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you're making it seem as if what Erwin went trough couldn't be treated with the help of his loved ones. Like Eren, he was suicidal until Historia talked some sense into him. Erwin could've been helped as well, could've been supported and understood, but it seems Levi took the easy way out.

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Anonymous what is up w that anon geez. why are they acting like levi deciding to let erwin rest is an easy thing for him??? its not like hes all happy and singing ~not gonna bring our commander back to hell lol~ it visibly impacted him and his reasoning very much relates to the deep bond and respect he has for erwin??? just bc the manga doesnt show how he copes doesnt mean it doesnt exist. the eruri doubter anons are confusing me. its like they forgot the past 80+ chapters exist.

ETA another Anon in the same vein

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Anonymous said:Not to come off as rude or anything but I wonder if these people who think Levi simply ‘let Erwin die’, who are convinced he chose Arm*n because he was being ‘altruistic’ with the kids, who think Levi would easily move on to another liege or who are even convinced that Erwin somehow told Levi to choose Arm*n have actually read the manga…

I’m just going to let these two three Anon’s answer each other….

Fwiw, this doesn’t look like taking the easy way out to me.


peepers is so expressive and just. sylvia. is so done. i just. i cant. 

heres some more.. 

look at him.. puffing his smol chest out

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I’m laughing.

Part of the reason that Diamonds need Pearls to do menial chores like open doors (and have therefore abused and demeaned them for millenia) is because they are TOO BIG TO REACH THE CONTROL PANELS.

If big important Gems opened doors themselves, there would have to be multiple control panels at varying heights, or a control strip, or some other accessibility option. Instead the Diamonds decided not to bother and just grew themselves a slave class.


Basically, Gem Society is horrible and we need to mock the dumb giant Gems for their awful choices.

TYPE: Ghost Shell Recording

DESCRIPTION: Conversation





[Cayde-6] Ho-ho! The commander himself? In my favorite Tower bar? What are you doing here? No, seriously - what are you doing here.

[heavy sigh]

[Commander Zavala] Cayde, as I am sure you’re aware, I do occasionally leave the war room.

[Cayde-6] Really? I kinda thought you’d grown into the floor. Like a coral polyp, y’know? Hey! Barkeep! Something cold for the grumpy blueberry, if you would.

[Commander Zavala] I…ah, thank you. 

[glass clinking]

[Cayde-6] So? Something you need?

[Commander Zavala] Does a man need a reason to enjoy a drink?

[Cayde-6] C’mon, Zavala. I’m Cayde-6. You’re not going to fool me with that.


[glass clinking]

[Commander Zavala] Fine. I have something to discuss with you, and it seemed prudent to avoid extra ears.

[Cayde-6] Sneaking about? Didn’t know you had it in you. Alright, I’m listening. What’s up?



[Commander Zavala] Do you remember when Eris returned? After…

[glass clinking]


[Cayde-6] A-yup. 

[Commander Zavala] And do you remember what I asked you?

[Cayde-6] You said - a-hem - “Cayde, you are wise beyond wisdom. What does your formidable intellect make of our colleague’s makeover?”

[Commander Zavala] I don’t think I said that. 

[glass clinking]

[Cayde-6] Answer stands, Zavala. She was instrumental in the deaths of Omnigul, Alak-Hul, Crota, and Oryx himself. Or is it herself? Still a little mixed up on that. Hell, she can fill as many rooms as she wants with her creepy little wax dolls so long as she’s killing Hive.


[Commander Zavala] What if we’re wrong. What if we’ve made a terrible mistake.


[Commander Zavala] If I had listened to Shaxx, if I had defied the consensus, if we hadn’t gone back to the moon, perhaps she would not have - 

[Cayde-6] Dammit, this is why you’re no fun at parties. We did go to the moon. We fucked up. A lot of people died.

[glass clinking]

[Cayde-6] But Oryx is dead, too. So - hell. At least we got that part right.

[glass clinking]

[glass clinking]

[Cayde-6] ‘Sides, even if she hates all of us, I think she hates the Hive more. And I get the feeling they’re gonna be a lasting problem. 

[Commander Zavala] Still. I cannot help but worry about her.

[glass clinking]



[Cayde-6] I don’t think you need to be worried about Eris. If I were you, I’d worry about the people who try to get in her way. 

Here they are!  All the songs from My Fair Hatey, in their entirety!  Enjoy!

I can’t praise Craig and the Wander crew enough for everything they did to make this episode such a wonderful reality.  Ultimate high fives and hugs to Craig, Frank, Amy, Todd, Noelle, Dave, Eddie, Justin, Alex, Laurens, and Lisa!   

Extra special thanks to my man, Mark Karafilis, in the Disney Television Animation Music Dept who championed this project from the start and found the resources for us to record at great studios with great players.

Here are complete liner notes for the music in case you’re into that sort of thing.  Thanks to all the actors, players, and various music crew who made these songs sound great!

The Singers:
Jack McBrayer as Wander
Keith Ferguson as Lord Hater & various singing Watchdogs
April Winchell as Sylvia
Tom Kenny as Commander Peepers & various singing Watchdogs
Noel Wells as Dominator
Fred Tatasciore as Dominator (inside the mask)
Me as various singing Watchdogs

The Players:
Jim Cox - piano 
Michael B Green - drums
Keith Karman - bass guitar
Charles DeCastro (of The California Feetwarmers) - trumpet & cornet
Justin Rubenstein (of The California Feetwarmers) - trombone
Joshua Kaufman (of The California Feetwarmers) - clarinet
Brandon Armstrong (of The California Feetwarmers) - sousaphone
Brian Scanlon - clarinet, alto sax, tenor sax (SAXOPHONE!!)
Me - banjo, guitars, organs

Recording Engineers:  
Gabe Moffat, Tom Rogers, Me, Mark Kondracki & the staff of Outloud Audio

Recording Studios:
Capitol Studios (!!!) - Los Angeles, CA (Piano, bass, & drums - Dec 2015)
Outloud Audio - Burbank, CA & NY, NY (Vocals - Nov 2014)
Atomix Media - Van Nuys, CA (Horns - Dec 2015)
My Garage - Los Angeles, CA (Everything else - Oct 2014 to Jan 2016)

Horn Arrangements
Me & Phil Granger

Mixed by Gabe Moffat

Made with SoundCloud