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Anyone that’s new to Clexakru, welcome to the extra af fandom

Inspire a successful convention dedicated to wlw… check

Make the top 50 greatest tv couples ever… check

Absolutely dominate in polls… check

Call out the Bury Your Gays trope for all to see… check

Raise over $170k in charity for LGBTQ youth… check

Get LGBT fans trending top l0 worldwide for hours… check

Never let them forget Lexa… check

Officially name a star after our ship… check

Bring fans from more than 55 countries together… check

Drag the shit show down to it’s lowest ratings ever… check

Fck Jason Rottenassberg… check

Keep Clexa alive with thousands of great fanfics… check

Create a comic book for a spinoff ADC/ET ship… check

Get Clexa masterpiece displayed in a coffee shop… check

Can’t describe how amazing this is, just watch… check

Credits to: @thecatsbian / @lgbtfansdb / @lgbtvdb-why-it-matters / @T’challa /  @lexadeservedbetter-ww / @clexacon / @clexasource / @ArtbyJessReef 


Destiny 2 - Oficial Launch Trailer

One of the things in Warframe that boggles my mind the most are Grineer Commanders.

Like, how the hell can it Switch Teleport? How the hell can you explain how a race of crusty faced, racist, facist, inbred cyborgs whose idea of advanced technology is to literally fucking cannonball themselves into the hull of enemy ships in order to board them somehow learned how to use an ability used by telepathically controlled combat drones? Did it just wake up one day and say “Grineer wanna learn how to switch teleport like Tenno Skoom” and somehow learn how to use it? What’s stopping the Grineer from somehow utilizing other Warframe abilities then?

I haven’t posted about MtG finance in a while but this is enough to end that streak.

This shows all the biggest spikes in the last week. 21 of 28 cards are on the reserve list with Junun Efreet an honorary 22nd (chances of Arabian Nights cards are exceedingly low).

The sad part is that this is completely manufactured. The overwhelming majority of these cards do not see EDH, legacy, vintage, or even old school play.