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Running Man episode 37! :D

Running Man members who received the punishment: Kim Jong Kook, Song Joong Ki, Song Ji Hyo and HaHa

PUNISHMENT: 2 members per group record their expressions while they are face to face eating a strand of udon noodles!

Hahaha! Kookie and Haha kissed! It’s all Ji Hyo’s fault for pushing Haha’s head! XD

When you go to the running man set with kookie and the other members keep flirting with you

the commander edition

[Kim Jong Kook]


Guys… this is my girlfriend… w-wait… Lee Kwang Soo I KNOW WHAT THAT SMILE MEANS. Did you just use a pick up line?

Kwang Soo… Step away from my Jagi…

AND YOU JAE-SUK… stop touching her!



That’s it… I’ve had enough… do you want me to unleash the commander?



Jagi…i love you <3 =^.^=

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TOP 10 Hairstyle of Kim Jong Kook

I list down the Top 10 Hairstyles of Kim Jong Kook since he debuted as a solo artist. As an avid fan I noticed how much KJK loves his hair on Running Man. He will not let it be messed up even during games. In this compilation I will show the different hairstyles that caught my attention to the One Man. :)

PS. There may be hairstyles that appeals to you most but are not here so bare with me. You can on the other hand post a picture through for any questions and so on that you have regarding Kim Jong Kook.

Top 10. His Military Service hair. Well, bald doesn’t fit to The Commander but this was his hair during his stay in military service and that’s worthy to be part of this Top 10 hairstyles. Kim Jong Kook served his military service for 2 years.

TOP 9. Sarang Suruwo Hair. KJK’s hair during on his hit song Sarang Suruwo. This song had pretty much became a Korean folk song for its popularity. The song has its English translation, Lovable. :)

TOP 8. X-MAN Hair. The first variety show that Kim Jong Kook joined too and to where he was able to come up with an unbeatable loveline is at X-Man. His hair matches his physique pretty well.

TOP 7. Permed Hair in RM. This was the first time i’ve KJK’s hair permed all the way. This is from Episode 17 and it was hilarious because the one controlling the air punishment got wring twice for KJK’s answer result. He was really mad because it was his first time to perm.

TOP 6 2014 Hair. KJK continues to experiment on the hairstyle that suits him and I love that about him. He tries works hard to stay good on his image. His recent hair in on Top 6 because though it looks good I believe this hair is a bit too short and/or shaved on the side emphasizing his chin area. He also managed to have it dyed which is a very big risk.

TOP 5 Han Namja Hair. His hair during One Man song is very cute and he really looks like a good boy. This is so unlike his tough guy image in Running Man.

TOP 4 2010 Hair. He started Running Man on 2010 and with this gorgeous hairstyle too. I love this for Kim Jong Kook a lot. Its in his natural hair color black and its long enough too.

TOP 3. COSMO Men Hair. KJK became one of the stars present in Cosmo Men Korea magazine. He was together with Gwang Soo and he looks so different during that shoots. I love that it looks very polished and well put together perfect for a magazine.

TOP 2 Journey Home Hair. His hair on his Journey Home album deserves the Number 2 spot. KJK looks very handsome. This was also on 2013 I believe and seen on some episode in RM. It is also this blog’s header image :)

TOP 1 Episode 70 to 79 Hair. PLEASE!!! If you have a copy of RM episodes and you love KJK, watch episode 70-79. Sparta looks so good with his hair. I just stare at his hair so long and I even rewatch episodes where I really like him. His hair is just so awesome and I wish he will go back to his hair again. It fits his entity very much. Episode 74 (Supernaturals) and Episode 78 were two of my fave episode and he is very handsome in these eps.

Hope you love this post. And thank you so much for loving this blog.

Little Miss Ninja (G-Dragon Scenario)

Archived | Posted August 26, 2015

Requested by anonymous(es)

So, I got one request like this from one anon and then basically the exact same one from another anon (though there were some differences), so I decided to just mash them together ^^ Hope you’ll like it, anons!

Also, Running Man is by far the best show on this earth ♡ so this was fun to write! Which is also the reason why it turned out kind of long haha :)


Summary: You’re an international idol and compete against BIGBANG on Running Man. With ninja-like skills, you manage to avoid getting caught. The two of you almost catch each other a few time, but let each other go as well as save one another - because you like each other.

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When Gary jealous of Jongkook. His soundtrack would be Justin Bieber’s “That Should Be Me”. Lol.

my heart beat so fast when Jongkook pinned his muscular body to Jihyo. They should play Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” in the background. I used to be between monday couple and spartace, but now spartace delusion mode just sailed.