command and conquer 3


Today While I was playing Rise of nations, It came to mind. Wow, I play a lot of RTS games. I decided to make a top 10 based on my opinion. So HERE WE GO!!

1.Rise of Nations GOLD (includes expansions)

2.Age of Empires II and Expansions

3.Rome Total War

4. Red Alert 2 (Romanov, the soviet Premier is a bonus!)

5. Command and conquer 3 (can’t go wrong with Kane)

6. Starcraft (6 and 7 are tied I couldn’t decide)

7. Starcraft II

8. World in Conflict

9. Supreme commander

10. Sins of a solar Empire

Eventually Even though some of these games may have been forgotten (I sure haven’t) I may review these games in the future. Just because they’re great!

So that’s my top 10 RTS games at the moment. You can agree or disagree, it all depends on personal taste.