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Grey's Anatomy's Jessica Capshaw on Arizona/Eliza's First Big Challenge, Plus: a 'Great Chance' of a Callie Return | TVLine
By Charlie Mason

As weird as it sounds, Grey’s Anatomy docs Arizona and Eliza may soon miss the bygone days when they had to keep their romance on the D.L. Now that their colleagues have begun to find out about the new couple, “they have to see what happens when they actually have a relationship — the sex and the commitment versus no commitment,” Jessica Capshaw, who plays Robbins, told TVLine earlier this month at PaleyFest. The question becomes, “What are they now?”

What’s more, there’s the little matter of… uh, very few Grey Sloan attendings can stand Arizona’s new girlfriend. But “she’s not a villain,” Capshaw is quick to note. “She’s just representing a threat to Dr. Webber, who everyone loves. So it’ll probably become a little more apparent who Eliza is in the scheme of things and what she’s about.”

Though Sara Ramirez’s recent beef with ABC would seem to suggest that we’ll never get to see how Arizona’s ex Callie reacts to her successor, Capshaw hasn’t given up hope. “I feel like nothing is impossible,” she says. “There’s a great chance that she would come back for something.”


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Imagine Woozi talking about you to the other members of Seventeen and going on and on about how much he loves you, causing the others to sigh at how lovesick Woozi is.

As the Long, Long Nights Begin: Chapter Two

AU.  After the fight with Gaston, Belle is just in time to save the Beast’s life-but too late to break the spell. Can they manage to find some happiness anyway?

You can read Chapter One here or on

Two days ago, the servants had seen the last petal fall from the rose, its faint, eerie glow extinguished forever. The stem had immediately crumbled into ashes on the table.

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kibum is so beyond stunning that this video doesn’t even do him one (1) percent justice. also please look at jonghyun being tiny and bouncy and excited

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So Cengil liked a post on insta today that said "now its time for a new season" with a picture of the skam website with Isak and his header.. And I meeaaan.. the post was from the very beginning of the month, so why would he randomly like that now!!! 👀

This is very interesting anon 👀 👀 👀 i think we’re very close now and the fact that he liked this old post , i think it means that he is in s4!! 👀

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Allyyyy ive been looking at forums and such about pts vs photoshop and people keep saying it's better to use ps because they said pts is "never an option" when you want to work in a serious companies and employers only want see if you have skills in handling ps or any other adobe software for making art. What are your thoughts on this?

from resume workshops that i have attended it IS true to an extent here that visual design industries do look out for technical skills in adobe programmes because of their wide range of tools.

besides photoshop, there’s also indesign and illustrator which you can draw in and create vectors with which comes in very handy in designing logos and other transferable and flexible mediums and you can export and edit your works amongst adobe programmes without losing its information, which is why it’s preferred over other programmes.

so my advice is, try out both. however, if you have plans on entering the design industry i’d suggest for you to focus on mastering photoshop. if you’re drawing as a hobby or freelance job and find yourself liking pts better, then there’s no harm in sticking with it!