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I think a lot about Tabris leaving the Alienage.

Tabris, who’d known nothing but city slums all their life seeing nature first hand. They realize the air isn’t supposed to smell like chamber pots and stagnant water. That grass can be soft and thick and grow in more than just patches.

Tabris, who believe a good meal was a fat rat cooked in water gathered from the rain that leaked through the roof. They learn that it’s okay to eat more than once a day and seconds are in fact a thing. Then feeling guilt because they should have saved that for someone else.

Tabris, who upon finding their armor getting more snug cries not because “oh no I’m getting fat”but because they have never not been able to count their ribs.

Tabris, who is hostile towards humans not because they hate them but because they’re scared and all they’ve ever known is abuse from shem. It takes a while to adjust and to learn that not everyone treats elves with such disregard.

Tabris learning there is life outside of dividing walls and derelict buildings

              ✧・゚:*✧・゚:* ✧・゚:*✧・゚:* \(◕‿◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

The best thing about Char Aznable is how his red motif came to be, both in-universe and outside of it.

In-universe, a certain higher ranked officer in the Zeon forces, in charge of supply, hated Char’s guts. See, the material Zaku IIs are made of, super-hard steel alloy, is naturally pinkish-red in color. The green Zaku IIs we all are so familiar with are actually painted to look that way. This supply commander that disliked Char, when he learned that one of the Zaku IIs he was sending out was going to Char, ordered for it to be left unpainted, as an insult to Char. Thus, he received the red rust-pink rust Zaku II, different from all the other neatly painted Zaku IIs. Char, as he does, took this in stride, and simply began getting a LOT of results in combat, earning his title as an Ace Pilot and, such was his combat effectiveness, that he was soon assigned one of the approximately 100 Zaku II Commander Types produced during the One Year War. As is the case with Ace Pilots, he was offered the option to have a custom color scheme, and Char naturally picked rust red, both because he was already making a reputation for himself as the Red Comet, and because he wanted to rub salt on the supply commander’s wounded pride some more. So Char basically became the Red Comet because he was handed a shabby ass unpainted Zaku II and he rolled with it like a champ.

Out-of-universe? The animators had a TON of spare pink paint.


Captain Billotte’s Wild Ride,

When one typically envisions German tanks of World War II, one typically thinks of giant steel behemoths such as the Tiger tank or perhaps the Panther tank.  However, German heavy tanks weren’t really all that common until later in the war, in fact they really weren’t all that common at all.  In the beginning of the war, German tanks were heavily outclassed by their Allied counterparts, especially by French and later Soviet heavy tanks.  During the Invasion of France, most German tanks were either Panzer I, II, or III models, the heavier Panzer IV and Panzer 38(t) not being fielded in large numbers.

Overall Allied tanks tended to have thicker armor and bigger guns. The Germans were able to defeat Allied tank forces through superior tactics and war doctrine, the radio being a more potent piece of equipment than guns and armor., something which Allied tanks woefully lacked. However there were instances when the weaknesses of German tanks became glaringly obvious.  

One such incident occurred on the 16th of May, 1940 at the village of Stonne during the invasion of France. Stonne was an important strategic point on the way to Sedan, thus over the past few days heavy fighting had occurred over the village, resulting in the town changing hands no less than seventeen times.  On the morning 16th the French conducted a counterattack against German positions with infantry attacking from the south and tanks attacking from the west.

At the head of the French tanks was Captain Pierre Billotte, in command of a Char B1-bis heavy tank nicknamed “Eure”. The Char B1-bis was one of those monster tanks that gave the German’s much grief during the invasion of France, with 60mm frontal armor, a 47mm gun mounted in the turret, and a 75mm gun mounted in the chassis, it pretty much outclassed everything the Germans had in their tank arsenal.

When facing larger Allied tanks German tanks would typically try to outmaneuver and outflank their opponents, attacking the weaker side and rear armor. However the German’s had their tanks lined up in a row along the main street of the town, and thus were trapped.  Captain Billotte and his crew charged right into the town, blasting each tank one by one as they charged down the street. The German tanks opened fire, but each and every round bounced of the B1′s thick frontal armor.  Capt. Billotte and his tanks exited the town to the east, popping two German anti tank guns on the way out. When the smoke had cleared, Capt. Billotte and his crew had destroyed two Panzer IV tanks, eleven Panzer III tanks, and two anti tank guns.  During the battle, the Char B1-bis “Eure” had sustained 140 hits.  

The German’s eventually took Stonne on May 25th, bring forth larger anti tank guns to drive off the French tanks.  Capt. Pierre Billotte was captured by the German’s, though he later escaped and served with the Free French forces throughout the remainder of the war. After the war he became Assistant Chief of Staff of The French Army, and later headed the French Military Mission to the UN.  In his post military career he served in many political positions.  He passed away in 1992.  

Topi’s Daily Card #1090:  Char-Rumbler

This card is really unique for more than a few reasons.  Yes, it has a power less than zero, and it’s one of two creatures to do so, the other being Spinal Parasite.  Now, this means for the most part that it deals no damage, but with that built in firebreathing Char-Rumbler can become a real monster.  Sure, you have to pay at least RR to even deal a single point or two of damage, but Char-Rumbler can be good with equipment as well, boosting it up without sinking in mana every turn and a boost in a pinch when you need to.  Sure it takes some investment of mana, but that’s the downside for a creature with not only double strike, but the means to be able to deal huge amounts of damage all by itself.


video game meme: [8/8] favorite female characters 

Prepare for GW2 season 4
  • Rytlock: So, now we have to fight an empowered dragon too? That'll be fun
  • Commander: ugh
  • Canach: Commander, we've got news from the south. Seems Joko is back from his prison
  • Commander: UGH
  • Kasmeer: Oh uh, don't look now, Commander, but I think that's Braham and Rox getting off that ship at the port
  • Marjory: I wonder how Braham will react when he hears you protected an elder dragon
  • Commander: ...Taimi, your poobah is gonna need a big favor