Tinkering With: Tamanoa

Naya (Red, White, and Green) is a color combination that doesn’t see much play. Marath, Will of the Wild, Uril, the Miststalker, and Mayael, the Anima, are the most popular, with lots of community love for ol’ Hazezon Tamar. the primary three have all been huge in the commander scene at one point or another, with Marath currently topping many french 1v1 tournament listings. Today, however, let us look at Naya differently. Let us look at Tamanoa.

Aggressively costed, this turns any non-creature source of damage into a weird form of lifelink. Weird things like Mana Barbs, Searing Meditation, and other unusual shenanigans come to mind. Instants like Tiagam’s Strike and Divine Deflection, big sorceries like Blasphemous Act or Chandra’s Ignition- even and especially things that deal damage to each player, as you’ll gain life dealing damage to yourself too.

The colors have a lot to offer in the form of red burn and white damage reflection/redirection. Green allows you to tutor for your Tamanoa with Green Sun'z Zenith, Birthing Pod, Chord of Calling, Fauna Shaman. Certain commanders work better than others; Marath is basically a 2 card engine with Tamanoa, whereas Rith and Hazezon offer more utility by adding creatures to the mix. Marath will always be good for a few ‘lifelinked’ fireballs with Tamanoa, yet the mass tokens created by Rith/Hazezon can be used with Goblin Bombardment, Impact Tremors, Warstorm Surge, etc. for a lot of damage and a lot of life.

One creature can be pretty fragile; thankfully all three colors have effects to protect and recur our Tamanoa. Sun Titan hits it, and so do resurrection spells in general. Green has Regrowth effects, like Naya Charm. You can even use Feldon of the Third Path. The deck lets you find and keep Tamanoa with ease, even providing things like Indestructibility or Asceticism to help protect it on board.

In conclusion, my personal pick for using this card would be Rith, the Awakener. Marath is a close second but I’m a hipster, and don’t want to use Marath. I’d use all the things mentioned above, toss in a few burn spells (targeted and mass), the tutor/recursion package for Tamanoa, and a few odds and ends like Heat Shimmer (two Tamanoa make cards like Slagstorm real funny with a bunch of Saprolings on board). I may even hard commit to copying Tamanoa with something like a Kiki Jiki. I’d definitely use Gisela for damage doubling with all that lifelink’d burn.

Either way, I hope you found new appreciation for this obscure little card. We can all thank @earthen-bestiary for pointing it out and brainstorming with me. See you all soon!

Topi’s Daily Card #534:  Amulet of Vigor

Not the hot artifact it used to be in Modern thanks to the banning of Summer Bloom, Amulet of Vigor is still an interesting artifact with an unseen anywhere else mechanic.  Anything that enters tapped will essentially be untapped, leading to interesting interactions with things like of course the Ravnica Bounce lands, Reassembling Skeleton, Nevinyrral’s Disk, and most interestingly to me, Thawing Glaciers.  There’s a bit of a silly combo with the last card.  Thawing Glaciers becomes near all upside to find whatever basic land you want and you get it untapped, and with the enchantment Burgeoning, you could in theory do it every turn that your opponents play a land while this silly three card combo is out.  Ramping every player’s turn is a dream, but it’s a little silly to do that, but still really cool.  Amulet of Vigor does have used in EDH, mostly for speeding up decks with a lot of tap lands, but the couple combos listed here and you’ll find elsewhere can be wonderful surprises for you… And not so wonderful surprises for your opponents.

yawgtwo asked:

Wow you have Griselbrand banned only as the commander? Our group was of the opinion that the command zone was the safest spot for him. He was way more dangerous in any UB reanimation shell where you can easily have him out turn 2 or 3.

I think it’s a matter of the saner nature of the decks in our play group. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it more globally. But honestly, Griselbrand is a creature. He can be destroyed or exiled or whatever. Creatures are the easiest permanents to deal with as long as they’re not hexproof or indestructible.