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OC Interviews Masterpost

There was a SUPER fun meme type thing that went around earlier this summer where individual OCs were “interviewed”.  I kept track of them because I think that this is one of the most fun & creative exercises to do with an OC.

I know I missed some and that there are LOADS of people I wanted to tag that I couldn’t.

Here’s a master post of those interviews that I was able to keep track of and their respective authors.  I am sorry if I missed you!  If you want me to add your interview, please shoot me a message and I’ll get you on here!

Please feel free to complete the questionnaire for your own OC(s) if you haven’t yet! It’s so much fun.

These are in no particular order (because it’s already taken me so long to do this post to begin with and I’m being lazy about alphabetizing!)


Fight It

This fic was inspired by this amazing render made by @commander-hot-pants​ as well as a prompt from her! I’m such a big fan of her work. She was absolutely wonderful to work with and I hope to work with her again!

You can also read this on AO3 here!

It was very late and the Normandy was quiet, except for the constant hum of the engines.

Garrus had a bad habit of staying up far later than the rest of the crew. He enjoyed the peace and relative quiet of the SR-1′s lower deck at night. Ashley and Wrex were typically noisy during the day, Wrex constantly upgrading his weapons and Ashley writing mission logs on her computer, thinking out loud most of the time. Garrus was so close to being done calibrating this assault rifle, but truthfully, he was taking longer than he needed to. The alone time kept his mind off of-

Shit. Garrus thought.

Shepard exited out of the elevator and their eyes met, both of their expressions a mix of excitement and exasperation.

“Oh, hey Garrus.” Shepard said slightly awkwardly, scratching the back of her neck. “I didn’t think you’d still be down here. I came by to put that new scope on my assault rifle. I um, figured you’d be done with it by now.” Her eyes darted between the floor and Garrus’ eyes.

“Hey Shepard. Yeah, sorry about that.” Garrus looked over at the gun, grateful for the visual distraction. “I’m just about finished. Took me a little longer than I expected. You really put this thing through the ringer, heh.” Garrus laughed nervously, angry at himself for his uncharacteristic choice of words.

Shepard feigned a small laugh in response.
“Ha, yeah. I guess I did.”

Shepard smiled. The sight of it caused Garrus to inhale a little too quickly and he began to cough. He cleared his throat, deeply embarrassed that he was unable to keep his composure around her for longer than a few seconds.

“Should I come back later?” Shepard asked, despite her eyes begging for the opposite.

“No!” Garrus said a little too quickly and a little too loudly. He ordered himself internally to keep it together.

“No, no.” He said, more softly this time. “I’m almost done anyway. You can go ahead and grab your scope, I’ll just be another minute.”

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