commander blair shepard


She can feel Ash’s eyes on the back of her head.

The question lingers in the air. It’s a simple one; a question on tactics and the war and things that matter.

Blair decides to let the things that shouldn’t matter answer.

And she doesn’t.


Blair Shepard / Earthborn / War Hero / Renegon

  • At age 16 she fell in love with a fellow gang member. The relationship ended a year later when her lover killed an Asari tourist they were robbing. When the murder was investigated, Blair told the Alliance investigators everything she knew and begged for a chance to join. At least the military had some semblance of honour.
  • During the hunt for Saren, she had a competition with Garrus to see who could snipe the most Geth. Kaidan was the judge. Garrus won… by 2. Blair still thinks he cheated.
  • Omega is Blair’s favourite place in the entire galaxy. Beautiful women, dark alleys and no illusions of safety. It’s cutthroat, deadly and honest. It reminds her of home.
  • After Horizon, she anonymously sent Ashley one of the upgraded assault rifles Cerberus had designed. In a space on the side of the gun, she scratched an Alliance logo. She didn’t care what Ash did with it. She only wanted her to know.