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Taakitz with 4. We slept in the same bed for space reasons but now we’re just waking up and there’s something about your bleary eyes and mussed hair? :3c Fake dating maybe...

mmmmm that’s some good shit anon

Before Taako falls asleep, he tells himself: when he wakes he will get up, make Angus his breakfast, leave Kravitz a greased pan to make his own eggs with, and head to work. He will not pass Go. He will not collect two hundred dollars. He will not make Kravitz so much as a cup of coffee, he will not glance in his direction, and he certainly will not run a hand through his hair or kiss his forehead or anything he’d do if they were actually dating. 

That’s what Taako says he’ll do.

Actually waking up throws a spanner in his plans. 

Taako gets as far as step 0, which is to wake up, before the rest of his plan derails. First issue: he wakes up warm in Kravitz’s arms. His head is tucked beneath Kravitz’s chin, god’s sake, he can’t exactly un-see the slope of his neck. 

Taako fully intends to grump on out of bed, make his coffee, poke his beautiful boy on the nose to wake him up, but he stops. See, Taako knew Kravitz was beautiful. That’s just fact, baby – objectively, Kravitz is a gorgeous man, Taako knew that from day one. But in the morning light he’s soft, and Taako can’t help but think back to their dates – their fake dates, he reminds himself sternly – his open laugh, his warm smile, the way he listened without judgement and shared in return.

Now, with the morning light dappling across his face, an arm wrapped securely around Taako, one dark palm curled around the small of his back, he’s not just beautiful – he’s lovely.

Taako pushes that line of thought away, but can’t quite bring himself to push away from Kravitz himself. He – well, he’s already gone and thoroughly fucked the plan up anyway, so what does it matter if he cards a hand through Kravitz’s hair? What does it matter, really, if he traces a finger along the ridge of his cheekbone? He has a handsome man in his bed, holding him to his chest like he’s precious, and how could Taako not indulge? 

He spends more minutes than he admits to himself like that – first admiring, then touching, gentle brushes of his fingers across Kravitz’s face and wondering what it would be like to kiss him for real, to kiss him and mean every whisper of his name, to tell him that he – 

No. He jerks that train sideways, too. He stalls for a moment, self-preservation warring with comfort, and finds he can’t bring himself to leave. 

Five more minutes, he tells himself, and curls back in Kravitz’s arms. 

Beneath so many blankets, Kravitz is almost warm, and his breath brushes reassuring and steady along the crown of Taako’s head as he rests his nose against Kravitz’s collarbone. He doesn’t let himself fall asleep, but he closes his eyes. Breathes. Wonders what it would be like to do this every morning; to wake up held and loved, to be greeted with that warm smile, sleepy and soft, before getting out of bed. 

The thought is dangerous, but Taako can’t push it away.

When Taako does finally, reluctantly wrangle himself out of bed, he goes and wakes Ango as planned. He wanders into the kitchen, stares at the coffeemaker, and calls himself at least ten different unsightly names. 

Then he pulls two mugs out of the cabinet and wonders, vaguely, how many sugars Kravitz takes in his coffee.

“You, new girl,” she had said. “Angela tells me you were a mermaid. Is that so?”

Cora had sputtered and stammered and somehow signaled her agreement. Nadya had smirked and taken Cora’s arm in hers.

“Good,” she’d said. “I’ve been ordered to make more friends, and you seem to fit the bill. We damp girls have to stick together.”

Please love yourself and read Beneath the Sugar Sky by Seanan McGuire and read about mermaids and drowned girls being best friends.

Collab with @celestialkiri!!! She did the lines / sketch, I did the colors and other effects!!! OUR BBIES–


lol they got rid of misako

Lloyd’s right though. Not everyone comes back.

But goodness! Cole was just admiring the palace! XD


“Welcome back, Maxi moo!”

Bonus: she likes lifting him up for hugs and he can’t fucking reach the ground.

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What you did? Aside from being a white cis male? how about your cancer ship that you've been polluting this site with for once? Messing up a perfect character, not talking about trash pantheon here.

Alright calm down trigglypuff, I’m a guy I like boobs. You have a problem with that then cash me outside. As for my horrendous cancer ship that is a bane to your existence, I have for you the ultimate solution. Stick a dummy in your mouth and deal with it.