“I have no qualms about a female Doctor. I just want to get her pregnant, get a show with her son up and running, then kill her off and focus on her much more powerful male replacement. But just to be clear, no qualms at all.”

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okay but are we going to talk about how broken keith sounds when he says "i know youre right"

You want to go there? You really want to go there??? Because liSTEN UP he sounds so broken. Everyone is trying to comfort him while appealing to his rational mind at the same time and he knows they are right. He knows. Of course he does. He tells them that he knows but then he just……. stands there. Takes a few seconds to push his emotions down (“he is gone. he is gone. he is gone. no one will ever be able to replace him. he is gone.”) and finally gives his consent in “figuring out how to form voltron”. NOT in searching for a new black paladin because that’s Shiro and it will always be Shiro.

I’m just. This hurts me so much? Because Shiro leaving was literally his biggest fear.

Keith, the guy who is constantly going on solo missions and is never afraid to make his opinion known, chased after him. And why? “Shiro is the only person who didn’t give up on me. I won’t give up on him!” 

Shiro’s approval and his presence is everything to Keith. Listen, I knew that he would be sad that Shiro was gone, but the extent that was shown in the first episode surprised me. Keith was able to deal with being Galra - who were not human and, most importantly, pretty much inherently evil so far - better than he was able to deal with Shiro disappearing. And Shiro had already disappeared once before and– @kcgane analyzed Keith’s handwriting on the little post-it notes in his shack and:

It’s pretty hard to read but we’re pretty sure it says “and it’s killing me when you’re away”.

And that was just the first time. Now Shiro disappeared again. Keith is broken beyond expectations and he needs the team’s support now more than ever. MY HEART HURTS ;A;

I’m gunna scream, the packages were in front of MY FAAAAAACEEEEEE

Sooooooo CBS didn’t air nor talk about the overt racism, microaggressions, or emotional abuse suffered by Dominique at all; Julie didn’t bring it up in the eviction interview; Cynthia won the Temptation despite having exactly four fans, the same amount as hairs on her head; and Julie blamed Josh for putting a target on Cynthia when she was the one who couldn’t keep her bald head shut and inserted herself into a live callout session; CBS posted a video of hgs belittling and insulting Josh because he has an accent and captioned it with some racist bullshit; AND I have to deal with Pail the whole summer???

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ive been tossing around an idea for a ~*~*~zine~*~*~ bc thats what the cool artist kids do and its basically a high fantasy butch to femme spectrum and then maybe some of them kiss sam gave me the idea and it is Very good

tbh not buying the whole ‘cody’s definitely winning the battle back b/c the narrative’s set him up to return’ thing b/c the narrative clearly set up a tiffany return last year and instead we got victor whose only storyline up until that point was ‘lol look how dumb this fit guy is for believing these people wouldn’t backdoor him also he’s kind of an asshole’