<< FATASS CUTIE - a comix/ arts compilation zine about navigating this hell world as a fat person. I guess it’s also kinda born out of a desire to see more shit about fatness just being whatever, but also chill, or hot, or not bad- instead of some ‘posi’ or patronizing fat positivity… but like, from a place that’s like ya the world is terrible and i hate everything but check out this cool photo of my butt… & like in that sharing of experiences, and being badass bitches & self identified fat hoes, sharing our pains & frustrations and being like “ya bud me too, but 4 me it’s like this…” >>

Open to all people who self identify as ‘fat’ and wanna talk about it, who feel weird, or fucked up about ourselves sometimes, and/or the world. This is a zine about knowing we are so damn cute (if we want to be that) but not always feeling that way.

DEADLINE- August 1st!

Plz circulate, and send submissions or questions to