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I’m so grateful for every moment of joy that homestuck brought me. I learned so much, I’ve seen so much and I’m incredibly thankful that I met so many lovely people. like the people who I met at conventions. I could name them all but I guess that’s not necessary. you know who you are and I thank every single one of you. then the people who I met online. I might not talk much on the internet but you can be sure that all of your messages and comments are so much appreciated and I think of them whenever I feel down. you make me really happy. the most positive impact that cosplaying homestuck has done for me personally is that I can finally remember the good things that happen to me. due to my forgetfulness I can’t really recall how things used to be before I started videotaping regularly. the videos are like a diary that remind me of how joyful life can be. it is so uplifting. it all may be very cheesy but ever since I found out about homestuck in october 2012 not a single day passed on which I did not think about the comic.

in case you wondered, yes I’ll continue cosplaying homestuck. I’ll still make videos and upload on this blog. I’m fine being stuck in this forever.

maybe you recognized the white background in the pictures. yes I’m working on an updated version of [S] Everyone: Homestuck Cosplay Party. only a handful of cosplays have to be filmed still. I’m working on it.

I love you all so much and thank you hussie!