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Simeona Punsalan Tapang, “Kumander Guerrero”, the last living Huk Kumander and proud Kapampangan, dies at 92.

Known as Lola Mameng, and as Kumander Guerrero, Lola Mameng is a hero and was one of the last remaining legacies of the guerrilla group, Hukbo ng Bayan Laban sa Hapon (Hukbalahap or Huk) or The Nation’s Army Against the Japanese in English. The Huks were a group formed by farmers who fought against the tyranny of the Japanese military occupation of the Philippines and their villages and homes during World War II. They were the protectors of our people against the Japanese who invaded and were the resistance against them, fighting fiercely to protect our people and eventually fought against the Philippine government after they were ordered to disarm and arrest the Huks under the orders of the U.S. for being labeled as Communists.

Many of our renowned Pilipina warriors were a part of the Huks, often joining the ranks and becoming a kumander. Lola Mameng was one of those brave and fierce Pilipina warriors who was once described by Huk Chief Kumander, Luis Taruc, as a big bodied woman with a man’s strength, fond of wearing men’s clothes and adept at handling an automatic rifle. Lola Mameng was also known and hailed for her ability of commanding her troops on the firing line. 

She started out as an officer of Squadron no. 104 with the rank of captain in 1942. In 1944 she was then promoted to major under the 1st Regiment, Second Battalion Staff of Regional Command No. 7. Lola Mameng then joined and participated in the Battle of Mandili in Candaba, Pampanga and commanded several encounters against Japanese forces in Arayat. Last year she was recognized by the provincial government of Pampanga during the Most Outstanding Kapampangan Awards night.

Lola Mameng Kumander Guerrero passed away on June 30 from cardiac arrest.

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19 as a fluffy prompt! :D Shenko or Shega :D

ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ Finally done!! Shame on me, Shoker distracted me xDDDD

Prompt: “Don’t just stand there, help me!”

I have chosen Shega, I love James and use any opportunity I have to show it hahaha

Thanks for the prompt! hope you like it!  ⁽˚̌ʷ˚̌ʺ⁾

They have rescued Eve from the salarian facility on Sur’kesh. Eve has been a surprise, a sad one because you can hear in her voice all the pain she has endured in her long life, but she has a kind soul and is the most surprising Krogan they ever met. Talking to her hasn’t helped to calm her nerves after the tense meeting with Wrex and Victus, old wounds festering. The venom of the genophage running deep and strong on their veins. She feels exhausted but has too many thoughts pestering her mind, and she knows it will be impossible to rest. With a sigh, she takes a deep breath after leaving the medbay. She needs a drink, badly.

When she reaches the starboard deck, Garrus is there with Adams and Cortez, playing cards and drinking. The biotic is the first to see her standing near the door. “Hey, Shepard. Come, sit with us.”

Taking a seat beside Garrus, she let her head fall to the table, sighing deeply. The Turian put a hand on her head, disheveling her hair with his talons. “That bad, huh? Steve, our Commander needs a drink, bring the venom.” The sound of the chair dragging over the metal floor is the only sign she got that Cortez is fulfilling the request. Soon, Garrus is pushing her shoulder, and when she sits back with a grunt, he puts a glass full to the brim in front of her face. “A toast for Eve.”

She picks up the glass and empties it with a long single gulp. Garrus chuckled beside her, taking a sip from his drink. “Want to share the news?”

Shepard looks at Steve, and he knows what she wants, offering the bottle he brought with him to the table. She grabs it with a grateful smile, refilling the glass and emptying it before answering Garrus, her right hand wrapped around the bottle. “Oh, nothing serious, just Wrex being Wrex. Is not enough that we have rescued Eve and that Mordin is working on it, no. He wants a cure, and he wants it now, not just created, but delivered.” A weak ‘Oh’ leaves Adams while Garrus just makes his mandibles vibrate, producing a low sound. “Yeah, my thoughts exactly.” The dreading feel of the impossible mission she has ahead of her is beginning to push her down, and she fights against it, drinking directly from the bottle. The rest of them seems to notice that she didn’t want to talk about it anymore and return their attention to their drinks and cards, casting sideglances to her from time to time.

Time pass and the drinks are refilled for all of them. Shepard’s face is slightly flushed, but her mind keeps running in circles around the fucking Krogan problem. With a sad sigh, she finishes the second bottle, putting it down on the table. “I’ll let you play. I need something stronger than what we have here. I’ll pay a visit to Jimmy. He always has some tequila hidden in his little corner. Good night, gentlemen.”

When she stands up, she stumbles slightly, and Garrus has to grab her arm to stabilise her. “Take it easy, Shep. Are you sure you need more booze?”

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Get to know Meme for Arisa Shepard!

