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i was the anon! give me that good shrek & fiona. the ultimate otp

im screaming well i gave my word here we go

  • Who said “I love you” first: (is this canon?? it’s been so long since i’ve seen the shrek movies) uhhh shrek bc he need to come to terms with his emotional constipation
  • Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background: fiona would have shrek and donkey as her background. shrek’s is the basic bitch background it came with absjdkf
  • Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror: neither they don’t do cheesy shit like that. donkey. that’s who.
  • Who buys the other cheesy gifts: if! you! think! shrek! doesn’t! bring! fiona! rats! on! a! stick! every! day! then! you’re! wrong!!!!!
  • Who initiated the first kiss: i don’t remember bc it was def canon but i feel like it was mutual attraction
  • Who kisses the other awake in the morning: definitely fiona looking for that sweet, sweet Validation
  • Who starts tickle fights: shrek but fiona basically beats him up every time
  • Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower: both honestly
  • Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch: do either of them work??? i thought they were both stay at home parents. okay in an au where they do work, im going shrek brings fiona lunch but acts like it’s no big deal (it is, in fact, a big deal, especially to fiona)
  • Who was nervous and shy on the first date: i mean technically their first date was the whole journey in which case neither really (well maybe both towards the end)
  • Who kills/takes out the spiders: neither, they chill with the spiders
  • Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk: 
    fiona, crying: gUYS shrek is the best husband in the world like!!! you don’t even know
    donkey, also crying: YOU TELL IT SIS

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lmaoo, hello, i’m back. i’ve loved all the suggestions i’ve gotten for this story and am gonna try to actually plan it out more concretely and hopefully that’ll mean i can write more consistently. but who knows? college is the fucking worst! anyway, have chapter three!

before i forget, gotta tag some lovely people: @spideychelle-romanogers, @aqhrodites, @redpanthers, @suplosers, @bellamywarriorblake@daisypeterparker (like the new url!!), @spideychelleforever, and @ritebeforeyoureyes! if you’ve asked me to tag you in the past and i’ve forgotten, i’m sorry :o please let me know!

chapter 3: "we’ve always been good at overachieving, mj" (ao3 link)

It’s fitting that Friday is stormy and rainy and all around gloomy. Michelle’s just had the worst college week of her life. She’d been out of town the weekend before to go to her older brother’s wedding. Now, her family goes all out when it comes to weddings or parties in general. (Read: dancing, drinking, shouting the lyrics to songs from the 1970s that everyone’s heard a thousand times.) So, needless to say, Michelle did absolutely none of the work she needed to do over the weekend. Come Monday night when she got back to Boston from San Francisco (she was in the middle seat and there were two crying babies on the plane), she went immediately to bed. She then proceeded to underestimate how much time her work would take: one problem set that took six hours, two essays that each took four, a reading response that took two, and a quiz that required three hours of studying (which is maybe for the class she’s failing, but, you know, physics is the worst so it’s fine).

Therefore, when she comes home Friday night after a day of classes, with a total of twelve hours of sleep over the last three days, she feels broken down. Walking home as it thundered and poured, she’d started crying, thankful for the rain masking her tears from other pedestrians. In her apartment, shielded from the wet cold day, she doesn’t have the same excuse. Which is why Peter perks up at the sound of the door opening and immediately scrunches his eyebrows together in concern. “MJ, what’s wrong?”

She doesn’t say anything. She just walks straight to her room and lies down in her bed, still clothed in her wet jeans and oversized t-shirt. She cries quietly, tears leaking out of her eyes slowly. She’s still stressed and anxious so she doesn’t sleep. Her exhaustion simply hangs over her, foreboding and all-encompassing. She curls in on herself and remains that way for what feels like an eternity.

Then, there’s a light knock at the door. She stretches out and swings her legs over the bed, feet dragging on the floor as she makes her way to her door. It’s Peter, obviously. He looks worried. Perhaps because of her red, watery eyes or the fact that she’s shivering a bit because her pants are now cold and stuck to her legs. He bites the inside of his lip and gently extends his hand toward her, slip of paper in his palm.

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If Takumi went on a rowing trip with the Nohrian family:

Elise: Hey, rowing is actually pretty relaxing-I like it!

Xander: How long until we head back to shore?

Corrin: Have none of you noticed Leo just fell into the sea?!

Takumi *inhales*: Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream-

Elise: What is he doing

Takumi: If you see a blonde bookworm don’t forget to scream~

*Leo emerges from the water*

Takumi (screeching): NoHriAn sCUm!!!

So my husband and a couple of his collegues are working out of town the past few days. it’s a two hour drive from our home and today the Wife of one of my husband’s colleagues calls me on the phone.

Her : They’re really busy these few days, right? 

Me : Yeah, they are. i miss him. 

Her : Come on, everytime they take a break, Dave always goes home to you, my husband’s told me that. 

