An INCREDIBLY overdue commission for bambamboozles! I felt so bad I threw in an extra page. 

A dork like him shouldn’t kiss like he does, holy shit. John rests a hand on your thigh for balance, leans in, and licks at your mouth. Laves at the split, purposeful, slow, wet stripes that part your lips wider with every pass. You’re so doped on endorphins that the pain merely adds a delicious sharp edge of everything. Before you know it he’s in your lap, both hands clutching fistfuls of your hair, kissing you like he needs to, like it’s all he ever wanted.


This update reminds me of when they moved the reblog button from the top to the bottom of posts

Or when they animated the heart button

Or when they changed the dash size so that posts no longer had borders

Eventually it’s just like whatever.

…Gah I’ve been on tumblr too long