital room, his arms were no longer bound by rope and Bones was looking at him with fear and—Bones?

“Bones!” Jim croaked, reaching for his friend’s arms and clutching tightly; holding them as if his own life depended on it.

“Yeah Jim, it’s me. It’s Bones.” His best friend responded calmly.

Jim was panting harshly, the pain in his ribs slowly diminishing as the realization of not being in Kodos’ hands was becoming stronger and stronger. Bones allowed him to continue clutching his arms, and Jim knew that they would bruise later. He felt bad, but not bad enough to stop using his anchor.

It was another few moments before Jim regained control of his breathing. McCoy had offered him a hypospray to help, but Jim wanted to do it on his own. This whole week his psyche had been so out of his own control and he wanted, no needed, to control it finally by himself.

“You want some water?” Bones asked when Jim’s hands were no longer clutching his arms.

Jim nodded.

Bones returned shortly and handed Jim a full glass, which Jim gulped down in seconds. “Thanks Bones.”

“You okay kid?” Bones asked.

Jim shook his head. He couldn’t verbalize what he was feeling, but with Bones he never needed to.

“You’re pretty much healed, but you’re gonna have some soreness for a few days, internal bruising isn’t as easy to get rid of as external bruising.” Bones explained, giving Jim something different to think about. “Your shift is just about over and you won’t be returning to the bridge until after the weekend.”

Jim didn’t argue.

“Sulu says we’ll reach Aldebaran III by tomorrow morning,” Bones continued. “Him and Spock are gonna get the ship and its supplies taken care of, so you and I are gonna be beach bums for three days.”

The corner of Jim’s mouth lifted ever so slightly. “Beach bums huh?”

“Nothing but sand, waves, and brandy.”

“Romulan brandy?” Jim asked.

“After last year? Yeah, I don’t think so kid. I ain’t dragging your drunk ass back to the hotel again.”

“We both know that’s not true.” Jim replied, the smile growing slightly.

Bones rolled his eyes. “Whatever. You ready to go to your quarters?”

“You mean, you’re releasing me?” Jim asked, totally shocked.

“If you wanna stay be my g—”

“No! No, I uh…I don’t wanna stay. I’m just surprised, normally you’re pushing for me to stay in Sickbay for hours after I wake up.”

“Yeah well, this is a one-time thing only,” said Bones. “Don’t get used to it.”

Jim rose to his feet with a wince, accepting the offered hand from McCoy.

“Told ya you’d be sore.”

“Nothing I haven’t dealt with before.” Jim replied.

“Whatever you say Jim. Let’s get out of here.” Bones grabbed his PADD and followed Jim out of Sickbay. Jim’s quarters weren’t too far from Sickbay, something Bones made sure of, so luckily he didn’t have to walk too long. He punched in his code and headed straight for his own PADD, but McCoy got there first and grabbed it.

“No work.”

“Bones c’mon be reasonable.”

“I am, I let you come back to your own room didn’t I? So no work.”


“No. Work.” Bones was using his ‘dad’ voice now. The one that had Joanna scurrying to put her toys away.

Jim rolled his eyes and went to stretch out on his bed. Bones went straight for the couch in the corner of the room, turning on his own PADD and frowning at it immediately.

“We having a sleepover?” Jim asked.

Bones snorted. “If you wanna call it that be my guest. I’m just here to make you sure you don’t die in your sleep.”

Jim chuckled softly at that. “Sure Bones.”

“Go to sleep Jim.” Bones replied, irritation and fondness in his voice.

Jim thought it was a great idea. He was still pretty tired, Bones must’ve given him the good stuff when he first came on the Bridge—

“Hey! You drugged me!” Jim said suddenly, rising to lean against his headboard as he pointed an accusing finger at the doctor.

“Yup.” Bones replied, popping his lips on the ‘p.’

“On the Bridge!”

“Good boy Jim, you can remember things.”

“In front of everyone!”

“Not the first time I’ve done that, probably won’t be the last.” Bones shrugged.

Jim sighed dramatically and went to lie down once more. “I hate you.”

“Love you too darlin’.” Bones drawled.

Jim snorted, but heeded his best friend’s earlier advice and fell asleep.


