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[2|10] LEXA WOODS the secret service agent

I’m your first line of defense. You have to let me protect you and you have to let me protect the President.

Brush (Soulmate AU)

Summary: You know who your soulmate is when you first touch them.

Word Count: 2,923

Warnings: Smut. Canon divergence around season 6. 

A/N: @jensennjared, hope you enjoy! @glitterliam,, I still owe you the Poe one!

“Where in the ever-living hell have you two been?”

Dean pauses mid-step as he looks at you with those green eyes of his, the ones that set girls’ hearts racing, the ones you could read in a matter of seconds. Immediately, you knew something had happened. After all, Dean has just come back from hell and two days ago, no one knew how. But then they went off the radar and you’re left a worrying mess until just a couple of minutes ago.

“Angels,” he says.

“You’re pulling my leg.”

“No, dude, angels,” says Sam, voice serious.

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Commander Cullen and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

AKA Part Two of my Follower Appreciation Create Your Own Adventure Fic!

Cassandra won the first tier of voting! Part one of the story, along with the rules, can be found HERE. Voting for Tier 2 will run through August 14th

Once the gates were secure, he walked through and headed to the camps below Skyhold. As he drew near he could hear problems already. Today was going to be a long one.

Cullen could see Cassandra pacing ahead of him on the path, looking agitated, and he hastened forward. “Cassandra,” he called to gain her attention.

She stopped her pacing and offered him a brief smile. “You received my note, good. I am in need of your assistance.”

“Do I even want to know what’s going on?” he asked, falling step next to her. They walked along the path, winding around a large outcropping of rocks before circling back toward the camps. With the rocks blocking them, the raised voices of the mages and templars had been muted, far away. But the moment Cullen appeared on the camp side, he was met full force with their ire.

It was amazing that in a camp so large they could all gather in such a small space, on the edge of encampment. Yet there they stood in a complete divide, mages to the left, templars to the right. Beyond their grouping, Cullen could make out a large number of Inquisition troops gaping at the show. This ordeal needed to be settled, and settled it quickly.

Still a few yards from the yelling group, who were clearly not paying any attention to their surroundings, Cullen stopped Cassandra in order to evaluate the situation and figure out what to expect.

“What are they arguing about?” he asked “Please don’t tell me there have been any threats.”

“No,” Cassandra said, letting out a breath that sounded suspiciously like the start of laughter. Cullen frowned. “There was a problem with a requisition delivery, some sort of mix-up. The supply of M. officinalis meant for the templars was sent to the mages instead, and they ended up using it in some potion or another.”

“Once the templars learned what happened, they immediately placed blame on the mages. Claiming they had one it on purpose, sabotaging them because now they are without the herb.” Cassandra nodded toward the group. “They have been like that ever since.”

M. officinalis?” Cullen muttered, more to himself than to Cassandra as he started walking toward the arguing group again. He recognized the botanical name, but couldn’t seem to remember the common one for it. Then it came to him: lemon balm. The templars used that for…. he stopped mid-step and whirled around to face Cassandra. “They’re arguing because the templars can’t make armor polish?” he ground out.

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Even during the worst episodes of Sleepy Hollow, even when the writing was abysmal, the storylines ridiculous and the direction clearly heading straight to the hell the Witnesses were trying to prevent from being raised on Earth, Nicole Beharie was the episode’s saving grace.

Any scene she was in, she captivated, elevated and improved the moment. Thank you Miss Beharie for making even the darkest moments full of light. 


I just LOVE this entrance. Hiruma is just badass, period.


What the hell?! This shit is going waaaay to far!
I watch FTWD for the show not for who’s acting in it! Leave the producers alone!
You all seem to love Alycia Debnam Carey so damn much but in doing what you’re doing (harassing everyone from the show) you’re enabling her the possibility to stay for long!
When I look in the FTWD tag all I want to see are things about it.. not Lexa, Clexa, Eliza Lex or shit like this! Holy hell! BE RESPECTFUL AND STAY IN YOUR DAMN TAG! I’ve lost all my patience! Really!
Stay in your tag!
Stay away from everything concerning FTWD or TWD unless it has something to do with Alycia’s character in FEAR THE WALKING DEAD!
And I really hope you didn’t lead the writers to kill her off ahead of time with all the ruckus! Just look at her new hair and open your eyes: it’s a damn bad sign! And if she was killed off, know that you did that to Alycia! No one else!
Don’t go cry injustice if and when it happens!