command wolf rgc


Zoids Original: Command Wolf Rain Gun Custom photoset.

I wasn’t originally [rimshot] planning on picking up any of the Original line, seeing as I’m not really a big fan of the TOMY kits anymore but what sold me on the RGC wolf was the stupid rain-gun. Look at it. It’s ridiculous.

It was a nice, easy, one day build, even with all the painting and detailing of all the parts and I am endlessly amused by the Captain Zappo helm [I feel at this point the Original line is basically Zoids! With hats! line] and decided why not stick it on the most over powered and clunky Command Wolf in existence.

I DO like it matches my HMM Doombot Command Wolf custom I did a while ago tho.

SO UM. I wanted to post these somewhere but not really on my main blog so I figured this is as good a place as any. They’re a recent project from the last few days and my first attempt in years at Zoid sprites. Icons on the far left are the originals from Zoids Legacy, recolored to fit the Zoids. Center and right are the upgraded icons, featuring all three incarnations of the (actual variants, FSV you don’t count) Zoids Original line.