Jim was not resting the way Leonard wanted him to.

They finally arrived at Aldebaran III around 0500 and Mr. Sulu and Spock were true to their word and handled repairs, supplies, and everything else the Enterprise needed. It was their second day of shore leave when a quick nap turned into a full-blown panic attack for Jim.

Jim, Spock, and Bones had just finished a rather relaxing day on the beach, when Jim’s still healing body demanded rest and the three of them headed back to their hotel rooms. Both Spock and Leonard were uncomfortable with leaving Jim alone, so the two convinced Jim that they were simply going to enjoy a game of chess with one another while Jim slept. Bones was positive they weren’t fooling their Captain, but he didn’t complain and fell asleep rather quickly.

Twenty minutes later, Jim started screaming.

Bones scrambled to his friend’s bedside and placed his hands on Jim’s face. “Jim, wake up!”

Jim screamed louder. 

“Damnit Jim, wake up! It’s just a dream! It’s not real!” 

“Allow me Leonard.” Spock said calmly, though his face gave him away. The Vulcan reached for Jim’s psyi points and after a few moment Jim was calm. Spock removed his hands and suddenly grabbed his head, a hiss of pain leaving his lips.

“What is it Spock? What’s the matter?” Leonard asked.

“I am fine Doctor,” Spock replied after a few seconds. He straightened his posture. “Jim is in pain and taking his pain, both the physical and the mental, can cause what you humans call a ‘headache.’”

“Do you want anything for it?” Leonard offered.

“Thank you for the offer; however, I must decline. The pain is already gone.”

McCoy was quiet for a moment, he stroked his hand through the blonde hair of his best friend once, before he sighed and slumped next to the bed against the dresser.

“He’s gonna be the death of me.” McCoy muttered.

“The Captain will dream of Tarsus IV no longer today.”

“Small mercies, I suppose.” McCoy commented. “I’m glad you were able to help him.”

“As am I.” Spock replied.

“Don’t suppose you could completely take nightmares away from him permanently could ya?” Leonard asked, already knowing the answer.

“That is, regrettably, impossible.” Spock answered, and McCoy could definitely hear the regret in the hobgoblin’s voice.

“Don’t worry about it Spock. S’not your fault.”

The two men were quiet, both content in listening to the sound of Jim’s even breaths. McCoy himself must’ve dozed off for a moment, he startled awake and wince as his neck protested the movement. He looked up and saw that Jim was still sleeping and Spock moved to the couch at some point as he was currently in a meditation position on the couch.

“How long was I out?” McCoy asked.

“30.7 minutes.” Spock answered without opening his eyes.

“Didn’t even know I was tired,” said McCoy. “Takin’ care of Jim is a full-time job though I suppose. Damn brat.”

“You are not alone in your care for him Leonard.” Spock commented.

McCoy looked up sharply. He was surprised to hear the Vulcan say that. Don’t get him wrong, he knew Spock cared for Jim, hell the whole damn crew cared for him. But hearing the usually stoic Vulcan say that he cared for someone was pretty startling.

“Yeah Spock, I know.” McCoy replied, throat suddenly thick with emotion.

“Are you two gonna kiss now?” A muffled voice asked from the bed.

McCoy rolled his eyes. “Shut the hell up Jim.”


Jim was sick of the nightmares, sick of the restlessness, sick of the sympathetic looks Spock and Bones gave him, and most of all he was sick of Tarsus IV controlling him.

Tarsus was almost 20 years ago.

Twenty years and Kodos still had a hold of him.

Jim scowled at his beer. He ditched the rest of the crew 20 minutes ago. He was currently sitting on the beach, looking at the stars. The night air was soothing.

“This is a very aesthetically pleasing sky.”

Jim yelped and almost spilled his beer. He turned around and saw his First Officer standing a few feet behind him.

“What the hell Spock, are you trying to give me a heart attack?”

“That is illogical Captain as a person cannot give another person a heart attack,” said Spock. “A heart attack is caused by—”

“It’s an expression Spock.” Jim sighed.

“It is illogical.” Spock replied.

“Yeah well, my whole damn life seems pretty illogical.” Jim muttered.