Me :………….. 

Her : You must really have him on a short leash… ha ha ha… is he that scared of you?

Me :……ummm, sorry?

Her : Why else would he like drive back and forth even in the middle of the night just to spend just an hour or two with you? That makes no sense. 

Me :…. excuse me?

Her : i mean like, my husband hasn’t even been calling me these three days because he’s really busy and yet, somehow your husband can come visit you? How does that work?

Me *inside my head * : bitch i don’t even blame him wtf….

Her : Maybe if your husband wasn’t slacking off and running back and forth to you, my husband can come visit me, i mean, just saying. You guys have been married for like five years right and you even have a kid…why do you act like newly weds …it’s just ridiculous….

Me : Or maybe your husband just takes longer to get his job done because he’s an idiot.

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FUCK FUCK FUCK TEAM KABIRI MY GOOOOOD. There. Out of my system. I never thought I'd like Kabiri so much after like, one appearance? Lol. I love the way Eran talks about and to him honestly. I got aspects of all of their personalities (Gywn, Kabiri, Eran) way better. As always, great job and lots of love!

lskjfsa I am loving how many people are really enjoying Kabiri after the last chapter update? Especially after how things have gone with Kabiri in the past (more like team ‘fuck that guy but I guess an AU with Gwyn might be interesting’).

It was great to write him the way most of his followers view him. Gwyn’s like, extremely biased and soured towards gods in general. Like, you know, Gwyn has issues, given Albion keeps refusing demi-god status and demoted him, his father wanted to be a demi-god, and also just Gwyn’s general disgust when beings don’t stay where they’re supposed to stay. (In which Gwyn is very Seelie-ish about the rules.)

But it was good to finally show like - how Eran would be around someone he cared about (which is naturally pretty damned protective), how Kabiri is around his followers (which is also pretty damned protective, lol), and how Gwyn is around gods (which is like ‘go fuck off and die already’). Gwyn’s constant sniping was a lot of fun to write. He’s very cavalier around Kabiri. I think he’s still salty that he can’t just punch Kabiri in the face for what happened to his shoulder.

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i need someone to yell about my au to and you seem to like the clone wars so here goes: post-season 7, Rex has deserted the army after Kix goes missing (Jesse, Coric, and Echo go with) after a big-scale falling out with Anakin and is helped by a cool smuggler lady who also knows Dogma and Ahsoka and they go around subtly helping the Republic until the Republic doesn't exist anymore, and they pick up Sev from the Kashyyyk aftermath, and it's just this big found-family-fighting-the-evil-empire(1/)

- missing 2 D: boo tumblr wHY -

heads for Coruscant to kill Vader (who he doesn’t know is Anakin) and palpatine, but to do that he has to blow up the senate tower (b/c force powers) and Ahsoka tries to stop him but doesn’t succeed, but vader and palpatine are still alive so Rex basically has a breakdown aGAIN because woops, he’s a terrorist now, sorry about that, and when he and Ahsoka are running from the Empire he gets caught and sentenced to death but Ahsoka breaks him out and they almost make it to safety??? (3/) 

but then Inquisitor Barriss and one of the Sons (again from rebels - i like inquisitor barriss ok) intercept them in the tunnels underneath the prison and the two get separated when barriss brings down this wall of rock beneath them. Rex things Ahsoka is dead (she lost a lightsaber in the rockfall) and immediately goes at the Son for it, almost manages to kill him but then gets carved tf up by the Son because boi u don’t know lightsabers stop pls. Ahsoka saves him again by tapping into the (4/

Dark Side out of panicky instinct and she drags him to the shuttle waiting (Jesse is piloting) and manages to get Rex all hooked up to shit (he’s missing like half his body at least) while they try to fly away and (again) they almost make it - theres a lot of that - but they get shot down. And blow up. And die. And then wake up - as their pre-CW selves. 4 years pre-CW, to be exact. Much freaking out occurs and they proceed to Break Everything but Palpatine has Force Bullshit so he’s still (5/) 

a major problem and he’s a fantastic villain I love playing with him (and he brought out the Castellan Restraints from SWTOR so that was also fun) and basically more people survive but also more people die and overall this version is probably ‘better’ but not everyone gets a happy ending and I really love time travel AUs but buildup is also great and fun so thank you for letting me rant okbye (end/)   

ANON I’M SO SORRY tumblr ate the second ask and I’M SO ANNOYED because this sounds AMAZING it literally has everything?? Found families, Inquisitor!Barriss, Rex going up against one of the Sons (NO, Rex, what are you DOING), and TIME TRAVEL??? Oh my god, #5 literally made me clutch my heart like an old Southern lady, this AU has so many twists and turns and I LOVE it, thank you for me to rant to/yell at!!

Also I’m just. laughing. about the “you seem to like the clone wars” because you’re certainly not WRONG lmao


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