command that they sing


                                      Minnesota March for Life 2018

Every year on January 22nd pro-life Minnesotans mark the anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision at the State Capital in St.Paul. 

Prior to the rally at the capital the Catholic Archdiocese of St.Paul & Minneapolis held it’s Annual Prayer Service for Life at the Cathedral of St. Paul that was attended by nearly a thousand faithful from many Christian backgrounds (our group representing for Orthodox churches all across the Twin Cities & Minnesota). 

Despite a blizzard warning and 10+ inches of snowfall nearly one thousand of us Minnesotans marched to the State Capital to stand for the sanctity of human life and remember the nearly 60 million human lives lost to abortion (and the countless number of lives affected as a result. 

One of my favorite memories from today was singing together the “A New Commandment” hymn as we marched to the capital.

“A new commandment I give unto you, that you love one another; even as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:34

Please pray that the number of Orthodox faithful in Minnesota able to attend this march for life will continue to grow in the years to come.

The 12th House Shows Our Hidden Talents, Secret Pastimes, and Who We Are in Secret (the person many may not know yet)

Aries in 12th: good leader, competitive, into politics and history, hates arguing but loves watching an argument, musically inclined (good with instruments), comedic and intelligent, sticks up for the little man in small ways, kind and good with words, articulate

Taurus in 12th: great singer, very sensual and romantic, humorous, creative, artistic (painting, drawing), elegant and admires elegant things, poetic, daydreams of beauty and beautiful things

Gemini in 12th: gossipy/verbose, interested in culture and language, literature and music fanatic, probably watches documentaries a lot, technologically advanced but may not show it, good at writing, internally happy, sad, bored, and anxious at the same time

Cancer in 12th: sensitive, emotive, touchy, a bit awkward but talkative, good listener, good at getting things out of people, a homebody, always daydreaming of a happy “fairytale” family and love life, a conversationalist/loves to make people laugh and smile, hard worker and ambitious

Leo in 12th: good dancer, very regal and very confident, the silent leader in a group, fun, Lovable, playful, likes to pamper oneself frequently and for long periods of time, artistic and dramatic, admires classic literature, music, fashion, and scenery, creative and artistic

Virgo in 12th: hard worker, very intuitive and very passionate, confident, commandeering, proud, may be a bit reclusive, good at singing, likes to write in secret, great smile , a warm and friendly person

Libra in 12th: informative and positive, admires love and beauty in all things, good dancer and actor, sensual, open-minded, likes hard work and intensive jobs, daydreams of a better world, enjoys making people comfortable and laugh, a homebody

Scorpio in 12th: sensitive to other’s emotions, doesn’t like to deal with other people’s drama, probably starts drama though, humorous, likes a good laugh, can’t handle too much of the spotlight at once, but still loves the spotlight anyway, very tumultuous and changing in emotion, sexual and commanding, a bit of a liar, full of depth, good at writing and listening to others

Sagittarius in 12th: adventurous, interested in culture and language, good at learning languages, humorous, spends time keeping up with the world around them, not into or good with politics but likes to stay informed, a bit lazy at times, artistic

Capricorn in 12th: diligent, ambitious, humorous, plays it cool often, good at learning languages, interested in culture, a secret homebody, daydreams of a kind love, open-minded, good with heavy schedules and activities

Aquarius in 12th: informed and educated, open-minded, friendly, kind and courteous, social butterfly, takes care of people around them, awkward but knows how to take a joke, artistic, good actor, good singer, very good at letting loose around new people

Pisces in 12th: enjoys taking care of others, kind, highly intelligent, humorous, diligent worker, enjoys bringing happiness to others before themselves, comedic, good singer, an artist at heart, dedicated to their cause, bright

Siren Sings a Somber Song

Pairing: Siren!Reader x Bucky Barnes

Summary: You’re a Siren, being held captive by the Pierce Circus, cruelly put on display for every show, but it seems as if Bucky Barnes is the only one who truly sees you.

Warning: Mentions of Abuse, Language, SMUT (Ages 18+), Unprotected Sex (Please be safe!)

Word Count: 3.4k

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 “And here we have a real-life Siren, ladies and gentlemen! Feast your eyes upon the witch of the sea!” You could hear Pierce’s muffled yell from within your tank as the curtain was pulled back and unveiled you to the audience. The harsh light caused you to squint and hold up your hand, the reflection of the spotlight even more overbearing due to the water surrounding you.

The rays reflected from each scale that littered your limbs as you watched the expressions of those crowding your dungeon-tank. Some were horrified, others intrigued. The children observed you in wonder, lightly pressing their small hands to the glass, as their parents scoffed with disgust. To them, you were either a miracle or a curse and, at this point, you couldn’t even be sure as to which one was correct.