Spock tilted his head. “I would like to join you in acknowledging the difficulties of your life.”

Jim snorted. “You know, you’re not so good at this comforting thing.”

“When comforting one Jim Kirk, make sure you have booze, hobgoblin.” A new voice commented.

Bones plopped down right next to Jim and handed him another beer.

“You’re a good man Bones.” Jim clapped his friend on the shoulder.

“Got you one too Spock.”

“Vulcan do not dr—”

“Just have a beer with us ya damn robot.”

Jim snickered when Spock scowled at Bones and slowly sat down next to Jim. Bones reached over him to hand Spock the beer.

“To shore leave.” Jim toasted, raising his bottle.

“To finally getting a break.” Bones added.

“To the survivors of Tarsus IV.” Spock stated softly.

Jim swallowed hard. “To Kevin, Thomas, Leah, Andrew, Beth, Scarlett, Darren, and Rayleen.”

“And the one who saved them all,” said Bones. “To James Tiberius Kirk.”

“To James Tiberius Kirk.” Spock repeated.

Jim said nothing as he raised his glass and the three of them took a drink.

“Thanks guys.” Jim whispered, fighting the tears that were threatening to spill from his eyes.

Bones put an arm around Jim’s shoulders. “You’re not alone in this Jim.”

“Leonard is correct, we are here for you.”

Jim chuckled. “I never thought I’d see the day where you and Bones agreed on something Spock.”

Bones rolled his eyes. “Yeah well, we both agree that you’re a dumbass too so you know, miracles happen.”

“On the contrary Dr. McCoy, I do not think the Captain is a ‘dumbass’ as you say.”

"Thank you, Spock, see Bones? Someone loves me.”

“I think the Captain is merely lacking in most brain function.”


Bones laughed at that. “Jokes on you kid!”

“You both suck.” Jim pouted.

Bones poked him in the side, making Jim squirm and he turned to curse at Bones because he knew he was ticklish, but the look in Bones’ eyes told Jim that running was going to be his best choice.

And so, he ran.

“C’mon Spock, I think Jim needs some laughter in his life.” Bones called.

“No! Leave me alone!” Jim shouted.

Strong arms wrapped around his middle and soon Jim and Bones were crashing into the sandy floor. Bones wasted no time and digging his fingers into Jim’s sides.

“Bohohohohohones! Nohohohohohoho!” Jim immediately started laughing, pushing at his best friend’s hands.

“It’s been too long since you’ve laughed, kid.” Bones grinned down at him, moving his hands to Jim’s neck. Jim screeched and scrunched his shoulders, trying to block the demon doctor’s hands.

“Spohohohohock! Hehehehehelp!” Jim begged, but of course the Vulcan was a damn traitor and he simply knelt beside Jim’s legs and squeezed right above his kneecaps.

“TRAIHAYHAYHAYTOR” Jim yelled, kicking his legs out.

It tickled so damn much, and Jim could barely breathe. Bones was a bastard and so was Spock. This wasn’t the first time he had been tickled silly by the two of them, and he was sure it wouldn’t be the last. His knees were one of his worst spots and the two jerks knew it. Bones of course choose that moment to move towards Jim’s hips and suddenly his loud laughter turned silent.

Bones clawed at his hips, raking his short nails over the bones. Jim couldn’t even fight back anymore. He simply melted into the sand and accepted his fate.

It was a few more minutes before Bones and Spock ceased their attack. Jim lay there in the sand giggling like a maniac while residual tickly feelings made their way through his body.

“I hahate you guhuhuys.”

“Love you too kid.” Bones laughed, ruffling his friend’s hair.

“I too, care deeply for you Jim.” Spock added.

“Thanks guys.” Jim said, a genuine smile on his face. And for the first time in over a week, Jim felt peace.


