The Scrin are an alien race from the Command and Conquer series. I had to do a bit of research on them since my knowledge of the series begins and ends with the badass soviet march theme:

There’s been plenty of stories of aliens invading Earth for resources. It goes back as far as HG Wells and his blood harvesting martians. It’s no wonder it’s such a common fear for the science fiction story teller because it’s something that defines a lot of our own history. One nation warring against another for valuable resources be it land, shiny rocks, water, or spices.

There may come a day where human society becomes post scarcity and the most essential of resources are so abundant that they cost nothing at all…but that day is not today and so still we’ll be making stories about aliens invading us for various resources well into the future. 


Figuring out what the aliens look like, or what to draw for them was a bit of a challenge since the only real character Scrin is depicted as a sort of hologram and only of its head. I decided to shroud the rest of its body in darkness and have it wear a cloak of sorts to account for this. 

This was a request from godofwarlover on Deviantart.