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I’m Kind of Into It

Synopsis: Harry releases the Kiwi video and things get messy.

When Harry first wrote Kiwi, you were so excited, the song was one of your favorites and seeing him preform it was an experience you would never forget. The way he would get all giddy and dance to every drum beat made you fall in love with him even more, if that’s even possible. Now with all the news coming out, his promo interviews, going on tour, you couldn’t contain your excitement for the music video. No one knew except for you, Harry’s team and some friends and family. Harry was at home thinking of new ideas for the video, always trying to perfect it every second, wanting it to be as perfect as possible. That’s when an idea popped in your head, you wanted him to stop stressing, have a little fun and take a well-deserved break.

“Babe! Harry! Come in here hurry!” You call out frantically, trying so hard to contain your laughter. You can hear footsteps rushing up into the master bedroom and the door slams open against the wall.

“Wha’s the matter love?” Worry stricken across on Harry’s face as he does a quick scan of the room then evaluating any injuries on your body.

“My sister called and it’s honestly driving me crazy!” You breathe heavily, still trying hard not to burst out in laughter.

“Love, calm down, explain it to me slowly. Are you hurt or anything?” With his brows still furrowed, you want to stop the prank and just kiss him all over but you refrain from doing so.

“She’s driving me crazy Harry, and like I am kind of into it but I think she said… I think she said.” You pretend to cry, stuffing your face into your hands, tears spilling from the sides as you thank all the acting lessons you took as a child. Your sobs echo in the room and Harry’s heart break, confusion written all over on why his one true love is so hurt. The mattress dips and you can feel him going behind you, legs wrapped around you, his head resting on your back.

“Love, what did she say? M’ here for ya, you know that right?” He whispers, sprinkling kisses along your neck.

“I think she said…. I’M HAVING YOUR BABY! AND IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!” you jump out of bed excitedly, tears out of sight and the widest grin set on your face. You begin to dance and hit play on the speaker system built in the room, “Kiwi” blasting through the room. Harry was now more confused than ever, he doesn’t know what to do or what to say for that matter. His heart in conflicting pieces after he just saw you break down in front of him to now you dancing all around.

“IT’S NEW YORK BABY ALWAYS JACKED UP!” you sing along with the speakers with Harry’s signature move, a hand on your hip and your head to the side with a sly smile. You disregard his reaction for a split second to pull out the Kiwi shaped confetti you ordered on Amazon, and begin throwing it all around the room.

Harry looks at you and begins to smile slowly, his lips turning into that smirk you know and love dearly. He continues to watch you, his anger diminishes as quickly as it came and he couldn’t fathom being so lucky.

“WHEN SHE’S ALONE SHE GOES HOME TO A CACTUS!"  Your energy through the roof after seeing him laugh and begin recording you as you pull a cactus plant out of your shared night stand. But when you toss it in the air, that’s when the smiles stop.

"HOLY SHIT! THAT HURTS OW! OW OH MY GOSH.” You shriek as blood drips  out of your hands from catching the flying cactus you threw in the air, real tears pouring out slowly as you look at Harry, who is collapsed on the floor from laughing so hard.

“I caught it n'tape! Oh my god, m'sending this to everyone.” Harry cries as he re-watches the video, but shoots his head up as soon as he heard your soft whimpers, seeing you pull out the little devil-toothpicks.

“Oh babe let me see, I am so sorry if I could feel the pain for you I would.” Harry rushes to your side and carefully pulls out the little thorns, one by one, kissing each little scab. “Who knew you were so good at crying on command?”

“She’s such an actress.” you sing shyly with your tear stained face, making Harry’s heart swell.

“Love! Are you home?” Harry’s footsteps could be heard from the bathroom where you were removing last night’s makeup, a habit you were trying to rid.

“Yea, I’m up here H, in the bathroom!” you call out, trying to pull of the stubborn lash glue from your lash line, cursing when you accidently pluck out a lash.

“You know what t'day is?” He asks, smiling at you.

“Yup, the eighth.” You continue with cleansing your face, not understanding the meaning behind the question. But mid-cleanse, you get it, it wasn’t an anniversary nor a birthday, it was the release of the video. You jump up with your face wash in your eyes and jump up and down, the soap getting in your eyes. You quickly cry out in pain but jump regardless. 

“Oh my goodness, you need to be more careful, you get to excited that you hurt yourself babe.” He says, getting a washcloth to wipe the cleanser.

“Says the man who trips while standing,” You say jokingly as he chuckles and continues wiping your face.