01. Name: Arisa Shepard (Arisa Vakarian, depending which point in canon/which fic set we’re working with)

02. Nicknames: Commander, Shepard, Lola, Shep

03. Gender: Cis Female

04. Sexuality: Straight

05. Best Friend: Garrus, Liara & Tali. Also fairly close to Miranda.

06. Relationship Status: Happily married, no matter which fic-verse.

07. Significant Other: Garrus Vakarian

08. Least Favourite Person: Harbinger, Paparazzi, Salarian Dalatrass

09. Favourite Food: French fries and burgers, or anything simple.

10. Favourite Place: The Normandy

11. Valued Attributes: Willingness to do what’s necessary, cunning, loyalty, perseverance, a sense of duty, sarcastic humour

12. Dreams: To retire and vacation on a beach somewhere with her favourite Turian - preferably a private beach where clothing is optional.

13. Nightmares: Failing to stop the Reapers, failing her mission.

14. A Secret: After coming back Arisa initially hates her body. Her scars are gone, her aches and pains - it’s to perfect, to flawless, to young. Her hair refusing to grow is just the tip of the ice burg. She eventually gets used to it, and the changes don’t bother her as much anymore - something Garrus helps with after first noticing her issues with her hair.

15. Best Day: A day spent up at the top of the Presidium, shooting bottles and having a picnic - maybe letting Garrus win once or twice.

16. Worst Day: The day Kai Leng escaped and Thessia burned. She’s never quite forgiven herself for letting him slip away.

17. Favourite Outfit: Her N7 hoodie, comfortable slacks and combat boots. Alternatively - the black dress from Kasumi for date nights.

18. Weapon of Choice: Her Phaeston and her biotics.

19. Role in RPG: Archer / Long Range Attack Damage

20. First Thought in the Morning: Okay. Who’s mess am I fixing today?”

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Re: Arrival and the mass relay destruction

New post so I can tag it:

But seriously can you imagine the political shitstorm after the mass relay went.

I mean:

  • Saren, a well-established and trusted figure, attacked one human colony and it was enough to appoint a new Spectre to go after him.
  • Shepard, a controversial figure known to be working with terrorists, blew up a mass relay and wiped out an entire system.

Given precedent, it’s a fucking miracle that the Council didn’t send the entire Spectre office after her.

Not only that, but she did that as a Spectre (which would have made it an act of war against the batarians by the Council), the Council would have believed she was still working with Cerberus, and if it came out that she was in the system to begin with on Alliance orders that would have not only made the connection between the Alliance and Cerberus look unfortunately chummy, but she blew up a mass relay while on an Alliance mission and that would have put the Alliance in the HOTTEST. FUCKING. WATER.

How the hell did the Alliance not only manage to stay in the Council, but also avoid having the entire species of humanity labelled as an enemy to the council? How did they keep Shepard in custody, how did they cover it up, did it leak, what happened when it leaked? (The batarians knew it was Shepard, so there’s no way the Council wouldn’t have known.)

And what stopped the Council just from having the Spectres show up and drag her away? How did Shepard not get assassinated in custody by a batarian spy, a Spectre or an indoctrinated Alliance officer?

She was in Vancouver, so I have to assume they weren’t trying very hard to hide her from the Council and the batarians. That’s where the Alliance is based. If they’d been hiding her she’d have been in the middle of nowhere and not allowed to walk out – escorted or not – out of her room into crowded hallways.

I mean maybe this happened in the extended universe (I know Anderson resigned at some point) but I’m still dying to know what exactly the Alliance sacrificed politically to keep a hold on Shepard and their diplomatic situation. How did they stay in the Council? How did they manage to keep Shepard out of the Council’s reach?

Shepard gave her reasons for it, but – well, “Reapers”, they have dismissed that claim.

I’m just wondering how the heck the Alliance pulled that off. Is that answered in the extended universe somewhere?

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Garrus for the character meme thingy :)

my husband

1: sexuality headcanon
bisexual tbh i mean just listen to how he talks about sidonis
2: otp
shakarian all tha way bby
3: brotp
always bros with shepard. also tali.
4: notp
um. i have a thing about shipping turians. ??? but like, not with grunt. it might be the shakarian shipper in me considering grunt is also my son.
5: first headcanon that pops into my head
if military service wasn’t required, he probably would have become a cop anyway.
6: favorite line from this character
“Do you come here often? I imagine anyone who does must be an alcoholic.” like oh my god you ridiculous dork. there is not a smooth bone in ur body.
7: one way in which I relate to this character
“i don’t wanna be what mom/dad has envisioned for me” rollcall pls or just daddy issues in general
8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character
again with the bad flirting attempts.
9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave?
cinnamon roll but maybe, like, with some spice thrown in the icing

send me a character

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'Was It Good~?'

James lifted his head at her voice, rolling over on his side so he could face the Commander. “Fucking good Lola.” He said breathlessly, his voice still a bit labored from their activities. “I mean….fuck….just fuck Lola…” He groaned as he relaxed into the bed.


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