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I don't know if I'm more upset by the Larry comments on their every tweet or by the 'pls Harry/Louis slap me with ur di*k' and so comments... Like, both these kind of comments make me very uncomfortable, I can't even imagine how it is for the boys

People seemed to forget that the boys are /human/. I just don’t think ANY of that is necessary to put on ANY of their social media accounts. They don’t need to see that. They don’t /want/ to see that. DO NOT go on their Instagram, or tweet them, with those comments that translate to sexual harassment. End of story.

As far as the ‘Larry is real’ comments go… STOP. Don’t spam their Instagram and Twitter accounts with “LARRY IS REAL.” And don’t do it to their friends and family and team, too. Go on your blog and make every single post that you make say “LARRY IS REAL.” That’s cool. Do what you want. Do what you want on /your/ platform to /your/ friends and /your/ followers. But, there is NO REASON to do the same on their social media accounts. Don’t go to their family’s/friend’s/team’s accounts and ask about Larry. Don’t send them fanart about it. (ESPECIALLY sexually explicit fanart!!!) Don’t send them DM’s about it. I don’t know what the point of that is. I legitimately do not understand what the point of that is. Not at all.

There is a huge difference between the conversation we have among one another as fans, and trying to drag someone directly related (who /can’t/ talk about it and doesn’t /want/ to talk about it) into the conversation. That’s unnecessary. 110%. Say whatever you want to fellow fans and friends, but keep it in this sphere. There is no fourth wall. But, there is a huge difference between them actively going out and searching for it and being spammed with it on their social media.


Whenever there’s something talking about how women in magic need more representation, there’s always douchebags saying “well you’re just being sexist, you shouldn’t put somebody on commentary just because they’re a woman!” and it’s the most absurdly stupid thing. But okay. You want somebody qualified?

Melissa DeTora. Former pro magic player. Currently interning at wotc. Hire her to run deck techs, commentary, or floor coverage. She’s an amazing player. Why hasn’t she done commentary?

Kathleen De Vere. Comedian and member of loading ready run. Great magic player, awesome comedic personality, has lots of stage and coverage experience through loading ready run. Graham Stark has done coverage for MOCS finals, why couldn’t she?

Feline Longmore. One of the best high tide players of all times. An overall expert in the legacy format. She could easily take the place of somebody with a quarter of her experience on the format on a US coverage team.

It took me a second to come up with three great examples of three totally deserving women who could do commentary. There are other women who have top8 finishes at GPs. What if we got one of them on commentary? Would you call that sexist? Examine yourself, examine why you think that any of these people are underqualified.


Ah okay my schedule has finally become normal again so I thought thise would be a good time to try out some commissions! 

I’m pretty open to doing anything, although depending on the request I might deny nsfw. However, I’m fine with most nudity and violence. I’m willing to draw any desired pairings/ characters from shows/ video games, etc. Also, I’m totally open to doing OC’s, provided that you give me a sufficient amount of info on the character. 

***contact info*** -

If you are interested or have any questions you can contact me here! Once youve given what you want I’ll provide a quick sketch, if its good thats when I’ll ask you to provide payment. I’ll try to finish a quickly as possible!

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★ ★ I’m open for commissions!  ★ ★

College is right around the corner for me, I’m heading out this fall! I’m hoping to start being able to start saving for my transition as well. Also I hope to get enough money to travel to see my bae <3! So a lot of expenses I need to start earning for!

  • A full body sketch is 15 dollars, half is 10, and a headshot is 5. Additional characters are an extra 8 dollars. Throwing in tonal flats adds 5 dollars to the price, and full color adds 10.
  • There’s a few different styles to chose from! If you’d like to see more of my art to get a feel for it, here’s my art tag!
  • Payments are made through paypal, and I need the payment before you can get your art from me. I accept USD whoop whoop
  • I will not do porn, mech, or gore. If you have any further questions about what I do and don’t draw just email me!
  • Commissioned art is not for commercial use my friends.
  • I have three slots open at a time and a waiting list for anyone else.
  • Email and paypal is
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