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We can't tell you what to watch

So I work at a movie theater where we stop selling tickets in the box office an hour before the last movies start and just sell everything at concessions.

This old lady comes in, leans on the counter and with a hundred dollar bill in her hand, (which I’ll have to eventually tell her that she can’t use because we’ve had counterfeit bills lately)

Asks us what is better, “Indignation or Don’t Think Twice?”

Me and another employee both try to tell her that they’re both great movies, but it all depends if she wants to see a comedy or a drama.

Customer: What’s Indignation about?

Me: It’s about a guy that…*spoiler spoiler*

Customer: No. Okay what’s Don’t Think Twice about?

Me: It’s about a group of friends who…*spoiler spoiler*

Customer: No, that sounds terrible. Have you seen both?

Me: Yes, and I liked them both.

Customer: Then what should I watch?

Me: I can’t make that decision for you, mam. These are two completely different genres, so are you in the mood for a comedy or a drama?

Customer: Is Indignation really sad?

Me: Yes.

Customer:Would I like it though?

Me: *wtf lady* probably.

Customer: what’s it about?

Coworker: *trying to save me, he repeats the same explanation I gave before*

Customer gets annoyed: I don’t want to watch ether. What else do you have? I’ve been here twice this week and I’ve already seen that cowboy movie and that one with the singing Myril Streep.

Me: we have Equity, and War Dogs that you might be interested in.

Customer:what’s Equity about?

Me: About a woman who…*spoiler*

Customer: Ugh, no. What’s War Dogs about?

Me: It’s about these two guys * spoiler spoiler*

Customer:What’s Don’t think Twice about again?

My coworker just lost it by this point. He left the counter to laugh and go take care of someone else who was behind her and I had a hard time not laughing in her face.

This goes on for another minute of trying to calmly get her to pick something. She kept asking over and over what the movies were about and if I liked them and if she’d like them. Finally she got really piss at me.

Customer: its like you’re trying to tell me I can’t see a movie at all. Is that it, missy?

Me: *my best Mark Walberg voice* What? No! Mam I’m sorry to say it but I don’t know what to tell you. You just need to pick something and go with it.

Customer:…fine. Equity.

She hands me the hundred dollar bill.

Me: I’m sorry to inform you of this but we can’t take hundreds anymore. We have had a counterfeit problem in the area and my boss won’t let me take them.

She shoves the cash away into her purse*

Customer :Of all the…how could you NOT take money! I got this from the bank. *she whips out her credit card* When this happens do you people have clients at all?

I’m trying to hide my smirk, while I take the card to swipe it.

Me: Yes, yes we do mam. *clearly, since you’re still buying the stupid ticket*

Unscripted - {Final} Part 5 (Kai)

As promised, I finished it! I feel a little sad to let this one go but all stories have to come to an eventual end, right? Thank you to everyone who stuck it out with me despite the slow updates. And huge thanks for those who sent the lovely messages. They really helped to encourage me. I love all of you <3


(Everything doesn’t always have to be planned.)

The first time you went to the theater hall to watch one of Sehun’s musicals, the guy next to you had been a little drunk, and had puked in your lap ten minutes before the curtain call. You never understood why they sold alcohol at the snack bar. Maybe it was to create a nice ambience, or to make a distinction between high school and college plays.

This is adult world now.

You can get wasted.

The traumatizing smell of puke still lingers with you even today. You swear you can still smell it as you cautiously walk down the rows of empty seats towards the stage. Or maybe that’s just you resisting the urge to puke yourself, because you have your written script in your hands and you’re about to hand it over to the cast and crew so they can prepare for the play.

Big, big, day.

Big, big, worries.

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all i can say about #andamovie and when it eventually comes out is…

  • unless you’re gonna fangirl with me and have all the same opinions - you can’t watch it and disturb me
  • if it’s not in the theater/cinema then my bedroom door will be locked
  • beverages can only be consumed in a troy and abed mug during the whole length of the movie
  • 100 boxes of tissues will be at my side
  • the volume will be up as loud as i want it so i can hear every minute detail 
  • no laptops or devices will be on so i can truly immerse myself within the final ultimate community experience
  • there shall be no judgement for when i cry at the opening scene and final credits
  • or for when i cry at literally anything
  • especially not for when i cry at the fact my post-series finale headcanons have all be undone and changed
  • there shall also be no judgement for when i write a trillion fanfics afterwards
  • or for when i read all the other fanfics for hours on end
  • my mutuals and followers will have to put up with my endless text posts and gifs of any kind of moment or scene
  • like seriously if leonard is there - i will gif him no matter what
  • my aforementioned locked up bedroom will become a shelter for my emotions and i probably won’t leave for several months/years until there inevitably is(n’t) a sequel

…rip future me

youdamnweeb  asked:

What is this SNK Crimson Bow and Arrow complete film? Hearing a lot of things going around like, the second season is coming out this date, or the live action is coming out this date, has made everything confusing. Could you please explain this to me? I also saw something about something airing in Japan. When all this stuff eventually comes out, how will it spread to other places besides Japan? Thanks~

Crimson Bow and Arrow

Crimson Bow and Arrow or the Shingeki no Kyojin Compilation Film Part 1 is an abridged version of the anime and covers the first thirteen episodes. Crimson Bow and Arrow officially came out in theaters in Japan November 22nd, 2014 and was noted for having extra Jean and Eren scenes as well as a few other small additions. 

On January 30th, there was an announcement about the movie being released on DVD and Blu-ray. Crimson Bow and Arrow was released on DVD and Blu-ray March 18th, 2015 in Japan.

Wings of Freedom

On January 30th, 2015 the commercial for Wings of Freedom or the Shingeki no Kyojin Compilation Film Part 2 was released. The film was released theaters in Japan, June 27th, 2015. The film is an abridged version of the anime that will cover episodes 14 through 25. It included new scenes such as Annie training Eren and Hanji holding Pastor Nick over the wall. 

On January 30th, 2015 the first commercial for Wings of Freedom was released. 

You can see the preview for the film below:

On April 23d, the second commercial for the film was released. 

On June 24th, 2015 the third commercial for the film was aired and it included new footage of Annie, Mikasa, and co. 

You can find that preview below:

On September 24th, 2015, there was an announcement about the movie being released on DVD and Blu-ray. Wings of Freedom was released on DVD and Blu-ray December 16th, 2015 in Japan.

Shingeki no Kyojin Live Action Film

The Shingeki no Kyojin Live Action Film is very much what it says on the tin. The movie is a live action version of the series with some new characters and changes to the script. This film, like the Shingeki no Kyojin Compilation Films, will span over two movies. The first movie was released  August 1st, 2015 in Japan. The second movie was released September 19th, 2015.

Shingeki no Kyojin Anime Season Two

At the end for the first Crimson Bow and Arrow theater showing, there was an announcement for the second season of the Shingeki no Kyojin anime. The season season of the anime will be out in 2016.

(Note on this ad that the June 27th date refers to the second compilation film Wings of Freedom, and not the second season of the anime. Again the second season of the anime will be out in 2016.)

As to whether or not these films are produced outside Japan depends on the interest of the fans and the profitability of these films in Japan.