Warehouse 13: TNG Now with bonus manip of future XO of the Moreau (After James is found out to be section 31) Abigail Cho. (feel free to click and make them bigger. Stare at the wonder of the Bajoran nose or to make the Gif not so blurry and all that)

Captain Arthur Nielsen - Human - Command
Commander XO James MacPherson/Abigail Cho - Human - Command
Chief medical officer Vanessa Calder - Human/Vulcan - Medical
Lt. Commander Leena - El Aurian - Medical
Lt. Myka Bering - Joined Trill - Science
Lt. Pete Lattimer - Human/Betazoid - Security
Ensign Claudia Donovan - Genetically engineered human - Engineering
Ensign Steve Jinks - Bajoran - Helm
Civ/Lt Five of Twelve - Borg/Human - Engineering
Q Continuum - Q “Mrs F Q” - Q