commander genocide

listen people have gotten mad at me for saying this before but honestly

azula from A:TLA is one of the only characters i can think of that fits neatly into the same category as vriska

they’re both 13 yrs old, they’re both girls, and they’re both… in very similar positions of abuse and have hurt other children very badly bc of the abuse they were enduring themselves

azula is a child soldier – but so, in many ways, is vriska. it wasn’t warfare per se, but vriska was taught to kill by her abusive lusus long before she had any understanding of the morality and depth of death/murder. azula was in the same boat – she was commanding armies and enacting genocide and colonization on behalf of her abusive father before she ever truly understood the weight of her actions

what were azula and vriska going to say to ozai and spidermom respectively if they had realized that what they were doing was Morally Wrong? “hey no thanks severely abusive parent who i am terrified of – even though i am so socially ostracized i cannot comprehend morality or form functional positive bonds with other children i have magically become Good and do not want to Kill People anymore”

come on. they’re children. they don’t have that kind of agency. they don’t have that knowledge. they act on base instincts that all children have – a desire to please their guardians and a desire to live.

vriska enacts on tavros a cruelty that is eerily similar to the relentless cruelty azula showed to zuko. and they come from a similar place of hurt – zuko and tavros are soft. vriska and azula were never allowed to be soft. is it justified? no. but it’s certainly understandable

azula and vriska both pose this… very complex and heartwrenching question:

at what point does the actions of an abused child become their own? at what point is the violence they’ve been forced to enact their responsibility? where do we draw the line between “viciously abused child” and “teenage perpetrator of abuse”?

i’m rewatching those tv movie about charlemagne that i use to watch a lot when i was a child an they are fascinating

it’s not a cynical type of show like the tudors but there is a clear aknowledgement that the position of king is kind of fuck up but as it take the point of view of charle as a mostly good man it kind of gloss it over too

like after the massacre of some of his people (in respond to invasion and basicaly christian imperialism) he kind of command a genocide and then regret his action and just kind pray it away with the desesperate leader of those he have killed

there is kind of old school humanism vibe to it with all the contradiction of it

not withstanding the problematic element of it it’s pretty good if cheap

Tucker and his bizarre string of quasi-mentors who taught him everything he knows about leadership.