commander salamander

Evaluation of episodes of "When worlds Collide"

About 5 episodes.

She certainly is the more bomb! First there is the Mona Lisa, Sal Commander and other Salamanders flew to the Ground, then there is Sal spoke with one of their own, then.. Utrom gave to a homeless man who was sitting on the street money, and then.. Converter all killed. Then the old saw “Space Heroes: The Next Generation”, I watched the Raph series is an interesting way… he Crenshaw, Jr. threw into the jaws of a monster.. well, right now, not about this. Next: Mikey contacted Renet at some communication device - and the way she has changed.. holding a scythe. Then, the Mona Lisa contacted the Raph liaison space helmet, and he in what that joy was that flopped.. 😂😂😂 . Then, met the Turtles, April, Karai and Mona Lisa and Sal Commander, they told how Dregg attacked their planet, then the Newtralizer by the way made an attack on Utrom in Dimension X, and then Bishop.. Well, then it was in the passage… Then, as all the Newtralizer broke - it all went back to Utrom.. There all wearing breathable stuff. Then I developed a plan - and here again the Newtralizer … Killed all the Advisers Otrokov.. A fight ensued, the Newtralizer did something with Mikey and he disappeared suddenly! 😨 . Next, invaded Dregg!!!!!!! HOW DID HE SURVIVE? HIS TRICERATON THROWN INTO SPACE! He flew on some insect… the episodes ended..

About episode 6

And this episode is generally shocking and with a small tragedy.. Continued.. On the insect Dregg came to the Earth, he of all people miss… First grabbed Leo and Sal Commander into some kind of bulb or what?… Dregg with a catalytic Newtralizer , decided to destroy all in the city, the military is stopping them - but they still.. they are such bastards fought back… there was a lot of Vreen, Dregg, they there’s enough for all people, and was moved to the hive… mocked them 😒 . Pity them… And then I have my eyes on head-fit when I saw Mikey electrification,… 😳😳 . It effectively fought with this Newtralizer - it was something….Then Raph, April, Mona Lisa and Bishop went on Robot Turtle. to the ship, Dregg - and yet this plague broke it, actually then I went to battle… and it then words can describe! Episode just the bomb! With epic battles, etc! And in the end, actually hilarious, when Bishop section Mikey! 😂😂😂😂 

Episode just the bomb!!