comix month


take care of yourself, kid. ‘cause someone really cares about you.

mild undertale spoilers!!

a little comic to commemorate the first part in undertale that legit made me cry like a baby. i was talking about this scene with a friend and how different the scene is depending on whether you killed toriel or not. when you spared her, this is a cute and fun tale about two Bad Joke Buddies in the woods but when you kill her? it’s so much more melancholy. to me, at least.

LIKE SO ok i accidentally killed toriel during my first playthrough and i didn’t even think to reload and spare her until it was too late and i’d already saved. i felt bad about it but what could i do, right? just gotta keep movin on.

anyway, i’d all but forgotten my sin until this part in the game, where you n sans go and chill in the restaurant. hearing him talk about toriel made me feel so bad. all she wanted was for me to be safe, and i killed her. not only that, she was sans’ joke buddy. his friend. and then he added that he hadn’t heard from her in a while, like he knew what i’d done. 

anyway i just straight-up started crying \m/ undertale is a great game that will make you feel things, 10/10

2 more weeks

the next two weeks of comix that i’ll be putting on tumblr will be the last of the color experimentation that i’ve been doing for the past 9 months. thanks to all of you who have been commenting about how much you enjoyed my color choices!! your encouragement motivated me to keep pushing myself to explore new ideas.

looking back on the past 9 months of comix, i feel like each day of comix was like a visit to a parallel dimension, or a window into different worlds all around the universe. as much as i enjoyed that journey, i’d like to get back to the one-world approach that i used when i first started these comix 3 years ago. 

when i first started: the area around the panels was always black, the ground was always purple, the animal spirit creatures were always orange, the human spirit creatures were always red, and the water spirit creatures were always pink. i think this gave a sense of consistency to the world of comix i was creating, so everything was happening within the same reality, as opposed to the past 9 months where every day was a new reality.

to give credit where credit is due, my friend the cartoonist, david gaddis was the one who convinced me to use saturated colors with a black backdrop when i first started this tumblr. my color experimentation these past 9 months grew from the influence of the cartoonist alexis beauclair, who recolored my work for risograph printing when he published my comix in paris in a beautiful book that made me think about how i might change the way i draw in order to try a new approach to color.

thanks to all of you for sticking with me on my daily comix journey. your support means everything to me.