It typically didn’t take much to wake Sendak up: a footstep drawn one pace too close, the stirring of something down the hall. Almost hypervigilance combined with his incredible sense of hearing afforded him that. However, all that went out the window during shore leave, when all aboard the ship were allowed to relax for (hopefully) a full two weeks, their Commander included. During shore leave, the Kariian slept like the dead, and only a handful of sounds could succeed in pulling him from sleep… 

Such as the notification ping coming from the door to his quarters, a tone now resonating softly around the impressive room. Sendak’s ear gave a flick, and he cracked his eye open and GLARED at the door, as if he could set whoever was on the other side of it on fire. Silence reigned for another few seconds before it sounded again, and a growl crept from his throat as he dragged himself upright. Haxus, who had been curled up next to him, let out a grumble of his own, though whether it was more at the unwanted wake-up call or at the loss of the frigid room’s main source of warmth was anyone’s guess. (Sendak had invited the Dreian to spend shore leave with him, which had turned into staying aboard the ship and catching up on sleep, not that Haxus had the heart to actually complain.)

“I sense a new cautionary tale for the crew coming on,” came the saboteur’s half-asleep-but-irritated mumble as the ship’s Commander slipped his robe over his shoulders and headed for the door.

Upon opening it, he found himself blinking angrily down at a chipper-looking woman in attire suited for someone working for someone of somewhat higher status. He honestly wasn’t even listening to what she was mindlessly chattering on about. Regardless of who she was or who she represented, she was someone Sendak didn’t currently have the patience for. If it were truly important, someone of appropriate rank would have been reporting to him, not some glittering, all-smiles politician’s runner who could have very well been a gods-damned reporter.

Fortunately, it didn’t take much to send the unfortunate woman slowly backing away amid Sendak’s poisonous glare and the snarled warning made all too clear by the tone his snap of “WHY are you interrupting me with this?”. Rumors of “what happened to the last guy” were usually effective at keeping these sorts of problems at bay until AFTER shore leave, even among some of those not living aboard the ship… at least this little reminder (and the exaggerated stories that would spring up from it) should suffice for the rest of the break… possibly for the next one as well.

With a softening growl lingering in his throat, Sendak locked the door again before moving back to the bed across the room… and felt a slightly exasperated sigh building in his chest at the sight of his Lieutenant having shuffled over to take advantage of the large and recently vacated “warm spot” where the Kariian had been laying.


“Mm?” came the groggy reply as one eye opened just enough to “innocently” look up at the larger Galra. After a moment of this, he scooted over again with a sighed and drawn-out “Fine”, balling himself up in the blankets as he gave Sendak his spot back. The fleet’s Commander laid back down, his frame giving a good stretch before he fell still again. Sendak hadn’t been there but two minutes before Haxus had shuffled closer again, quite content to curl against his side and use his downy-soft chest as a pillow.

“Clingy little mudlark,” he growled, though one could imagine there was a degree of fondness underlying the exasperated words.

“You were the one who convinced me to relax and spend shore leave here with you, so now you have to deal with the consequences,” Haxus yawned, disregarding the otherwise threatening growl and tucking his hands under himself as he curled closer to the larger Galra.

The reverberating, rumbling sigh under his head brought a grin to his lips, pulled a quiet, drowsy laugh from him before he fell silent, save for the content purr caught in his chest as he allowed himself to relax again. There was a beat of quiet before Sendak shifted again, and Haxus’s purr deepened at the feeling of claws dragging gently through his short fur, dragging up and down the back of his skull a few times before settling to scratch behind an ear. 

Even with the unwanted and unexpected interruption, it didn’t take but a few minutes of this before both Galra were once again sound asleep. One would only hope anyone wanting to speak to either of them would have the sense to wait until shore leave was coming to a close to try again.

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Tell Anham about how their robot brought you here

{[Tell]: [Anham]: [“Their robot brought us here.”]}

Cal chimes in and introduces the two of you.

Anham tries to smile, their face crinkles up in a strange grin as they talk.

So one of Cal’s parent is dead. You can’t help but feel sorry for your small blue companion. All they have in this world is their other missing parent, a gun and a talking ball of clay.

Cal’s sadness suddenly explodes into excitement. 

Cal is overjoyed. This is the first real clue as to where their parent went. 
Zine Moonlace was in the Swamp of Tears 4 months ago, they did not go west.


What Should We Do Now?


Sometimes Shepard wakes up at night and rolls over to shake Garrus by the shoulder. In slurred, sleep-heavy speech she asks him, “Am I really me? After everything?”