“Show me the video! It’s like 8 am! I missed 8 hours of fun already!!!!!” you jump once more thinking of all the fan’s reactions, but the look on his face completely confuses you.

“About tha’ I actually didn’t release it yet, m’ gonna make’m wait a little bit more” the look of betrayal on your face makes his head roll back in laughter, "love they are so impatient, screamin’ at me, it’s punishment, but you will see it soon enough.” he says, kissing you on the cheek, leaving you speechless.

You quickly run after him and jump on his back, “HARRY! You have been doing a countdown for like 17 years! RELEASE THE VIDEO or you are not getting it tonight!” You playfully bite his earlobe to which he turns around and says, “Fine fine, let me call ’m, what kinda woman does that to a man.” You jump off and fist bump the air a couple times.

“Okay you are gonna miss the good part, look at Dar babe.” Harry points excitedly as you both are snuggled up on the couch, your head against his chest, him pointing at every little detail.

“They are all good H, the kids look so beautif- OH MY GOD IS THAT A PUPPY?” You immediately jump off of Harry and stand up, hurting his side in the process. 

“IT IS A PUPPY! THERE ARE MULTIPLE!” you jump up and down for what seems like the hundredth time today, your legs hurting very much as a consequence. You can’t help it, you are unbelievably proud of Harry for doing so well, having such a great following, and all while being himself. You continue to watch excitably, laughing at everything, your eyes wide with amusement. Harry watches you and feels so much pride and happiness for making his little lady so happy.

While you are still watching, Harry sneaks into the kitchen and grabs a vanilla cupcake with blue icing, he had ordered it yesterday for this exact moment. He slowly walks up to you and as soon as the video finishes, you turn around to hug him only to be met with cold sugary sweetness.

“HARRY! I JUST WASHED MY FACE!” you scream licking the fallen remnants.

“Ya’ know I had too babe, but what did ya’ think?” Harry’s once carefree persona quickly turns to nervousness as he awaits for your reaction, your opinion was very important to him.

Taking your hand and picking  off more of the blue icing, you suck on your finger, “I’m kinda into it.”

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My dog: *greets me by howling as I walk through the door*

Me: what a beautiful song!! You really put your heart into that one! I’m impressed!!

My dog: *howls more*

Me: A SECOND VERSE?? You must have stayed up all night writing that! I’m so proud of you!!!

unrequited love’s a bore
and I’ve got it pretty bad
but for someone you adore
it’s a pleasure to be sad

(that’s a completely different song than the one he’s singing in the picture but shhhhh)

I heard the sentence “No, I don’t wanna TALK about it, I wanna SING about it!” on a late night show my dad liked something like 9 or 10 years ago & it stuck with me ever since.

You’ve been soaking in shreds of yesterday, if there is water, then it must be the tears. If there is air, it must be sacred because it keeps trying to scramble away from the casket of your breath. It’s okay, you’re going to be clean now, being soaked by his smile isn’t the therapy that sends you dancing in stores at midnight. Go find your own smile, this one sings on your command. You’re a beautiful rose planted to be grown, not plucked for a vase. Then you’ll find yourself in a field at noon and all the


will turn to

face you.

—  I hope you like it! @boundlessloveandgracepoetry

erwin likes it when levi takes him. he loves it even. from a man that holds so much pain and dread within the tension of his muscles, he passes it out into erwin with gentle and consensual desire. levi presses his cheek against erwin’s knee, his mouth agape and eyes casting down on him with a pleading look that begs him for less–begs him for more. with each thrust, he begs for this all to be over.

and he’s beautiful. there’s a sheen on his forehead, a blush on his cheek, and his eyes flutter shut when the pleasure becomes too much. and erwin says it, stutters it out like words spoken on a cold day: “you’re beautiful.”

levi grips the side of erwin’s thigh and buries his face into it. he rams his cock deep into his commander until they’re both singing, his teeth burying into the muscle so hard that it leaves marks, and he loses all strength in his bones when he comes hot inside erwin.

levi holds himself up between erwin’s legs, gripping onto his knees as if they’re pillars meant to hold bridges, and he looks down at erwin, spent and beautiful and alive and says: “you’re all right.” 

he slides between his legs, his cock slipping out of erwin and trailing parts of himself onto the bed. he devours erwin, takes his cock in so far deep that his eyes water, and when erwin comes too, he swallows it down without a change in expression. he hungers for every part of erwin–just as erwin does for him.

they lay spent. boneless. levi wraps his arm and leg over erwin under thin bedsheets. erwin kisses him on the forehead, a small crease forming between his brows as he snorts once in his sleep. if they were lucky for another tomorrow, he would be in levi’s place, worshipping every single ounce of his beautiful captain.