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Go to the mines

{[FAST TRAVEL]: [Cold Cavern Entrance]}


On your way back to the Obins Mountains, you pass by the Goblin Camp.
You see Geff standing on guard duty and they wave you down.

You appreciate Geff’s effort to try and keep the caravan nearby as long as possible, so you will have to get those ice crystals as quickly as possible.


What Should We Do Now?


QUALITY INGREDIENTS by HurricaneJane ( @thatonewherelexasachef). 155k. on going. rated M.

Executive Chef Lexa “The Commander” Woods is working in her latest establishment in her home town of Portland, Maine. She is about to start conceptualizing her next restaurant and only has one rule for herself during the process: No more girls. 

When an accident at the restaurant lands her in Dr. Clarke Griffin’s ER, she second guesses why she ever had that rule in the first place. Lexa’s head bartender, Lincoln, is obsessed with a divey restaurant on the other side of town run by Octavia. It doesn’t take long for the small town to get even smaller when Lexa starts running into Clarke everywhere. Maybe rules were meant to be broken.

My boss is on vaycay. I’m picking up the slack and putting out her assigned fires. She needs a raise. She also hides her drinking well. This is shit she deals with is fucking MADDENING. No wonder she loves me because I’m low maintenance and just come to her with the extinguished embers of my own fires. I’m also handing my chiz, so it’s been a trying week. I’ll be catching up over the weekend from home. I’m only a day and a half behind on emails. Not too bad.

I didn’t feel like running this week. So I MUST START OVER THE WEEKEND. No gain, but tighter areas are getting jiggly. No bueno.

Second in command Chef is taking my room tomorrow so I’m checking em in. Mr. & Mrs. Chef are celebrating 13 years. At least someone will fuck in my tub. It’s the least I could do. He kicks ass and takes names. I was going to stay two nights, but decided to work. NYC in September. $ My GFs will still be there. Lucky brats.

I have to run to Tiffany’s for a baby shower gift on lunch. The owners of the restaurant are expecting their first girl. I love them and they made quite the work family for me. I appreciate them, so they get a nice gift.

Have a great day jerks!

Quality Ingredients

CHAPTER ONE: Lexa Is Bored & Clarke Is Tired

I got such a positive response on AO3 with this thing, that I decided it’s time to stop being a grandma and figure out how tumblr works.  I’m so envious of you guys and your visual companion pieces, so I’m having a go at it.  please feel free to chime in with the constructive criticism so this can be fun for everyone.

Read it here or on AO3:

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Can we get more kitchen oriented cards? Sure there are a lot of butchers and now we have hot soup but my Ironroot Chef Commander deck is still missing a lot of utensils and creatures to man the kitchen and brew up awesome plays :)

We had the Kitchen Finks. : )