Sometimes he hears the fear beneath her words, the memory of a woman with her face and an emptiness where a soul would be. He remembers the way that Shepard reached her hand out to pull that hollow woman back to safety - and the way that woman flung herself to her death, with nothing to live for and no identity. He remembers the way Shepard stared in the mirror such a long time that night, how she examined the place where a scar used to bisect her eyebrow. He remembers taking her in his arms and telling her, “You’re Shepard. The one and only. Believe me, I can tell.”

But at times when the night is long she still whispers, “Am I really me, Garrus?”

Sometimes he holds her tightly, presses a kiss to the curve between her neck and her shoulder, and whispers, “Yes. You’re Shepard, and I love you.”

Sometimes, though, he can’t keep from simply saying, “…I should go.”

The resultant pillow to his face is always worth it.

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First of all , CONGRATULATIONS ON 1000 YOU DESERVE IT SO MUCH! Seriously, your writing is amazing, and you are super great. For the fic requests, Washington being happy and not a prisoner just hanging out with the reds and blues, or best friends Connie and Wash being happy and hanging out or generally doing anything together because they're my ultimate bro ship.

In which Washington tries to enjoy the sunshine and Connie decides to bother him because he looks too comfortable and it’s her job not to let that kind of shit go on. This is basically their friendship

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>> Pluviam

Inspired by X

      Not for the first time, Haxus found himself struggling to keep his eyes open, which wouldn’t be a problem had he not been having to move around the few people ambling the streets. He’d slept for several hours– almost 12, a feat almost unheard of when it came to the Third Fleet’s Lieutenant Commander, even on shore leave– and apparently he still hadn’t quite managed to completely wake up. Part of him wanted to turn around and go back to the ship, but he’d made this appointment almost a month in advance, and he really had been looking forward to having the knots and aches worked out of his back and shoulders. So no, he wasn’t going back to the ship.

Suddenly the Dreian paused at the feeling of something cold hitting the top of his head, then hitting his arm. Another hit his nose before he finally looked up, a look of faint surprise actually crossing his face as he took in the dark sky, the scent of rain, and the cool, damp breeze ruffling his short fur. Had he been so exhausted that he’d missed the fact that it was about to storm??

Apparently so. It started as a soft, occasional plink of drops hitting metal, but the sound steadily increased as the seconds ticked by until it was nothing but comforting white noise. Haxus made no move to duck under the awnings like so many of the others wandering the street. In fact, he tilted his head back, hands lifted enough to feel the patter of rain on his face and palms. His eyes closed and a smile spread across his face, one so gentle and content that he suspected it seemed out of place on him.

The saboteur could feel the cold rain beginning to soak his shoulders and sleeves, but he remained where he was as a quiet laugh crept from his throat. After being on a ship for months, it was easy to take something as simple as rain for granted. The few planetside missions he’d had where it had actually been raining didn’t count– his mind was on his work in those moments, not on the weather.

Almost five solid minutes had passed with the Dreian not having moved from his spot, but a gentle beep from his wrist reminded him that he WAS down there for a reason, and he was still ten minutes from the spa. Finally fully awake, he let out a quiet sigh and picked up his pace to a more lighthearted trot as he continued to his destination.

Eight minutes later, he pushed the door open and crossed to the front desk; the receptionist looked up and immediately had her brows furrowed in concern.

“Lieutenant Commander, are you allright? You’re soaked!”

Haxus shrugged and pulled at a wet sleeve, disliking the feeling of the wet fabric now that he was out of the rain

“I decided to take a walk and wake myself up, that’s all. Worked wonders, really.”

“Well. Why don’t you head back? Someone will take care of drying your clothes while Faravi sees to your appointment.”

The Dreian dipped his head before moving past the front desk and heading for the corridor at the back of the waiting room, where a pretty forest Galra smiled and let him through. As Haxus began undoing his coat, he couldn’t help but smile again.

Who knows? Maybe it would still be raining by the time he had to head back.

Clarke & Lexa - May We Meet Again


In peace may you leave the shore

In love may you find the next

Safe passage on your travels

Until our final journey on the ground

May we meet again


Video - @haventyouheard-idonthaveaheart