Garrus: Ha! Two husks! Come on, who is the next?

Jessica: Only two? I can count five already.

Garrus: Huh, it is just getting started, babe!

Jessica: Garrus, honey, I have my biotics.

Garrus: Yeah… but some of us know how to make a gun dance. And I’ve actually seen you dancing…

Jessica:  It just adds to my charm.

Garrus: Step on the toes of others, shake your arms as if you were burning… very charming…

Jessica: You just love it.

Garrus: You like teasing.

Jessica: As I recall, you never complained about me teasing you. You actually like it.

Garrus: Can’t argue with that. Ha! More husks dead. Okay, who is next? 

Jessica: Good luck on killing husks. Maybe you can kill half of my count. 

Garrus: I don’t need luck, I have the Black Widow.

Jessica: Thanks to the best girlfriend here. But you are not using the Black Widow.

Garrus: We are fight husks here. As I said, we are just starting, there will be more.

Jessica: Of course, because things are never easy with us, huh?

Garrus: If it was easy, it wouldn’t be fun.

Jessica: A little less hardcore would be nice, thanks. But, hey, now I know where our baby learned those things.

Garrus: Our baby?

Jessica: Congratulations, Garrus. You are a father of a tank baby krogan!

Garrus: At least our tank baby learned well.

Jessica: And from the bests. I will give you that, Vakarian. But only this time.

Just silly thing, never mind… Sorry for the long post, I just look at those pics and think of that dialogue…

ME Fic: Initial Thoughts

My first entry for @meflashfanwork ‘s July’s theme: Beginnings! :D

Somewhat freeformy fic on Shepard’s first thoughts on Garrus joining the Normandy crew.  

Words: 800

When Garrus first joined the Normandy crew, Shepard’s initial thoughts on him were brief and quick.  

He is an absolute ass.  

Even with the thought, Shepard reluctantly brought him along due to his work on the Saren case.  Although, his outside the law cop routine didn’t help.  It only reminded her of the few good people she had left in the Reds that were dead or worse because of that kind of attitude.  

At least he understood that he’d be kicked out the airlock if he tried to pull anything.  

Even with the annoyance, she took him along on missions. As after falling off a cliff or two and being set on fire a few times, she needed someone she could pass the Mako repairs onto.  

On those missions, Shepard began to notice he worked well with her and Ash. At the very least she got her own little sniping squad with him tagging along. And soon following her thoughts on him became less curt.  

He’s an ass, but at least he’s useful.

It was the shot on Dr. Michel’s captures that put her off on Garrus in the first place.  Even if it was good, Shepard had been too pissed at the time to care about his skill.  But when the light burst out on a geth a kilometer out, she was willing to offer a compliment to him.  

He’s a pretty good shot too.

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Custom Shepards for download

Hey, there! Thought I’d share some custom fSheps I made, but unfortunately I’m not playing as them. So I thought that someone else might. However you NEED Gibbed Save Editor for this (plus hair mods) because these Shepards are obviously modded.
You can check out Hair Mods as DLCs which is super easy to install, but read the instructions.
Here’s the Dropbox link (if it doesn’t work feel free to message me) which contains the files you must open via Save Editor, also it’s a .rar file so you obviously need winrar.

These are the Shepards the .rar file contains(ofc you don’t need to give them the same hair and name)

If you don’t know how to import headmorphs via Gibbed then here’s a quick guide:

1. You may start a new save or load another existing save

2. Then you go to appearance

3. Then you click on Headmorph and Import from file

4. You choose one of the headmorph files, save it and you’re done.