Title: The League Twixt Them That Loyal Love Hath Bound
Chapter 3
Rating: T/M
Wordcount, this part: ~3,100
Pairing: Commander Cody/Obi-Wan Kenobi
Characters: Commander Cody, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Captain Rex, Yoda, Mace Windu, Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano
Summary: A mysterious accident leaves Cody with a presence in the Force which he doesn’t understand and which hardly anyone else trusts. And it’s certainly not doing any good for the feelings he’s been harboring for his commanding officer, either…

Excerpt, this part: “One more thing,” Kenobi says, as their comms unit crackles and their little Republic shuttle begins to make its final sweep into the nearest Destroyer’s hangar bay. He stands out of his chair, and briefly passes out of Cody’s sight as he continues to sit, clasping his hands tightly together to keep them still. 

When Obi-Wan hauls him upright with one hand, he has a little bundle of gifts in the other. Cody’s helmet is mercifully unchanged, if also - thankfully - repaired, but the rest of it is new. His pauldrons have been repainted; overlaid on the yellow is the Jedi insignia, traced in white, visible only if you look hard but bright enough that Cody feels them like a brand. And there’s a cloak, too, which Obi-Wan himself fastens into his armor with assured hands. Its weight is as assuring as ever, and it smells familiar, too, as though it’s been slept in on campaign, as though it’s soaked up rain and sand and everything they’ve both been forced through. 

He’s glad that he’s got the helmet on, when he’s finally able to speak and they’re waiting for the hatch to open - it helps mask the fact that he doesn’t know what to say. “Thank you." 

"It has been my pleasure,” Obi-Wan says quietly. He doesn’t say what ‘it’ is - and he doesn’t need to.

It’s baaaack! With so much color-play. SO many colors.

i feel like obi-wan was constantly giving cody heart attacks because as the war went on and got more and more dangerous, obi-wan kept deciding “oh, i kinda feel like wearing less aRMOR TODAY” 

like honestly, look at this:

early in the clone wars he had chest armor that looks like it probably covers his heart from both the front and the back and also has plating all the way up his arms as well as on his shins. it’s not perfect, but it’s definitely something, especially considering how the majority of the time, the enemy used blasters

after the time skip, apparently obi decided all that plastoid was cramping his style so he got rid of basically all of it except for his forearms. i would love to see his clones’ reaction to finding out their reckless general had now made himself even more of a target.

by ROTS obi-wan decided to basically fuck armor entirely, opting for fabric and leather alone, content in the assumption that the power of the force and pure concentrated sass will save him. he doesn’t even have gloves anymore lol. cody has long given up hope.

My redraw a screenshot is done! Jesus dear I spent so many hours on this, I almost thought I’d have to spend yet a third day on it, geeez, IT’S DONE

Had a lot of fun blending a lot of colors
Had a lot of fun drawing Echo’s permanently-concerned face. Look at him. Look. Oh boy.

Fives is ready to murder your dreams tho